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Several Canucks attend the funeral for former teammate Rick Rypien, wondering if Sam Gagner is ready to improve his defensive game, and MLSEL president Richard Peddie believes the Maple Leafs can make the playoffs this season.


VANCOUVER PROVINCE (VIA CALGARY HERALD): reported Canucks Kevin Bieksa, Alex Burrows, Mason Raymond, Aaron Rome and Darcy Hordichuk, along with GM Mike Gillis, were among the more than 1, 000 mourners who attended yesterday’s funeral of former Canuck Rick Rypien.

“I was very proud to have known him, proud to have thought of him as a friend, to work with him, to share some of the successes,” said Mike Gillis, the Canucks’ general manager.

“On days like this, it is extremely challenging for everybody who knows someone like Rick,” said the distraught Gillis.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples recently wondered if Oilers center Sam Gagner will be improving his defensive play this coming season, as his stats indicate his defensive game was “atrocious”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to the poll Staples included in his post on the subject, over 53 percent of readers believe Gagner will improve defensively this season. It’s important to remember that Gagner is still young, only 22, and it takes time for offensive-minded players of his age group to improve their defensive play. Count me among those who believes he’ll improve in that department this season.


TORONTO SUN: Steve Buffery recently reported Richard Peddie, president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd, guaranteed the Maple Leafs will make the playoffs this season.

“Absolutely,” Peddie said, when asked if he was certain about his prediction. “But I guess Burkie’s going to kill me now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs roster is better compared to last season’s. Connolly and Lombardi (if they can stay healthy) could provide decent depth at center, I like the additions of John-Michael Liles and Cody Franson on the blueline, and they do have some promising young players. Ultimately, their playoff hopes rest upon their goaltending. If James Reimer struggles to play up to expectations and Jonas Gustavsson fails to make significant improvement, the Leafs will be toast.


  1. “If James Reimer (a starting goalie) struggles to play up to expectations and Jonas Gustavsson (your back up) fails to make significant improvement, the Leafs (your team) will be toast.”

    So true for any of the 30 teams. I still find it funny how most Jack Adams Trophy nominees usually are coaches with outstanding goaltending, having good goaltending is everything.

  2. I find it funny that you had to put starting goalie, back up goalie, and your team in brackets… I know they’re Leafs fans but they are not all retarded lol…

  3. @donnybrook most teams have good goaltending, few have great. Most people seem to think M.A. Fluery is horrid tender, yet balysma still won the Adams. I personally however would have fleury over luongo any day of the week, as at least he can elevate his game when needed.

    Back on topic. The leafs will be fighting for the bottom seeds of the playoffs, and I personally dont think reimer can do it for them. When he falters (and he will sooner or later) the t.o. Fans and media will rip him apart and he’ll look like price when he lost his confidence; letting everything get by him.

  4. Reimer will be fine, and he’s the type that I think the Leafs fans will give a break when he has some bad games, it’s hard not to like this kid

  5. “guarantee”……famous last words!

    is this “guarantee a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”?

  6. Rob, it wasn’t for the Leafs fans.

  7. Riemer is no Brodeur, or Roy, or elite Future Hall of Fame goalie, and he does not have to be! If he can play solid, and make the saves he should make, the Leafs will be fine. He could play like Osgood, or any other average starter and give the leafs a much better chance to win. Toronto hasn’t had consistent goaltending for a couple seasons, so to have a guy who can be average every night he’s in net….thats huge for them. The defense is better, the forwards better as well….so its just a matter of team chemistry under good coaching…if Wilson can manage to coach this team!