Latest Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Senators and Flames News – August 21, 2014

Carey Price returns to training, Nazem Kadri hopes for a bigger role with the Maple Leafs, Mika Zibanejad heads into this season bigger and stronger, while the new NHL lottery rules come at a bad time for the rebuilding Flames. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens goalie Carey Price returned to the ice two weeks ago in Kelowna and is skating with several NHLers, including former teammate Josh Gorges.  Price suffered a knee injury which knocked him out of the 2014 Eastern Conference Final, but said skating has gone well.

Nazem Kadri seeks a larger role with the Maple Leafs.

Nazem Kadri seeks a larger role with the Maple Leafs.

NATIONAL POST: Nazem Kadri hopes to play a bigger role as the Toronto Maple Leafs’ first-line center. Kadri said he’s not trying to create controversy and will play wherever the coach wants him to, but he has set his sights on the number-one center position.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:The Leafs have lacked a true first-line center since Mats Sundin left town. I believe Kadri has the talent to become the Leafs top-line center. Maturity and consistency is all that’s been lacking so far.  

OTTAWA SUN: Senators center Mika Zibanejad is now bigger, stronger and hopes for a more productive season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This season present a golden opportunity for Zibanejad to take on a larger role with the club, perhaps becoming its full-time second-line center. 

SPORTSNET: Mark Spector believes the recent changes to the NHL draft lottery could hurt the Calgary Flames rebuild.


  1. Burke doesnt like to build thru the draft anyway tho I am sure McDavid is on everyones mind…
    Make or break year for Kadri, and I am sure with all the changes made this year he will get more of a legit chance to take the job from Bozak with a new contract on the horizon I wouldnt be surprised if Naz has a big year.

    • uhhh? pretty sure burke has made MASSIVE moves on draft days before. uhhh?

      • Also has dealt away first round picks, his “rebuilding” of the Leafs involved more trades and signings than draft picks. Not really a patient guy who likes finishing near the bottom. (Remember his own words now about the Penguins getting lucky to win a lottery? Or how he looks at draft lotteries?..) Besides the Sedins and Pronger look at his history of picks….its not great for a guy who has been around aslong as he has, but he probably trades as much if not more than most and is pretty good at it imo ya there were some bad ones thru his career but more good than bad and outside the Sefins and Pronger the more valuable pieces of Brian Burkes teams have been aquired thru other means than him drafting them.

      • Like the Kessel deal that saw the Bruins pick up Rask, Seguin and Hamilton? oh… and Lord Stanley accompanying the deal in support of the Bruins. Another Maple Laughs Move…

        • Rask was not any part of the Kessel deal, he was dealt for Raycroft long before that by JFJ, and Seguin had very little to do with the Bruins cup win…I have no issues with picking up Kessel he is in the top 5 in scoring in the NHL over his time with the Leafs, and has nearly 215 points over the last 3 seasons well over a point per game of course they had to give up some valuable assets to get him.
          Only laughs here are at you bud.

          • ya great trade for the leafs lol seguin franchise forward Hamilton franchise defenseman for kessle a player that doesn’t even know where his own end is!!

    • Lets also remember that Burke is not the GM in Calgary.

      • Eeeh ya maybe not in title but….Shanny is not the GM of the Leafs either but it seem these president types do more GMing than their GMs do anymore, Joe Sakic aswell.

        • I think these presidents do a lot less gming then most fans and media think (or like to think). Colorado is messed up in there office so they don’t count. Also has Shanny hired a gm yet?

          • He hasnt had to ss he inherited one but, it wasnt the GM (Nonis) who fired all the assitant coaches assistant GM or hired all the stats guys he said previously he didnt really believe in and normally these are all decisions that a GM would make. What has the Flames GM done since being hired? Didnt have a choice about a coach as Burke (rightly so) wants to keep Hartley, Cammi was a goner….Burke s decision, now granted Treliving hasnt been there long but besides Linden in Van with Benning it seems like to me that some presidents (Lafontaine stepped down because he didnt have complete control) want their teams to have their finger prints on it more than their GMs. Colarado totally counts lol they are run by a coach and a president, it may be messed up (I totally agree and think its going to fall apart…) but still doesn’t take away from the fact that its the way the president chooses to do things.

  2. Zibad, now at 218 lbs and much stronger is going to be like a freight train going down the ice. I believe this will be his breakout year and he easily scores 25 goals.