Latest Bruins and Avalanche Rumors – July 16, 2014

Now that the Bruins have re-signed Matt Bartkowski, could they trade him or another defenseman? Do the Avalanche have interest in Michael Del Zotto? 

Could the Bruins trade Johnny Boychuk?

Could the Bruins trade Johnny Boychuk?

BOSTON GLOBE: Amalie Benjamin reports the Bruins are stacked with nine NHL-caliber defensemen after re-signing Matt Bartkowski to a one-year, $1.25 million contract. While Johnny Boychuk has been the topic of trade rumors, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has been adamant he wants to keep the club’s core intact. Benjamin speculates Bartkowski, who was almost traded for Jarome Iginla in 2013, could be a subject of trade speculation.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Bartkowski isn’t troubled by trade rumors. Haggerty also speculates the 26-year-old blueliner could be a trade candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli has stated he won’t go into 2014-15 carrying nine defensemen. At least one of them is expected to be dealt. While Boychuk is eligible for UFA status next summer, could cost over $5 million to re-sign and could fetch a solid return, it appears the Bruins will stick with him for the upcoming season.

Along with Bartkowski and Boychuk, the Bruins also have Zdeno Chara, Dennis Seidenberg, Adam McQuaid, Dougie Hamilton, Kevan Miller, Torey Krug and David Warsofsky. Krug also has to be re-signed before the season begins. It’s believed they could trade one of their defensemen for a winger, but given their limited cap space they’ll likely move out one for a draft pick or prospect so as not to take back salary in return. 

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater responds to a reader asking if the Colorado Avalanche could have interest in defenseman Michael Del Zotto, saying “he’s seen as a bad defender, just too weak in his own zone to warrant a big trade/contract anymore.” Another reader noted the Avs have eight defensemen under contract and wondered if one of them could be dealt. Dater didn’t rule it out but notes Avs coach Patrick Roy prefers to have a surplus of blueliners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Del Zotto might face a training camp tryout in order to land with another NHL club. While his defensive game needs work, Del Zotto is only two years removed from a 41-point season. He could attract interest from teams seeking offense from their blueline. 


  1. Why not just trade McQuaid?

    • I wouldn’t mind if the Wild went after Boychuck or Krug, we need another top 6 D-man.

      • No way the Bruins trade Krug.

  2. yoooooooooooooooooooooo peeps

    To COL

    To Mon
    ROR, Elliot,Mcleod

    • not a chance the habs give up tinordi or mcCarron they were drafted for there size,chracter,and grit and to also change the image of the habs from being a small team plus bergevin wouldn’t trade these guys …ror would be a good addition but where would he play? 3rd line center? if so then you keep plekanec

    • The Habs should take that deal in a second. O’Reilly is a #1 centre on an average team and a #2 on a good team IMO.

      • See the thing with O’reilly is even if he is not a 1 c on a very good team right now he is only 23 and still could be a very effective top 3 guy on the wing or be a 2 c. I think he is a guy that will grow with a team very important type guy going forward.

      • he wouldn’t be the 31 center,or the 32 center on the habs if you think he’d be better than galchenyuk,and i have serious doubts about is ceiling being that high ror that is,plus i don’t think he’d beat out eller or desharnais or plekanec for that matter

        • Ceiling points wise is one thing but, he could be very close to developing in to a big center who puts up 70 points and is very strong defensively against other teams top lines. Ask teams like the Hawks, Kings, Blues, Ducks Bruins etc how important are top line centers or at least top line forwards like thatare, and again he is only 23 not sure he is anywhere near his peak yet. Deffinately more up side than Plekanec (31 years old) or Desharnais (vertically challenged)…holy homer O’reilly has the same number of points in the league as Desharnais does over the past 3 seasons and he is only 23.

  3. ok what about

    to COL
    Yandle and Vermette

    to PHX
    ROR and Elliot

    • That is a deal that could work

  4. Personally I am thinking that one of the Alberta teams needs to look hard at Del Zotto. Sure he his defensive game is questionable, but he has a 41pt season and a 37 pt on in the last 5 years, is only 24 still and most importantly, would give them a proven puck mover on the back end. Most importantly, you should be able to get him cheap. Given that they have $8M in cap space and only 6D signed right now, it would be worth rolling the dice on a 1 year, $1-2M contract.

    Again given his age and how most defense really don’t mature and learn the role effectively until their mid 20’s perhaps working with him closely this season, he might be able to shore up some weaknesses.

    Calgary same thing, 6D under contract and $18M in space – probably worth atleast a look.

    • Oilers’ D is likely set at Ference/Shultz/Fayne/Nikitin/Petry/Marincin/Aulie. MDZ might be better than Aulie but they brought Aulie in for his size. MDZ doesn’t bring that element. Klefbom and Nurse are their future. No room for MDZ.

      • Good Point. I am just suggesting that if they could pick him up for $1-2M on a 1 year deal, it is worth exploring as a 7th defenseman.

        Assuming no injuries all year, depending on the matchup they could sub out Aulie for MDZ for added offense

  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Canucks take a run at Bartkowski. Our new GM, Benning is familiar with him. He is also solid defensively which is something that the Canucks could use. As of right now, we have Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Tanev and Sbisa as the top 5 with Weber/Stanton fighting for the 6 spot. I would gladly take Bartkowski over either of those two.

    • its mcquaid (now) and / or boychuk (later) depending on this years performance and contract negotiations. He’s in Boston’s Top 4 so they won’t trade him unless he wants too much money (over 4 mill?). If he’s traded, its at trade deadline for a winger + prospect

  6. As an Avs fan, I’d be interested to hear what fans of other teams would pay in trade for O’Reilly. By that I mean what assets would you be happy or comfortable with your GM giving up for ROR, not whether you think the Avs would take it (tho feel free to share that view too). Please speak only for the team you support, not some hypothetical trade of some other team that you think might work.

    Looking forward to seeing the comments on this one!

    • don’t have a huge need for him on the wings, but i’ll play this game anyways.

      Tatar, Kindl landon Ferraro and a 2nd round pick in 2016

      • Id say JVR and a prospect like Finn or Percy…just to kind of get negotiations started, would probably do better.

        • Really you’d give up jvr eh… If love ROR on the leafs but I think it would cost Reilly and I’m not willing to pay that… I’d do phaneuf and it would be a need the Avs have but I doubt they’d do it.

          • Pick a name thats not Kessel Rielly Kadri Nylander Bernier, and thats what Id give up pick the right names and Ill give you 2 off the roster. Besides that JVR a pick and a prospect is the highest Id go.

          • Just feel jvr is a 30 gal scorer possibly more is still young and has a hell of a contract.. To get ROR your paying 6 plus million which means 2 more then jvr and you have to replace jvr which again will be at 5 plus mill.

    • A player of his skill should fetch a young top 4 defenseman. I really like ROR’s game, but I wonder if some teams might be scared a bit by his relationship with Avs’ management. Both sides deserve blame.

    • ROR to Arizona for Yandle + prospect or pick or to the Caps for Carlson and Fehr

  7. I can see the Bruins moving a D-man but they can not take a contract in return. Boston would take a cheep R winger or a prospect or pick. Think they need Boychuck but could move McQuaid or Seidenberg. They signed the kid David Pastrnuk who was crazy good in rookie camp hear he might be the next Seguin. They need cap to jump next year for Krejci and Lucic.