Latest Capitals Rumors – April 17, 2014.

Will the Capitals re-sign Mikhail Grabovski, Jaroslav Halak and Dustin Penner? 

Will Mikhail Grabovski re-sign with the Capitals?

Will Mikhail Grabovski re-sign with the Capitals?

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera broke down the Capitals unrestricted free agents to determine who could stay or go. Carrera writes Mikhail Grabovski is believed  seeking a  four-five year deal worth $5 million per season. If they feel young Evgeny Kuznetsov is ready to fill the second-line center role, they could part ways with Grabovski. It seems unlikely Jaroslav Halak will be back, though Halak didn’t fully dismiss the possibility. She doubts UFA winger Dustin Penner will be back.

WASHINGTON POST/CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Carrera and Chuck Gormley reports Grabovski is waiting to see what happens with Capitals GM George McPhee and head coach Adam Oates before making decisions about his future. He also said he wants to do what best for himself and his family. His agent said his client wants to play where he’ll have a chance to win a Stanley Cup.  Gormley also reports Penner intends to entertain any and all offers as a UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t blame Grabovski for wanting to see what organizational changes (if any) take place before deciding if he’ll re-sign or move on. Whoever is the Capitals GM by June, I expect they’ll try to re-sign Grabovski, as they need a player with his skill set. I think pushing Kuznetsov into the second-line center role will hurt the youngster’s development. Halak and Penner won’t be back. 


  1. Its still not the 5.5 mill he was getting and I have not seen many Caps games this year but from his totals Im not really sure Grabo is worth 5 mill. 35 points missed over 20 games? I guess he was a plus player on the a
    Caps thats saying something but, 5 mill? Not sure hes worth it.
    Penner is a rolling stone…
    Hallak has been better than Miller and the Blues still cant score goals, he may be the best goalie avsilable this year. Hope he goes back to the west but if the Pens collapse he would probably be worth a look in Pits.

    • Has been better in a Blues uniform you mean?

      Hiller and Miller will be the best goalies available this summer.

    • Agree that Grabovski isn’t worth $5 mill. He’s worth about $3 mill in my books. But sadly someone usually pays up. Look at teams like Buffalo or Florida to give him what he wants. Hopefully Tim Murray is smart enough to stay away from this guy.

      • Halak has career numbers pretty much even if not a little better than Miller better playoff numbers than Millier better numbers with the Blues than Miller and better numbers with the Caps (which are a terrible defensive team) than Miller has with the Blues who have probably the best top 6 D in the league…this is looking worse and worse. Hiller hqs been good previously but didnt start the first game of the playoffs…Ill stick by what I said Halak could be the best UFA goalie available this year.

        • Ya and next thing we hear from you will be Reimer is best goalie in the league. When it comes to goalies you don’t seem understand what makes a goalie better then the other.

          Halak played for one of the best teams in the league with one of the best defensive systems yet the guy has never reached 30 wins once in his whole career. He had one good playoff and now he’s better then Miller and Hiller? I don’t think so. Miller reached 30+ wins seven times (40 wins twice) including a Vezina and 2 Eastern Conference Finals appearances. He also reached that 30 win plateau on some lousy teams in front of him. Halak can’t hold a candle to Miller.

          One good playoff doesn’t make you better then one of the better goalies in the league man. Just ask Cam Ward who is now backing up Khudobin.

          • Nope one series doesnt make a good playoff goslie Hallak played well in Mtl. and last year played well in St. Louis… how was Millers last playoff performance? Big Miller fan like you must remember that the Sabres had the Flyers down 3 games to 1 and lot the series in 7 right? All sizzle no steak. How hood fid he look in the gold medal game in Van? Im not saying Miller is a bad goalie Im saying Im not sure what the hype is with Ryan Miller. Halak could be (not saying deffinately by a country mile) could be the best UFA goalie available this year.

  2. Obviously the players know the cap’s going up that’s why Grabovski, a centre who scored only 13 goals and gets a point about every 2 games, is asking for far more than he’s worth. This may be the free agent song we hear all summer (4 to 8 year deal, $5 million per year, play for a contender) regardless of the year(s) they have had. The way the Oilers, Leafs and Rangers overpay, Grabo and Bolland will probably get what they ask for. Makes Kesler at $5 million for the next two years look like a bargain.

    • Out of the 3 not real sure what one Id want….all seem like the same to me Kesslers deal is a little shorter I guess not sure Id say with his injury issues he is a “bargain” but deffinately better than Bollands. I agree players know that cap is rising, and its paying off for teir 2 type players.

    • Rangers are always brought into the over paying conversation / cap circumvention. Or to blame for the cap/cba compliance buyouts etc. Philly, Washington, , NJ, Buffalo, Vancouver, Pittsburgh even the lowly Florida and Tampa have been guilty in the past. Signing / trading / cap circumvention / bad contracts is not a market that Toronto, NY have cornered.

  3. I wouldn’t mind the Coyotes trading Ribeiro back to the Capitals. If Grabovski is seeking $5mil, it could be plan B.

    • How long is his contract?