Latest Capitals, Senators and Islanders Rumors – November 26, 2013.

Martin Erat requests a trade from the Capitals, the Senators are still shopping for blueline help, and here’s a crazy thought: Michael Del Zotto to the Islanders?

Unhappy Martin Erat requests a trade from the Capitals.

Unhappy Martin Erat requests a trade from the Capitals.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports Capitals winger Martin Erat has requested a trade, believing he hasn’t received a chance to be a top-six forward. Erat has a full no-movement clause but GM George McPhee said the winger has been flexible and accommodating over potential trade destinations. McPhee said he’s spoken to several teams and is trying to work out a trade for Erat, who was acquired at last season’s trade deadline from the Nashville Predators for prospect Filip Forsberg. His contract carries a $4.5 million per season cap hit through next season, though his actual salary this season is $3.75 million and drops to $2.25 million next season. The Capitals could retain part of Erat’s salary in a trade but McPhee said he wouldn’t consider doing that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As USA Today’s Kevin Allen observed, Erat has five goals in his last 68 games and given his cap hit, how do the Capitals sell that? Unless McPhee changes his mind about picking up part of Erat’s salary, he’ll have to package a high pick or a promising prospect to a club with cap space and a willingness to use it. Otherwise, he’ll have to buy him out next summer.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators ongoing slide has GM Bryan Murray still shopping around for a defenseman, but two league sources say the Sens will have to give up something of value if they want a top-four blueliner. Garrioch claims the Senators have interest in NY Rangers blueliner Michael Del Zotto but if the Blueshirts want Chris Neil or Marc Methot that’s a non-starter. They’re also reportedly interested in Florida Panthers defenseman DmitryKulikov but the asking price is said to be high and there’s talk he could head back to Russia next summer when he becomes a restricted free agent.  The Carolina Hurricanes have Tim Gleason available but he has two years on his deal at $4 million per plus a full no-trade clause for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Further complicating things for the Senators is their unwillingness to add salary. Regardless, if they want a good top-four defenseman, they’ll have to part with a decent roster player.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple proposes the New York Islanders contact the New York Rangers about defenseman Michael Del Zotto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t doubt the Islanders could use Del Zotto, I don’t see the Rangers shipping him to Long Island.


  1. Capitals …
    Erat is worthless he complains about 15 minutes of ice time where he did nothing with tat time …thats why he has less ice time ! Will end up in Europe !
    Forsberg for him was a terrible trade !
    Caps are stuck !!
    Id rather buy him out next year than give away any more prospects then loose …loose on the deal !!!
    Any way you call the Preds and ask for a Mulligan ???

    Outside of…Cowen, Turris Karlson , Spezza, Ryan and Lehner …who wouldn’t you trade to improve and why not?

    They should start shopping Michalek and Anderson !!

    They would shed almost $9 million between the two and can get a decent return to help improve longer term and look to sign Lehner and Bobby Ryan down the road.

    Regardless of his poor offensive output this year Colin Greening would be a good pick up !

    • RE: the Sen’s, I’m tired of teams wanting top 2 lines talent but won’t do a deal because they would have to give up something of value…Like other teams owes them a freebie. Its like replying to an add on Kijiji where someone wants to trade their 2010 corvette for something and I reply and say I’ll give you my 1992 honda civic for it. Sometimes, I wonder at the ability of teams to direct their own steps.

      • I am just gonna say that these are trade rumors generated by sports writers not expert talent evaluators, and they, like over zealous koolaid drinking homer fans, get caught up in the imaginary “what if” moments that a really fine talented player is going to fall unto their teams protected list for DISCARDS!
        The days of disgruntled players being shipped elsewhere in massive six or more player trades have gone the way of the cassette players because of the little thing called a cap. Gm’s will overpay if in all likihood they can acquire a player with upside , but by & large they all get lesser lights for lesser lights, no winners in the deals. It is only when a true star player changes hands where a team may get the better player in the older vet or the potenial star in the return package. Body for body is the true menu of the trade days…no emerging game changers .

      • Very good analogy.

      • A bit of double talk happening with Murray and the Sens. When Alfie left Ottawa Murray tried to sell everyone on the idea the player didn’t want to be there. And that they even told Alfie the plans of acquiring Ryan and that the Sens wanted BOTH players. Now five months later they don’t want to spend 3-4M on a good d-man. If the money was there five months ago for an over the hill winger, why isn’t it there now for some D.

        • Good point Chris! Is the truth slowly emerging?

          IMO, I would trade Anderson (while his value is still high and before he starts losing value due to more losses) and maybe even package a Da Costa and Corvo for Yakupov. EDM is in need of good goal tending. The issue is we need a decnet back-up to Lehner. He has to be ready for the number 1 spot.

          Secondly, I would trade Conacher and Greening for a good D-man.

          Just a thought… Yakupov may help skyrocket Spezza on the offensive side but both are a bit of a liability on defense. I find that everytime we get stuck in our own zone… it’s the Spezza line skating around looking lost!

          Hope this results in trade ideas….

          • keep Bobby Ryan, Karlsson, Neil for toughness…..everyone else are expendable, replaceable and average at best.

        • Everyone seems to believe that the Senator’s won’t or can’t spend beyond their internal cap (whatever amount that is?) however one thing that might mitigate a change in plan would be reduced gate receipts. A large number of this cities fan’s have a long history of being ‘walk ups’, in other words not buying tickets until game day. When their teams not performing up to expectations the casual or less committed fans tend to decide against going which obviously hurts attendance revenues. That appears to be the case over the past month or so and if such it may be necessary for the team to spend money in order to make money. If adding a player or two improves the product on the ice then it likely makes economic sense to increase the payroll. To my way of thinking holding the team mngt. and ownership’s feet to the fire is a good thing, complacency can’t be an option. I don’t believe for one second that if a suitable (and reasonable) deal which would improve the team is available it won’t be explored.

        • They also added Clarke MacArthur, which they might not have done if Alfie re-signed.

  2. I am more curious as to what defects that McPhee saw in Forsberg to launch him before he ever played a NHL game. Did he not want to play there? Was their off ice issues?
    I just can’t get my hands around McPhee ever seeing Erat as a piece that was gonna help win his club Lord Stanley’s Cup.
    No other team had interest in Forsberg? Or McPhee has trouble approaching the other GMs?

    There is a disconnect we are missing with this one….

    • They made a trade for erat because erat was a top line forward look at his stats every year with a bad team

      • Actually, stats are NOT what advance scouts look at. I doubt no team in the league knew EXACTLY what Erat was before the trade.
        So…you think McPhee looked a scoring sheet and figures THIS IS IT! —this IS the KEY to winning the CUP right now!

        That is my point.
        There is no reason to attempt to justify his reasoning, as I am just wondering aloud that there may have been something involving Forsberg that made this move easier.
        Honestly is there a fan out there that actually thought Marty erayt was gonna be the GUY that took a team further?

        • I agree with Bill

          ….what was McPhee thinking and why Erat of ALL PLAYERS or propects for a potential quality young forward down the road plus a bigger cap hit …the trade just seemed to be out of no where for no reason !!

        • No no I’m not defending the trade at all I would of never done the trade all I’m saying is erat in Nashville always was a 20 goal scorer and a 45-50 pts player so Washington did the trade trust me if erat leaves Washington and goes to another team and plays top minutes and power play time you will see the same production when he was in Nashville … Sometimes players don’t fit a system or team doesn’t mean he is a bad player his stats show other wise that’s all I’m saying but I’d never give up on foresberg that quickly he has super star potential Washington made an error on this one

          • To be quite ….FRANK , ANTHONY …….he didnt earn his icetime …!! LOL

  3. Erat is WAY overpaid and undertalented, he is also a big crybaby pussy. The next team he goes to will get the same old thing, a no talent underacheiver/winer that will want to be traded when things don’t go his way.

    • Actually the way it was posted at the trade time is that he ALSO requested to be traded from Nashville and asked to come to Washington last year so he had a chance to wine the cup !!!
      So the story goes !

      • Yes, I heard that last night before the Wild vs. Blues game.

  4. i still cannot believe the Erat for forsberg trade, who thought out that one hopefully nashville makes full use of his talent

  5. Erat for Ruutu? Gives the Canes some additional offence (theoretically) and gets them out from a longer, slightly more expensive contract. Gives the Caps a third-line winger, happy to be in that role, with decent offensive upside. Ruutu’s injury history is a bit of a red flag, too.

    Besides that, “high cap hit, low salary” is exactly what the Islanders are always looking for, too. Not sure what they’d give up for him, though (if he would even fit into the Isles’ needs. I’m not sure on that.)

    • I would only tarade Erat if Iam going to get back a UFA so Iam not stuck with another salary , IF YOU CAN DO THAT !

  6. Maybe Nashville would take him back! They could certainly use a scorer and Erat was a good player for them for several years. This would put more egg, however, on the Caps face.

  7. Streit to Ottawa for anything.. For used bubble gum.

    • Keep trying

    • What ? Did Holmgren sign him for 4 years ? Bust ?

    • Lol Holmgren is always throwing money around.

  8. What’s up with Gleason ? He used to be good… Haven’t watch any of the Canes games this year..

    • I wonder the same thing, Liles for Gleason sounds like a plan on the surface for the Leafs but if Gleason some how lost his game (like Liles has) that contract is even worse.

  9. Erat for Booth.
    – similar cap hit (250k difference) both with another year (although looks like Erat actual salary is less)
    – both have potential for secondary scoring, but aren’t providing it
    – change of scenery for both could be good. Not much risk if it doesn’t work out.

    • No thanks. At least Booth doesn’t whine about his ice time or benchings and constantly ask for trades.

      • Bravo

    • Weren’t both these two players struggling on there previous teams? I doubt a trade really gonna turn them around.

  10. Erat for hemskey please somebody take hemskey !!!

  11. I wish I watched more oilers games. The ones that I do it seems hemsky is on fire. I must be a good luck charm. I have to believe he will be picked up at the deadline for something. He is way too talented to be that bad! Maybe he needs to go to the pens or something to play with established talent. Wouldn’t cost a lot for the pens. Could work though. When he is on he has all world talent and still has a few years left playing.

    • Ya man sad thing is that Oilers fans and the media overhyped this guy for years. He got a big payday for some bizarre reason a couple years ago I think?

  12. With teams like NYI, Ottawa and Canes and I’m sure more, looking for mobile defense I’d make gunnerson available. I have no idea what you’d get for him but he has a decent contract and would be that 3-5 d man on most teams. He just doesn’t fit the mild in Toronto right now as they need a more physical shut down guy in his position… They would just need to find a replace my first

    • Agreed. I think Itll give rielly more playing time too

  13. Martin Erat & Dmitry Orlov for Ales Hemsky, Corey Potter, 2nd Round Pick

    Seems like a deal that would suit both teams. Erat wants out and is the same price as Hemsky but one year longer and a shift back to the west could help him. Orlov is likely tired of being bounced around and is an NHL calibre defenseman who could give the Oilers some needed you there. Hemsky could ignite his offense with the Caps and give them a shorter contract, Potter gives them affordable offensive depth, and likely a good decent pick back to help settle the sting of losing Forsberg. Orlov, Ferance, Schultz, Klefbom, Belov, Nurse could turn into a decent blueline in Oil town.

    Oilers might be able to follow that up by flipping Nick Schultz, David Musil, and Jason LaBarbera to Ottawa for Craig Anderson & Joe Corvo

    The end result:

    Washington obtains a shorter contract better offensive player, a 5th/6th defense, 2nd round pick
    Oilers get a starting goaltender and a top 4 d-man
    Senators gets two shut down d stay pretty much at cap

    ,,, Needs addressed all around, nobody really gives up any core.

    • No way the Oil do that. Hemsky is UFA at seasons end and no way they Oilers pickup a vastly struggling player like Erat when they could use that cap space on much needed defenseman.

      How dumb is McPhee for trading Forseberg for Erat? Anyone know what he was thinking? Seems like a Shticky trade through and through yet somehow it went through lol.

    • Also Shultz is better than Corvo. Got way more upside. And honestly Craig Anderson wouldn’t really be an upgrade over Bryzgalov or Dubnyk. He’s been so bad this season.

      • Bryz looked pretty good in his first game ride it out see how he goes if he goes back to playing like he did with Philly than yes Anderson is an upgrade even this year that someone said he has been so bad (dosent watch anything but sabres highlights) Anderson sv % .900 on a team

        • …that has d almost as bad as the Oilers Dubnyk sv% .890, tho he has been looking better lately as well Anderson is the better goalie

          • Thinking you may have missed the point … Orlov is a defenseman, young well heralded with top 4 talent. Corvo was more about salary and added depth, not about fixing the blueline.