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Has Tim Thomas played his last game as a Bruins? Will the Blackhawks consider trading Patrick Kane? Will Nicklas Lidstrom retire? Are changes coming for the Penguins defense corps? Read on for the latest!

Has Thomas played his final game with the Bruins?

BOSTON HERALD/BOSTON GLOBE: Ron Borges suggested the clock is ticking for goalie Tim Thomas’ tenure with the Bruins, as his no-trade clause lifts on July 1st, and Tuukka Rask is waiting in the wings. Kevin Paul Dupont, however, points out Thomas is still a good goalie, and it’s uncertain if  Rask is ready to take over as the starter. Dupont believes Thomas will return next season, the final one of his contract. ESPN’s Jimmy Murphy, however, predicted Thomas will be dealt in the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the absence of quality starters in this summer’s UFA market, Thomas could be of interest to teams seeking a short-term solution for their goaltending while they await a younger goalie prospect to develop. Still, with only one year left on his contract, it wouldn’t hurt the Bruins to keep Thomas in the fold for one more season, though if they do that, I’d expect Rask will see more starts than Thomas.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Steve Rosenbloom suggested the Blackhawks should consider trading Patrick Kane this summer to bolster their depth, perhaps landing a regular second line center. Chris Kuc, however, reports Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman sees Kane as the club’s second line center, and also reported veteran Andrew Brunette could face retirement, as he’s not expected to be re-signed. David Hough believes the Blackhawks still need to make bold moves to shake things up, suggesting they gauge trade interest in defenseman Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Didn’t take long to shoot down the suggestion of trading Kane. Keith, meanwhile, has a full “no-movement” clause and I doubt management will seriously consider moving him. Sharp could be a consideration for a trade, but his lengthy, expensive contract could prove hard to move, plus he’s also become one of their core players. With over $57 million invested in 20 players, I don’t believe Bowman will consider any serious shakeups, but will try to bolster his blueline depth.

DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Red Wings are hoping captain Nicklas Lidstrom will return for another season, and it’s possible he might try to convince management to bring back fading forward Tomas Holmstrom.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Lidstrom returns, I don’t believe Holmstrom will be part of the package. Lidstrom will understand if management opts not to re-sign his long-time friend and teammate.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Penguins GM Ray Shero took responsibility for his team’s disappointing finish to this season, and expects to bring back Dan Bylsma as head coach. Potentially complicating his plans for this summer is a new CBA on the horizon. He also said his goal was to re-sign Sidney Crosby and Jordan Staal, who will be eligible for UFA status next summer. Crosby didn’t appear to indicate any intention of exploring next year’s UFA market, but Staal seemed to leave the door open by saying he’ll see what the future holds, though he said he loved playing in Pittsburgh, which is a huge factor for him. Shero defended blueliners Paul Martin and Zybnek Michalek, who struggled in the playoffs, but it’s believed changes could be coming to the Penguins blueline corps.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s speculation Staal could be dealt this summer for a top defenseman, which he would certainly land the Penguins if he were put on the trade block, but I don’t believe Shero intends to do anything that dramatic. He’s also in no hurry to move Staal, who won’t be a UFA until next summer. While Shero will undoubtedly try to shore up his blueline depth this summer, he could wait until after the new CBA is implemented to make significant moves.


  1. I think there’s about 12 or more NHL teams that would bend over backwards to acquire Staal.

  2. Lyle
    Looks like a slow day so I have some questions on Justin Schultz. Rumors are that he will go free agent even though Bob Murray says they are still talking.

    1) I’ve read that he becomes a RFA June 1 and I’ve read he becomes a RFA July 1. Which is it ?
    2) I’ve read that he “might” be the best d-man not playing in NHL, not sure how anyone can conclude that but, lets say he is, doesn’t that make him a trade chip ? Didn’t Calgary a few years ago trade Tim Erixon to NYR for 2 number #2 draft picks ? What is chance not so mighty ducks can at least get a draft pick for him ?
    3) Just for arguments sake if Schultz was part of this years draft, where would he rank 1-10 or 11-20 21-30 etc ?
    4) If he ranked high, wouldn’t some team 21-30 maybe want to trade their #1 to have signing rights for a month or so if he is rated higher ?
    5) I read that Rangers are front runners but why would he want to go to NYR with the likes of Staal, Del Zotto, McDonagh, Garardi and others ahead of him ? If he wants a fast ticket to NHL then NYR is not the place. Also hear that Oilers are in the running but why would a young guy like Schultz give up Southern California for Edmonton ? Ok, money you say but if they pile money on to him, doesn’t that tick off all the other young stars Oilers paid less to ? I can see a problem here.

    Your thoughts, please

    • I am worried they are going to lose him, buddy.
      Not a complete disaster, but he would look really nice next to Fowler for the next bunch of years.

  3. alforducks: Can you please ask me this question another time. This is most definitely not a slow day for me, perhaps we can revisit this at some point next week? Thanks.

  4. Lyle
    Will do – thank you

  5. If Justin Schultz doesnt resign with the Ducks by June 5th he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Now there are two scenarios, if he signs before July 1st it will have to be a 3 yr ELC, but if its after July 1st it will be a 2 yr ELC. I have no idea why…..but he will be restricted to signing an ELC, not a free agent contract, therefore the only issue for Schultz is “where” he wants to play. Otherwise he will sign the same contract anywhere he plays.

  6. As far as rating Schultz, the overall consensus is he is very comparable to Jake Gardiner, with more offensive upside. NHL skating and shot.

  7. I also think Thomas is done in Boston. They might as well get what they can for him. I believe Rask is ready to be a #1 goalie. Only issue I see is he going to play as well as Thomas when he was healthy? And initially I think the answer is no. But will grow into the role. Bruins fans may need to be patient with Rask next year.

    Also just thinking out loud here does Krejci, Marchand, a prospect not named Dougie Hamilton and a pick get you Rick Nash if you are the Bruins. Salaries of Marchand and Krejci match up close enough with Nash’s. I would also be OK with replacing one of those roster names with Lucic.

    As a Bruins fan Lucic is frustrating. After that payday I believe he went back a little and isn’t the same guy. Atleast I don’t believe he’s a 1st line winger. In Boston he puts people in the seats because of his style and casual Bruins fans see the 2nd coming of Cam Neely and are still hoping for that don’t think that will EVER materialize. Also we all know its a business and Bruins merchandise sales go through the roof with Lucic. On a team with Thomas, Bergeron, and Chara I think Lucic has been their most marketable player over the last four years. Jacobs LOVES that cash cow so I don’t really see Lucic being moved but if it was solely based on a hockey decision I think they should be entertaining those thoughts.

  8. Old Soldier

    Thank you – so money is not issue ? Is it simply where does he want to play and length of contract 2 or 3 years ?

  9. Bruins should not make major changes. They have 8 really good forwards and two really good goalies and in this day in age a team needs two good goalies. Defense is ok but unless Hamilton makes jump directly to NHL they need to add depth,
    someone who can add offense – especially on power play

  10. Here’s an idea:

    Boston: Luongo Edler Kesler

    Vancouver: Thomas Lucic and Seidenberg

  11. Hamilton will be in Boston next year most likely taking Corvo’s spot in the lineup. Power Play is absolutely what killed them this series. This is how I’d like to see it next year. Trade Krejci to Chicago with a 2nd or 3rd rd. pick for Sharp. They then have their 2nd line Center. They can have Toews/Kane on line #1 and Krejci/Hossa on line #2 something along those lines Im thinking fill in the wingers with one of their younger guys on each line. Just a thought and Boston may not need to throw in a pick really to get Sharp he is at least 4 or 5 years older than Krejci I believe. I think Puoillot should be given one more one year contract see how he does with that. I also think Seguin should be the #1 Center next year its time to make that move.

    Sharp Seguin Horton (IF HEALTHY)
    Lucic Bergeron Marchand
    Peverley Kelly Puoillot
    Thornton Campbell Caron

    Chara Seidenberg
    Ference Boychuk
    Mcquad Hamilton

    Veteran UFA goalie for insurance

  12. I think Bruins should resign Campbell and Kelly both UFA’s. And elect to not resign Paille. Also if Im the Bruins I wouldn’t be afraid to trade Thomas to the Leafs. If they have the best offer on the table take it. I don’t believe they should be afraid of that situation at all.

  13. Bruins dont need to trade for Nash. They should sign Parise he fits perfect. Thomas needs to go and Savards money needs to come off the books. Sign Kelly let Campbell and Paille walk. Play Hamilton next year and bring up Caron full time and maybe Knight.Horton needs to be healthy next year and if he is they will be strong again.

  14. The Nash option is definitely not as realistic. Well Savards money as long as he’s out can always be used because its long term injury. I think his cap number is 4M so they have that to play with. I thought about the Sharp scenario after the Nash one and I do like that a bit more. I think the price for Parise is going to be too high for the B’s. They have a lot of decisions to make next summer. Seguin and Marchand will both be RFA’s Lucic is up next summer also and Horton is UFA next summer. Lucic will be resigned for the reasons stated before. So will Seguin obviously. The Bruins have been in pretty good shape the last few years as far as the cap goes probably going to get a bit tighter as these young guys produce. But I would love to see Parise in Boston him OR Suter but I don’t think that happens with this management group no big UFA splashes coming our way.

  15. If you move Thomas 5.0 mil. Savard 4.0 Campbell and Paille 2.2 combined thats 11 mil have plenty of room for Parise or Suter. I think our D is fine I would go for Parise we need the scoring and he helps the PP. Hamilton will do fine he has great offence and is a big kid.

  16. I really don’t think the Bruins’ problem is down the middle.
    They have Bergeron and Sequin and Krejci…. pretty good if you ask me. Seguin may not hae been playing centre this season, but he will shortly and he will be the #1 offensive producer they need. Bergeron becomes a very good #2 and Krejci one of the best #3.

    I see them trading Thomas to Chicago for assets, flipping those assets (and his cap value) to Columbus for Nash. He will give them aother big-bodied scorer. I don’t think this is unrealistic at all. Horton in that case would be moved or some help on the blueline, and a guy like Peverly can be moed out to create a bit of cap flexibility and replaced with a kid from the AHL.

    I don’t think Chirelli waits for Parise on July 1st. He has the assets to get his scorer at the draft table in Nash. He will make the move right away and not end up like a poor beggar on Black Monday at WalMart in front of an empty shelf.

    Boston is in great shape.

  17. Schultz will be a Canuck, Luongo to TB for Malone, Kessler may be sent packing, need more scoring