Latest Canucks Rumors – January 3, 2013.

As the NHL & NHLPA inch closer to a new CBA, speculation is growing over which players the Vancouver Canucks might move to become cap compliant in 2013-14 under a lower salary cap.

Could David Booth become a buyout candidate?

Could David Booth become a buyout candidate?

VANCOUVER SUN: Brad Ziemer and Iain MacIntyre report the Canucks currently have around $55 million committed to 13 players for the 2013-14 season, which would create a significant cap crunch should the salary cap for that season drop to $60 million under the upcoming CBA. That would mean moving some veteran players, and both suggest goaltender Roberto Luongo, defenseman Keith Ballard and winger David Booth as those likely to move. Both agree Luongo would be traded, while Ballard and Booth could become buyout candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s a CBA to save what remains of this season, Luongo is widely expected to be shopped, perhaps as soon as the ink is dry on the new agreement. The Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to have strong interest in acquiring him.

It’s been reported the league is willing to accept two amnesty buyouts, so expect the Canucks to make use of that should it become necessary to dump more salary before 2013-14, with Ballard and Booth as strong possibilities.


  1. I can see Booth on his way out. Ballard is a team first guy, they boys love him. Booth has become a huge distraction in Van with his hunting and religious ways. I bet he bites the dust before Ballard does. Good riddens, I’ve see enough of Booths crap to last a lifetime.

    • I guess a week, closed minded individuals like yourself would get easily distracted because he knows how to hunt and prays to god on his own time. I see how that troubles you!!

    • He would be a good fit in Carolina where hunting and religion are popular activities.

  2. I thought it was 1 Amnesty buy out per team? But then I haven’t been following it that closely.

    • Well nothing is set in stone until an agreement is settled on, but as of now the NHL is proposing 2 amnesty buyuouts. The dilemma is that the NHL wants the buyouts to count against the 50/50 split and the NHLPA doesn’t.