Latest Bruins and Oilers Rumors – August 30, 2014

Could the Boston Bruins shop Zdeno Chara? Could the Bruins ship Johnny Boychuk to the Oilers for Nail Yakupov? Will the Oilers pursue a center?

Should the Bruins consider trading Zdeno Chara?

Should the Bruins consider trading Zdeno Chara?

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty, responding to a reader’s question, doubts the Boston Bruins will contemplate trading captain Zdeno Chara. If they did they would need an exit strategy, as currently there’s no one on the Bruins roster capable of playing Chara’s minutes.  He also believes the Bruins must trade something of value (like Johnny Boychuk) to land a scoring right wing to replace the departed Jarome Iginla. He suggests Nail Yakupov or David Perron out of Edmonton, as well as “intriguing young names” like Winnipeg’s Evander Kane, Anaheim’s Jakob Silfverberg or Detroit’s Tomas Tatar might come up when training camp opens.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples dismissed Haggerty’s suggestion of the Oilers parting with Yakupov for Boychuk, mainly because it makes no sense to part with a promising young asset for a player who’s eligible for UFA status next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chara’s not going anywhere. The Bruins would prefer slowly passing his playing time and responsibilities to their other blueliners than dumping him outright. Boychuk would certainly attract interest if the Bruins put him on the trade block. Interested teams, however, won’t be keen to part with a good young forward for Boychuk unless he’s willing to commit to a long-term contract extension, or the Bruins re-sign him and then shop him during the season. Besides, it seems Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli hopes to retain Boychuk. It appears they’ll go with Loui Eriksson as their first-line right wing to open the season. 

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was unable to find a suitable deal this summer to add a veteran center to his lineup. MacTavish will look to within during training camp in hopes young centers Anton Lander, Mark Arcobello or 2014 first-round pick Leon Draisaitl can step into that role.  The Oilers GM remains unwilling to part with any of his young core.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless those younger centers can step up big time this season MacTavish could have little choice but to address their lack of depth at center during the season by moving a young player. If anything happens to first-line center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, the Oilers forward lines will resemble a doughnut as they’ll be lacking a center. 


  1. MacTavish has to be let go if this is not the year the Oilers show any promise.
    His inability to trade a young forward or draft picks to make the core stronger is silly at this point.

    Are they improved at all from last season? NO

    • I’m not sold on the GM being the problem in Edmonton. It may be more to do with the ownership of the team.

      Things haven’t really changed with the last few GM’s. It doesn’t matter who is brought in.

      Makes me think the owner has his hand in the GM’s job too much for the good of the team.

      • Gotta agree with the man, I have a feeling the ownership is pulling the strings here, if not this once proud club is in some serious doo doo. I guess to many cooks spoil the broth? We may never know.

        • Uhm,no he has no say in anything,the only mistake he made was givig his friend Kevin Lowe the rain as president.

    • Are you kidding???this team is miles better than last seasons roster and Mac T has done everything but find a 2nd line center for this club so that this club can compete for a playoff spot! Only an idiot would think otherwise.

      • Matt …you are DEAD ON in your statement . If you go back to when Mac T started say the beginning of the lockout season and compare the roster both at NHL level and the prospects in he minors we are miles ahead of where we were . Give this season and next before condemning him . I think Tambos job was to tear the team down and its Mac Ts job to build it up from there .

      • Ummmm, The Oilers have been one of the worst teams in the league for closing in on a decade. There has been no moves that have made the team “miles better”. Unless of course you consider the clock moving to age their pile of 1st overall picks. Matt just like every other Edmontonian, I am sure you have been saying that every year since they drafted RNH. Only an idiot would defend the disaster in Edmonton.

        • Tell you the truth I think we all are tired of negativity on this team and would like to see the team win.

          Honestly oilers issues for most part of the decade was having the Canadian loon were it was at the time.The big issue was they did not have an AHL Franchise or an ECHL it was hard to develop more young players.

          I am not saying the oilers are in the right but a little positive should help.

    • What a terrible evaluation. I though MacT was going to be a terrible GM, but he has worked to improve this team. The forward lines are deeper then they have ever been, they finally have an NHL caliber defense, they aggressively shopped to address their goaltending situation. MacT has been addressing all areas and the only thing he didn’t do is obtain a 2nd line center to start this season, which might mean they also have to rush Draisaitl a bit.

      But it is not like the NHL was shopping tons of 2nd line centers this year. There is still so much young talent, now veteran talent … the Oilers have come up short but this year the rebuild should begin to pay off. MacT is 100% not the problem, easily the best GM Edmonton has had in a while.

  2. uuummm…doughnuts

    • Almost makes you think back to the 80s wish we had a Coffey right now …it would make our doughnuts a little easier to swallow

  3. ds …so I guess when Mac T traded Pajarvi and a 2nd for Perron he wasn’t doing what you had mentioned . Prospects and picks for established players . The only problem with doing that is there aren’t a lot of teams willing to go that route unless they are in cap trouble or they receive a vast overpayment which he is not willing to do .

  4. You guys are right about Perron but Pouliot is a 3rd liner and the biggest hole is the defense. They might be the weakest 6 in the West. do you guys not agree on that?

    • no its the worst top 6 in the league!!! the leafs are the next after edm

    • Think maybe give them a look before that is accurate

      • I will say that they approved their depth .. At least on paper but i have to agree that their biggest problem is defence and its no longer the fact that they aren’t NHL ready because they are but they dont have a bona fide #1 or even a #2 just a top 6 filled with #3,4,5, and 6 defencemen

      • than pleas tell me what teams defense is worse than the oilers?

        • Yes their D still needs a 1/2 pairing addition. Boychuk does not fit that bill. What 1/2 pairing Dman is available? Keep in mind that the Oilers were also a low scoring team last year so trading a young offensive player just creates another problem. And as mentioned by others, their best prospects are D in Nurse and Klefbom.
          As for other teams, who on Colorado, Carolina, Toronto or Philadelphia’s D would you target for a trade? You can get away with small D in the East but not in the West.

  5. seems like a lot of Oiler believers/defenders here this saturday. They are wasting some amazing young talent turning them into a consistent loser mentality. All that can be said is they should be the kings of Alberta in 2014-15. On their California swings it will be the same results as last season. I do not call that progress.

    • Rgh I feel the oilers will be a little better than last year but look out for the flames they will surprise a lot of people my prediction is 9th place in the west

  6. I dont see the Bruins trading Chara this season.It is possible at the end of this season as he will be going on 39 years of age,but also they may just cut back playing time as Hamilton.Seidenberg. and if they resign Boychuk would help keep Charas ice time down.The Bruins are gonna be working on resigning Krecji and Boychuk.I also think in the next two seasons alot of youngsters getting a start as Kelly Campbell and Mcquaid will either be traded or not renewed in my opinion.

  7. I like MacT’s work so far. The best thing I believe he has done is stop looking for superstars or skilled players and starter trading and signing good solid role players to fill in the roster around the talented youth, Mac has improved the oilers tremendously in my opinion