Latest Capitals and Penguins Rumors – May 14, 2012.

Capitals GM George McPhee faces a busy off-season, and an update on the Jordan Staal trade rumors.


Has Semin played his last game for the Capitals?

WASHINGTON POST: In the wake of the Capitals playoff elimination, GM George McPhee has a busy summer ahead of him. He must decide if he’ll bring back Dale Hunter as head coach, if he’ll re-sign or replace pending UFAs Alexander Semin, Mike Knuble and Dennis Wideman, and re-sign RFAs Mike Green, John Carlson, Jay Beagle and Mathieu Perreault.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM:Chuck Gormley believes if 40-year-old Knuble returns for one more NHL season, it probably won’t be in Washington. Knuble struggled this season but regained his offensive touch in the playoffs. UFAs Jeff Halpern, Tomas Vokoun and Keith Aucoin aren’t expected to be re-signed, while management faces difficult decisions with Semin and Wideman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals have just over $45 million invested in 17 players, and assuming next year’s cap comes in around the current $64.3 million, that’ll leave McPhee with about $20 million in available cap space. Semin’s offensive inconsistency has many observers believing this season was his last as a Capital, but they’ll have a difficult time finding a talented replacement via trade or free agency. It’ll be surprising if they don’t re-sign Green, though given his recent injury woes, it could be a one-year deal worth about the same ($5.25 million) as this year’s salary.Vokoun and Knuble won’t be back. Carlson will definitely be re-signed, while Beagle and Perreault are affordable re-signings. If he opts not to re-sign Wideman, he won’t find much for a replacement via free agency. As for Hunter, the talk before the playoffs was he wouldn’t be back, but after pushing the Caps to within one game of advancing to the Eastern Conference Final, his return is a possibility.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Jose Yohe recently looked at the four teams rumored to have interest in Penguins center Jordan Staal (Carolina, Toronto, Edmonton, and Minnesota) and what they could offer in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the Penguins could trade Staal (a UFA next July) this summer, but remember, they’re under no pressure to do so this summer. Consensus is GM Ray Shero will wait and see what’s contained in the new CBA before considering any serious moves, like moving Staal. 


  1. Staal to Toronto for Bozak and Schenn makes the most sense for the Pens, but maybe Staal for Gleason and Sutter would also work

  2. I still say that with the numbers Vokoun put up in Washington he would be a good temporary fit until such time as Janus, Tokarski or Helenius is ready to take the reins.

  3. I’m just glad the caps are out so I don’t have to see Holtby’s parents reaction to every save and offside call. It got a bit annoying having the camera point to them 40 times a game.

    • I’m so sorry you feel that way. Maybe if you actually had children and had to regularly wake up at 4:00am to take him to hockey practice and follow such regiments until the time finally comes where you can cherish the fruits of your labor, and have no choice but to instinctually cheer for your own child, (your life, your blood, your heart, your soul) …… YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!

      • Are you for real pal? I didn’t find it annoying that they were cheering for their son, I just didn’t think it was necessary to zoom onto them 50 times a game. There are 40 other players on the ice, and I’m sure some of their relatives were in the stands. Take a breather buddy. It’s the over kill that annoyed me.

        • ….wow….that is all…lol

          • @ parental sacrifice…

            We need you posting on here more often if your rant here is a prelude to other stuff you have bottled up. You’re an absolute riot. The stuff you say is so crazy that it has me in stitches laughing right now.

            @ Durt. I completely agree. I hear there’s a new drinking game out there. Every time they flash Holtby’s parents on the screen you take a drink. Sure fire way to get you loaded by the end of the first.

  4. Given the combo of what tehy bring to the Pens and what kind of return they would bring in a trade… I think the Pens should move Malkin, not Staal. Moving Malkin they still have Crosby for that top offensive side. Moving Staal they have NO ONE to do what he does. Malkin would also bring a lot more in return. Move Malkin and Orpik, not Staal and Martin.

  5. If Staal is available expect Burke to make a serious pitch to get him as at the end of the season what was one of the major things asked of Burke and Carlyle, what changes will have to be made to the line up to make the leafs more of a Carlyle team. Staal fits everything Carlyle wants, big, physical, skilled centre. Now I know what I just listed is whatevery team wants but I expect Burke to make some big moves with this possibly being his last season with the leafs if he doesn’t have success.

    • We would want probably Schenn and Bozak for him, possibly more. Maybe Kadri or Coulborne as well

  6. The Leafs aren’t a player for Staal. They have nothing that the Penguins need. The Pens are loaded in minors with defensemen, and most of the Leaf forwards are grossly over-rated by those that follow the Blue and White.

    Edmonton is a much more likely candidate, IF the decide that they need to trade Staal.

  7. A question: I don’t see many Caps games and only a few in the playoffs. What are people’s thoughts on Alzner? What’s his upside? He’s still young, but are we looking at a #3-4 d-man? A #2? A fringe player?

    I liked his game, but wasn’t blown away by it, for a former first-rounder. Just curious!

  8. Also, I think the Caps will dump Semin pretty happily. While it’s hard to replace his talent, teams don’t value players on talent, they value them on the number of wins they add to the team. (well, in general. Some teams unwisely don’t follow this rule!)

    If anything, Semin costs the Caps more games than he wins them. Lack of effort, inconsistency and bad for the locker room. He’ll be gone. (But someone will take a chance on him July 1!)

  9. I doubt anything happens with staal until later next season when the pens will have a better feeling about the health of crosby.

    if he does go i’d think the pens could get more than bozak and schenn…a lot more.

    • They could probably get Kadri and another prospect or pick for Staal as well as Bozak and Schenn. There is the possibility of draining the Leaf’s prospect pool with Staal

  10. Anyone think Carle could/would sign with the oilers?

    • No, it sounds like Holgrem wants him back and he is willing to accept less than market value to stay. He will be in Flyers orange next year.

  11. I agree with Jim, Move Malkin instead of Staal. What Pittsburgh has missed the last two season is a guy like Recchi but a little younger who can still score. Trade Malkin to Calgary for Iginla, money is about the same and Calgary can also ship them Jokinen. Pittsburgh recieves a centre to replace Staal on the 3rd line who can still score 20-30 goals and Iggy can still score 30 without Crosby..just imagine what he could do with him.In the end Pittsburgh really gets two players to fill two voids on their roster all for the price of one player.

    • Trade the most offensively dominant player in the league for a guy who will retire in 3 seasons?


    • That is a terrible trade for the Pens, for starters Jokinen is a UFA so you can’t trade him and Iggy has only one year left until he is a ufa. Not to mention the Flames crapped the bed and waited too long to trade him as his value is considerably lower than a couple of years ago. No way Iggy is worth Malkin anymore.

  12. Anyone who says “trade Malkin” is on crack. Why the hell would the Pens get rid of the guy who was just the leading scorer in the league? Malkin and Crosby will be franchise Pens for their careers. They took less money than their worth last time they signed contracts and will do so again. Everyone knows Staal is unhappy as a 3rd line center. I have a feeling Yakupov is going to be Crosby’s right wing next year.

  13. If Staal is on the trade block.. I would imagine a lot of teams would be interested. But why would the Pens move him now… knowing that one more hard hit on Crosby could put him out long term again.

    It will take more than Bozak and Schenn to get Staal…

  14. For Calgary to get Staal Iggy and a UFA is not going to do it. Talk about crap.

  15. The Capitals have just put out a press release that Dale Hunter has chosen not to return as coach, and that he will rejoin the Windsor Spitfires for the memorial cup.

    As far as the Penguins, I know this will draw a storm of protest emotionally, but if Pittsburgh really wanted to look at the future, they might consider moving Crosby. Here are my reasons:

    1. As an UFA with a very deep history of concussions, what do you offer him as a contract? Bearing in mind, who is going to insure that contract? Healthy, he’s the best player in the league, but how long will he remain healthy.

    2. The number of teams in the league looking for that real true marquee player, ie Toronto. Now I am not saying Toronto is the best place to move Crosby, but I am pretty sure any team in the same situation would move heaven and earth to get Crosby.

    3. I dont really believe, based on the last two years, that Crosbys absence affects the Penguins lineup to a huge degree. In fact there is an argument that could be made that they are better statistically without him.

    4. He will get you the moon. The Pens are a contender, without Crosby, imagine the bounty of youth and talent that trade would bring for the future.

    5. Malkin has proven he is a better “team” player when he is in the spotlight, and Stall would now be a #2 center, everyone is happy.

    6. The NHL would be thrilled. Imagine the headlines with Crosby in Toronto or Winnipeg or Minnesota or any number of struggling media starved teams…..hell Calgary or Nashville.

  16. Crosby is the Pens bread and butter, regardless if hes on the ice playing or not and the team is being carried by Malkin. they probably will never trade Crosby, his name alone keeps them in business and makes them loads of money and they love marketing him in anything they can.

    Malkin would be a scape goat i think even if he did more for the team in the long run. With his vision and skill and not being hurt, Crosby is still the better player, but Malkin has done more for the team when Crosby has been out(including their Stanley cup win)

    Also i would love to see Staal as a leaf…but i also know better then to get my hopes up haha.

  17. You people are hilarious. Pens have the best player in the world, the second best player in the world, and a pretty good center in their third line who could play top 2 lines on any other team. The best player in the world has major injury issues, so the answer is trade the league MVP and keep a decent face off /penalty killer with limited offensive upside?

    I swear only tools post here now.

  18. Everyone jumps right to Crosby and all of his concussions…but if you remember he wasn’t diagnosed correctly the second time he was out. He had a neck injury with concussion like symptoms, but nobody talks about that. Sid is way better than Malkin, better leader, better market value. Malkin is a penalty machine when things don’t go his way. I love geno, but its time to build around Sid, the youngest player to accomplish everything, isn’t in his prime yet, and has NEVER had a winger except Hossa for a few months.

  19. I do believe Staal will be the one to go, maybe not in the off season, but by the end of the year, maybe deadline. I think it might depend on where you can get the value and I do believe that he will land in TO. Not because everyone goes to TO or anything, but because they are the most desperate and will over pay to land him.

    Bozak + Schenn + Kadri + Blacker


    Staal + Michalek

    Yup expect to get stuck with one of the long term expensive contracts on D and don’t expect to pay less to take it. 3rd line center, top 4 d, and two solid, not knock out, but solid prospects.

    • That is not a bad deal at all. Kadri could end up being a winger on Sid’s line, isn’t he a scorer? Schenn has the potential to get better, i think playing on Toronto didn’t help anything. I think the Pens would want a winger as well, so maybe the rights of Kulimen may also be shipped. He’d sign for cheap because he was horrible last year.

  20. OMG, What is in the Cool-Aid today???
    The value of assets required to land Staal from Pitt will be huge, look towards what is being asked for Nash.

    “Reports said he was looking for a significant NHL player, top prospects and a first-round pick in general”

    The caliber of players being tossed around for Nash does not compare to most of the offers listed above.

    Nothing personal but I get tired of the “my team will trade you all their crap for your best player” Get real people.

    Sorry Leafs fans but I don’t see you having the assets to land a fish this size. Your best players(Kessel aside) haven’t shown the world they are consistent enough to be serious players. The only real chip hits at the #5 slot at the draft. Any deal for Staal would have to include that chip as a starting point.

    I’m a Sabres fan and we don’t have the assets either, so don’t think I’m just hating on the Leafs.

  21. Hey Spector, how about an app for our phones?

  22. jedder: we looked into a custom app, but it’s currently too expensive.

  23. ok thanks

  24. @ The Man

    Not sure if you read the actual article that Lyle is responding to but here are the salient points. Assuming Pittsburgh resigned Staal at say 6 – 7 million, and then Crosby @ 10 million, they will have 49 to 50 million tied up in 11, yes, eleven players, leaving 14 to 19 million ( depending on New Cap ) to sign the other 12, yes twelve roster players. So unless they plan to stock up on experienced veterans willing to play for 1.5 million, or use half of their AHL team, they need to move Staal out. Carolina makes sense due to family, and yes they have cap space. Outside of Brandon Sutter I do not know what Carolina has that Pittsburgh wants or needs, that they are willing or able to part with.Same goes for most other teams.

    Here is what the Leafs could offer: Schenn, Kadri,2013 first round pick, and the rights to Nikolai Kulemin. Pittsburgh gets a young defenseman who might welcome a change of scenery, a pure goal scoring forward in Kadri, a first round pick next year, and someone in Kulemin who would sign for a box of timbits to be reunited with his pal Malkin. They would immediately have 3 NHL ready roster players in exchange for Staal, at a cost of what it would be to resign him next year.

    Leafs get a 23 year old franchise centreman who they can sign a big fat contract with when Connolly and Lombardi are off the books. If Pittsburgh insists on Leafs taking Paul Martin as well, then Penguins have to take Connolly or Lombardi in return.

    Howson is asking too much for Nash, but he does not need to trade him to be able to afford to resign his other players and to fill up his roster spots. That is the big difference.

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. if staal does move hed be worth WAY MORE then bozek and schenn. I see staal as a later day keith primeau. same situation during their early days. primeau eventually got moved cause he was tired of playing third line duty in detroit. when he was dealt it was a move to get brenden shanahan back who was considered to be a hall-of-fame type pickup for the wings.

    the team that deals for staal will view him as their new first line center. they will have to give up a fair price for him cause other teams will be offering a fair price too and penguins will take one that makes the most sense for themselves.

  26. Buffalo needs a new culture and the begining of that would be to trade Derek Roy,

    I would offer Roy and Sekera and a pick to Pittsburgh for Staal.
    He has the grit and determination that this team needs and leads by example.
    Pittsburgh gets a centre who can kill penalties and has a scoring touch and also a puck moving defenceman who is actually, lighting it up for for his native Slovakia squad at the IIHF World Championships in Helsinki.
    Staal would help change the culture in Buffalo!!