Latest Canucks and Avalanche Rumors – January 31, 2014.

Should the Vancouver Canucks start rebuilding by moving some veterans for youth? Is Avalanche winger P.A. Parenteau on the trade block?

Will Canucks GM Mike Gillis shake things up in the near future?

Will Canucks GM Mike Gillis shake things up in the near future?

SPORTSNET: Mark Spector believes the Vancouver Canucks may still be the better of Canada’s seven teams but they won’t remain that way if GM Mike Gillis stands pat with his current roster. Spector feels it is obvious the Canucks must shop some of their veteran assets though he acknowledged the difficulty in doing so given many have no-trade clauses in their contracts. He also notes some, like the Sedins and Alex Edler, are on expensive long-term contracts.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox echos Spector’s suggestion the Canucks must shake things up and avoid sitting on their ageing core player for too long. Cox points to the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks as teams which dealt some veterans away for young talent and avoided a prolonged, painful rebuilding process.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Spector (no relation) and Cox.  The Canucks window for a Stanley Cup with their current core of talent has closed and it would be best if they begin rebuilding by moving some of their veterans for promising young talent.  The problem, of course, is some of them have virtually untradeable contracts (Roberto Luongo), are under lengthy and expensive new contracts (Sedins, Edler), would have to be moved as a pair (the Sedins again) or carry no-movement or no-trade clauses (Sedins, Luongo, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Kevin Bieksa, Dan Hamhuis, Jason Garrison). I doubt we’ll see Gillis try to shake things up before the trade deadline, but don’t be surprised if he attempts to shake things up in the off-season.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports Colorado Avalanche winger P.A. Parenteau was a healthy scratch for the second straight game as the Avs faced the Minnesota Wild last night. Chambers noted Parenteau’s been linked to the Montreal Canadiens in trade rumors ” with some reports saying the Montreal Canadiens might give up defenseman P.K. Subban for Parenteau and prospect(s) or draft picks.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I nearly spit my coffee on my screen when I read the above line. No way the Canadiens trade Subban for that kind of return. You don’t get the 2013 Norris winner for that. The Canadiens aren’t shopping Subban but if they were it’ll take a helluva lot more than Parenteau, picks and prospects to get him. The asking price would start with Nathan MacKinnon and move up from there. Whoever wrote those reports Chambers were referring to is engaged in wishful thinking.

As for Parenteau, he was linked to the Habs earlier this week, reportedly in a proposed swap for Rene Bourque, but that was apparently rejected for various reasons. Avs coach Patrick Roy claims Parenteau isn’t in his doghouse but is merely the odd man out right now because the club is healthy. He expects Parenteau to be back in the lineup soon. Besides, if they’re shopping the veteran winger it would make more sense to play him so rival clubs scouting him can determine if he’s worthwhile to pursue via trade.


  1. Chambers is out of his mind. At least if he is going to make up a rumour, he should try and make it realistic.

    Van City is headed for a crash and burn. They will be in rebuild mode with in a couple of years. 2015-2016 season will be when some of these salaries start to come off the books. Too many long term signings may cost a GM his job.

    • I think Gillis should’ve been fired awhile ago. I heard he’s real tight with ownership. He should’ve been fired well before Vigneault (spelling).

      • @ JES

        Gillis should have been gone when he traded Schnieder

        Agree 100% this organization has done nothing constructive since Gillis arrived ..they blundered the Luongo fiasco for almost 2 years , they had multiple offers that were very realistic …….most of the players on the team are
        Nonis – Burke players via draft …and his UFA rental signings have been terrible.
        The firing of AV and bringing in Torts takes the cake …AV was a perfect coach for this core group.
        This starts from head office down ….but Gillis AND Torts has to go for this team to move forward in a fresh new direction and clear the air for the players !

        Fire Gillis …get a good GM and hire Mark Messier as coach and do a mini rebuild along the way !

        HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……….Subban for Parenteau and prospects and picks ……WOW! …….HAAAAAAAAAAAA……..

        If Sakic can pull that off ….instant GM of the year …..and Habs fans will burn down the Bell Center !!!

        QUICK NOTE : As a Leafs fan ….I d rather Nonis pulled the trigger on Luongo at his cap hit and term than giving it to NOW THE UNMOVEABLE ( Clarkson )
        They would have save around $11million on the back end of the term and it would have been shorter if Luongo retired early he would eventually been back up to Bernier and Reimer would have been traded in last offseason !

        • clearly you are the most clueless person on here. I cant tell if your age is 12 of 40 with some of the stupid suggestions and how you analyze things.

          multiple offers that were realistic? how do you know?
          most of the players are from Nonis/Burke? have you even looked at the roster?
          terrible UFA signings? ya hammer/tanev/garrison are all the worst players….

          you are clueless.

          • Another satisfied customer for backchecking…lol

          • Really dont care what you think …LMAO

            PS….. you must be so bright yourself to have to use a HANDLE as close to mine to get your point across !

            NIce one buddy I take it is as a compliment !

            The one thing about me is that I NEVER trash anyone here I post what I think and I keep my reflections on other posters Classy , respectful and in good jest to share ideas …my thoughts are my thoughts I express them freely ……what I see and what you see I except as 2 different things …no problem …good luck in life buddy ….Good luck.

            I am self made and retired at 37 years old and write about wine for a living so I must not be all that stupid ….my friend !!! LMAO

            Good luck to you !

            PS find a cliff and take a step


        • I think you’re making some very general statements without much knowledge of the Canucks. Gillis has certainly made some mistakes, but I’d much rather see him stay than have Messier (who is reviled in Vancouver) involved in any capacity.

          The Canucks probably have a couple of tough years ahead of them. I do think some rebuilding is necessary, but the Sedins and Luongo won’t be moved so there are some pretty significant constraints.

          Your comment that the organization has done nothing constructive since Gillis arrived is nonsense, though. Gillis: signed Hamhuis, signed Malhotra, traded for Lapierre and Higgins, refused to overpay Ehrhoff in free agency, signed Garrison, and re-signed a bunch of players at mostly reasonable salaries. Those were all good moves in my opinion. His drafting is still up in the air, the Luongo/Schneider fiasco wasted a lot of time and energy, and the Hodgson/Kassian trade was probably a big mistake (although it’s still too early to tell).

        • Bring in Messier as coach? Where, exactly, has he gained ANY experience as a coach? Great players seldom turn into good coaches (Gretzky is the latest classic example of that). In fact, name the last great player to have successfully turned to coaching. None among Orr, Lafleur, Howe, Beliveau, the Richards, the Hulls, and on and on have ever tried or, if they did, it didn’t last long (Rocket with the Nordiques for about 5 games in the WHL is I recall correctly).

          • Larry Robinson and Jacque Lemaire. Both were great players, who became great coaches and both won Stanley Cups. Also going back in time, Toe Blake too, probably the most successful and is in the Hall of Fame I think. But other than those three, I agree most great players don’t make great coaches or even good ones.

        • BC, you clearly have little to no knowledge of the Canucks or the city of Vancouver if you’re suggesting we fire Torts and hire Messier of all people. As someone else mentioned below, Mess is basically hated by the entire city for the crap he put us through 15 years ago, followed by the lawsuit against Orca Bay, etc. Hell would have to freeze over before anyone hired him here.

          Also, “realistic” offers for Luongo? AV the perfect coach? LOL. AV was a nice guy, but went stale here in 2012. Well past his best before date.

          And Torts has been the injection of life this team/city has needed for a while. A real breath of fresh air, and I think people would be pretty pissed if he got fired.

          Gillis, on the the other hand, is on thin ice, but mainly because he’s made some terrible trades for rentals at the deadline and really hasn’t done much to improve the team. On that front, I think this may be his final season unless he does some major revamping of his tactics soon.

          • Gillis is the problem in Vancouver and as a long time Canucks fan worried if he stays in charge to handle the rebuild if that happens at all. Gillis did sign some good free agents, but his poor trades of Cody H, and getting Ballard and Booth hurt the team. Also he signed 10 players to NTC and now must hope some agree to move on. Out of those only Kessler and Edler will bring in good players. The rest draft choices or prospects.

            Gillis and scouting staff have drafting poorly and that is what is killing them. Not one prospect made the team this year. Gillis should have fired Ron Derlome years ago for he and his scouting staff have drafted poorly for years, even before Gillis arrived on the scene. And Gillis promised to improve it, but didn’t and retained all the scouts.

            As for the coaches, Torts has done a good job here. But he was hired by owner, not Gillis, which means Gillis will do what the owner tells him to do, until the owner decides to dump him. But Gillis has 4 years left on a new contract and no way I think the owner buys him out this soon, for he hates losing money. Gillis will last 1 to 3 more years and may do more damage by the time he is finally fired.

    • LOL…that makes two of us spitting our coffee out. In fact my was a spit followed by a mad laughter. I love this time of year the the preposterous allegations by fancy pant commentators looking for a bit of the limelight.

  2. I could see the Penguins making a deal with Colorado for Parenteau. Perhaps Penguins trade Brooks Orpik who will be a UFA after this season, to even the dollars, and maybe a late round or conditional draft pick if the Avalanche are unable to extend him before he becomes a UFA. If cap geek is correct, Parenteau as a right winger could replace Dupuis on Crosby’s line.Orpik would bring a solid veteran defense presence to a young hockey club that needs playoff and Stanley Cup experience as they grow their own prospects. This also allows Pens to give Despres more ice time in their lineup.

    • Isn’t Orpik something that the Pens already lack in there lineup? I think if they do that they’d get bullied by the Bruins again. I’d trade Letang. See what the market is for him and give him a nice good contract.

      • I don’t think Letang would be an easy move. His contract is brutal, and he misses a lot of time with injuries. I would say the market would be very thin to non existent for him at this point.

        • Highly disagree.

          • I am not taking anything away from Letang’s offensive play. My problem is his defensive play. He is on the small side, and plays like a small guy defensively. Larger forwards just seem to go right through him like he wasn’t even there. I do not see him a a top 3 d-man (in the league), so I’m not exactly sure why he is paid as such. Especially from a team that had plenty of power up front. This was just a bad contract from Shero. I don’t think he evaluated the situation correctly. I think he makes some weird decisions at times. He does not seem to evaluate team needs and glaring holes like he should.

    • Good post, I agree with all your points. I really don’t think Orpik will be back with thee Pens next year. Have had the feeling that Shero would look to move him in June though.

      • Parenteau definitely fits the Penguins needs and he does offer them more than just a rental, but I doubt the Avalanche would take a pending UFA in return. I could easily see the Penguins offering Simon Despres, however.

      • If Orpik is on the market at the deadline he would get a better return than Parenteau imo.
        I agree Shero is a pretty savvy GM I think he would move him Orpik in the summer or at the draft and would make a move using Despres or a younger blueliner and a pick to get a top 6 rental type player.

        • Injuries, age, and a punishing brand of hockey have taken their toll on Orpik: he has lost a step or two and is vulnerable one-on-one. That being said, the Penguins value him most during the playoffs. I don’t think they’ll move him before the offseason, and not before they try to retain him at a reduced salary.

          GM Shero has indicated his preference towards acquiring more than just a rental player: Parenteau’s contract terms offer that. Despres is going to be a top-four defenseman in the NHL, but his development has stalled in Pittsburgh. I don’t think there’s much more he can learn from the AHL but he hasn’t earned the respect and trust of Bylsma to become a fixture at the NHL level. Despres will certainly prosper with a change of scenery and would do well in Colorado.

  3. I think Vancouver will have a difficult time moving a lot of those contracts. I can’t see a way they unload some bad contracts without bringing some back in return. That really won’t help with a rebuild.The Sedins (imo) will almost be impossible to move. I think they would be better off trying to do a partial rebuild because I think they are stuck with a lot of what they currently hold on their roster.

    • Ya. Good talented D is always hard to come by. Lot of teams would give up a nice portion of future assets to get Edler, Bieksa or Hamhuis. That’s my opinion anyway. I’m curious to see what MacDonald get on the open market?

      • I think McDonalds value boils down to where the other defensive Fa’s fall. If I was him/his agent. I let Girardi, Orpik etc. sign first,. because behind them the ufa market on d-men is pretty weak or pretty old.

        • Good call. Last year, I’ve have said he should sign quickly – lots of 2nd-tier players got caught out in the cold, as they were neither #1 options, or cheap options. And so you get a guy like Mason Raymond signing for $1M.

          However, with a rising cap, I agree that MacDonald would be wise to let the top couple of UFAs sign and then use that leverage – some teams will be able to afford a nice contract for him.

      • Apparently Mcdonald is asking for 5 mil on a new deal. I doubt he gets that from the Isles. Someone will overpay for him in free agency then their fans will bitch that he’s not worth it. I suspect the Isles try to deal him at the deadline.

    • Meh the Nucks have some talent they could move but not sure they are getting big returns for Booth, Higgins, or Burrows. Some of their D would bring back value. I see a healthy Kessler as their best chip if they can get him to waive his no trade.

      Unfortunately the Canucks haven’t really drafted all that well for a very long time. Not a lot in the cupboard when it comes time to rebuild and they haven’t shown that they can draft or develop players all that well. Could be a very long stretch of awful hockey.

      • Canucks will get nothing for Booth and will not even offer him up to anyone for. He makes 4 million a year and isn’t worth half a million. He will be bought out at year end and likely will play in Europe. He is finished in the NHL after this year I think.

        Burrows is a good playoff performer and may get a prospect or young player, if some teams gamble he can regain some of his scoring touch. The Canucks may hold on to him for another year, hoping this year is an off year.

        Made big mistake signing Sedins to 4 more years. Daniel looks finished to me and how bad will he look 4 years from now, if he looks bad now. His scoring touch has dried up.

    • Whether they struggle or not, the Sedins aren’t going anywhere. They’ll retire Canucks and their numbers will be in rafters shortly thereafter.

      And NTCs can always be waived. Edler will not be here next year, and possibly Hansen along with him.

  4. Yes the window of opportunity has closed for this version of the Canucks but their future may not be as bleak as some people would like to believe. Their current roster contains a 26 year old goalie in Eddie Lack, defence men Garrison 28, Edler 27, Weber 25, Tanev 24 and Stanton 24, and forwards Santorelli 28, Richardson 28, Hansen 27, Dalpe 24, Kassian 23, Shroeder 23. Over the next two years they will add Corrado 21, Gaunce 20, Horvat 19 and Shinkaruk 19. I agree that the Sedins may not be tradeable because they want to play together but Kesler, Hamhuis and Bieksa could bring strong returns in trades to teams making a run for the cup next year. As time goes on Luongo’s contract is less of a factor, especially in light of how well he’s playing and could be traded.

    • Yeah, you have to think Kesler’s got a lot of value for playoff-oriented teams. I’d prefer to keep Hamhuis as he’s such a steadying influence and our most consistent defender. But trading Edler and/or Bieksa for the right prospects might make sense.

      The Sedins are also difficult to trade because of their long contracts, and anyway they’re career Canucks with leadership roles. The tough part is going to be finding a new first line as the Sedins look to be fading towards second-line status. Horvat looks good but he’s not really being projected as a first-line center at the NHL level. Maybe Horvat, Shinkaruk and Kassian will all be top-six forwards for the Canucks at some point, but it’s hard to see them as key parts of a first line. We’re going to need to find some elite talent/prospects somewhere along the way, either through drafting or trades.

      • You are bang on, they don’t have any real first line talent. As the Sedins slow down they are stuck with two second lines. It’s been showing for the last couple of seasons with their inability to score.

    • I still think Luongo’s deal isn’t all that bad given what some other goalies have been signing for. Dealing Schneider for a potential second line centre in Horvat seems like a fairly bad move IMO but it seems like it’s been hard to get value for goalies on the market.

      The players you list are all going to be solid for a while but there don’t appear to be any first liners in there up front. The Canucks have drafted a number of undersized guys (Schroader, Shinkaruk, etc) and haven’t shown the ability to properly develop forwards (Raymond, Grabner, etc).

      • Raymond had plenty of time to develop, he just falls down constantly if he gets within 20 feet of the opposing net.

        Grabner was basically a Raymond clone while here was here, no need for two guys like that on the same team (and arguably no room for either.) He developed a little following being dumped by Florida, but he’s still a perimeter guy and inconsistent as hell, to boot.

  5. Could not agree more about the Canucks, its time to make some trades and get more TALENTED youth in the program.

    Off Topic I got a questions if someone can answer, it might be long so bare with me.

    If a player has a no trade clause, and say they are sent to the minors, meaning they would half to pass through the waivers system. and say a different team picks them up. can they still reject the trade?? or do they half to waive their no trade to even be sent to the minors??

    I know off topic like I said… thanks for the answers.

    • Good question, @willyjones! I see what you’re asking:

      Basically, does being picked up on waivers not count as a trade, and therefore the player has no right to block it.

      As for an answer, I don’t know – but I’d love to see if someone does!

      • @Paddy, I think you just gave us the answer, lol, sounds correct to me.

        • lol sounds right to me, too. But I’m also curious if anyone had the definitive answer (I’m not really a GM, I just play one on TV lol)

    • Many of the No Trade clauses are actually No Movement clauses which means they can’t be sent to the minors or traded without their consent.

      • A Ntc and a Nmc are worded as such. A Ntc means you don’t have a Nmc.

    • I think what you are thinking of is a no movement clause.

  6. @willyjones, this should answer your question.
    A no-trade clause means a player cannot be traded without his consent. Consent is not required for waivers for assignment to the minors.

  7. Of the defensemen mentioned, Cap Geek shows all having no trade clauses (NTC), but only Bieksa is shown as having a Full NTC. I am guessing that means that other than Bieksa those D might be easier to move as they may have a short list of teams they are willing to go to, or they might have a window of time where they are eligible to be traded, but there are no details, so its my guess, or they might just waive it.

  8. Parenteau for Subban…??…and this is from somebody who is actually in the business of understanding and talking about hockey??…time for a career change.

  9. If Gillis will go for a light kind of rebuild then how smart was it to trade Schneider and keep Luongo? Yes, Luongo was hardest to move, but there was interested as Luongo even admitted to thinking that he was going to get moved by the trade deadline last year.

  10. I am in full agreement that the Canucks window with their present core is rapidly closing. As stated above, they do have some good prospects for a few years down the road. The problem with starting a full on rebuild right now is that every player except Booth with a cap hit north of 2 mil (Sedin, Sedin, Kesler, Edler, Bieksa, Garrison, Hamhuis, Burrows, Luongo and Higgins[partial NTC]) has a NTC. Nobody really knows what is going on in someone else’s head, but it would seem on the surface that Luongo and maybe Edler and eventually Kesler (I think his drive to win will eventually supersede his loyalties to the Canucks) would be the only three on that list who would be interested in waiving their NTC. Furthermore, Gillis has stated that he will never ask a player to waive his NTC, the player with a NTC would need to request the trade. So unless something changes, I believe the Canucks will be middle of the pack for the next several years as the veteran core declines while the youngest prospects develop. But at least Booth could be had for cheap by some GM who thinks that all he needs is a change of scenery.

    • I doubt any team will trade for Booth with another year at $4.25 million. He has been awful. Not sure if the Canucks will buy him out or not, but if they do no team is going to pay him over $2 million (in my opinion).

    • Francesco Aquilini will tell Gillis what to do and it may be a lot if they miss the playoffs and they will and they continue this free fall. Gillis will have to bite his words and has no choice but to ask players to waive their NTC. Gillis promised to trade Luongo and had to back track. Gillis is has limited power now, for Aquilini made the decision to hire Torts not Gillis, who wanted John Stevens. The team is a mess and will have to do something or fans will stop coming and Aquilini will lose money and he will be very unhappy if they miss playoffs. Gillis will begin to trade players or be send packing; no way they stay pat this summer.

  11. I agree wholeheartly with everyone that Canucks must transition but the problem with that is poor management of draft picks and few close to ready forwards to FILL the spots. It is clear that most teams like to develop their picks in the farm and as they gain strength, experience with the pro regime, they get their chance. If a team has lots of promising farmhands, that group grows together and you may get NHLers who fill as eventual guys who play top six or bottom six. The guys you THINK might project ones who will eventually make more impact, you bring along slowly, as confidence goes side by side with growing an NHL body and pro game IQ. Don’t gte me wrong, because I really love Bo Horvat, and think Hunter Shinkaruk & Jensen can be pros and Cassels and Gaunces can contribute…it’s just the Canucks are NOT think in “ready guys” …most NHL teams have twice as many possible call-ups who are closer.
    And this is really what complicates the idea on purge and youth turn over at this time, in my opinion.

    • I agree wholeheartly with everyone that Canucks must transition but the problem with that is poor management of draft picks and few close to ready forwards to FILL the spots. It is clear that most teams like to develop their picks in the farm and as they gain strength, experience with the pro regime, they get their chance. If a team has lots of promising farmhands, that group grows together and you may get NHLers who fill as eventual guys who play top six or bottom six. The guys you THINK might project ones who will eventually make more impact, you bring along slowly, as confidence goes side by side with growing an NHL body and pro game IQ. Don’t get me wrong, because I really love Bo Horvat, and think Hunter Shinkaruk & Jensen can be pros and Cassels and Gaunces can contribute…it’s just the Canucks are NOT thick in “ready guys” …most NHL teams have twice as many possible call-ups who are closer.
      And this is really what complicates the idea on purge and youth turn over at this time, in my opinion.

  12. Anyone else hear the rumor about a possible trade of Ryan Callahan for Chris Stewart? Sounds like Stewart is in Hitchcocks dogshouse and the Rangers don’t like the idea of Callahan asking for $42M.

    • I’ve been saying all year that Stewart is not one of Hitchcock’s favorites as his ice time is something like 11-12 minutes a game (if that). I’ve been saying that I see St. Louis trading Stewart, Halak and Rattie for Miller, Grigorenko and a pick or prospect. But MN lost again last night and they are in 7th place with Vancouver and Phoenix nipping at their heels. So, I think they are going to have to do something with their goalie situation.

      • IMO Miller is not going to the Blues, they have solid goaltending. The Wild on the other hand could use a goalie, their hands were pretty much tied when they resigned Backstrom. He is not a fan favorite here I can tell you that! The Wild are hestiant to make an offer because of the high price tag on Miller and they also want to know if Harding will be back this season. All I know is, no goalie we have is going to bring a cup.

  13. I think the desire to win a cup far out weights team loyalty. Bieksa and Hamhuis have 2 more years at $4.5 mill/yr and Kesler has 2 more years at $5 mill/ year. All 3 contracts are very affordable, especially with the cap going up next year. If Gillis offers them a chance to be traded to a contender next year, my guess is that they would jump at it. Each one of them would bring back at least a 1st and a roster player and/or a good young prospect because they wouldn’t be rentals with another year remaining on their contracts.

  14. Stewart has so much potential and is tough a nails but man is he ever inconsistent. Callahan would fit in nice in STL but I can’t see Armstrong resigning him for the coin he wants.

    • You know Callahan would fit nicely in Buffalo – just the type of player needed to mentor our youth. Buffalo has the $ and Callahan is Nolan’s type of player.

      • I can’t imagine Callahan would want to sign with a rebuilding team filled with question marks and instability. And I can’t really see a player the Rangers would benefit from on Buffalos roster. Unless they are willing to take back youth for Callahan. Imo, if he is traded they will be looking for immediate help. Not just future help.

      • Lock Sather or any other GM in a padded room with a straight jacket and bib to catch the drool that signs Callahan to 7 years, 42M. Yikes.

        • @Thunder. I never like to say never, but I don’t see Callahan getting 7 years from any team out there….at least not at 6 million. But then again look at some of the brutal long term contracts out there, Letang?

          • @NYR4LIFE, I know, your right, we have a few on the WIld that are under those type of contracts!

  15. I can easily see the Sedins pulling a Kovalchuk in a couple of years and heading over to Sweden to finish their careers at home. This would not necessarily be a bad thing as it would free up a bit of cash although it would severely deplete their top end talent, but it could be best for everyone. Daniel has looked out of sorts ever since the Duncan Keith blindside hit a few years back. Ever since then, his production has slipped and he seems to play more tentative.

    I’ve been a huge Edler supporter for years, but it may be time for the team to move him. He has looked out of place for years. I think they need to move him for whatever they can and give both parties a fresh start.

    • What is your Sedin speculation based on? They wouldn’t have just signed extensions if they intended to leave the NHL. Give your head a shake.

      • Well, a speculation is something without any firm evidence, so you have your answer right there!! Seriously though, how long did it take for Kovalchuk to jump after his contract? It was what, two, three years after he signed?? I was only thinking that if they Canucks continue to spin their wheels and get mired in a middle of pack scenario, it might make sense to both parties for something along these lines to occur. I’m not saying it will happen, but that I would not be surprised if it did. Both players have said in the past that they would like to finish their careers in Sweden, but that that was years ago, so maybe they have changed their minds. It would not be the worst thing to happen to the Canucks if they decided to do so. And I’m saying that as someone who has always been a huge fan of their play style, so this is not another Sedin-bashing type comment.

        • The only person to have pulled a Kovalchuk is Kovalchuk and he returned to Russia to play for the team he played for during the lockout. The Sedins did not play during the lockout and are as much a part of the Vancouver community as anyone. Are you Bruce Garrioch?

          • I don’t get how anyone can say Edler is on “an expensive long term contract” The guy is in the prime of his career and making 5mil per. Not easily replaced.

            The Sedins are a little pricey with their production off of the usual point per game. Don’t see too many #1 centers available to replace Henrik and his skill set. Now Daniel’s production has dropped off since the Keith hit and one has to wonder if he could lose his desire and leave the game while Henrik stays… possible, but they have been a package since they joined the Canucks. Hopefully Daniel can get it going again.

            Yes there are too many ntc and nmc’s on the Canucks. If Edler would waive his, there should be a few teams stepping up to offer a top 6 forward or package of picks and prospects which could be a mini rebuild..

  16. Have you heard the Chris Stewart for Callahan rumors going about this morning? Any validity?

    • Well it is the 2nd time it was posted here today, but i haven’t seen it anywhere else. What is the source?

      • Source is dreger but he is connecting dots based on scouting

        • Dreger also said it would be pretty sweet if the Blues could land Callahan for Stewart. Meaning NYR would be dumb to make that trade, and I agree Callahan is worth more than Stewart.

  17. Few Comments
    Most here seem to have the opinion that Gillis has done a poor job @ Vancouver.
    If that is the case do you want him to do rebuild ? If ownership wants to do a rebuild,
    I would think Gillis goes FIRST.

    If Subban is truly available why do I have this gut feeling that Paul Holmgren will be
    throwing players / picks / prospects at Montreal and money at Subban. Will this
    be Shea Weber all over again ?

    If Kessler is available I’m betting Carlyle in talking Nonis ear off. He is the perfect
    Randy Carlyle type center.

    Ducks Bob Murray has tried a couple of times to get Bieska and Murray said a few months ago
    his biggest need is a right handed D-man, I wonder if ……….

    • Absolutely not.. If gillis has anything to do with the rebuild it’s useless

      Leafs don’t need kesler already to many 2-3 centres

      Yes if for whatever reason Montreal is stupid enough not to keep subban holmgren will be all over it and throwing as much money as he can

  18. Franson just got traded to the Oilers.

    • That would be Fraser, Not Franson

      • Right thanks.

        • You just gave 1/2 the leaf nation heart attacks! lol

          • Wait for it NYR I could see Franson being next (personally Id be glad to see it).

          • Sorry about that, lol, just a typo error!

      • So long Frankenfraser dont let the door hit ya in the face on your way out. He is brutal have fun with that sloth Oiler fans. Had to know it was coming with the difference in salaries between Liles and Gleason and the fact besides Gardiner, none of the D could be sent down to the farm.

        • For anyone who reads my posts …I have been wishing for teh last year now for the Leafs to pick up Hartkinanienen……WHAT A PICK UP !


          • Even a broken watch is right twice a day. It is just wrong most of the time.

          • Does that name even fit on the back of a jersey!!! Wow.

          • It is Hartikainen, a few letters shy of Hartkinanienen

          • This trade was just to clear up some cap space. I agree Fraser had to go but the return was inconsequential. Hartikainen will probably stay in the KHL and the other guy was just a throw in. I liked Fraser for his toughness but he was too slow and was never going to see ice time in Toronto again. Paul Ranger is next to go.

          • YESSSSSSSS CAP SPACE! Never mind these long shot “prospects” it’s a cap trade for the Leafs and nothing less but knowing the Leafs, that extra cap space will be taken up with their next acquisition whatever that might be. At least now they have some wiggle room to absorb salary if they do make another move.

  19. That Subban rumor was a good one. Right up there with some of Garioch’s best howlers.\
    Good grief people like to just throw names out for poops n giggles.

    • I think you have to sift through the pooh when it comes to trade rumors. Unfortunately most rumor origins come from biased brains.

  20. I’m no Canucks fan, but I don’t get them being written off yet. They still have a solid core with some good performers. Do I think they’ll win the Cup? I don’t. Do I think they have a chance at it? I do.

    For me, they have a better chance currently than, say, the Wild. In contrast, I’d say the Wild are ticking upward while the Canucks are on the downswing. But I don’t think the Canucks need blowing up before they take another shot or two with the current core. I’d say they should keep with what they’ve got, and tweak it.

    • I am a Nucks fan (Isles first then Nucks) and I think they have a decent team but aren’t going to make noise in the west against teams like the Ducks, Hawks, Sharks, Kings. Tweaking isn’t going to put them over the top either. The hardest thing to know for a GM is when to pull the trigger and start getting younger. I think the Canucks need to start making moves sooner than later.

      • I am not sure if getting younger is the answer (part of it anyway). The Canucks need more size and grit to play Torts’ system. They have too many semi skilled third liners and not enough grit and checking. The top six needs an infusion of skill and scoring.

        Wonder how many other teams have similar needs?

  21. I’d love to see the Pens deal for Stewart. I’d give Beau Bennett and the Pens 1st round pick for Stewart and the Blues 2nd round pick.

    • Actually not a bad idea… Would the cap work though pens are already on ltir

      • Nope, you’re right, that deal by itself puts the Pens over the cap by between 2 and 3 million. They could make it work with demotions or by trading Glass and Pyatt for picks. IMO Stewart is worth moving some pieces around for.

        • The cap should work with Pascal Dupuis on LTIR for the rest of the season! I’m not sure Shero would trade Bennet, but the Blues propably would want a forward back. I think there is no need for another d-man (Simon Depres?).

  22. Subban for PA and picks? Sure I can see it. PA and the Avs 1st round picks for the next 3 years maybe might be tempting but still not a lot of GM’s who would do that deal even.

    • like spector said and i agree if the habs were to trade subban to the avalanche mackinnon would be the starting point it would be mackinnon++++

      • Mackinnon is going to be 10 times the player Subban will be. I don’t care for Subban, I think he is overrated for what he brings and his arrogance diminishes value imo. I don’t understand hockey people putting these speedy offensive minded small defensemen dynamos on pedestals like they are all the cat’s meow. How good can a Subban, Letang, and such really be when they can’t do their main job (defend) worth a crap? They’re, in all reality, blueline liabilities at the end of the day, Might as well put a high end forward back there. I want my high end, high cost blueliner to have his best skill in the defensive aspect first. Then whatever offense comes after that is just gravy. Give me Shea Weber, Peitrangelo, Keith, Seabrook, type defenseman with all-around elite talent as your #1 stud D-men. To me that’s what you covet and pay $6,7,8 million dollars for, trade your elite rookies for if your a smart GM. Not one dimensional highly offensive D-men that sacrifice your blueline for what essentially amounts to 4 forwards and 1 dman who can actually defend.

        Personally, I think suggesting that the Avs would have to package Mackinnon+++ for Subban is just as irresponsible as Chambers suggesting Parenteau++ would be enough to land Subban. You just need to catch a glimpse of Nathan Mackinnon lately to understand that the Avs would sooner trade off the rest of the team than to trade Mackinnon. I would trade Duchene for a bag pucks before I would trade Mackinnon.

  23. Anyone who thinks PA+ pics for Subban must be smoking some of that Colorado weed.
    Why stop at Subban why not go with price to:
    Subban & Price + 1st Round for PA, Giguerre & Sarich & a 7th Rounder(conditional on MTL winning the cup)


    • Your trade is just as outlandish.

  24. To St.Louis…Kris ” Overated” Letang

    To Pitt..Chris Stewart and a pick

    • LOL! I’d like to have Stewart on the Pens, but….
      The Blues have Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Bouwmeester… so no need for Letang and his monster contract! I like the Pens and I think they need Letang. Is he overpaid? Definitely! But who could replace him long term? Paul Martin? NO! Matt Niskanen? NO! The rest of Pitt’s d-men are Stay at home type (Orpik, Scuderi, Engelland, Bortuzzo) or not ready (Maata, Pouliot, Dumoulin Samuelsson, Harrington)

  25. The Penguins will trade Letang under 2 circumstances: 1. Maata proves he can be a #2, 20-25 minute a night Defenseman and/or 2. Poulliott proves he can run the Powerplay and play 20 minutes a night. I hope the Penguins trade Letang with this being said but there is no point to this within the next 2-3 years until Maata and Pouliott develop further. Orpik will not be moved at the deadline for a winger; Despres might (although i disagree as he will be a top 4 D sooner than later) In the long run I would rather have Niskannen than Orpik but the Penguins overvalue Orpik and he will be signed over Niskannen this offseason

  26. like it or not this is Gillis’s team, yes he did inherit some pretty good players but he’s also signed a couple of pretty good players and resigned several players at lower than market rates. despite all the drama he did eventually move a goalie (not the one everyone expected though), given that the goalie he kept is looking like the starter for the olympic team and the player they acquired was a key player in the last world junior tournament ( the new backup is looking pretty good too … resigned for backup money for another 2 years as well)you’d have to say he made the best of a bad situation. when he first got to Vancouver he promised bold moves and no on has let him forget that but i suspect he’s found some reluctance from other GMs to make deals (given that he probably screwed over a lot of them when he was an agent it’s not surprising), that one of his first moves was to rock the boat by signing Backes to an offer sheet didn’t help. along the way he had to be creative to get Wilson to give up Ehrhoff (Wilson needed the Caproom for Heatley), you think he’d learn not to deal with Tallon but i’m sure there haven’t been a lot of great offers presented to him. he’s made a few mistakes by overvaluing what he has and overestimating what he’s acquired (losing a heart and soul guy like Volpatti for a punk like Pinizotto for example). i’m sure he was given an ultimatum for this season and while he can’t control the injuries the anchor that is David Booth is his mess alone and the lack of Caproom hamstrung the team. for all his mistakes they managed to get it right and find Santorelli, Richardson, and Stanton (thanks to Chicago) who’ve been effective this year for little or no money but ultimately a lack of depth (Caproom) leaves them handcuffed and unable to compete. maybe their goaltending and defense will come through but for now it looks like the goals are going to have to come from within.