Latest Bruins Rumors – June 2, 2012.

Everything you wanted to know about Tim Thomas and his possible decision to sit out next season, plus updates on pending Bruins UFAs Chris Kelly and Jim Corvo.


Is Thomas engaged in a power-play with management over his future?

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reported on how Bruins management would proceed if goalie Tim Thomas decides to sit out next season. GM Peter Chiarelli said the first thing he would due is suspend Thomas, which would remove him from the roster, though his salary would still count against their cap for next season as his contract falls into the “over-35″ category.

Chiarelli could trade Thomas on July 1, when his movement clause expires and which Haggerty claims he was seriously considering prior to meeting with the goalie’s agent, but they wouldn’t get much of a return for a goalie who might not play part or all of next season. While Chiarelli doesn’t believe there’s anything fishy about Thomas’ potential decision, Haggerty speculates it could be a way to garner some leverage once his “no-movement” clause expires on July 1st. They could put him on waivers and demote him, but his salary would still count against their cap, and since his contract falls into the “over-35″ category, they cannot buy him out. They could, however, “toll” his contract forward to 2013-14, which would prevent him playing anywhere but Boston. Haggerty believes, barring a change of mind on Thomas’ part, he won’t return to the Bruins.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch also believes Thomas’ days with the Bruins are done, suggesting the best option for the Bruins is to give a rival team (Toronto? Columbus? Tampa Bay? Chicago?) permission to speak with the goalie in hopes they can convince him to play next season, then try to work out a trade with the interested team he’d be willing to play for.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell wonders if the Bruins are able to shed Thomas’ salary that they might take a run at acquiring Rick Nash from Columbus.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli is working on re-signing the bulk of his free agents, including UFA forward Chris Kelly.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports pending UFA blueliner Joe Corvo won’t be back with the Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Garrioch’s suggestion of allowing other clubs permission to speak with Thomas and then trying to work out a trade if he’s willing to play for any of them next season is the best way to go. I believe Haggerty’s point about Thomas garnering some leverage once his NMC expires is spot on. He may say it’s for family reasons, but if, as Haggerty claims, Chiarelli was thinking about trading him after July 1st, this is a good way to ensure a trade to a destination of Thomas’ choosing. If Thomas is successful, you can bet this will be something addressed in the upcoming CBA talks to ensure other players don’t employ a similar tactic.

Thomas definitely has a mind of his own and it sometimes works in mysterious ways, as his snubbing the White House last February made clear, and which he was wrong to do, regardless of his political beliefs. He obviously doesn’t seem worried about the damage to his legacy with the Bruins. Now, if he’s sincere about wanting to take a year off to deal with family matters, that’s a different story and I would certainly sympathize with that. Otherwise, this seems like a power-play on his part to control his future.


  1. If Thomas doesn’t accept a trade and decides to sit out, it sure hurts the Bruins! and that’s ok with me!

  2. This is just just crazy most reports out of Boston suggest this is a power play on Thomas’ part. Spector is spot on this has REALLY screwed with his legacy. Being a Bruins fan I was OK with his White House no show. That was his choice. I can’t believe I agree with Garrioch but his suggestion makes the most sense out of a bizarre situation. As a B’s fan I wish this was different Thomas was obviously the biggest reason for that Cup run but I also think the Bruins trading Thomas this off-season is the best course of action. Time to see what Rask could do and get in on the Parise bidding. These players should be honoring their contracts its just crazy the guy has a no trade clause put in and can’t deal with the last year not being one. Come on Tim you singed it must have been OK with it at some point. Neely was on local radio yesterday he seems extremely P/O about this. If I were Thomas I’d stay clear of the Bruins Presidents office lol.


  4. Thomas is a baby. Visiting the White House as Champ is a huge deal doesnt matter what you political veiws are you show up. I dont care if its a charity bowling event or a team dinner that is manditory, you show up to support your teammates and repersent the team that is paying you 5 Million a year to play hockey. Now this, rumor has it they may trade him so now he says im taking the year off so no one will take that risk so he can go where he wants or just not play. He got lucky with having a chance to be a starting goalie in the NHL in his 30s any pro out side of the NHL would thank his lucky stars for this not sh*t on it. Yeah he made the most of it for a few seasons but now he is compeltely taking this for granted and I have lost total respect for him.

  5. Tim Thomas: great goalie, horrible human being.

    • DaBroons- What do you think his teammates think of him right about now?

      • Hard to say, b/c no one is speaking on or off the record. I have no first-hand or second-hand information, just guessing. If he does have family problems, then everyone, including me, supports him. But the term is used so vaguely that it doesn’t pass the sniff test. [Teammates were mad at Ference over the Paul Kelly firing, yet no player is faster to come to the aid of a teammate on the ice, despite Ference’s small size. He reacts with no concern to his own safety. I’m sure they respect him.]

        Back to Thomas, most probably just rolled their eyes about the Obama snub; by now surely some are starting to get fed up with his act.

    • Horrible human being? Why, because he snubbed Obama? That hardly makes one a horrible person. And he’s hardly the first player to play some head games about a contract.

      • No, not b/c he snubbed Obama. Just one episode of many. He’s had a long history of selfish behavior, and management has long been concerned about his handling of being 2nd string to Rask. When Rask was briefly no 1, they wanted to trade him then. He moved his family to Colorado in the middle of the season, refers to his teammates as “they” instead of us, and took all the Bruins logos off his mask. Little things, but they are telling of his self-centeredness.

        He’s doing this to prevent his trade to a bottom-feeding team. He wants to control his destination.

        • Why don’t you just admit that it’s Thomas’ politics that set you off and not some alleged “selfish” behaivior on his part that set you off. A “horrible human being” should be reserved for people who do illegal or immoral things, not someone who may be forcing his current NHL team to trade him.

  6. Thomas knows what he is doing. Take a year off. Dream on. He is on his last year of his current contract. He knows that the Bruins are not going to sign him to a new contract beyond his last year. He is forcing a trade so that he can get one last three year contract at 5 million per year from another team. In the end, it is all about the money. Can you imagine what making 5 million dollars per year is like? Keep your eye on the puck!

  7. I think everyone has the right to speak out about what they believe. I also believe if you sign a contract stand behind it till the end of it. G.Ms could put in the contracts at the end you will get the last $100,000 of your deal when you prove you will honor your contrat.

    • Well, players are paid monthly, so that is not far fetched at all.

  8. So Tim collected 17 of the 20 million dollar contract and now wants to stiff his teammates buy wasting 5 mil of their cap? Tim still got the biggest cheers at home games this year. Thanks a lot buddy. Good goalie, bad teammate. C-ya!

  9. If he does sit out for a year, perhaps a cash strapped team below the cap floor will try to trade for him. This way, they move above the cap floor and don’t have to pay him.

  10. Seems like Thomas to the Leafs is the only senerio that makes sense under his anti white house anti US bantering. Toronto needs him and would work perfect for the Leafs for one year, Boston needs to shed his contract to go after other UFA’s, Thomas needs to get out of the US so he can come to Canada and complain about Harper (he will have lots of fuel to add to the fire along with Harpers enemies or should I say F35 Jet fuel), Reimer and Scrivens could both use him as a mentor, Toronto isn’t that far from Boston and I think Porter flys there out of Toronto Island and last but not least Toronto and the B’s have a trading record. Yes Burkie gets screwed on every trade with the B’s including the Kaberle for Colborne deal (Colborne is the softest 6’4″ player I have ever seen) but it’s worth taking stab at Thomas if the price is right and he will play next year for the Leafs. I see him being another Eddie B for the Leafs next year carrying this team into the playoffs.

    • I’ll tell you why I don’t think this makes sense. First, Thomas is a “patriot”. He may have different ideas on what that means from you and me, but his extreme politics stem from his concern for his country. Second, he hates taxes, would he be happier paying more in Canada, don’t think so. For someone who has American values, apparently they don’t extend to honoring contracts. He’s now proven himself to be extremist, selfish and wrongheaded in many ways.

      • Sorry, my friend, but the lunatic fringe right wingers like Thomas (i.e., the Tea Party) don’t give a damn about America. That’s only their cover story. They only care about themselves. For example, they care nothing about the deficit, as their first move is always a huge tax cut for the wealthy. That only adds to the deficit. Harping on the deficit is only an excuse to terminate all the social programs for poor people. They only want welfare for the rich.

        • Right, and you of course do care about all things Red, White & Blue. Tea Party folks need not take any advice from the left-wing loons among us.

  11. Sorry meant to say “If he will play next year for the Leafs”

  12. I like the way Nashville dealt with Radulov and how the Islanders dealt with Nabokov. I can understand Thomas wanting to take time off to focus on family, but maybe he should have gone to mgmt. and asked them to help him achieve this goal versus announcing his retirement for a year. He could give the Bruins a list of teams he is willing to be traded to and at least give them something to gain in return. I am also of the “old school” where you make your deal, you live by it. Thomas approved and signed off on his contract, he should live up to it and if there are reasons that he believes hinders him from that – then he should give management something to work with.

  13. I do not have a problem with this. Bruins are very fortunate to have Rask waiting. If Thomas wants to not play for year (and thus not get paid) then that is fine.

  14. Thomas is acting like a petulant child because at 38 he knows his time is almost done … go ahead and sit, the league will go on w/o you …

  15. Or the man is 38, at a crossroads of his life and is unsure what to do next. I wish I could spend more time with my kids, but I have to work 65+ hours aweek to take care of my family.

  16. Thomas beats to his own drum. He thinks he is playing hard ball but he is just being a baby. Bruins will be fine without him if he screws things up for this years cap then so be it. Next years crop of UFA”s is way better anyways.Cant wait to see what Rask can do playing more than 20 games.

    • We have no clue if he is playing hard ball or not. What if he really wants to rest a year?

  17. I find it funny how fans can criticize a player and his actions yet have no idea or have any information of what was discussed between player and management yet everyone is ready to jump onto the player because after all they’ve got to be wrong. If we don’t know what was being said or what was actually happening we as fans really shouldn’t criticize until you really know. Otherwise I just see it as pretty petty gossipmongering… Just think of yourselves and your jobs with your bosses, if there was a way you can get a leg up on them would you not take that oppertunity? Are all of you claiming Thomas is a terrible person telling me that you wouldn’t take this opportunity to put yourself in a better situation or maybe if you hate your place of employment that you’d look for a way out if you can. We just don’t know what happened in that room other than both parties seem to be at the end of their relationship. It does not mean by any case that either party is wrong or bad or selfish or any other BS that we tend to think.

  18. Shout out to Beer Goggles…..whatz up!

    Keep your fingers crossed about Thomas to Leafs …long shot though!!!


  19. Seriously, a month ago every sportswriter and fan was shipping Thomas out of Boston even though they owed almost their entire post season success to him. No loyalty was required on the team’s part, it was just business. Now Thomas decides to spend time with his family and everyone claims he’s selfish. If his decision is about his family then I’m happy for him. His family’s future is secure and I wish him the best of luck. If his decision is a powerplay or retailiation for Boston trying to trade him then I salute him as a shrewd and skillful businessman. People can’t have it both ways. If you want loyalty from the players than be a loyal manager. If you intend to act in the best interest of the team/company, expect and respect your employee/player to act in his best interest as well.

  20. oops repeat. sorry.

  21. @Slap

    Buddy you can’t take some of the guys on this site to serious. If Mio Kid called you a racist just brush it off. You have to realize some of the guys on this site just sit at their computers all day taking shots at people. They are the same guys that will shoot you the finger from a car but if you are ever face to face with them they run like scared rabbits. It’s like the guys that go around yapping on the ice and as soon as you grab them and drop the gloves they turtle. Then you have some guys that love being sarcastic (which I kind of like) the problem is trying to determine if they are serious or not because Lyle doesn’t have any emotion faces we can add in at the end of a sentence.

    At the end of the day don’t let a couple goofs keep you from posting.

    P.S. I haven’t been on for over a month either mainly because there isn’t much to talk about since most Leaf trade rumours have dried up and I’m tired of talking about the same UFA’s. sarcastic emotion face pasted here.

  22. IMO , Thomas wants out..he just wants to decide where he goes, and this is the only way he can control it. The Bruins owner will make Chiarelli do a backflip to get it done before July 1st.

  23. Luongo could be traded to either Tampa or Toronto, IMO i think it would be good to trade Thomas to the team that doesnt get Luongo, assuming they will both be traded. Just imagine that, Luongo-Gustafsson in Toronto and Thomas-Garon in Tampa, thos tandems look very interesting.

  24. Lets look at it from the other side.
    Maybe the GM has told him they are going to move him to (somewhere he doesn’t want to go) a team of their choosing. They gave him the heads up that July first he is going to be booted out. Going to “Hockey He11hole”. His only recourse is to try and alter the location by trying to scare any potential trade partner away with his comments.
    He gets $5 mill a year, he snubbed the White House, he has a bad attitude sometimes, he has different political views than some of us, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to be railroaded out of town.
    There are three sides to every story, in this case Thomas’s, the GM’s and somewhere down the middle is the truth.
    We may never know.

  25. If Thomas wanted to spend time with his family then Tim say so stand up to the mike and state your peace.Sorry but if your not saying anything then we as fans have to speculate. Time will tell but I believe it”s Tim being Tim. If I’m wrong I will say I was wrong but I think you will see Tim is being again not a team player.

  26. As far as I am concerned he can quit hockey and pursue a door to door campaign for the rich guy running, since he seems to think the President is the cause of all the USA’s ills.
    Guys like this have to actually do waht they have to do, and no sympathy to him or anyone who goes team second.

  27. I do not know if Thomas has family issues or not. A ll I will say is that we have heard that excuse from so many politicians who are trying to slip out of tight spots to trust it. This is why I personally lean toward the pressure tactic reason on his part as he wants to control where he plays next season. Of course I could be very wrong. I am sort of surprised that the CBA does not have a clause that takes a player’s salary off the cap if they are (suspended for just cause) even if they are 35+.

  28. As the “give a rival team … permission to speak with the goalie” was in Garrioch’s column it is almost assuredly someone else’s idea. “The Stenographer” doesn’t do analysis.

  29. Let Tim do what he wants. If it was an owner that had the upper hand nothing would be said. But the player would have to deal with it. Now that the tide has change and the player is going to out play the owners hand Bruins fans want to complain. All because it could affect your off season deals. Maybe if you were in his shoes you’d do the same thing. No player likes not having control over their destiny. And the Bruins would trade him off to some bottom feeder and after one bad season on that team his carreer would be over. So he’s playing a little poker,(IS HE BLUFFING) We will soon see.

  30. He can spend all the time in the world with his family when he retires a rich man.Boston can send me his unused 5 mil.If a player refuses to play for a signed contract the team should not be charged the cap space that is a bad rule.
    Play out your contract or retire.

  31. Boston should threaten to suspend Thomas for the year as his selfish attitude will affect the team adversely. Thomas is far from infallible and he could be headed for an off year, possible suitors should be aware that prior to his career year Cup run he fell into a funk so bad Boston was actively trying to trade him with no suitors.

  32. Love your take on things, Spector. Informed. Analytical. Passionate yet objective. Rare, and something to be appreciated.

    Of all your suggested options, it’s hard not to choose the one in which Thomas is on a power play — more like a power trip.
    I wonder how much of the Bruins’ malaise in the latter part of the season was due to Tim’s white House snub and the circus that followed. He was a huge distraction, and shows no signs of letting up. There can’t be many Bruins in that room who want to play in front of him now.
    But how much is he scaring off other GMs? Perhaps the most intriguing of a number of pre-draft question marks.

  33. Sweet Thomas!! Keep it up and take the year off, screw the Bruins your salary counts towards the CAP!!! YA Baby GO Leafs GO!!! Best news of the summer!!!

  34. Tim was sitting at home knowing that he was likely going to be traded after July 1. He was probably kicking himself for not having a NTC in his contract for this final year. To avoid being traded his only course of action was to declare his decision to not play at all for anyone. Who would want him now….no one….not even the bruins. So now he has the bruins by the short and curlies….as he sits on his couch smiling that sly smile that he has. His career is now over and he is a rich man. He has made many millions of dollars and is quite happy to hang up his pads and not be traded to anyone. Thanks for the Stanley Cup Tim….it sure was sweet.