Latest Canucks, Bruins and Panthers Rumors – June 24, 2014

Are the Canucks any closer to trading Ryan Kesler? Will the Bruins shed some salary? Are some Canadian teams interested in the first overall pick?

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports Ryan Kesler could be moved before the upcoming draft weekend and the Anaheim Ducks might be willing to part with the 10th overall pick in a package to get him.

METRO NEWS: Cam Tucker reports Canucks president Trevor Linden claims there’s no timetable to moving Kesler. The club has also had a couple of conversations with Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon regarding the first overall pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now that the Canucks have their coaching and management situations squared away, there’s likely to be a lot more trade speculation about Kesler in the coming days. 

Can the Bruins afford to re-sign Jarome Iginla?

Can the Bruins afford to re-sign Jarome Iginla?

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins want to re-sign Jarome Iginla but that could prove difficult as they’re facing a cap penalty of around $4.5 million for next season, much of it tied to the bonuses they paid Iginla this season. If they fail to re-sign Iginla, they’ll need to add a scoring right wing, but have limited cap space to do so. That could mean a trade, and Shinzawa suggests blueliner Johnny Boychuk could fetch the biggest return.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy also reports the Bruins have different scenarios with and without Iginla.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Bruins aren’t expected to be major players in this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins can also try to trade Adam McQuaid or Chris Kelly, but both are coming off injuries and could be tough to move. I know a lot of Bruins fans are against moving Boychuk, but Chiarelli might not have much choice if he hopes to re-sign Iginla. And if Iggy departs, Chiarelli will definitely have to consider a trade to add a right wing.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon is considering packaging some prospects to bring in a player who can help their roster now, preferable a scorer. Tallon also said he won’t move his first-round pick (first overall) for anything lower than eighth overall.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports four Canadian teams – the Oilers (third overall), Flames (fourth overall), Canucks (sixth) and Maple Leafs (eighth) have a shot at landing the first-overall pick if they can cobble together the right deal. “If the suggestions on the world wide web are accurate that a package from the Leafs of Nazem Kadri, Jake Gardiner and the eighth overall pick would not be enough, it’s an indication that the asking price simply might be too high”, writes Zeisberger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Zeisberger. That rumored offer from the Leafs is more than enough for the first overall pick in this year’s draft. If we were talking can’t-miss star Connor McDavid, then I could understand it. 


  1. As a Leafs fan, I’m glad that trade didn’t happen as I don’t think it’s worthwhile. Kadri OR Gardiner, 8 overall and a prospect I would be okay with – but not both roster players.
    Florida will either end up making the pick or someone will way overpay. I’m sure whoever gets Ekblad will be happy in the long-run, but he’s not likely to have a significant impact immediately.

    • Personally, I hope the Leafs stay where their at. This year’s draft crop is such a crap shoot that it could prove disastrous if they were to surrender a couple of young roster players with upside, just on the off chance that they find something better with an earlier pick. And I won’t even mention their track record for developing highly touted picks.

    • Yup like previous years it will have to be a King’s ransom to get that number one overall pick. Vancouver should try and get the 3rd. They do have Garrison who they seem they want to get rid of. Garrison, 6th overall and a good prospect like Gaunce or Shinakurak for the 3rd overall seems like a good trade but seeing that they are both rivals doubt they’d do it. If I were MacT I’d probably throw in Gagner with the 3rd overall and have the Nucks throw in a 2nd rounder for next season. This gives the Canucks a 2nd line center and they wouldn’t have to worry about that when Kesler is traded.

    • what would montreal get for plekanec

  2. I kind of disagree here a little bit about Ekblad. I think that he’s going to be a can’t miss player in the NHL. I do agree that Kadri, Gardiner and the 8th is WAY too much to give up to get him though. I think a good prospect, mid prospect and the 8th would be a better suited deal. Current roster players though? Not really sure that could happen. Perhaps something like Lupal, next years 2nd, a prospect and a lower prospect for the 1st overall.

    • Big D man that is physically matured is of course going to look good agsinst jr hockey players, read what Jayce Gare has said about what some pro scouts say about Ekblad, Mark Seidel aswell. Too many putting too much faith in a big kid d man in a weak draft year. He is no Seth Jones who fell to 4th. Not saying he wont be good but the labels of “cant miss” and “franchise type” are a wee bit premature imo.

      • You can’t compare him to Seth Jones. They play very different games. Ekblad is a dominating and responsible defenseman who makes mature decisions and has offensive upside, not afraid to get physical. Jones is more of a playmaking guy with a hard shot who doesn’t have the same maturity and doesn’t play as physical. They’re both going to be very good players, but in the end, a team will prefer Ekblad on their first pairing because d of his type win more hockey games. Jones will get more GWGs, Ekblad will prevent them from happening.

        • But how much upside? How much more growth? he is 6’4 220 at 18 years old. If you compare his offensive totals with other early first round d men he is behind Doughty Bogosian Jones Rielly… his foot speed is ok but not great he masks it well with good positioning and big stick but thats against jrs not pros. Dont get me wrong I do think he will be a good player, but will he be a super star? Im not so sure. Does he help a bad team as quick as the other top 3 or 4 guy no D men take longer to develop, took 3 years for Weber to develop in to a force took Subban time to adjust and still is adjusting same as Karlesson Peitroangelo etc. It would not surprise me if instead of these rediculious comparisons to Pronger and Weber he debeloped in to a guy like J Bo, not that there is anything wrong with that he is still a great plsyer but people are over valuing an 18 year ld D man a little to heavily.

      • I kind of agree with the opinion of a big d man who matured quicker then his peers seems would of course be good. As a leaf fan kind of reminds me of Luke schenn… Anyone else see it that way..

    • lol, what about trying a 3 way trade that involves us, Florida and Vancouver?

      To Toronto: 1st overall + Eriksson
      To Vancouver: 8th overall + Kulikov + Biggs
      To Florida: Kesler + Kadri + Ashton

      • Toronto WILL NOT land the first overall book it.

        • We all know that, it was just a posting

      • Kesler won’t wave to go to Toronto or Florida, so that trade is dead in the water already.

  3. Ridiculious really keep the pick Tallon, maybe 2/3 years down the road when youre pick develops maybe you make the playoffs and still have a job in Fla.

    • It’s more fun to see which team, if any, blow up their roster for an unproven D-man! Just like with Spezza and Kesler, good players, but not worth what their respected teams are asking for them.

      • LOL spoken like a guy who is not a Leaf fan, you know the team kinda known for making bone head trades?

        • Im nervous every year at this time….

          • and apparently laughing out loud at everything …

          • Iots to laugh at on these posts ed, its supposed to be fun its ok, better imo than being a douche “at everything”. lol

        • HaHa! Toronto is pretty good at that but heh, maybe they make some good moves and right the ship. I’m a Wild fan and hope that Fletch does some good things again this year. It’s always fun at draft/trade time!

    • Why would it be ridiculous to keep the pick? One of the best defenseman in years comes along and Tallon should trade the pick? Ekblad IS ready for the NHL. Will he be an elite defenseman next season? No probably not but like Seth Jones he will have a positive impact. Unless the pick can bring an unbelievable return that could undoubtably make your team much better then you do the trade otherwise you stand pat.

      • Not ridiculious at all to keep the pick, the ridiculious part is the asking price. There is no guarantee that the pick works out to be the type of player that is worth a top 10 pick , a top 4 D man and a top 3 winger. Doesnt matter if its from the Leafs or not the price is too high. Lyle is right maybe next year that kind of price for a top 5 pick but not in this draft.

  4. I don’t think he will be a franchise player but I think he will be a completely solid blue liner who might be close to what Shae Weber is in Nashville.

    • ??????
      Shea Weber is a franchise player and if you think he will be close to what Weber is, you think he will be a franchise player. If you label only Defenseman who are / will be as good or better than Weber as franchise players there is not much left!

    • Could be, but there are reasons to be leery of big d men ranked so high in the draft. Weber was a later second round pick.

      • For the record I dont think he is half that good…

        • calling it now Alex Tuch and Sony Milano will have the best careers out of anyone in this years draft! they are going to go mid-late teen’s.

          Anyone else have a player they really like who is not in the top 5 that they think will have a better career then the top 5?

          • Nik Ehlers 104 points in 65 games for the Mooseheads.

          • The guy still wraps his laces around his ankles. Bound for disappointment at the pro level.

          • Anthony Deangelo is going to be a good one, just needs to keep his head on straight. I also like Ryan Macinnis built like a pro already.

          • Bound for disapointment because of the way he ties his laces?

          • hahah funniest comment of all time.

            “Bound for disapointment because of the way he ties his laces”?

          • Watch how this guy plays, he will be a disappointment at the NHL level. He shys away from physical contact and wont engage in the hard-nosed nhl style that is needed to win. As for the laces: name one player in the NHL who wraps their laces around like a 6 year old?
            He is NOT a Patrick Kane type player at all!

          • Sooo like Gaborik St.louis Kane (is not physical) Kessel RNH…smaller players with speed can be very effective, too much emphasis is put on drafting guys with size, you can teach a guy how to work out, cant teach speed and skill.

          • I really like this Robby Fabbri kid with Guelph. Can’t say I’ve seen a whole lot of him, though.

          • “Bound for disapointment because of the way he ties his laces”?

            Lol what?

          • well not better than top 5 but since I like their fathers: lemiuex maccinnis are available late 1st/early 2nd

          • Fabbri Ehlers or a kid from Sweden Kevi Fila is who Id like the Leafs to draft if they are available around 8 and the Leafs dont move up. I think those 3 are higher risk but also higher rewards if they develop type guys, doubt the Leafs go that way but they are the type of prospects the organization lacks.

          • Hunter Smith of the Oshawa Generals, he is going to be the steal of the 2nd round, mark my words!

  5. I think a Boston – Oilers trade make sense here. Oilers get home town boy Boychuk and the Bruins get Yakupov + ( i really don’t know what, but Gagner does not make sense because of the cap hit). That way the Bruins get the cap relief and the RW they need, also the Oilers get the D-man they need.

    I know a lot of you are going to say no it would have to be Eberle, but Eberle’s 6mil cap it is to much for the Bruins to take, unless Marchand is added to the deal.

    • Yakupov will get alot more than just boychuck

    • Value eise I think your close depending on the plus Edmonton adds just cant see Yaks as a Bruin lol if the Oilers dealt back in the draft for a later first and picked up something they needed and say a pick in the 10 12 range possibly a deal like Yaks and a later first?

      • Yak still has huge potential and was a 1st overall a few years removed. He will fetch more than boychuck.

        • That is the problem with Yakupov, he is potential not proven like Boychuk. Potential does not always pan out. That is why I put Yak +.

        • Potential = magic beans

          • Lol love the analogy Shticky.

        • I think Yaks for Boychuck is probably about right for value. Sure yaks was a first rounder with potential, but Boychuck is an established top four d man that are rare to find, especially in this free agent market. Not sure how much I would want Yaks on the B’s, not sure he fits their system. but who knows, everyone said marc savard was a bad choice and Julien really turned him into a great two way player.

    • I don’t think yak is on Bruins radar. Never know I guess but I would do
      Boychuk and Marchand for Eberle. Almost equal cap hit.

      • From a neutral stand point this is pretty close to fair. I think it improves Edmonton quite a bit. Big price to pay but it does make them a much better team all around.

    • NO WAY Eb’s for Boychuck!

  6. Ehlers skill and style of play will not transition over to the NHL. I’ve seen him play many times here in Halifax. He will be a disappointment

    • Same kinda nonsense said about Pat Kane Marty St.louis…. too small not physical, game isnt what it used to be.

      • Exactly… Ehlers will be a good one. Will eventually be better then Ritchie and Nylander IMO, who are expected to go before him.

  7. why does seemingly everyone want tp dump Kadri in T.O.? If he could be taught how to play in his own zone, he would be a star for the Leafs.

    • Not everyone, I think thats a guy you try to keep unless the price is huge, Kessel Rielly Bernier would be just about the only untouchables the rest Id deal if the price was right, Kadri & JVR aswell but it would be a huge price for young players like that with good contracts.

  8. The package they are talking about from the Leafs for the #1 pick is insane. If this was a generational player I would say it is fair, but the #1 pick this year is not that type of player.

  9. Any flyers fans nervous for Friday ? I keep hearing of them wanting to make a splash.. I don’t know what it will consist of but just thinking why? Lol. And even though hextall is the gm you know who’s still making the decisions crazy ed..

  10. How about the Oilers get the 1st pick and Kulikov and Florida gets Eberle, the Oilers 1st this year & second next year and a prospect?

  11. This might be a year like 1994 in terms of drafting (which was baaad by the way).

    Ekblad is probably going to be pretty good. But I think only one of Bennett, Reinhart, and Draisaitl will turn into all star caliber. I actually liked some of the later picks in the first round.

    • Reinhart will be a star.

      Bennett I don’t think will make it to stardom. But will be a solid NHLer.

      Draisaitl will be a star. His size and offensive ability say it all. Could be Kopitar 2.0.

      Dal Colle I believe will be a Vanek type guy.

      Like Shticky said a few days ago Ritchie could be the best or the worst in this years draft.

      Top 5 will be good IMO.

      • lol if you think Dal Colle will be a Vanek type guy then you sir have never seen the kid play. Hard nosed, not afraid to engage, offensive star, can straight up take control of a game. There is a reason the Top 5 in this year are pretty unanimous. IMO Dal Colle will be better than Bennett and will have an amazing career, no Vanek comparisons there.

        • I got a kickout of that too, kid has a bit of a mean streak and hits hard. I think Bennet has more hockey sense but, I agree Dal Colle will be a good one. Again with a comparison to a kid that you have never seen play a game.

  12. What about Virtanen? Anyone think he will be a good NHLer?

  13. Johnny Boychuk a Good D player that’s 30 years old for Nail Yakupov a former First Overall that’s only 19 years old???NO thanks…..Oilers will offer Gagner and mid level prospect or a pick.

    • and the Bruins and anyone else would say no to the smsllish overpriced 2nd or 3rd line center who has never put up 50 points or played 80 games in his career who is close to minus 100 and your draft pick for a top 4 d man.

    • Boychuk would be a 1-2 defenseman on Edmonton and honestly hope he stays in Boston. Why do all Edm fans offer up Gagner who no one wants. Agree Eberle is gonna be a good player and Edmonton would be crazy to move him. These Yakupov rumors to Boston are way off they have no need or want for a young skilled forward. If they did they wouldn’t have moved Seguin and Kessel.
      Not their style.

  14. No one in this thread mentioned Dylan Larkin?! Really!? Love this kid… 2 way center with crazy speed and a shot. Sign me up! He’d be a great pick for my Flyers!

  15. Hunter Smith might not make it out of the first round. This is the best time of the year. Feel’s like Hockmas. Leaf’s need to stay focused. Make a smart pick at 8th and keep getting better. Never give the first pick away. Bring back Komarov. He might not score but he will help keep them out. He will hit anything that moves and like it. Leafs youth will be more mature after what happened the last two season’s. Why trade all that experience away. Give it time. Don’t give it away for a chance of pressuring an 18 year old kid to come into Toronto and make the playoff’s. Let other team’s develop them. Out bid them for the best players. If Toronto makes the playoff’s the salary cap will go up. Go Leafs Go! Winter is coming.

  16. the yak for boychuck rumors are a bit foolish, as are the gagner ones, first of all yakupov will be a 30 to 40 goal scorer sooner than later, would fla trade huberdeau for boychuck not likely, second year slumps are common with a lot of players and boston wants flexibility in the cap so the gagner for boychuck makes no sense.