Latest Canucks, Penguins and Blue Jackets Rumors – April 18, 2012.

Could the Roberto Luongo era be coming to a close in Vancouver? Could an early playoff exit spell the end of Jordan Staal’s tenure with the Penguins? What are the Blue Jackets off-season plans? Read on to find out!

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford speculated if the Roberto Luongo era could be coming to a close in Vancouver, especially if the Canucks are eliminated tonight from the playoffs, regardless if Luongo is in goal. Botchford believes the Canucks are “moving forward with (Cory) Schneider in its plans”, adding “The Canucks don’t want to trade him.” That would mean Luongo “isn’t likely to ever regain his seat as the definitive No. 1 goalie in Vancouver. That’s not something he’s going to embrace, no matter how well these two players work together. He’s a workhorse, and fiercely competitive. And he’s 33 years old, not 40.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Consensus has the Canucks trading Schneider, a restricted free agent this summer, as Luongo, with an expensive, lengthy contract and a “no-trade” clause, is entrenched as their starting goalie. Still, there’s been a few voices willing to speculate on the Canucks keeping Schneider and trying to move Luongo. If Schneider gets the start in Game Four, regardless of the outcome, it would likely stoke speculation of the Canucks parting ways with Luongo, something which wouldn’t be easy, given that contract.

Staal unhappy in Pittsburgh?

PITTSBURGHLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports Penguins forward Jordan Staal brushed off trades rumors, which claimed he was unhappy with the Penguins and could be shopped in the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins could perhaps look at shaking things up a bit in the off-season if they should be eliminated by the Flyers in the opening round of this year’s playoffs, but given Staal’s two-way play, it’s unlikely he’ll be moved. It’s not the first time Staal has been mentioned in trade rumors in recent years, and nothing came of it. Keep that in mind.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline recently reported Blue Jackets management are more likely to reshape, rather than rebuild their roster. It’s a certainty they’ll trade captain Rick Nash in the off-season, likely by the June entry draft.  They also have the Kings first round pick, which they received as part of the return in the Jeff Carter trade, which they could also try to shop leading up to, and including, the opening day of this year’s entry draft. Landing a quality starting goalie is their priority, and they could target Vancouver’s Cory Schneider. Other possibilities include the Kings’ Jonathan Bernier, the Predators Anders Lindback, and the Bruins Tuukka Rask, though the Predators may be unwilling to deal with a division rival, while the Bruins see Rask as the heir apparent to Tim Thomas. Moving Nash would further weaken an already anemic offense, management will try to bring in scoring as part of a return for Nash if he doesn’t land a goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jackets could package that Kings first round pick with Nash in hopes of landing both a starting goalie and a good, young scoring forward. Problem is, there’s not a lot of quality goalies available, either in the trade market, or via free agency.


  1. Vancouver’s money is in all the wrong places. 5.3mil/year for a goalie who doesn’t start in key games (Luongo). 4.2mil/year for a third-pairing defenseman (Ballard). And I love Manny Malhotra, but he’s still 2.5mil/year for a guy who’s playing on the fourth line. Gotta have better players playing the key minutes.

  2. Vancouver
    Ive been posting for months now this exact equation and why Ive been stating that Schnieder will not be moved …he is the future cornerstone of this franchise and legit #1 goalies are a rare breed…once again hes not going anywhere!!!! From what I see Vancouver needs to make some serious trades moving out a couple of veteran players and bring in some youth and high end propects and do a very small mini rebuild …..they just dont have the intimidation factor …its more like the diving and silliness factor ……get to playing play off hockey and stop making a mockery of the game.
    It is also ver alarming when your Captain says …QUOTE…

    ” I cant understand why or how the game can change so much from the regular season to the playoffs ”

    Let me tell you why Mr Sedin …..its called competition for the Stanley Cup ….do you want it or not …because anyone who has won the cup in all of its exsistance has to fight tooth and nail to win it …its called pro sprts and it takes a special breed to be a CHAMPION …thats why !!!

    Boston Bruins
    I think there is a greater feeling that Tim Thomas is playing his last games as a Bruin this year …Rask will not be moved he is in the same boat as Schnieder is for his organization moving forward …a must keep Goalie !!

    They are very stuck if they dont do a complete rebuild as they need to move out some players that have had the loosing mentality there and start over ..they should shop Mason as well …look to Harding for a chance and get a Veteran back up like Voukun…Jose Theodore ..and so on !

    JUST SAYING …not sure if thgis Rumour is legit or not but it smells pretty bad from here …not sure why Stall wants out or why this would even be reprted during a playoff race sounds to me like just giberish and idiocy ….but if does ….the Leafs need to throw a defensman and proipect to the Penguines and land this guy as there top center man ..he plays all facets of the game powerplay penalty kill and is an extremely physical player ….have to get this guy if it is at all possible !!!! Contract is coming up he will command big bucks!!

  3. Jordan Staal is the best two way forward the Pens have, and one of the best in the NHL. There’s no way they want to move him, or can afford to lose him.

    Does Staal want out of Pittsburgh? Who knows? But if he does want out, he’ll be extremely pricey.

    Any rumors regarding moving Rask are ludicrous, Boston is not trading him. They can’t as Thomas is probably playing his last year as the undisputed starter of the Bruins. Not that he’s not playing well, but next year is Rask’s time.

  4. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Carolina made a pitch for Jordan?The original tweet of Jordan Staal’s discontent apparently came from a pretty respected source, so I’ll give it some thought. It’s been rumoured this offseason Carolina will open it’s pockets and spend freely on UFA’s. I don’t see them being very successful at this approach, Carolina isn’t exactly a desired destination. So is it conceivible that they try to land Erics younger brother? Why not! The Pens don’t have very much cap space and need defencemen. So i’ll play armchair gm here. How about…
    To Carolina: Jordan
    To Pit: 2012 first (8th overall) Brandon Sutter, McBain
    this leaves the Canes a little thin on defence, so they’ll have to address this in the offseason. Jordan gets to play with his brother, so the risk of losing him as a UFA in 2013 is minimal. Pit gets a great young defender, a high pick they can use to select Dumba, Trouba or Reinhart, and Sutter is a fantastic young two way player, who is more inline with being a 3rd line center then Jordan who really should be a first/second. I see this a big win for both clubs. I toyed with the idea of sending Martin to the Canes for cap reasons, but I didn’t want to over complicate the deal.

    I agree with S&S too. BB should absolutely make a pitch. We are pretty deep in defencemen. The price will be high but a guy like JS doesn’t come around very often, especially when he’s exactly the guy you need on your team now.

  5. Vancouver + Columbus

    I wonder if the chance to talk shop is here for both of these teams?

    Roberto Luongo + Alexander Burrows + Bill Sweat


    Rick Nash

    Salaries balance fairly well, Vancouver gets a big top 6 forward with power and size, Jackets get their starter, a scoring winger, and a nice prospect. Maybe its not enough maybe too much, but with the 2nd OA the Jackets can add one of the centers in the draft, they can maybe move the LA 1st to add another defenseman and poof brand new team.

    Vancouver adds that serious size into the top 6 that can still score. Then can look at letting some people walk and replacing them with some gritty depth players to help come playoff time. I hate the Vancouver Canucks with a passion, but Sedin, Sedin, Nash, Kesler, Booth, Kassian could be a dangerous top 6 to be running around with!

    That is clearly just speculation anyway.


    @Slap I actually totally agree with you for once. I believe that the Staal wants out rumors stink a mile away but if there is one player that has been discussed that the Leafs should throw what they can at to get it would be Staal. Great size, great vision, strong two way play, natural leader. Throws up 50 pts 20+ goals on 3rd line duties on most nights. Staal between Kessel and Lupul could be great!

    To Pitts: Bozak, Schenn, D’Amigo/McKegg/Ross/Blacker
    To Toronto: Staal

    I’ll admit I am likely off base on the deal. I see Bozak being a perfect 3rd line checking replacement for Staal as that is what he is good at, Schenn a solid shut down guy in need of a scenery change and then a take your choice of a prospect or two with good talent and upside to compliment your future. Again, willing to admit I might be off base with the value.

    • The first trade:
      No, they want picks and much younger players.

      The second trade:
      No, that’s too much salary coming back.

      Try again.

    • There’s no way Vancouver trades Burrows. Where in the NHL is there a 3 time 25 goal scorer for 2 mil? And he doesn’t see regular power play time.

      Raymond would be dealt before Burrows. Perhaps your hatred for the canucks is clouding your speculation

  6. I could see the Pens trading Letang, possibly to the Oils to restock their prospects at forward. The Oils said that they would be willing to trade their 1st overall pick for a top defender

  7. Luongo and Nash will be tough to move. I wouldn’t want either one of them, simply b/c their contracts don’t match their performance. I expect 40 goals a year from a player with Nash’s contract, not 30. Perhaps he can score 40 with the right linemates.

    Luongo is NOT a winner. Good luck moving him, but I agree that keeping Schneider is the correct route.

    Regarding Rask, I think that Broons’ management was really upset with TT over the White House snub, far more than they let on. His no-trade expires at the end of the season. TT has a reputation as a selfish person, so moving him for some offense, preferably a LW, or a left-shot mobile dman would not surprise me. They can sign a quality backup like Hedberg to work with Tuukka.

    Pittsburgh’s D and goaltending has been horrible in this series. The forwards are not helping on D either. Really terrible performance.

    Love all those pundits who predicted a Pittsburgh-Vancouver final. Those two teams would only be a combined 32 wins short of the cup. LOL

  8. Also if Carolina makes a pitch I believe he plays with TWO of his Brothers no? Jordan, Jared, and Eric would all be on the same team … just short a Marc!

  9. Wait a minute here why isn’t anyone throwing Leaf trade proposals for these guys? We all know BB likes to over pay guys to under perform so here goes…
    Luongo to the Leafs for a bag of pucks (due to his contract)
    Nash to the Leafs for two Dmen and Kadri
    Stall to the Leafs for this years 5th over all and MacArthur

    The Leafs will be set with over paid players to join the likes of Phaneuf, Komi and Lombardi. LOL someone had to say it…

  10. Clarification. Not to say Stall is over paid now but if he comes to the Leafs BB will make sure he is.

  11. @ JJB

    Kulimen would be part of a deal for Stall both a similar in postional play and Kulimen played with Malkin for many years and on Junior teams together!

    One thing EVERYONE has to remember is Luongo is only going to be traded if he says so and WHERE !!!!!
    And Iam not a spychic but hes not going to Columbus thats for sure ….but Tampa and Florida for sure ..I have been saying this for a month now if Florida or Tampa had Luongo this year they would be a serious contender and be even more of a threat than what they are now and that is pretty scary moving forward .

    I am staying away from the trade scenarios as people get out of wack when you post them so Iam staying with commentary from now ……

  12. Rhetorical Question: Why couldn’t the Blue Jackets just send Schneider an offersheet? If they offered fair market value, there is no likely way that Vancouver could match.

    • [Whoops. Posted this below but it makes more sense to post here, so will do so again]

      @JDBiGC – I’m probably posting after anyone is reading this, but I think if CBJ signed Schneider to an offer sheet (a very real possibility), Van would match, then figure out a plan.

      Teams are allowed to go over the cap in the summer by a certain %, so my hunch is they’d match then trade the goalie they got the preferred return for.

  13. no way any team gets jordan staal for less than a good young nhler, a top prospect, and a first round pick. durt is the only one who’s even come close to reasonable deal.

    i think the penguins would probably like to trade him as while he is a top two-way player and a great talent those assets are wasted on the third line, a role that could easily be filled by a mid-level free agent. problem is with sidney’s health concerns they’ll never be able to move him.

  14. @ Bickelton

    I dont like the Stall rumours either dont see how this is coming out prior to a game 4 in such a heated battel hogwash …if you ask me …but if it is its becuase of next year being his last yer before UFA status so it would be a time to move on I guess or pay up !!!!

    I dont see how Stall is in a Jarome Iginla or Nash …Getzlaf scenario ….hes not going to get you three top players so it would be fair to say 2 players a top NHL player and propect or high draft pick might be sufficient ….one thing to remember as well is that Crosby is in the same year of UFA status as Stall so there will be lass money for Stall in negotiations and with Cap space as well so for a 3rd liner at 5 or 6 million it does seem likely to move him next year at some point !!!

  15. Total agreement that if Jordan Staal becomes available the leafs need to be in on that discussion. That being said there seems to be a lot a “if this team fails to make it far in the play offs there could be a shake up”. Now I know not every team is going to blow things up but this summer could be rather interesting with a list of great players that “could be traded”. Along with potential ufa’s Parise and Suter and Rfa weber, Schneider, Bernier etc. Alot of things could change with a lot of teams. Should be fun

  16. I think we are also all just hoping with such a shallow UFA pool this year that we see some great trades this summer.

  17. I’m not saying this’ll happen… but, Staal and Luongo to Toronto goes a long way towards solving the team’s problems.

  18. Whether or not the Canucks get rid of Luongo or not it won’t change much. Its not their goalie’s fault they can’t get to where they wanna be. I mean look at teams like Philly and Chicago, they got far with crappier goalies. A goalie like Luongo should be enough if they had the rest of the correct pieces in place. IMO

  19. If the Leafs want Staal… it will start with a #1 draft pick…

    With Crosby’s concussion issues… I think the Pens would be crazy to trade Staal. But then again… salary cap issues could come into play.

    The Pens in no way trade Letang. They struggle with him out of the lineup… so dream on that one.

    Rask & Schneider won’t be traded.

    Would the Leafs be interested in Luongo.. and would Luongo waive his NTC to go there? What would the cost be?

  20. Staal is definitely wasted on the 3rd line. He could easily be a 1st line centre on a number of teams. If Pittsburgh wants to balance out their roster, trading Staal would be a good place to start. If the Leafs want Staal, I’m assuming they’d have to start with either the 5th overall or Gardiner. He’d be a perfect fit on the Red Wings, but they don’t have the pieces to put a deal together.

    Luongo has to be traded. He hasn’t been bad, but he is a Pariah in Vancouver and Schneider is the better goalie. Best the Canucks can hope for is that one of the Florida teams make an offer or a potential Stanley Cup contender in a lower pressure market (San Jose?) since (as has been pointed out) Luongo controls where he ends up.

    How about: Luongo for Patrick Marleau straight-up.

    • No way Luongo would be traded for Marleau. San Jose would have to offer up a lot just to get Luongo since he has that huge contract. I can’t think of any big-money players the Sharks would want to give up. But if they did trade Marleau to Vancouver, I could see the Canucks getting prospects and draft picks from the Sharks.

  21. How bout Columbus trades the #2 pick for kipper? Works well for both.

    • CBJ wants a young goalie. Why rebuild with someone who’s 36?

  22. If they trade Staal, it’s not going to be an East team that they see more than 2 times a year. Highly doubt they are looking for any D in return, they already have 2-3 guys that have shown they can play in the bigs with 2-3 more right behind them. What they need is good young wingers. The good youngsters that they have are mainly centers and even those guys are either borderline NHL or a couple of years away. With it being likely that he is going to get 6-6.5 on a “home town” discount, unless they can buyout Martin, there is no way they can afford to keep him. Hopefully they can get something worked out to keep him in the fold.

  23. The most the Lightning should offer is Detroits first rounder and prospect Richard Panik, plus they take Ohlund back as cap swap.

    • For Luongo that is.

  24. Scratch that, signed for longer then I thought and older then I thought.

  25. Cory Schnieder gets the start tonight season on the line !!!!A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN!!!!!

    Its all over for Luongo …Management just told him we are going in another direction and you sit the bench …pretty much as I figured.

    They just made it very hard for Luongo to say NO to a trade this offseason …at least he gets to pick where he wants to go if that team wants him…..that is !!!!!

    I would be in complete shock if Schnieder gets the boot ..just cant happen moving forward !!

  26. Add Jordan Staal and Luongo to this list of fantasy players Leafs fans have imagined coming to their team since last off season. That list includes Stamkos, Perry, Ryan, Getzlaf, Parise, Nash, Carter, Schneider, Brad Richards, JVR, B. Schenn, Eric Staal, Tavares, Weber, Erickson, Eric Staal, the list goes on and on. You people are hilarious.

  27. @JDBiGC – I’m probably posting after anyone is reading this, but I think if CBJ signed Schneider to an offer sheet (a very real possibility), Van would match, then figure out a plan.

    Teams are allowed to go over the cap in the summer by a certain %, so my hunch is they’d match then trade the goalie they got the preferred return for.

  28. Are the canucks starting Schneider to build his trade value? Give him more “big game” experience, and if he excels, he is worth that much more?

    No one seems to be considering this.

  29. Remember when Halak went through the playoffs and was traded? Could be the same situation here … remember when Antti Niemi won a cup for Chicago and was moved in the off season? I personally think Vancouver should move Luongo and not Schneider, but only time will tell.

    I really truly hope Staal can somehow come to TO. I haven’t been involved in a ton of the players to TO rumors all year, but Staal is the guy we need (a lot of teams do). But if Staal were to move I’d say Toronto, Carolina, and Chicago would be very real players for him!

  30. I find it pretty funny that people continually put down Luongo and claim that he is not a “winner” or that he is incapable of taking a team all the way.
    Do people not remember that Lou helped he Canucks go to game 7 of the cup finals? He was one win away from the cup! It wasn’t his fault that they lost, the whole team is to blame. Lou also won a gold medal for team Canada. Give the guy a break…and I’m not even a Roberto fan of Canuck fan.

  31. Sorry to say this Leafs fans, but I can’t see the Luongo to TO ever playing out. BB has made it clear he wants a good veteran goalie to compliment Reimer, not take over for him. Big Lou would demand to be the declared number one guy, not the back up. I think, IMHO, he would veto this trade very quickly. I can see the team grabbing a Martin Biron (historically, his number are close to Miller) He would cost a fraction of the price and could help get this kid to where he needs to be.

    On another point. In a recent interview with Buffalo’s management team, they indicated they need to make some changes to their core players to be tougher and bigger. Darcy came out and said “we need a big front line center who can score, and we will go after that this summer” So don’t count out Buffalo in making another splash this summer. (Also said he wanted to move up in the draft too.) Take it for what it is.