Latest Bruins and Jets Rumors – October 28, 2011.

Bruins GM confirms he’s making calls to other general managers, and Evander Kane comments on recent trade rumors.


Shakeup coming for struggling Bruins?

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli admitted he’s “diligently” making his calls to other general managers, and while he wouldn’t admit what he’s targeting, Dupont believes it’s a good bet he’s looking for goal scoring. Dupont believes a trade could shake up the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins, who’ve struggled to a 3-6 record to start the season, but doubts Chiarelli will be able to find a deal akin to the one the Vancouver Canucks recently pulled off, landing David Booth in a multi-player swap with the Florida Panthers.

Dupont mentioned center Kyle Turris remains a holdout with the Phoenix Coyotes, but suggested if Chiarelli were to land Turris, the youngster would need at least two weeks to round into game shape, and the Bruins don’t look like a team which can wait that long.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Coyotes GM Don Maloney is to be believed, Turris won’t be dealt under any circumstances, so forget about him. I do concur with Dupont that if Chiarelli does make a trade in the coming weeks, it might not be for a significant impact player, as those kind of trades tend to be difficult to make at this time of year. That being said, it’s not impossible. The Bruins do have the cap space and depth to make a move for a goal-scorer.  The Calgary Flames have reportedly fielded offers for winger Rene Bourque, and if Chiarelli hasn’t been making inquiries before, it’s possible he could be now, though that’s no guarantee he’d be able to land Bourque. 

The Bruins have the talent to overcome this early season funk, but Chiarelli probably isn’t going to wait much longer. A roster shakeup, even with a minor trade, could be coming if they don’t turn things around soon.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports Jets winger Evander Kane repeated what his agent said yesterday about rumors claiming Kane was unhappy in Winnipeg and playing for head coach Claude Noel, claiming he never sought a trade, had no issue with Noel, was happy in Winnipeg and expects to be with the Jets for a long time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane was off to a slow start earlier this month, but since moving onto a line with Nik Antropov and rising star Alexander Burmistrov, he’s regained his scoring touch. He’s not going to be dealt. Nothing more to see here. Movin’ on…


  1. Chiarelli should call Tambellini. Omark is having fun in the pressbox recently (for 3 straight games). all Stevie wants is a capable D back (and yes, he might part with Teddy Peckman too)

  2. The Oilers desperately need a d man who can move the puck.. Right now everything is going their way, remeber where Colorado was early on last year. They also have too many forwards, a package seems like the obvious thing to do so I’m guessing it wont happen.

  3. Omark is an interesting thought. Love the guy and his pizzaz. Yes i said pizzaz. But he cant help the Oil from the pressbox. Omark for Boychuck. Bring home the edmonton kid. Maybe a couple picks exchanged as well.

  4. great minds think alike…

  5. I can see the Oil moving Omark, but they already have a puck moving defenceman emerging in their midst: Corey Potter (check out his PP numbers over the last five games). I could see them standing pat until New Year’s if the team keeps clipping along. If the team starts to stumble, I could see them dangling Hemsky, Omark and one of the bottom 3 defencemen for some help, but for the time being, they’ll stand pat and not mess with team chemistry.

  6. So Chiarelli is looking for a scorer? Wasn’t he aware that he had one called Kessel?

  7. @A. Donnybrook, Chiarelli was well aware of what he had in Kessel, thus it fetched Seguin, Knight and Hamilton. Kessel did not want to stay in Boston, if he did, he’d still be a Bruin, and they won the Cup without Kessel.

  8. You can’t say pizzaz without using jazz hands lol!

  9. Rene Bourque is really a Bruins type player >.> Big body, hard hitting, grinder type with a decent skill set. Saying that; if Bourque keeps it up from the Avs game, I doubt he’ll be on his way out of Calgary. However I wouldn’t mind seeing Turris in a the red and black; even if it’s in Abbotsford for another year.

  10. “If Coyotes GM Don Maloney is to be believed, Turris won’t be dealt under any circumstances, so forget about him.”

    Why would anybody believe any GM when they say something will never happen under any circumstances? How many times do we need to see GMs go back on their word before we stop believing everything they say?

    I don’t doubt that Maloney would prefer to keep Turris and convince him to sign a new deal but to say he wouldn’t trade him “under any circumstances” is beyond absurd. The only players in the league who truly would never be traded under any circumstances are Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin.

    Turris has been a complete bust so far in his career and has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with the Coyotes organization, if Maloney got a good offer for him you had better believe he will accept the trade so fast it will make your head spin.

  11. @Mike – I wouldn’t even say Crosby and Ovechkin would never be traded under any condition, because I’m sure people felt the same way about Gretzky and he was traded twice.

  12. Turris won’t be on the Bruins for the same reason Kessel is no longer on the Bruins. He’s more concerned with aesthetics than he is about hockey, and he’s the type that’ll take his ball and go home if he doesn’t like how things are going. He and Kessel have the same attitude. Difference is, Kessel obviously has offensive skill.

  13. omark for boychuck? are you crazy? there is a reason why omark isn’t playing….. he’s a youtube highlight, not an everyday nhler, at least not yet and at best maybe a third liner( with no physical presence and no consistency). omark is exactly what the bruins don’t need, they already have enough similar talent still in junior and down in providence.

  14. The scoring problem in Boston isn’t the players it’s julien’s system.