Latest Capitals, Bruins & Flyers Rumors – January 2, 2014.

The Capitals open the season with three trade requests, Bruins GM not yet ready to trade for a defenseman and the latest on Steve Mason’s contract talks with the Flyers.

Michal Neuvirth has requested a trade through his agent

Michal Neuvirth’s agent believe his client would be better off playing elsewhere.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Capitals GM George McPhee declined to comment on the growing number of players who have requested a trade this season. Michal Neuvirth joined Martin Erat and Dmitry Orlov in requesting a trade via their agents. Erat’s seen more ice time since his trade request on November 25 but nothing has changed from his perspective. Orlov’s situation seems to have improved, having seen regular playing time since his agent requested a trade in late-November. The trio’s discontent hasn’t affect the rest of the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Erat’s declining stats, $4.5 million cap hit and his second trade request in a year hurts his market value. The Capitals may be stuck with him until season’s end and then buy out the remainder of his contract. Orlov seems to have reconsidered his request as he’s now seeing over 20 minutes per game. The Capitals don’t have to trade Neuvirth as they could demote Philipp Grubauer (waiver-exempt) but given how well he’s playing that doesn’t seem like an option. It could take some time to move Neuvirth, who’s only played in seven games this season.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli wasn’t impressed with his club’s undisciplined defense play in their recent losses to Ottawa and the NY Islanders. Chiarelli insists he’ll look to within to replace sidelined defenseman Dennis Seidenberg before considering a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins are riding high in the Eastern Conference standings so Chiarelli isn’t under pressure to make a move right away. He’ll assess the club between now and the February Olympic trade freeze to determine if a trade is needed.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said he’s had some contract talks with Steve Mason’s agent but “nothing in-depth” nor anything he’d prefer discussing through the media. Holmgren acknowledged, however, it could take some time to get Mason, a restricted free agent at season’s end, under contract. Mason signed a one-year, $1.5 million deal and his performance this season means he’ll earned considerably more after this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers have the luxury of time, especially as it’ll give them the rest of this season to fully evaluate Mason’s performance. If Mason plays as well in the second half as he did in the first half, he’ll be in line to more than double his money.


  1. Neuvirth to the Isles for McDonald. Snow would like to resign McDonald but he’ll probably go elsewhere and with the Isles having lots of talented youngsters at D they can let him go if it means getting a youngish goalie who has flashed #1 goalie potential who’d be a big upgrade on Poulin and cheeper than most other decent options next year to replace Nabakov.

    • Even better – Erat and Neuvirth for Grabner and McDonald.

      • Whu would the Islander give up Grabner for Erat? Makes no sense.

        • Grabner’s 24-game pointless streak might have something to do with it, but agreed, Grabner has a lot more upside (and a lot lower cap hit) than Erat…

          • Honestly I think MacDonald has a bit more value then that. If they wanted to go that route I would call up Carolina and ask about Anton Khubodin who is a real deal and is rumored to be on the block. Failing that I don’t think Neuvrith is a bad idea, but I think the Isles should ask for a mid round pick back as well.

    • Erat’s not going to get traded anywhere. Unless Washington picks up a considerable amount of his salary for the remainder of his contract. Either that or buyout otherwise Erat’s staying put.

      Neuvirth was never really that good I’d probably put him maybe ahead of one goalie that is available through trade and that is Justin Peters.

      • Erat will likely get traded at the draft to a team that doesn’t spend to the cap. He will only make $2.25 million next season and a team will be willing to take on that even though his buy out is only $1.5 mil over the next 2 seasons.

  2. The Caps can waive Neuvirth if they want to. Grubbauer is the real deal and Holtby is the clear no. 1. No one is going to give up much for a guy like Neuvirth.

    Orlov is a good young d-man and is finally being given his shot. Should have been on the team from the get-go.

    Something weird must be going on in Erat’s life to request a trade twice within one calendar year. I’m usually one to overlook media-concocted “character” issues, but this is one player that most teams probably will avoid.

    • Why would you give him away for free tho? Something is better than nothing even a fourth or fifth round pick for a capable back up is better then waiving him. Worse comes to worse some one might think of picking him up just to have in the system. You just dont waive guys like that.

      • Hes 25 years old above a .900 sv% under 3 gaa in over 100 games on a team not exactly known for defense. Just waive him…jeesh.

      • Because he’s a distraction and no one is looking for inexperienced goalies. We’ve seen this type of move before (see Bryzgalov waived by Brian Burke after having stellar numbers). Backup level goalies are a dime a dozen.

        • Bryz was waived on a promise by Burke. He had tried to move him via trade and could not get anything in return. It was along time ago but I remember reading about it back then.
          I don’t think they place Neuvirth on waivers, they will be able to get back a mid or late round pick for him.

          • He was waived only because no one would trade for him at the time. Burke made a promise to give him an opportunity elsewhere, not necessarily by waiving him.

        • Hes a back up goalie how much of a distraction is the guy opening and closing doors? His agents a distraction but I doubt he is whispering bad things to players as they go down the tunnel. And a “dime a dozen” indicates some value its not “a dozen for free” I understand there is better available but maybe a team dosent want to invest a whole lot in whats out there if you make him available at less cost at least you get something…waiving players who are A. young B. can play and C. have decent contracts is ridiculous. Guys dont really like going on waivers you start just randomly waiving guys who can play, good luck finding UFAs or guys willing to waive their ntc to come to your team.

          • This is really not worth discussing further. Neuvirth has very little trade value, and could possibly be waived. Young players with some talent do get waived when there is no room for them, it happens several times each year. Let’s move on.

  3. When did we start giving a rip about what a player’s agent thinks?

    I’ll take millions to travel North America via charter and sit on a bench for an hour 82 times a year. I’ll even let you call me Neuvirth if you fancy.

  4. Holgrem needs to be smart and if he is going to offer Mason $3.5-$4.5 million per year, then make sure it is on a shorter contract 2-3 years. I have always had faith in Mason, loved him with the Jackets but at the same time if he has another fall off year then the Flyers could end up regretting it if they ink him long term.

    If Boston ends up unable to find a defenseman from within their system they should be a team who considers knocking on the door for Andrew MacDonald as well. The Islanders would probably be willing to make a bigger deal to bring in Goalie Niklas Svedberg from the Bruins (who have Rask in the bigs and Subban in the minors). A defensive future that features Chara, Seidenberg, Krug, Hamilton, MacDonald, Morrow, and Boychuk is pretty good. The Islanders would end up with a nice goalie prospect better than anyone in their system and NHL quality already.

    • that sounds about right…3yr worth 10.5…gives stolarz a chance to develop

    • I’d be asking for Subban in return. Isles won’t be in contention next year so a top flight prospect like Subban is what I’d try to get from the Bruins. Probably have to include something else in the trade but definitely worth it.

  5. I like a Boston/Islanders trade too but a big one.

    Marchand has hit his peak and is not that good so I’d love to see the B’s move him in a bigger deal for Vanek.

    Marchand, Spooner and Svedberg for Vanek and MacDonald.

    • “Marchand, Spooner and Svedberg for Vanek and MacDonald.”

      Really? Well if there’s a GM dumb enough to do that in the NHL it is Garth Snow.

      2nd, Marchand, Spooner and Subban for Vanek and MacDonald sounds more like what Isles will be getting if they packaged Vanek along with MacDonald. Vanek alone could net you Subban and a 1st.

      • If I am giving up that much for an UFA (Vanek) I would be asking for much more in return for Subban and 1st.
        Also I wouldn’t trade spooner until Kelly is healthy enough to return full time. With kelly’s age I think Spooner is auditioning for long term. He also has wicked speed and with Pevs and Seguin gone that is something the bruins sorely miss.
        Also I would throw Caron in as the “bag of puck” addition to any trade. Can’t believe the patience the bruins have show with him.