Latest Capitals, Red Wings and Canucks Rumors – April 27, 2014

A listing of possible general manager and coaching candidates for the Capitals, Daniel Alfredsson once again to consider his future, and a modest free agent proposal for the Canucks. 

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera lists possible general manager and coaching candidates for the Capitals. The GM list consists of current assistant general managers from several teams: Jim Benning (Bruins),  Craig Billington (Avalanche),  Jason Botterill (Penguins),  Julien Brisbois (Penguins), Paul Fenton (Predators), Laurence Gilman (Canucks), Ron Hextall (Flyers), Claude Loiselle (Maple Leafs) and the Capitals’ own Brian MacLellan. Coaching options include former NHL coaches Peter Laviolette, Barry Trotz, John Stevens, Guy Boucher, Kevin Dineen and Glen Gulutzan, along with Mike Haviland and Phil Housley.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect replacing the general manager will be the priority, as he will undoubtedly have a say in who gets hired as head coach. 

Daniel Alfredsson

Could Daniel Alfredsson return with the Red Wings next season?

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports Daniel Alfredsson prefers to return with the Red Wings next season if he doesn’t decide to retire.  Wings coach Mike Babcock believes health will factor into Alfredsson’s plans. Kulfan speculates the Wings depth in promising youth could entice Alfredsson to return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Alfredsson had a decent season (49 points in 68 games) with the Wings, playing a leadership role in helping them clinch a playoff spot. In the playoffs, however, he was limited to three games and kept off the scoresheet by the Bruins. He’ll turn 42 in December. 

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jim Jamieson recently suggested the Canucks consider signing Jaromir Jagr if he fails to re-sign with the New Jersey Devils this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Jagr did have a solid season and shouldn’t be expensive to sign, he’s worthwhile only for playoff contenders. The Canucks should commence rebuilding this summer, which means pursuing younger players, not those in their forties. 


  1. So what is the latest Vegas odds that Washington and Vancouver have a GM before Calgary ?

    • Im not really sure what the window is to speak with guys that are currently employed, pretty sure it would be around the draft, so guys like Loiselle (who would have to be heavily considered as a candidate in calgary) and Fenton who would be considered just about everywhere that needs a GM are not kinda hijacking draft stratigies. I would think that would make some sense instead of letting teams pillage your front office during their one of the most crucial times of the year.

      • trust me nobody wants to hijack the leafs draft strategy!

    • Careful with talk like that. Brian Burke will take his tie off and beat you up in a barn!

      • Off topic a bit did you see the SOUR look and ATTITUDE that Burkie had at the draft lottery when Calgary didn’t move up ? He was almost saying that there are only 3 real good picks and at #4 I’m screwed.

        • Lol yep I think Burke just hates everything about being involved in picking early, and knows its tough to make a splash with a pick like that…cant really move up with the pieces he has in Calgary and no one going to blow his socks off for 4th overall this year…he was pretty funny at the lottery. He is one of the most amusing guys in the league.

          • I wouldn’t be shocked to see him make a trade with Dave and the leafs, could def see the 4th pick for the 8th plus Reimer and maybe gunnerson or franson, especially since Burke likes to trade at the draft and can’t really move up

  2. Jagr would be fun to watch with twins since all three are creative and have strong cycling games. It would all depend on his asking price and years… I imagine if you sell it to him as playing on the top line with twins that would be pretty appealing at this stage in his career.

    Barry Trotz coaching Ovechkin is an interesting thought because Trotz is such a systems guy and getting the most out your players Ovechkin would have nowhere to hide his -30.

    • I’d love to see Carlyle as Caps coach, that’s right “O” your our new 3rd line muscle guy.

      • 5fingers crossed now that the u18s are done and Nonis is back Carlyle can be added to the list of available candidates this week…this from out in left feild tho what about Ron Wilson returning to washington? Stranger things have happened (Therrien back to MTL.) and he and his style could be a great fit plus it may spark a guy like Grabo to give a discount Wilson got a tonne out of Grabo in Toronto maybe he could again

        • You are right about stranger things happening. Nolan back to Buffalo, who would’ve thought?

          I think Trotz ends up with the Caps and recommends the owner bring in Fenton as GM.

        • I could definitely see Ron Wilson in Washington but I think they will hire a GM first and that might reduce the chance that Wilson would be hired. Therrien’s success in Montreal speaks to giving coaches with a decent record another chance.

    • I doubt jagr goes west. Too much travel for him.

  3. How about Darcy Regier in Washington? They could do a lot worse.

    • Regier was a GM. Almost all of the picks we have now are due to Regier. Before Pegula he had his hands full with bad ownership in Golisano and Rigas family. He made some unbelievable trades. He’d do awesome in Washington, Vancouver or Calgary.

      • Regier was a good GM*********

  4. Can we allagree now that Miller is not a difference maker…sub .900 sv% , the Blues still cant score enough and lose a first round series pretty much the exact same way as they did last year accept last year the goalies sv% was better. So much for Miller taking them to the finals. Bad trade. Stewart and Hallak could have made a difference.

    • I am so surprised at how poorly he played. He did better playing in Buffalo.
      No way they re sign him.
      Bad trade for St. Louis. Too bad.

      • I’m really glad Minny didn’t give up an arm and a leg for Miller, he ended up with about the same GAA as “The Bryz”. They can stand in the bread line together.

        • If Miller played in Toronto and played like that he would be labelled a glorified back up, not worth a pick, so on and so forth… he is a good goalie no denying that but gaa over 3, a sub .900 sv % losing record on the best defensive team in the league. In his last 2 playoff performances he has now has blown a 3-1 series lead in Buffalo against Philly a 2-0 series lead in St.Louis, bad shortside goal in the olympics to cost the states gold….Ryan Miller is a good goalie who chokes with the best of them… he is not clutch.

          • Exactly Shticky, he was playing behind one of the best D’s in the NHL, if not THE BEST, he did not play well, especially yesterday. Some say that Hitchcock could be out of a job, but I don’t see that happening. IMO he was always overrated, but hey, were all entitled to our opinions.