Latest Canucks and Senators News – August 28, 2011.

Young Canucks forward Cody Hodgson trains with Claude Lemieux…Senators GM Bryan Murray is no fan of “smartphones”.


VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher reports young Canucks forward Cody Hodgson is healthy and happy, looking forward to the start of the upcoming season. Hodgson also worked this summer with “personal coach’ and former NHL’er Claude Lemieux, whom Hodgson credited with helping him on mental preparation, footwork and shooting.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Must…resist…turtle…jokes. Seriously, though, if Lemieux’s input helps Hodgson improve, it could be a significant step in his development, not to mention a feather in Lemieux’s cap.


OTTAWA CITIZEN: James Gordon recently reported Senators GM Bryan Murray is no fan of players using smartphones, suggesting in a recent interview with they could have an adverse impact upon team chemistry.

“Murray’s problem with smartphones is that they allow players to fraternize with opponents and complain to their agents about perceived mistreatment”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because, before smartphones, players never, ever used telephones or e-mail to do such things. Murray better be careful, he’s one step away from complaining about those damn kids trampling his lawn…


  1. I think Murray has a point. All these smartphones are great if used in moderation, but as we all have seen personally, many people are obsessed with these devices, and not just younger people.

  2. How does Murray still have a job?

  3. I cannot wait for hockey to start! I need some real news….not about gm’s and there issues with smart phones….


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