Latest Devils Speculation – June 13, 2012.

With the Stanley Cup Final over, the New Jersey Devils face off-season questions regarding some key players, particularly captain Zach Parise. Read on for the latest.


Will Brodeur & Parise return?

NJ.COM/NORTHJERSEY.COM: The New Jersey Devils will now try to re-sign team captain Zach Parise before he becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency on July 1st, plus determine the futures of goalies Martin Brodeur and Johan Hedberg (both are eligible for UFA status), as well as the future of defenseman Bryce Salvador.

Regarding Brodeur, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said it’s up to the goalie if he wants to return, but added he’ll be a Devil as long as he wants to be. The Devils also decided not to part with their 2012 first round pick, which they could either use themselves or attempt to trade. As part of the penalty for attempting to circumvent the salary cap by signing Ilya Kovalchuk, the Devils had to part with a first round pick in either 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014.  They retained their first round pick last year.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Brodeur said he’ll make a decision about returning or retiring on July 1st, adding the focus of Devils management should be upon re-signing Parise. “Besides Parise, Petr Sykora, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Cam Janssen, Eric Boulton and the entire fourth line of Ryan Carter, Stephen Gionta and Steve Bernier, are all pending unrestricted free agents.”

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the LA Kings will be among the suitors for Parise if he becomes a UFA on July 1.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo believes the Minnesota Wild will be praying Parise wants to return home to Minnesota as a free agent. Russo also believes the Wild could aggressively pursue Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter if he also hits the UFA market.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi counts the Flyers among the potential suitors for Parise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding Brodeur, the assumption is he’ll return for one more season. It remains to be seen if Hedberg still has a future with the Devils. Salvador could get a new contract, though it could be limited to one-or-two years because of his age (36) and injury history. Sykora, Ponikarovsky, Janssen, and Boulton won’t be back. Their fourth line will be, and yes, I believe they’ll re-sign Bernier, despite his costly match penalty in Game Six of the Cup Final. Before that, he played well for the Devils. As for Parise, that’s less of a certainty, as no one knows for certain if this year’s playoff run will sway him to stay a Devil, and if the club can even afford to re-sign him, given their rumored financial problems.


  1. The Wild will have to overpay if they want to sign either Parise or Suter.

    Parise will have many suitors, with Detroit having the greatest chance (assuming he doesn’t re-sign with NJ prior to July 1). Don’t see how the Rangers, Flyers, or Kings could afford him. Darkhorse: Carolina – the owner has said he’ll write a check for a top UFA forward.

    Suter will likely choose between Detroit and Philly.

    • Kings have $16 mill in cap space next year and they only stand to lose Penner and Stoll. Goalies and D are completely signed up as well as most of their forwards. They have plenty of money to sign Parise and extend Quick.

  2. Is there any truth the rumor that Luongo has been traded to Toronto for Schenn, Kulemin and a second rounder, but says it won’t be announced until the draft.

    • where did you see this rumour?

      • Hockey news and Trades. It’s on Facebook so reliability is definitely and issue I was just looking to see if other have heard it or these clown are pretending to be Eklund. I think I have my answer.

    • No, but the RCMP are investigating what drugs the person who started this rumour is using.

    • I hope you are right on this rumour….

  3. I sure hope not, kulemin is 1 year removed from a 30 goal season, and is one the leafs only good defensive forwards. Schenn for Luongo on his own is to much, it should be a good prospect and and second round pick with Komi going back to Vancouver.
    Plus I don’t think we will see any trades for the Leafs involving a defencemen until we find out whats going on with Schultz first..

    • Players for Player, that’s a steal for the Leafs. If it wasn’t for Lunogo’s contract, you’d never get him that cheap.

      He’ll fill a far greater need than Schenn or Kulemin.

      • I agree Luongo is a good goalie with a bad contract (EVEN WITH THE OUT CLAUSE). But no way do the leafs give up those 2 guys, a 23 year old hard hitting defencemen who under Carlyle defensive style coaching will thrive this year. Kulemin had 1 bad season and will step it up huge, i don’t expect us to get luongo for nothing but that’s a hard trade to swallow, I mean if you could trade schenn what else do the leafs have to bargain with?? and we still need a top 6 forward. I still think a BAD contracto goes back to vancover, (komi)

        • willy jones

          you can argue the other way that kulemin has only had 1 good season. you can bet on what ifs, if you want, but i would trade schenn and kulemin in a heart beat if it meant getting a goalie of luongos quaility

    • Yeah. Schenn for Roberto is too much. Pylon for gold medalist.

    • Schenn for Luongo on his own is to much

      schenn???? really??? if that offer was sent to BB, he wouldnt be able to dial the league office fast enough to approve it

    • An overpayment? Seriously? Leafs have an empty net and a chance to land a #1, and you think an RFA, a risky contract and a 2nd round pick is an overpayment? Get. A. Grip.

      • I think that is too much as well.

        Not becasue of what the leafs will be giving up, but moreso becasue i don’t think the offer for Louongo needs to be that rich.

        Vancouver has zero leverage. They 100% absolutley need to trade a goalie. Why would the few teams who a) want him, b) can take his contract, c) want to assume that risk, and d) Louongo will waie his NTC to go to offer up good young players? They wont.

        Vancouver is stuck between a rock and a hard place so they will absolutely not get fair market value for a #1 goalie.

        • NiKK you are 100% correct. Bargaining position is always a factor and with Luongo it is especially acute. The Nucks have zero leverage and that will be reflected in the return they receive.

  4. Funny you say that. My sister in law just emailed by and said she was watching CHCH TV (local Hamilton, Ontario channel) and the newscaster had said that Luongo was just traded to the Leafs. Can’t find any other source (including CHCH website).

  5. Simmons is an idiot, how or why would LA want to sign parise. There top six minus penner(whether you count him in the top 6) stays. Also he will take up at least 7 mill of cap room. I don’t think LA will be looking at him.
    Brodeur said he’s coming back but I think they really need to look for his replacement. See what it takes to get bernier or a younger goalie and have them split some starts and learn from broduer.
    Should be interesting to see what new jersey does if parise leaves. They would have some room on the cap, could they interest suter?

    • Are you serious? of course LA will be looking at him! Every team in the league will be looking at him. LA will lose Penner, who was a top six forward and they will need to replace him with a top six forward, and NO Gagne is NOT a top six forward they can rely on all year due to injuries. Not only will they be looking at him but I think they stand one of the best chances of landing him. He has been rumoured to be interested in coming to LA since november, the cup will just add to that.

      • Sorry thought they had only 6 mil not 16. Guess I’m the idiot lol

        • No you just made an honest mistake, Simmonds is still the idiot. lol

  6. i think jersey should sign josh harding to backup marty next year. maybe they’re keeping their pick this year to try to get someone like bernier

    • I agree about the Harding signing, and ya Bernier would be a good choice too. Let Marty mentor a fellow french Canadian before he retires, and we all know Quick is LA’s number one going forward. Don’t think there first rounder is nearly enough to land Bernier though, maybe it will be their first and the negotiating rights to Parise for Bernier.

  7. Harding is looking for a starter job, so Tampa Bay is probably a better destination.

    • Ya you gotta think Yzie will be looking at him long and hard. Better than taking Lou and his terrible contract.

  8. Can’t see Parise going to the Kings. He has stated before he prefers a strong hockey market, which LA is not. Detroit, New York or Minny, all of who can outbid LA will be the prime candidates I think.

  9. Wait, NJ isn’t going to give up the 29th overall pick??? Do they expect to win the Cup in the next two years? It just seems like you can’t do much better than giving that one up. It would almost be amusing to see them in lottery land the next two years, and end up forced to give up a top 5 pick instead. As NYRfan84 noted, you almost have to expect there’s something specific up with that pick for them to keep it. What I would give to be able to read Lou’s thoughts right about now…

    • I’d assume they are hoping to pick up either G Malcom Subban or G Andrei Vasilevski with the pick this year.

  10. I read that Brodeur will reup with the Devils and I think Parisi will also resign based on playing in the SC final. DeBoer is changing the style of play of the Devils from a boring defensive style to one that is more physical, aggressive and offensive. I thought the problem with the devils was that they were burnt out from playing 3 long playoff series as well as missing Tallinder. I may be wrong, but I see the Devils maybe trading their draft pick to help get a back up goalie.

    Don’t see Toronto doing much as they don’t have much to trade. Luongo is the the answer to Toronto’s problems, they just need someone to take charge of that team on the ice.

  11. I am a little surprise that they wouldn’t relinquish the first rounder in this draft given the slot, and the draft.
    The only thing I can think of is they may have agolatender in their sights and figure it is a nice place to be to get one.
    I just do not see any standout prospects at 29 that I would be locked into staying there to pick.
    Next year, there is a greta possiblity all of the following prospects would be there even if the Devils won the Cup and then drafted 3oth overall:Ian McCoshen, Brett Pesce, Jan Kostalek, Michael Brodzinski,Keaton Thompson,Anton Cederholm, etc. So why not give it up now and wait?????????????

    • Agreed. I think New Jersey is going to draft a goalie. Supposedly (according to my nhl draft) M.Subban and Dansk both have a good shot at being available at that pick. Subban tested well at the recent Combine so I would not be surprised at all if they were looking at him.

  12. I wouldn’t be suprised to see Vancouver take a richer offer for Schneider and trade him instead.

    Who knows.

    I also perlexed by the Devils’ decision to keep their pick this year. I assumed it was a foregone conclusion that this would be the pick they were going to forfeit… I guess they do have plans fo it. Maybe they will trade it as part of a package to replace Brodeur or Parise.

    Again, who knows. But this is really interesting.

  13. The Kings will lose Penner and Fraiser and they will trade Beriner for a top six forward or a 1st round Draft pick they will resign Stoll (he loves LA ) will take a pay cut if needed, Gange will hang em up so that saves the kings 3.5 mil, The Kings are in good hands they have great prospects coming out from the minors in Vey & Toffai also looks like Dwight King can be a top six, If the kings want they can go after Praise but they shouldn’t save that money to get roll players and resign quick and think about the future plus I don’t think praise will want to come out here to many stars already I see him going to Washington or Minnesota

  14. Salvador will get a gigantic raise because of his strong playoff performance. I doubt that he would leave the Devils. Also, if you know who Eklund is, is he full of crap or what? I really doubt that he knows what he is talking about. Finally, I know that this isn’t about the Leafs, but would a good deal be:

    Staal, a prospect and Michalek/Martin for Lupul, Schenn and Bozak?

    • I don’t see Salvador getting a gigantic raise. Maybe on fantasy island…along with that Staal trade.

      • How so? I think that Toronto actually gets the better deal here

  15. Seriously? Trading Komisarek for Luongo + a 2nd rounder and a prospect?

    Why would the Canucks take Komisarek. They are near the top of the cap… why would they take that albatross of a contract of Komisarek.

    Leafs are a rich team.. as many a Leaf fan has said… send Komi to the Marlies.

    Luongo has a long contract with a cap hit that’s not too bad.. BUT he is still a very good goalie in the NHL… You are not going to get him for peanuts…

    • Ummmm yes you are going to get him for peanuts, because teams are NOT lining up to acquire him because of his contract. I hate the Leafs but Burke has Van right where he wants them, he knows Lou wants out and he knows the Nucks can’t afford to have both goalies, so he will either get him for peanuts or he will walk away and Van will be stuck paying there goalies $9-10 mill a year, and Lou will be the most expensive back up in history.

      • Isn’t there another team out there that needs a goalie – Tampa? Doesn’t Luongo’s family live in FL? I know the Toronto fans think they are the only game in town, but I don’t see Burke going against everything he has spoken about (doesn’t believe in signing >5 year contracts) and taking on a player for 9 more years who is 33. I can’t even see TB doing it.

        At this point, I think Vancouver would trade Luongo for whatever they can get as it unloads the salary. But there are some goalies available Nittaymaki, Harding, Montoya, Peters etc.

  16. It will be interesting to see what happens in Lamoriello’s attempts to get better next season. Lots of decisions to be made. I kinda assume Brodeur will give them a little relief on a reduced rate one year deal. Since the last lockout its seems Lamoriello has had the hardest time adjusting to the cap and what had been a more open and agressive style of play. He’s got some qustionable skaters back there on defense.

    Hopefully Larson takes a bigger step. It was disappointing to see him scratched so much come the playoffs. That was a lot of experience to miss out on. That defense badly needs a leader and Zidlicky isn’t the answer. I was not impressed with him at all. I think they have the wrong personnel for the style they were trying to play. Tallinder looked decent when he came back. He provided them a little bit of poise. Harrold at times looked ok.

    On the bright side they have a very good coaching staff going forward.

    • I agree … scratching Larsson was criminal … this playoff run would have given him a year’s experience crammed into 6 weeks … bad coaching decision from a guy who pushed the right buttons most of the year.

  17. I honestly can’t wait until Vancouver railroads Toronto on this deal. Just to watch you guys try and damage control everything being said right now.

    Uhhh! Meant schenn was an underpayment! That second we threw in there and prospect were totally wastes anyways! Another big trade win Toronto!

  18. Steve,

    Burke would not likely sign a deal like Luongos, but he might accept one in a trade. He always says that while he does not like No trade clauses and long term deals, he honors them because they were agreed to by both parties…that is his out.

    As far as the Devils and keeping their pick this year, I think they combine it with a roster player to trade for a player or move up in the draft. If $$$ are going to be an issue for them, and they are at least able to lock up Marty and Parise,they might as well use this years first round pick to get a player who can step in right away on the roster, or next year or the year after if they use it on a pick. There are a couple of teams that have two picks in the first round, maybe they target one of those earlier picks.