Latest Canucks and Blue Jackets Rumors – April 22, 2014.

Should the Canucks pursue an experienced starting goalie? Does Nick Schultz have a future with the Blue Jackets?

Could the Canucks replace Eddie Lack as their starting goalie?

Could the Canucks replace Eddie Lack as their starting goalie?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher reports some observers feel the current Canucks goalie tandem (Eddie Lack and Jacob Markstrom) is too inexperienced, believing the Canucks should shop for an experienced goalie via free agency like Jonas Hiller or Ryan Miller. Gallagher points out such a move would prevent the club from addressing their lack of scoring depth.  He suggests if Lack and Markstrom struggle early in the season, there could still be some affordable veteran free agent goalies still available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The lack of scoring depth is of more concern for the Canucks. I agree with Gallagher that should be their priority. Of course, if they’re able to shed some salary by trading Ryan Kesler and/or Alex Edler plus buy out David Booth, there might be enough cap space freed up to add a veteran goalie if required. Still, I believe they’ll go with Lack and Markstrom to start the season and see how things go from there.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes it’ll be “one-and-done” for former Oilers defenseman Nick Schultz with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He hasn’t cracked their top six and is a UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schultz has been a healthy scratch for much of his short tenure this season with the Blue Jackets. He’s yet to get into a game in their series against the Penguins. He’ll become a UFA this summer, and the decline in his play could make it difficult for him to land with another NHL team.


  1. Florida fans and prudents have had Markstrom on the brink of success for years and then suddenly this year just said no and Lack has some solid potential. Might be good to let the two duel for the starter spot and play a split season riding the hot hand and see what you have in net. Moving Edler could certainly assist in finding some scoring depth for the Canucks and there should be considerable interest in Kesler as well. Wonder if the Canucks move Edler for a younger winger and maybe do a swap with Ottawa, Kesler for Spezza (plus w/e additional moving pieces)?

    If the ‘Nucks can move Kesler & Edler, plus choose to stick with the young tandem and buy out David Booth, they free up some cap space for the UFA as well. So overall, Edler for a top 6 forward with size, Kesler for Spezza deal, buy out Booth, stick with Lack/Markstrom.

    • Florida fans?, Those 3 guys still think Gretzky is playing.

      • You give them too much credit. I don’t think they know who Gretzky is.

    • I doubt with the way he played last year and his contract that Edler will get you a top 6 forward.

      • Also Kessler for Spezza I can’t see happening. The Canucks need to clear cap space, not add to it. 2 more million on the books for Spezza doesn’t seem to fix anything. It would leave them with around 7.5 million cap space (If it goes to 71 million) with a lot of holes to fill.

    • I don’t think a Kesler for Spezza trade would work for the Canucks. They have stated repeatedly their core is getting older so they want to infuse younger players into the line-up. Spezza and Kesler are the same age and Kesler is much cheaper for the next two years. Doubt Kesler would waive his NTC for another CDN team that missed the playoffs.

      Booth was good the last 6 weeks (about a year after his broken ankle which was to take a year to heal). I doubt they’ll be able to upgrade in a weak free agent year with all clubs looking for the same thing. At $4.25 million per year, I’d keep him unless you have confirmation from a Moulson or a Vanek that they want to come to Vancouver. I’d hate to see them buy out Booth then not land any of the free agents. Trading Edler for youth frees up cap space.

  2. The Canucks are a mess cap wise, but I think they will be able to get rid of Kessler at the draft Booth should be bought out Edler they may need to eat some salary…big problem in getting them some scoring help is where do you go from there? With all the ntcs and long term deals its not a lot of great pieces left to deal for up grades. IMO it looks like it could be a slow painful death and rebuild over the next few years. Goalies should be the last of their worries, 2 young guys who have possibly some potential to surprise down the road.

    • Problem with Vancouver is that they have a lot of $ tied up in players with NTC/NMC. Your right – they are a mess. I like Kessler, but his type of play leads me to question his durability at this stage of his career and age. I think at $5M, I would rather go after E. Kane, Ryan, Statsny, Moulson or even O’Reilly. So I wonder how many teams he would consider being traded to with his NTC.

  3. Kesler , edler and gaunce to philly for the Schenn bros. At a glance the money doesn’t seem to work but Brayden ‘s contract is up and due for a raise so it will be close. Nucks throw in gaunce as for depth to Philly on a 2 way contract. Keep booth and draft jake virtanen and finally FIRE. TORTS.

    • No to Kesler, no to Edler.

      Not interested in either player and their salaries.

      Schenn is improving season to season…albeit,slowly, but there is progress season to season.

      Luke Schenn is improving, and works well with Macdonald. We don’t need an offensive dman, and one with a $5million plus price tag.

      Doesn’t and won’t work for the Flyers.

      Also if the Flyers were to move the Schenns, I think they get more than Kesler and an over paid dman.

      • That’s about all you’d get for the Schenn’s man.

        • B Schenn is a pretty decent player that I could see a lot of teams having some intrest in but brother Luke ceiling is a 4, looks good 1 game gets schoolled 3 times the next, I do actually watch some Flyer games and its been the case most the year, not sure how that is improving. Seen it so far in the Rangers series aswell looked good game 2 but was awful in the first, blown up by Boyle sliding out of position on the last goal…just because someone is inconsistant doesnt mean “improving slowly” . The Schenns for Kessler and Edler dosent make alot of sense to either team imo.

          • I think the Schenns get more than Kesler (injury prone) and Edler (overpaid).

            I was meaning Brayden Schenn is improving year to year, not Luke. The Leafs have already damaged him almost beyond repair.

          • The Lreafs stole his foot speed??? Guess it kinda makes sense Komisarek, Schenn Fraser now Gleason…. the Leafs are foot speed bandits!

  4. I can’t imagine that Stastny is going as cheap as 5 million per to any team other than the Avs. He will command 6+ and probably get 7+ per considering the centers available this year are pretty terrible following him. Ditto Moulson He won’t get 7, but will have tons of teams bidding for his service.) , O Reilly isn’t going anywhere. He is a RFA, 5 million isn’t going to be an offer sheet. I believe his qualifying offer has to be more than his current contract which is 5 per. Any offer sheet I would almost guarantee is matched by the Avs. With uncertainty surrounding both Spezza and Hemsky, I also can’t imagine the Sens would be willing to part ways with Ryan at this point.

    • Wrong place again…..?

    • A O’Reilly for Meyers deal seems fair to both sides IMO.

      • Do you mean Myers from Buffalo? I cannot see that happening. Certainly not straight up. I also do not see ROR going anywhere else. They aren’t letting Stastny possibly walk away and send ROR away at the same time. The Avs have plenty of cap room. I think they can retain both ROR, Stastny and still have plenty of wiggle room to re-sign 3-4 roster spots or fill from free agency.

        • No thanks Robert. Myers is the next big thing for us and he is finally turning it around. Ehrhoff and Grigorenko for O’Reilly sounds fair. Ehrhoff great top pairing defenseman and can play actual defense. Grigorenko bjg time

          Gary – Myers struggling? Have you seen him play this season? Guy was a huge turn around this season.

          • @ Jes.

            Ehrhoff and Grigorenko will not get you ROR.

            He has had his breakout season, and is a legit top line player.

            The Avs are not trading that for an unproven rookie who can’t stay in the Sabres lineup, and an aging dman on a long term deal.

            Also..a half a season after struggling for 3 years does not make the dman a stud.

            He is still basically unknown for what he3 will acheive, and how far he can take his game.

            The Avs are not going to trade ROR of r a player with his history.

        • No thanks Robert. Myers is the next big thing for us and he is finally turning it around. Ehrhoff and Grigorenko for O’Reilly sounds fair. Ehrhoff great top pairing defenseman and can play actual defense. Grigorenko bjg time prospect who’s got a history with Roy.

          Gary – Myers struggling? Have you seen him play this season? Guy was a huge turn around this season. Next season he will take another step forward.

          • Ehrhoff and Grigorenko also not landing you ROR. Sorry Jes, Not even close. Grigorenko is unproven and looked at as a “maybe” guy. He is viewed as a guy that is inconsistent and not “all that interested.” (Per hockey future) Ehroff is a buffalo mistake and 31 years old. That combo will not land ROR. Still out of the ballpark trade scenario.

          • Agreed NYR4LIFE….huge overvalue on the Buffalo players.

        • ROR is a legitimate 1-2 guy, Myers may have turned it around but he still isn’t fetching ROR straight up. But all this talk is kind of pointless either way. I think if the Avs have to make the choice, they let Statsny walk. But they sure as hell ain’t letting both go away. Buffalo isn’t getting either imo. They send an offer sheet ROR’s way, it will be matched. And Stastny will find a home with a team a little closer to competing than Buffalo…. if he does not take a serious hometown discount to stay in Colorado.

          • I can almost guarantee Stastny gets a 7 per offer from Glen Sather if he is available.

          • The equivalent from a Ranger perspective is Staal, and Fasth for ROR. That isn’t getting it done either.

          • I guess I was being kind with Kessler – while I do like his style of play I just don’t see that big a demand for him based on his “durability”. I understand that CO has plenty of cap room, the problem is ice time and making sure their top players get enough of it. Stastny has already said he wants to resign with the Avs and will give a hometown discount. Where they need to improve is on D and not really that much from what I’ve seen. I think Erhoff could be a good addition to CO, he wouldn’t cost a fortune and Patrick Roy does have a history with Grigorenko – so that might be a viable trade.

            I know Jes is a huge fan of Myers and if packaging Meyers and Grigorenko get you ROR – they I’d do it in a heartbeat. Thing is…..Meyers did play better under Nolan, but then he was injured quite a bit. I like Meyers, but I don’t think we will ever see him play up to the standard he set when he won the Calder Cup. For Meyers the past couple of years have been crappy – and personally I’d move him since his value has increased.

      • ROR is too valuable to the Avs.

        They are not trading this guy for a struggling dman.

        • Landeskog McKinnon ROR 3 guys that are going to be Avs a very long time I think. Stasny Im not so sure unless he gives a rather sweet deal to the AVs which is possible, I suppose. ROR isnt going anywhere.

  5. What about Ward to Van City ?

    • Not Sure Why Vancouver would want an aging expensive goalie, they just got rid of one.
      Also, before deciding on any player movement shouldn’t Vancouver first decide

      1) Who GM will be ?
      2) Direction for future as in Mini rebuild or Full Blown Rebuild ?

      • Ward 2 more years at 6.3 mil per year. Kesler 5 mil per year, 2 more years.
        Gives Markstrom more time.

        • Ward at this point in his career is no better then a lot of backups in the league. He had one good year. He lost his job to Khudobin and Peters outplayed him most of the year also. If Ward was on a two way he’d be in the minors right now not Peters.

    • Not sure Vancouver is looking to add that kind of salary/cap hit, I think they are looking to shed salary. Ward doesn’t really make any sense. Broudeur, Halak, Thomas, Vokoun, Nabakov, Emery , Montoya all would be better and more than likely cheaper options.

      • Ward’s declining play and huge salary make him a Hurricane for life. His stats this year were abysmal. For a rookie, Lack played very well and shows signs of being a starter so I doubt the Canucks want to deal for an expensive back-up goalie playing out the string.

  6. Canucks should just sign Hiller. After a Booth buyout and trade of Edler they can easily fit in Hiller and Moulson in at forward. Moulson would be around 5-6 and the same with Hiller. They save a little over $9 million by trading Edler and buying out Booth in terms of cap hit. Add the higher salary cap next year they can easily get that done. Keep Kesler until deadline day to see if they are in playoff contention. If not trade him.

    Miller won’t play in Canada IMO.

  7. It never occurred to me, but if Miller really wants to be on the West coast, Vancouver might be a viable option. Everyone seems California-centric, but Vancouver is just North.

    • Miller won’t play in Canada. He had 10 teams on his no trade list and reports say 7 of them were Canadian.

      • Link or are you speculating?

        • That is a well-known fact in Buffalo.

        • It was reported all year long that all Canadian teams were on his no go list. Google it I’m sure it will come up.

  8. edler would definitely land a top 6 forward bad yr last yr but when you play with crap you are crap!

    • He is overpaid man. Bottom 4 no higher.

      • Edler is not a bottom pairing guy, he might not be a top guy but If Van held some salary they might be able to get a second line type younger (unproven) player or maybe an older player with a kind of questionable contract…to say there Edler is a “bottom 4 guy” (you realize that could mean he is a second pairing 3-4 guy, teams need those) and he would never get a top 6 Is a bit of a stretch…he may not get a top line guy, but if Van held some salary or the Canucks took back a contract there would be a teams interested in Edler. The problem wouldnt be dealing him I doubt as much as it would be dealing him for a good young cheaper player, thats the problem the Canucks have too many guys like Edler. Guys that could be useful just a little over priced or locked in with ntc.

        • But why would Vancouver hold salary?

          Doesn’t make sense.

          • If it possibly meant they could get a better player who was still relatively cheap (rfa) or a good prospect and locked up for some term it makes sense especially if it works out to be cheaper than Edlers deal. Who cares if ypu hold a mill or1.5 for 2 years if the player coming back is only making an entry level salary. That type of deal I could see for a guy like Edler if they held salary. I think people on this site are a little quick in totally writng guys off after 1 bad year, he is pretty much careerwise a 30-40 point D man with a bit of size, yes a touch over paid but he is still worth something and if you take away a mill or so of his salary you might actually get a bit of a return for him, granted maybe not a Kadri or B Schenn (that type) top 6 guy but maybe a guy who in the next couple years could be.