Latest Canucks, Hurricanes, Rangers, Senators & Islanders Rumors – April 16, 2014.

Updates on Ryan Kesler, Alexander Edler, Eric Staal, Brad Richards, Craig Anderson, John Tavares and more.

Could the Canucks shop Alex Edler this summer?

Could the Canucks shop Alex Edler this summer?

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports Canucks center Ryan Kesler maintains his wish to remain with the team, insisting he never asked for a trade. MacIntyre believes the Canucks must trade Kesler, believing he’ll net “a younger NHL centre still getting better, a blue-chip prospect and possibly a draft pick.” If he balks, MacIntyre says it should be pointed out to Kesler the Canucks are rebuilding and he’d have better chances winning a Stanley Cup elsewhere. He also suggests trying to shop winger Jannik Hansen, but his poor performance hurts his trade value. MacIntyre expects the Canucks will use their final compliance buyout on David Booth.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports there was considerable interest from Anaheim and Detroit in Canucks defenseman Alex Edler at last year’s draft before his new contract (with a no-trade clause) kicked in. If there’s a chance to trade him, Kuzma suggests the Canucks consider it, as they’ll shed considerable salary, they could get a blueline prospect as part of the return, and their top four defense would still be Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Jason Garrison and Chris Tanev.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Canucks must move Kesler and (if possible) Edler for the best return they can get. It’s time to rebuild, not engage in half-measure or roster tweaks. It remains to be seen what new team president Trevor Linden and whoever he hires as GM decides to do. 

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports trading Eric Staal and Cam Ward, once believed unthinkable, could be part of the conversation if management decides major changes are needed. Luke DeCock admits the Hurricanes could get a good return for Staal, but believes he and the team have come too far to part ways now. Still, he feels Staal must improve his conditioning and play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can see the Hurricanes trying to trade Ward, though his injury history and no-trade clause makes him tough to move. I don’t believe they deal Staal unless they get a significant offer. Staal remains the franchise player, but he’s frustrated over the club’s lack of improvement and depth. The Hurricanes must rebuild around him. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports it’s possible Rangers center Brad Richards could receive a compliance buyout in June, but for now Richards isn’t concerned about his contract.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Pat Leonard recently reported the Rangers are likely to re-sign forward Benoit Pouliot, who’s turned into an effective top-six winger with the club this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see how the Rangers can continue to carry an expensive contract for a depreciating asset like Richards for another six years. Buying him out after this year becomes an expensive exercise. 

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes the Senators should try to move starting goalie Craig Anderson this summer and hand the starter’s role to Robin Lehner. He also thinks captain Jason Spezza will be traded this summer. If they keep Spezza, he recommends re-signing pending UFA Ales Hemsky. let Milan Michalek go and pursue pending UFA winger Jaromir Jagr. Brennan also doubts tough guy Matt Kassian will be back, suggesting they pursue instead a gritty forward who can contribute more than muscle. Failing that, they should add a better enforcer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could shape up to be another interesting summer for the Senators. If they re-sign Spezza, who has one year remaining on his contract, I believe they’ll retain Hemsky. If Spezza gets dealt, Hemsky won’t be back. They should get a decent return for Spezza. I agree with Brennan that now is the best time to move Anderson. I think Lehner’s play will improve if he knows he’s the unquestioned starter.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports NY Islanders superstar John Tavares has no intention of seeking a trade, notes the Isles lack a “top-line left wing, a veteran defenseman, a No. 1 goaltender” in his assessment of the roster and reports there’s indication the Isles will retain their first overall pick for this season rather than send it to Buffalo to complete the Thomas Vanek trade. They could use that pick for themselves or trade it for a more NHL-ready player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Worry about Tavares’ future when he enters the final season of his contract (2017-18) and the Isles are still mired in mediocrity. Topping their priority list is getting a true starting goaltender. 


  1. FYI: Kessell, Phaneuf and Clarkson salaries total $22.75 million of Cap next year and worse in 2015 due to Lupuls Cap kicking in @ $6.75.., the Leafs cannot make any moves period. Clarksons Cap is $7 million in 2016!

    • Wow! that is shocking. I know that info is readily available but it puts things in context when you package it together like that Antoni! a $7 million cap hit for Clarkson along, good grief.

    • Uh what? Lupul has a cap hit of $5.25MM until 2017-17 and Clarkson has a cap hit of $5.25MM until 2020. The cap hit is the salary averaged over the term. It has been this way since 2006….

      • This has nothing to do with this thread. Please keep the comments on topic or they will be removed. Thank you.

        • Is there any chance you Leafs fans can go onto a Maple Leafs message board and discuss the Leafs situations that aren’t even related to the subject above?

          Not trying to be rude, but these comments and ridiculous trade ideas are beginning to become verrrry tiresome. Every single day it’s the same thing.


          • don’t read them then

      • Again cap isnt that great but realistically its not as bad as some people are making it out to be, and some have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to salary and cap hits, (see above) there are 4-6 guys on the marlies roster who could be with the big club next year for 5-6 million bucks buy out Gleason demote Orr and trade a bigger contract away (some one would pick up Lupul if packaged right 20 goal 40-50 point guys dont grow on trees) leaves over 20 million to fill 6-7 spots. The Leafs are somewhere around the middle of the pack in cap space available next year, lots of spots to fill yes but there are ways to make more room

      • Antoni, you are reporting salaries, not cap hits. Notwithstanding, the Leafs have $50 million tied up in 12 players next season so there’s only $20 million to sign 11 players.

  2. you guys are looking at salary, not cap hit. The salaries change from year to year but the cap hit doesn’t. Look at

    • Yes, thus the Leafs are limited to dealing with only a handful of teams that can afford those high salaries and severely changing the dynamics of deals moving forward for them.

  3. Either Reimer, Ward, or Anderson will land in long island this coming year. Pizza will be traded, both Kesler and Edler are going… two top 50th draft picks (Edmonton and New York) could be jn play… looks like a very entertaining off-season.

    • Yum, I’ll trade for Pizza

      • Forgot about phones auto correct lol

  4. Richards would be an enticing free agent for teams wanting a 2nd line C. He’d probably throw up 45-50 points, play powerplay, some leadership. Exactly what you want in a 2nd liner C. I think he’d get a Lecavalier type deal. Don’t know who he’d go to though. Probably western conference.

    The Islanders just need to get a couple good players like Staple said. Goalie, top 4 defenseman, decent winger to play second line because Okposo and Tavares will play together.
    Sens trading Anderson? hmm
    To NYI: Anderson, 2014 4th
    To OTT: Clutterbuck, 2014 2nd

    Sens get a hard nosed winger. Granted a little overpaid but what they want and with a decent team I could see putting up 30-40 points playing with Zibanejad. We’ll have to trade Colin Greening lol. Anderson has one year left and had a rough year. I don’t know how high his value will be. Maybe they can get more, maybe less who knows. Then again, Sens traded Bishop in conference and that really bit them in the ass.
    What does anyone think Anderson would get?

    • Not much his play has gone downhill IMO and is a HUGE injury risk. A lot like Ward. Big buyer beware sticker on both those guys.

    • Why not Spezza/Anderson for Tavares?

  5. Please show me where in this article it even mentions once the loser Leafs???? exactly, so stop talking about them.

    • I second this motion

  6. Re: Kessler & Elder
    Draft Day and Anaheim bears watching. They have young prospects and draft picks
    #10 pick ( Ottawa)
    #24 to #29 (Ducks #1 range)
    #38 Toronto’s 2nd
    #55-60 ( Ducks second)
    Add in a Bonnino and / or a Sibsa and just maybe a trade on draft day

  7. This shoud be an interesting year at the draft. There isn’t a clear # 1, no one is a can’t miss superstar, and the drop off from 1-10 is about as small as it’s been in years. Throw in NYi having to make a decision and 4 teams out of the playoffs that really felt they were better than they finished there could be some room for movement and someone wanting to make a splash. Also there is basically 1 D and 9 forward prospects for the top 10. And there are multiple options for each kind of forward ( couple big centers, few power forwards) so teams with a certain want may be more willing to slide down than previous years. For instance if Calgary wants a big winger they can likely pick up dalcole at 4 but could still land him at 5-6 and pick up a pick knowing that Ritchie or virtanen could be available or even drop to 8 pick up Reimer and draft Ritchie or hope virtanen drops a couple. Washington could make a play to move heaven and earth to get ekblad and given buffalo could be picking twice in the top 5 it wouldn’t be unthinkable if they thought the package was worth it to slide down as they will still get one of the players they scouted in that scenario.

    Could be interesting

    • Exactly and we have all seen that after the first 5 or so teams start to pick (out of the Blue) picks that no one expected so I think you will see a lot of trading up and trading down. Add to that UFA pickings are getting smaller and smaller each year, it could be a big trade day also.

  8. I wonder if Kesler for Spezza is a possibility.

    I think Kesler would be idea for the Preds.

    Staal is not going anywhere.

    The Panthers have what it takes to land Spezza, but it would only happen if Spezza extends with the Panthers upon the trade.

    • Sens would be crazy for that trade. Spezza, despite his lack in defending, is still a man who can score and set up with the best of them. I truly believe that the sens need to keep Spezza and resign Hemsky. Although Michalek has been a great contributor over the years, we should probably let him go and let a younger man fill that spot.
      I agree that maybe this is the year we let Anderson go. Trade him somewhere where we can get a decent backup with a pick or prospect.

  9. Good reading as always, Spector. As a die hard Islanders fan, I have to agree with Tavares staying put until his final year (possibly the summer prior). If Charles Wang doesn’t sell before July, it would be nice for him to give Snow the green light to make some moves and set up the team for their move to Brooklyn. Personally, I think it’s time for Bailey to go, however I was one of those people who counted Okposo out. So many close games this season were the difference between them being bottom feeders and being in playoff contenders. Here’s to hoping for a successful 14-15 campaign!

    In any case, let’s get excited for some playoff hockey!!

  10. If more and more GMs begin to think logically, then players like Reimer and Anderson won’t fetch a lot in return… and getting a 1st round draft pick, a top prospect and a top 6 forward could be a stretch for a players like Spezza who have seen their effectiveness decline. Why not take a chance a wait for the Richards buyout if it comes along