Latest Bruins, Blackhawks & Capitals Rumors – July 17, 2014

The Bruins and Blackhawks face shedding salary before this season starts, plus more Mike Green speculation. 

Will the Capitals ship out Mike Green this summer?

Will the Capitals ship out Mike Green this summer?

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports there’s plenty of speculation linking Capitals defenseman Mike Green to the Detroit Red Wings, who are in need of a top-four defenseman with a right-handed shot. Gormley notes the Capitals lack a second-line center and spoke of how Capitals coach Barry Trotz praised Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist, but believes they would have to sweeten the deal if they hope to pry Nyquist out of Detroit.

If they’re interested in moving Green for a center who, like Green, is eligible for UFA status next summer, Gormley notes that list of potential candidates includes Boston’s David Krejci, 28, Nashville’s Mike Fisher, 34, and Arizona’s Antoine Vermette, 31.   He also notes Colorado’s Ryan O’Reilly might be available, plus the intrigue surrounding San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the Wings would consider moving Nyquist for Green. The Bruins appear keen to re-sign Krejci. Fisher is out four-to-six months with a ruptured Achilles tendon, while the Coyotes have sufficient depth on their top-two defense pairings. Thornton would have to approve a trade to Washington and at this point he’s unwilling to waive his movement clause. O’Reilly could be available following his upcoming arbitration hearing, but the Avalanche will want more than Green. 

SI.COM: Allan Muir reports on the inability of Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli to improve his roster because of budget constraints. With Torey Krug and Reilly Smith to re-sign, Chiarelli could be forced to move either recently-resigned defenseman Matt Bartkowski or veteran blueliner Johnny Boychuk.

BOSTON GLOBE: Amelie Benjamin reports recently re-signed forward Jordan Caron ($600K) could be dealt before the season begins. She cites Chiarelli’s comments earlier this month suggesting Caron might need a fresh start with another club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By re-signing Caron to an affordable one-year deal it becomes easier to move him than if he remained unsigned.  While moving Boychuk, who’s earning over $3 million for next season, would free up more cap space, Chiarelli could instead trade Bartkowski as well as Caron. 

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Tracey Myers reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman still has to shave off over $2 million from his payroll to get under this season’s $69 million salary cap. He also have over $65 million invested in 15 players for 2015-16. While Myers expects someone “or more than one someone” will have to move, she doesn’t believe the club faces a massive turnover as it did a few years ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They also have some younger players (Brandon Saad, Marcus Kruger and Nick Leddy) becoming restricted free agents next summer. While there’s talk of trading Johnny Oduya ($3.375 million) to get under this year’s cap ceiling, his departure won’t free up additional space for 2015-16. That explains why the Patrick Sharp trade rumors won’t go away. 


  1. The Bruins are going to move a D-man, they have 9 nhl ready Dmen for cripes sake. But who knows which one. I could see Boychuck going, but only for a top right winger. Otherwise it will be McQuaid or Bart.

    Both Smith and Krug are NOT eligible to receive offer sheets. They are entry level RFA’s, having left college early to sign. They don’t have arbitration rights and cannot sign offer sheets. Therefore they have little leverage. they will sign 1 year friendly deals and get a good contract next year when there is more cap space.

    • Isn’t the idea for the bruins to shave salary? How could that do that and get a top winger back? They’ll get prospects and a pick because that is all they can afford to take

    • @ goodwood77
      if you go to cap geek and check .those two players signed 3 year EL contracts in 2011-2012 . both played that season in the nhl after their college season finished .their entry level contracts expired after this past season and they are both group 2 rfa s which are eligible for offer sheets .
      both krug and smith had good years last year but i can’t see any team offering them more than 3.3m ( where compensation is a 2nd ). bruins would match anyway.
      however they are already pretty tight cap wise and would have to buy out Kelly and trade away Boychuk for prospects.
      i wonder if the bruins couldn’t get Savard to retire , hire him as a scout and pay him the remainder of his money owed as a salary , he only has a couple mill left anyway .

      • I seriously doubt the the NHL is going to let the Bruins circumvent the cap by paying Savard as a scout. And equally doubt the NHLPA will even think of hearing about a team persuading an injured player to retire. This whole scenario is a little far fetched.

      • Moe
        Not sure if you follow hockey much but the buyout period ended and Savard can be put on the long term injury report and his salary is off the books. The reason he doesn’t retire is he won’t be paid. He will never return.

  2. The same stories everyday about the Bruins. Yes they have 9 d-men, yes they have cap constraints, yes they need to move salary. I believe they should move mcquaid and Bart, along with a bottom 6 forward such as Kelly or Paille—that will give the bruins some flexibility during the season to acquire a body or bring up one of the baby B’s . Either way the bruins are going to have to make a hard decision about a core guy. This will even harder since PC has stated his intent to keep the core group together.

  3. There is no freaking way the wings trade nyquist for green, it would have to be WAY more then him coming back.

    I can see something closer to, not saying I would want this to happen though. If it did happen Det would want to lock up green long term as well, they aren’t going to pay a top piece for a 1 year rental on a middle of the road team.

    To Det
    Green and a pick

    to Wash
    Tatar and kindl

    I rather trade Tatar and Kindl for Wideman however

    • There’s no way I would trade Tatar for either of those 2 d-men. John Carlson on the other hand…

    • Calgary would help Wideman pack and send a limo to escort him out of town for that deal …

  4. Only way to get a top forward is to package guys together.
    Boychuk,Maquaid or Bartkowski and Kelly.
    Can also move Caron.
    That’s about 8 mil.
    Don’t know why Chia is waiting so long.
    If Boychuk wants to stay I would extend him and move other guys.
    If he wants out would move him now.

  5. Roy seems content with the roster and if you trade O’Reilly, you need someone to fill his spot; McGinn isn’t gonna get the job done on the first line. We have five defensive spots spoken for and plenty of competition for the sixth. If the return for ROR is a ‘D’, it will need to be a two-way, top-2 D. Not sure Green helps because we already have Holden, Barrie, and Johnson (and possibly Redmond and Nouveau) for the PP. My top trades for ROR are: Jordan Eberle, or Evander Kane.

    • We also have Stephan Elliot for the PP, so I really don’t think a PMD is a need.

    • Oilers would not trade Eberle for ROR. They have RNH and Draisaitl as their top two centres once Draisaitl is ready (2015-16?).

      • So another year of waiting around for the Oil? Just going off team need, age, salary (projected) and ability, I could see that trade working out really well for both teams. The Avs get rid of a headache and get a first line replacement. The Oilers trade a one-dimensional player for a versatile, Selke type player, and don’t have to wait around for a prospect to develop. Yakupov can slide into the top-6 wing. But I understand mgmt is high on Eberle, so it’s probably never gonna happen.

        • Of course they wait. Trading eberle for ROR isn’t going to make up 25 points in the standings and get them in the playoffs in one year. Draisaitl projects to be a similar player to ROR and could start this year. Oilers were one of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL so why trade your top goal scorer who is under contract thru 2018-19 for an RFA?

  6. Hey Lyle I put this on an older post in reference to Krug and Smith being a special group of free agents and not eligible for offer sheets or arbitration:

    from the CBA on RFA

    (c) Players With Fewer Than Three Years of Professional Experience.
    Any Player with fewer than the required years of professional experience set forth
    in Section 10.2 shall have no right to Free Agency except as provided in this section. Upon
    expiration of such a Player’s SPC, the Club to whom the Player was last under SPC shall be
    entitled to make that Player a Qualifying Offer under the terms and conditions set forth in
    Section 10.2(a)(ii) above. A Club which makes this Qualifying Offer will have the exclusive
    right to negotiate with any such Player. In the event no such Qualifying Offer is made, the
    Player shall immediately become an Unrestricted Free Agent pursuant to Section 10.2(a)(iv)

    • Which section is that? I wish to make note of it for future reference.

      • Never mind, I found it, thanks for the clarification. I was looking for “college players” but there wasn’t anything specifically mentioning RFA eligibility.

    • after reading the cba a little more have found that both krug and smith did not play there 10 th nhl game until this past season , which triggers the start of eligibility.
      did see stuff about drafted college players which krug is not one of them(undrafted) .smith is however . it said teams retain the rights of a player if he does not remain a bona fide college student through the graduation of his
      college class,up until the 4th june from there draft year . that day has passed for smith.
      cba is complicated .
      so you were right about these two players not being grp 2 rfas

  7. Congratulations to Tyler Ennis on his new deal

  8. Silly rumor on another site about the Sens interest in Del Zotto.

    Please NO.

    • I saw that rumor on the other site as well – wondering who will end up taking a chance on Del Zotto. The kid has fallen hard the past 2 years.

      • How many defencemen do the Senators need? They currently have 8 on one way contracts…

      • I can see a team taking a flyer on MDZ, he would be very cheap and someone should be able to coach this kid to be a good player, can’t they??

  9. No reason for any home town fan to expect close equal value for their over-paid one way defenseman who have far too generous Cap hits / salaries.
    Your Teams decisions that are now perceived as mistakes and trade fodder are just that : player who teams MAY have interest in, but are not giving players with huge

  10. … Huge promise as rewards for your GMs past mistake.
    Use your noodles before cooing trades where the past headlines are the criteria for equal value on guys like Green and even Myers.