Latest Bruins, Penguins and Sharks Rumors – May 16, 2014

A look at possible changes for the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins, while Dan Boyle and Martin Havlat won’t return with the Sharks next season. 

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand this summer?

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand this summer?

BOSTON GLOBE/BOSTON HERALD/CSNNE.COM: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Bruins need speed and puck-moving skill on defense, like Phoenix’s Keith Yandle or Vancouver’s Alex Edler. To acquire such a defenseman, Shinzawa suggests winger Brad Marchand or blueliner Johnny Boychuk as trade bait. Prospects like Ryan Spooner, Alexander Khokhlachev, Zach Trotman, David Warsofsky, and Malcolm Subban could also attract interest. Shinzawa also believes Jarome Iginla could return if he’s willing to accept another one-year, bonus-laden contract. RFA defenseman Matt Bartkowski could also be traded. Steve Conroy believes the Bruins “to-do list” isn’t that drastic. He recommends re-signing Iginla, Torey Krug and Reilly Smith, plus rediscover the right fourth-line mix. Joe Haggarty concurs regarding that last point, noting speculation the Bruins could be ready to move on from Shawn Thornton, who’s an unrestricted free agent this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins don’t need to blow up their roster but they do need to make a couple of changes to their defense and fourth line. I’ve heard suggestions they should also trade Milan Lucic, especially after his childish antics in this year’s playoffs, but that’s not going to happen. When he’s focused, Lucic is among the best power forwards in the game, and you don’t trade a guy like that. Marchand, however, is another matter, as he really seemed lost this season after the Bruins dealt away his good friend Tyler Seguin last summer. He still has trade value and this might be the best time to take advantage of it. Not sure about trading Boychuk, who I feel is still a solid contributor to the Bruins’ blueline. I agree it’ll take a significant pitch to land a skilled puck-moving defenseman like Yandle or Edler. And no, I don’t believe they’ll have interest in Penguins’ defenseman Kris Letang. Hey, speaking of the Penguins…

SPORTSNET/POST-GAZETTE: Pat Pickens lists four options for the Pittsburgh Penguins this summer to improve their team. Among them is swinging a blockbuster trade, suggesting they offer up Kris Letang to the Vancouver Canucks for center Ryan Kesler. He also expects the Penguins to lose Matt Niskanen to free agency and believes they should bolster their goaltending. Dave Molinari points out the Penguins don’t have much wiggle room in trade assets or cap space. While he doesn’t believe the Penguins need to tear the roster down to the ground, he doesn’t expect it’ll be rebuilt to championship caliber in a matter of months.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Penguins can find a GM willing to take on Letang, an overpaid blueliner who struggles defensively and has a history of health issues, then by all means do it, especially before his new contract (with its limited no-trade clause) kicks in on July 1.  However, I’m skeptical such a GM exists. And Letang for Kesler does nothing to address the Canucks lack of  scoring forwards, which is a serious problem. 

MERCURYNEW.COM/BAYAREA.COM: San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson announced yesterday he won’t be re-signing pending UFA blueliner Dan Boyle. He also said winger Martin Havlat won’t be returning next season and Brent Burns will be moved back to the blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You could see these moves coming for weeks. Boyle is coming to the end of his career, and while still an effective defenseman, they have sufficient depth in younger blueliners to replace him. Havlat could be bought out but Wilson will probably try to trade him first, though it could take picking up half of his remaining $6 million salary or $5 million cap hit to make the deal work. Even then, they’ll have trouble finding some takers. 


  1. Was not that surprised that Boston lost to Montreal. Expected them to have more trouble with Detroit.

    Boston’s lack of speed was telling all season when they played up-tempo teams. Although they got a great return for Seguin, his speed and goal scoring was much missed.

    A bigger problem is that the organizational focus, like that of the Flyers, is stuck in the 1970s. Up-tempo hockey is what usually wins since the red line was removed. Yes you need a lot of gritty players as well, but you can’t ice a team without finishers and expect to win the Cup.

    • I think Boston and Pitsburguh make good trading partners it seems like both teams have an abundance of what the other team lacks.

      • I think Boston and Pitsburguh make good trading partners it seems like both teams have an abundance of what the other team lacks.

        • In a perfect world the Pens would love to get Lucic to play next to Crosby, but the closest they might be able to get is a Marchant and I am not sure he is the right kind of tough.

    • I’m not sure the childish antics of the Bruins goons, inspired the Habs to give that extra bit to put them over the top.

      • True but there is just absolutely no edge to the Pens, and their best players should not have to play that roll (just doesnt suit the skill set) even the Hawks 3 rd and 4th line have that, the kings have it the Ducks with Getzlaf and Perry both have a bit of it. The Bruins seem to be missing some skill which cost them more than tinkering with 4th line imo. Seems like there could be good some good fits between these 2 teams.

  2. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Brent Burns was not on the SJ defense next season but playing forward in Toronto, along with a teammate in a huge deal which sends Phaneuf & another notable forward West as the Maple Leafs get two-thirds of a line return including Marleau….
    It makes sense for the sharks to grab Dion, IF the deal can also secure the right young forward to soften the launch of Marleau.

    • Here we go with the Leafs again. Even if they are not talked about, people still find a way to

      • Including you apparently.

  3. For a Shark-Leaf deal to happen the trade of big contracts would be a certainty.
    It just seems like there are three unwanted pieces in Toronto that fit in SJ.
    It gets the press and fan base off the pre-Shanny signings and signals rebirth, whether it truly IS or not….

    If the Leafs can end up taking less Cap than they send packing, and actually negotiate with Bollie, they might decide resigning Bolland is the best route.

    • Bolland is the type player that a team must have for a cup run. Leaf’s MUST keep Bolland. Boyle would look good in TO, so would Marleau but I doubt Marleau is going anywhere.

      • All these older, often injuried, or uninterested guys are guys that teams get rid of to try and remain successful playoff teams and you really think they help? If they were missing pieces why do successful teams let them go for almost nothing. Bolland 2 nds Boyle will walk

  4. Phaneuf & Clarkson make a combined 12.2 million.

    Marleau & Burns make 12.426,667.

    and I don’t think the Sharks based on past performance take that little a return.

    What sweetens the deal so the sahrks do “bite?”
    Kadri ?

    • Bill
      My problem with this trade is this:

      Phaneuf and Clarkson totaled 42 points
      Burns and Marleau totaled 118 points and these guys are much better players.

      The Sharks will never consider this trade.

      Marleau and Burns for Kessel and Kadri would be more appealing, (don’t bash me, I’m just trying to make the pieces work better as an example for point production only) but TO is not giving up Kessel.

      I’m not sure either team gets better even with my senario which will never happen anyway.

    • Bill just stop already man. For starters Burns is better, younger and cheaper than Phaneuf, and Marleau is wayyyyyyyyyy better than Clarkson and he also has a NTC and wants to retire as a Shark. As a Kings fan I would love nothing more than to see the Sharks make that dumb trade but its not going to happen.

      I don’t doubt that the Sharks would have interest in Phaneuf, bu there is zero chance Burns and Marleau are traded.

    • Marleau would probably draw more interest than that package alone….

      The Leafs are not getting rid of Clarkson that easily.

      Wilson is a smart man in San Jose….he is a great gm.

      He won’t be trading Marleau to the Leafs for a contract like Dion’s.

      • Have to Agree with King and Gary on this one.

        • I could see a bigger deal between the Leafs and Sharks tho I bet that the Leafs have a whole lot of interest (as would alot of teams) if Pavelski is available.

        • Must be a blue moon

        • 1 of the many things I can be called is a realist belive it or not…lol

    • Nobody’s going to take Clarkson guys. Same reason why Leino hasn’t been moved. The guys contract is going to be HUGE handicap for the Leafs. Phaneuf could be moved. Only way I see it happening is if Toronto picks up at least $1.5-$2 mill a year for the remainder of that 7 year contract.

      Just because salaries match doesn’t mean it’s a good trade bud.

      • Still highly doubting they move Phaneuf unless they receive an offer that involves a very good younger player and involves holding no salary, otherwise there is not really much of a point. Its not like they dont like him as a player or think the D wont be any worse if they move him. I very much doubt they are trying to dump or get rid of him.

  5. Am I the only true leafs fan that doesn’t want Bolland in our line-up next season. I mean, he’s 28, injury prone and at best contributes 25-35 points a year. Even at $4million per, I don’t want to do that deal, as we have Peter Holland in the minors who could benefit from playing 3rd line, protected minutes like Kadri did 2 years ago behind Bozak and Grabovski.

    • Agreed, I don’t want Bolland either. Time to develop our own players.

  6. TSN is reporting Shero and Bylsma have been fired so may be some time until the Penguins make any roster moves.

    • It’s only Shero. Bylsma will be evaluated.

  7. With the change of the GM in Pitts-ownership obviously wants a change. Should be an interesting time leading up to the draft and free agency. Everyone but Sid are in play.

    • Think realistically Neal and Kunitz the only notable players to move maybe Martin, Orpik is gone UFA. They really need a winger to play with Crosby and some size and toughness that can be in their top 9. With those 4 moving on they will be able to address some of that, just too easy to play against and get their good players off their game imo.

      • Oddly enough a guy like Marchand could possibly do well there, guys like him and Cooke keep attention on themselves rather than players taking liberties on Sid and Gino they are too busy trying to even things up. Carcillo would be another example, they need a nasty type player to play that kind of roll (one who canactually play) so that Sid and Malkin dont have to. Ott on the third or fourth line could be worth a look.

        • What about a Neal for e Kane ?

          • Pens would have to add quite a bit imo.

          • Ya wouldn’t work would have to add another bigger piece then Neal IMO.

        • Totally agree. big fan of Ott. great leadership, can win faceoffs, tough. Was hoping they’d bring him in at the deadline before St. Louis grabbed him. Would be a fantastic depth player.

  8. Everyone but Sid should be in play. I’m sorry but I still believe the Penguins traded the wrong Center. Staal probably would’ve been OK with 2nd line mins. behind Crosby and could you imagine the haul Malkin would have brought in. Picks, young wingers, shutdown D-men whatever Pitt wanted they can ask for and get it. I said last year Edmonton would have been a great spot. In return either Hall or Eberle, Nurse, and a pick. Maybe even more than that. Just saying they received a good return for Staal so the return for Malkin would be just crazy.

    • Hall will stay an Oiler for a long time. He’s untouchable IMO.

      • Malkin just would have went home rather than play in Edmonton.

        • I don’t know about that Shticky. He’d be “The Man” in Edmonton, instead of playing second fiddle to Crosby. Plus he would get to play with a possible rising Russian star in Yakupov; I think he’d accept a trade. But that’s my opinion.

          • There are probably at least 25 other teams where Malkin isnt playing second fiddle to anyone yet he still has a nmc. When Malkin is done being a Pen he is probably done in the NHL only thing that could maybe change that is a cup team, not a rebuilding one.

  9. Funny how all these teams that did not do well this year made changes to their front office or coaching staff except the Leafs.

    Then you have the Pen’s who finished with 109points and 6th decided it wasn’t good enough and canned their GM and soon coach. At the same time all you hear out of the Leaf organization is the GM is safe, the coach needs an extension and captain isn’t going any where. What more do fans need to hear to stop going to the games? Where is the accountability for imploding once again?

    As someone said yesterday MLSE is more interested in winning at the PR game then on the ice.

    • Never gets old.

    • Hold on is MLSE interested is wining pr games and not only make money? Which is it because we all knoooow how they don’t care about winning!

  10. Marchand an Looch are not going anywhere I could see Eriksson McQuaid Bartkowski all being dealt an not signing Thorton

  11. Letang-for-Kessler??? First, the Pens don’t need more centers. Second, the first question the Canucks should ask their prospective GMs is “Would you trade Kesler for Letang?” If they answer “yes,” then not only should that candidate be automatically eliminated, but also sent for psychiatric evaluation.

  12. Pens should do what they gotta do to line this up for 2014-15:

    Vanek. Crosby. Kunitz
    Neal. Malkin. Dupuis
    Bennett. Sutter. Raymond
    Goc. Adams. Vitale?

    Boyle. Martin
    Niskanen. Maatta
    Scuderi. Pouliot


    • You must be a Flyers fan to want to see something like that…..Boyle and Miller??? The talk has been the Pens looking to get younger and tougher, you just turned us into a team auditioning for an Old Timers tour

      • Miller is still better then Fleury.

        As for Boyle he is still a good defenseman. Will he be an upgrade over Letang? Hell no. But can hold the spot for a year or two.

        • Only makes sense if the idea is bringing Boyle in cheaply for a year or two to bide time until some of the youngsters are ready to go (Harrington, Pouliot, etc.).