Latest Bruins News – September 11, 2011.

Are the Bruins shopping RFA forward Brad Marchand? Have they started contract talks with David Krejci? Read on for the latest.

OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch reported yesterday via Twitter the Boston Bruins, with no contract in place for RFA forward Brad Marchand and training camp soon to open, are “sniffing around” to find his value on the trade market. He subsequently tweeted, “For those doubting the Bruins shopping Marchand. Don’t.” Garrioch believes the gap between the two sides isn’t insurmountable but the Bruins want to see what they could get for him, adding Marchand has only had one good season so far.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All reports out of Boston claim there’s been no progress to report in Marchand’s contract talks, but that he wants to remain a Bruin. It’ll be interesting to see the response from the local media to this report, as well as perhaps from Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli and Marchand’s agent, Wade Arnott. While I will consider it possible Chiarelli might wish to see what Marchand’s value is around the league, ultimately I believe he wants to get Marchand under contract. Unless Marchand’s demands are unreasonable, I still expect him to remain a Bruin.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins have initiated contract talks with center David Krejci, who’s entering the final year of his current contract. Shinzawa suggested if recent history were anything to go by, Krejci could be re-signed before the start of the season, as that’s what happened with Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron last year. With Marc Savard’s career likely done, Krejci would be in line to become their first line center for the next five season. Shinzawa ranks Krejci comparable to “second or third tier” centers like Nicklas Backstrom, Mikko Koivu and Mike Ribeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could put his salary range as high as $6.75 million per season (Koivu) or as low as Ribeiro ($5 million per). I could see Krejci coming in closer to the latter number than the former. 



  1. If Marchand really wanted to remain a bruins he would have signed by now. I’m sick of greedy players AGENTS trying to get that extra couple hundred grand, and in the mean time it damages the relationship between player, gm, and fans. If Marchand wants to play for the bruins then he should accept what i’m sure is more then fair market value contract offer for him from PC and company. Marchand should look at detroit, alot of those players took pay cuts to play there for the chance to keep contending for the cup. Marchand should look at it that way with the bruins. With Boston having like 11 or 12 free agents at the end of the season, they need all the available cap space they can get to keep there team together. No point in breaking the bank for a loud mouth who has had one good season. As you can tell i’m firmly behind PC and the bruins brass when it comes to this situation. In PC we trust, or at least i do.

  2. First off, there are a couple of MSM guys who are no more credible than the blog guys. That said… Marchand is a small guy who had one good season on a very good team. The irony is that the team he likely has most value to is Boston, because on a weaker team, Marchand won’t pull off what he did this year. At the same time, Boston doesn’t have dire need of him. If Marchand had a brain in his head he would shut up and sign, for whatever is being offered, and prove his worth while playing on a team that will be good for years.

  3. i get the player trying to maximize his dollars as all it takes is one bad hiy and his vareer is over,but im sure the bruins brass has offered him fair money .im guess 2 to 3 mill per season,for maybe 2 or 3 year sure marchands agent is trying to get 4 to 5 mill for 4 or 5 years.but hes only had one good season.when a player keeps being qouted i want to stay here i love it this usually means i want more money.yes he had a great playoffs and his regular season was good.but do it more than sure he has hurt his trade value by this game of ,who blinks first.if they cant come to an agreement i say let him sit dont even trade him.this bs of agents telling there clients they are worth so much,if i were marchand i might think about getting a new marchand using the same agency as doughty just curious.time for gms to rell these young players you have no power here.this is our offer its fair take it or dont play.

  4. i think krecji will get around 5 to 6 mill per season.cant see him getting more than 6 mill.if hes asking for more than that i can see more trades for boston.the problem is now agents think if you win a cup your worth more than you actually are.look what happened in needs to resign rask also as thomas isnt getting younger,so the bruins brass has a busy season ahead.

  5. Here’s the Bruin’s situation next season from Capgeek: they need to sign RFAs Krecji and Rask, UFAs Peverly, Campbell and Thornton. UFAs Kelly, Paille, Corvo, Boychuk and RFA Pouliot, I would consider on the bubble, depending on what they do this season. The Bruins have plenty of youth trying to earn a spot, if not this year, then certainly by 2012-13. As far as Marchand, I’m not sure how involved he is in negotiations. My believe is that Arnott (his agent, he was Kessel’s agent as well when he left Boston) is the bad guy here. Is he helping his client by trying to lock up the most money while causing bad relations with the management, fan base and possibly the team and its chemistry?

  6. The Bruins have $7,617,024 in cap space to sign both Marchand and Krejci. Even though they will place Savard on LTR, they can’t go over the cap for the total of his cap hit, they also have to have room to absorb the bonus money that could come to maturity during the season, as there is no cap cushion this year.

  7. Krejci is not a second tier center. He can easily get 6 million this summer if he repeats his performance from last year. If PC signs him for 5/yr consider it to be extremely cap friendly! Peverley, Kelly, Paille and Pouliot are replaceable with our youth. Our cap situation is manageable…

  8. When thinking about how much Marchand should be paid, Nathan Gerbe comes to mind 3 years – $4.3MM. My thinking is….Brad had one great year – doesn’t mean it will be repeated and I wouldn’t want to overpay if he doesn’t pan out. If I were generous, I might do 2 years for $5MM – pretty good money for 1 great year!

  9. I’m not a Burins fan but even I wouldn’t call Krejci a 2nd tier center. He’s young and has some real upside still to come. As for Marchand, sorry but I don’t see him worth as much as some claim. He’s a good player and should be rewarded as such but I don’t think he’s in the same league as other big ticket players.

    As for fans that say dumb things like, F these greedy players, etc, I like to wonder how greedy some of you would be knowing that if your opportunity to make bank had a small window (like 5 years) and once its closed, who knows what you’ll end up doing for work or the rest f your life at some cases under 30. So if these guys that give it their all, risking serious injury for our entertainment, I say they are worth what they get. The hold outs are not solely about $$$ but term or restrictions. They need to get what they can for as long as they can because when its gone, its gone.

    Lastly, tattoofreak, seriously man, grammer and typing will make people read what you have to say and not skip over because its no fun reading what you type with all that improper punctuation and grammer. I’m sure you have something interesting to say, but I’m afraid I (and others like myself) wont be reading poorly typed comments, its just too hard to read, sorry.

  10. hey donnybrook if you dont like it dont read it,seriously nothing better to do with your time,get a life.i didnt realize i was here to be graded.and learn how to spell bruins jackass.and what did i spell wrongim sorry i figured you would remember to breathe and pause when needed.did i not put capital letters in peoples names.oh no the before you call me out proof read your own article.

  11. Have to disagree with donny about greedy players.They are all greedy and its mostly the agents.
    I make 50k a year and it will take me 40 years to make 2mil.These guys can make that in 1 year.
    Also they are playing hockey which i would rather be doing than my job.
    As far as B’s go I trust Chia also if Marchand wants too much let him sit or seek a trade.
    He may have the most value right now.Krejci is a must sign with savard likely done he is your #1 center and only getting better.I’d do a long term cap friendly contract.

  12. I think there is a lot more to this than just the money (although I’m sure his agent is looking to cash)
    I don’t think the Bruins have been very impressed with his attitude or his off ice behavior. He has a history.

  13. I don’t care about grammer or anything but to quote tattoofreak “it takes is one bad hiy and his vareer is over,”

  14. I agree with Dave. If I am running an NHL club, from what I have seen lately, its a lot easier to pickup wingers to complement your centremen. Good centres are hard to find, and while Krejci is not the best one out there, he is probably the best avaialble.I am a Leafs fan and I would have Krejci as my number one centre over Bozak any day of the week. Hopefully Connolly stays healthy! Teams must take care of their “needs” first, and their “wants” later.

  15. Seems to me that Marchand, Doughty and Schenn have the same agent? Maybe wrong, but Arnott is always pulling this crap every year.

  16. Ok ladies break it up. Depending on how seguin plays this year krejci good be expendable in the off season.

  17. Keep it on topic here, gang. Sometimes folks make spelling errors. That’s no reason to attack their opinions.

  18. Krejci should get around Toews/Kane/Getzlaf/Perry money at around $5.5M… and he is not in their category either. He is a 2nd tier centre as noted above, and maybe not even. His stats are comparable to a healthy Derek Roy.

    Howver, judging by ow much JVR got… who knows??

  19. So i believe the bruins are in an interesting spot with Krecji.They have Bergeron signed for 3 more years and Seguins contract has 2 years on it.Also Kelly and Pevrleys is up at the end of the season.The bruins if Seguin has a breakout year could have a few, to many players at center.They also have Greg Campbell at center.In my opinion Campbell was key for the bruins playoff run.Do you move Seguin to the wing,let him take Marchands place if he holds out.It would be great ice time for him.Then if he performs well Marchand is easily tradeable.Also Benoit Pouliot could have a good season.The Bruins have alot of depth and players that are able to step up and play different roles.I think Marchands agent should look at the Bruins roster and depth before asking to much.

  20. Boston should trade Marchand to Toronto as he seems to be the kind of player Burke covets and they might be able to sucker him into giving up another first round pick. the Kessel trade will go down as the one that crippled the Leafs when they were on the edge of being respectable, could you imagine how much better off they would be if Burke had given up Kaberle & Kadri for Kessel instead of Seguin (could’ve easily been Hall) and Dougie Hamilton (who could end up as Boston’s number one defenseman in the future).

  21. Team chemistry is important and Krejci and Marchand played a big role. Are they worth the money they’re asking? Probably they are. Both have upsides that can bring returns that will benefit the team for years. But in this day of unrestricted free agency I believe the teams need to negotiate conservative contracts with lucrative bonuses built in, and they don’t only have to be for offensive production. In addition a good motivator is the possibility of a trade, so sign them without the “no trade clause.”

  22. If they are going to trade him,I see the coyotes being a trading partner.Just for the act that you may get a good draft pick and he really would not get press or play against you very much.

  23. I don’t think Boston will ever get anybody offering 2 first round picks plus a second for Marchand but hey, no harm in asking either. I believe that Marchand will sign closer to opening night than anytime soon and likely with the Bruins as I believe he’s a better fit for Boston than he is for any other team