Latest Flames and Maple Leafs Rumors – November 10, 2011.

Are changes coming for the Calgary Flames? Could they involved Jarome Iginla? Are the Maple Leafs interested in an Islanders goaltender? Read on for the latest!

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports changes may be coming soon for the Flames, though probably not the sweeping ones called for by fans fed up with the club’s inconsistency. With center Mikael Backlund due to return soon, it’s possible Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman or Pierre-Luc Leblond could be demoted, or center Brendan Morrison could be added to the injured list. Sportak admits it’s possible GM Jay Feaster could make a trade to clear up the roster spot, but pointed out it’s rare to see a blockbuster trade in November.

Does Iginla want out of Calgary?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance spoke with Flames captain Jarome Iginla over the possibility of his accepting a trade to a Cup contender if the Flames continue to flounder. Custance noted LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi would love to land the Flames captain, but they’ve currently got issues of their own. Iginla, however, pointed out such a trade is no guarantee of winning a Stanley Cup, and maintained his stance he wants to help the Flames rebuild. Custance noted Iginla’s “no-movement” clause leaves the decision to stay or move on up to him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hagman or Stajan are demoted, it could be a signal management might be preparing to add salary. I doubt we’ll see a blockbuster move, and I don’t believe Iginla will be going anywhere this season. If “Iggy” is to be dealt, I think that would come in the off-season, where he’d have time to consider his options. That being said, there’s nothing to suggest Iginla wants to leave the Flames, and it’s quite possible he could stick with them for the remainder of his current contract. Yes, he wants to win a Stanley Cup, but he’s also very loyal to the Flames organization. Don’t assume he wants out, kids.

NEW YORK TIMES’ Chris Botta recently “tweeted” Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson could be reunited with NY Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov, but Botta wondered if the Isles would trade a quality goalie within the conference for a draft pick or “iffy” prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson coached Nabokov with the San Jose Sharks several years ago. The Leafs are struggling due to shaky goaltending, which could force them into the trade market for an experienced netminder. Nabokov’s an option but might not be the only one. For now, we watch and wait. A couple of more losses could force GM Brian Burke’s hand.


  1. Burke has to go after Nabokov if that is the best he can do. Remier needs an experienced NHL veteran to help him with his growth at the same time challange him for the number one job and protect the Leafs during injuries to Reimer. This is the most basic building block with every goalie tandum (one rookie and one Vet) on a young team. I don’t know why Burke and the boys thought this year should be different from others.

  2. DLS, that is exactly why all summer long I was telling friends, fellow bloggers etc. Burke needed a guy like Conklin(good team guy), as an insurance policy and even just a calming voice. i think Reimer can do the job, no doubt, but they have handcuffed themselves for sure. The only good that has come out of this is the focus that has been put back on the teams other problem areas, that were masked by wins.

  3. Lyle I believe you are bang on the Iginla situation. The only way that Iginla gets traded IMO is if he goes to management and says its time, by trading me the Flames can be come a better team in the long run. A move like that will i suspect be done in the off season to allow Iginla a chance to relocate his young family and prepare for the new season. I guess the point to this is that Iginla is not just another player he is a Stevie Y type and every respect will be given to him and his family.

  4. With regard to the Flames, wow can anybody figure them out? one night they look respectable the next night terrible…at some point “another” coaching change has to be considered before they blow that thing they call the Flames up. The sad thing about Calgary is just when it appears that something is going to be done to start fixing the problem they win 2-3 games and they believe the problem solved itself. Management of the Flames has been in serious denial for several years and needs to clean house above the GM position.

  5. I agree with the other posters here as Reimer is, and will become a solid #1 starter, but with less than 50 games played in the league,he could use a mentor. At present, he appears to be suffering from concussion like symptoms that make his timely return uncertain. Having a proven backup/starter can only help the team and if the losses start to pile up, Burke will have to pony up for somebody.

  6. I like Reimer, but apparently he has a longer than previously thought history of concussions. That could be bad news for the Buds.

  7. Juice,
    I think that Iginla is simply posturing right now. Maybe posturing is not the right word but we all know that Iginla has far too much class to go to Feaster (or the media) and ask to be traded to a contender. I think Feaster and Iginla have already had the conversation about where and when he is going to go. It will be the same type of thing that Feaster did with Regiehr and Langkow. A “Here is the deal we have in place, would you consider it?” kind of thing. As much as Iginla says he wants to help the team rebuild, he knows that he has a better chance of winning the Cup with another team.

  8. As for what is wrong with the Flames? Well, the list is long but first and foremost:
    The Flames organization needs to shift its focus to developing talent from within. As the guys on Calgary radio mentioned yesterday, the Flames have only traded away one first round pick in the last number of years. Where did that talent go? What did they do to it? The best example of that is the terrible job they have done with Micheal Backlund. Two years ago, Backlund should have been playing 22 minutes a night and scoring 40 goals in junior or Sweden. He should have spent his time building up his strength and his confidence. Instead, he was playing 6 minutes a night in between a couple of goons on the fourth line. That is the worst thing that you can do to someone who you want to become a star player.

  9. Iginla will accept a trade to a cup contender, the Oilers.

  10. What about Marty Turco to mentor Reimer? He could be signed for cash instead of trading away valuable draft picks or prospects (even if they are mid round picks, they are still valuable)…at this point in the season, I’m sure Turco would take close to the league minimum to play for the Leafs, especially considering he is an Ontario born player. Trade “The Monster” for a bag of used pucks or send him packing to Sweden…he’s horrible. Send Scrivens back to the minors before his confidence is destroyed. Playing under a coach like Wilson who has absolutely no idea how to play team defense does not do any good for a young goalie like Scrivens…Burkie fired the Leafs’ assistant coaches this summer so Wilson can’t blame the Leafs shoddy penalty kill on anyone but himself this year…and of course the players! But how difficult is it to tell your PK guys to force the play instead of setting up the box? Every single freakin time the Leafs sit back in the box, they get scored on! Force the play boys and get that puck out hard and off the boards or glass!! Oh and I am loving Lupul, that was a great pick up by Burke…his work ethic is the best on the team on a night in-night out, shift in-shift out basis (other than maybe Mike Brown who also works his butt off as well)…GO LEAFS!

  11. What’s wrong with the flames?
    1) They seem to think they should be the only team without young players or rotating call-ups; and who’s their best player? Horak the rookie.
    2) Brent “Orcface” Sutter.

  12. Tavares wouldn’t mind Kadri, played together didn’t they

  13. IF the Leafs needed a goalie, why trade? Is Nabokov really better then Turco?

  14. Oh and Hagman was waived today, so good call Lyle.

  15. @DurtMCHurt

    Where did you read or here Hagman was waived?

    The flames get Backlund back recalled Byron and Brodie and only have Babchuck on the IR so it seems they need to move a couple people to open spots, I heard on the radio here the more likely person to be waived would be PIERRE-LUC LETOURNEAU-LEBLOND.

    Dont get me wrong i want Hagman waived …. and Stajan …. and J-BO traded …. and Bourque gone to

  16. @DurtMCHurt

    Thanks, Hopefully this is just the start !

  17. DurtMC agreed about Turco. I guess the main upside is Nabokov has played a few games this year (although limited) and could step right in and Turco hasn’t unless I’m incorrect. I think Nabokov has a little more left in the tank and there were still signs of him being a top goalie before he left for Russia. Turco didn’t look so good in Chicago but you are right it would be a bit of a crap shoot to figure out which one could shine (if either of them).

  18. Wilson: Please please try Grabo on the top line with Kessel tonight… If I hear Joe Bowen say “Bozak lost the draw” or “Bozak couldn’t handle the pass” or “Bozak couldn’t handle his man” or “Bozak lost the puck” one more time I will be forced to take over at center.

  19. DLS, your right Turco hasn’t been playing anywhere this year. But the way I see it, Turco plus keeping our second rounder is a better move then Nabokov.

  20. The amount of money Iginla makes this franchise……a franchise that cannot get passed the first round when they DO make the playoffs, is retarded. There is no way, managment ask’s to trade him.

  21. @BizVicious

    They would never ask him, its more him wanting out. Actually its more a media made story about him wanting out or rather maybe wanting out.

    I think trading Iggy could be a career killer for a GM, Keep in mind his contract runs out after next season so he could just leave on his own.

  22. The Leafs should grab Nik Hagman. I think we could stand to send Frattin back down and add Hagman who played great in Toronto and Dallas, but has not fit in with Calgary for whatever reason.

  23. I suggest that Brian Burke ask Ron Wilson if there’s a goalie out there that he won’t throw under the bus. There aren’t any so then Burke could ask Wilson to leave and find a coach who stands by his guys and builds them up. This Leaf fan is tired of listening to Wilson’s virtually constant negative message.

  24. Dino,
    Trading Iginla would not be a career killer if Feaster got a good return for him. There has to be a top prospect and/or a good young roster player in the mix. If they trade him for picks then it will be a disaster.

  25. What about a one for one trade? Iginla for malkin

  26. I think the main force that will drive the direction Burke will take with acquiring an NHL caliber back up will be who will adopt Allaires goaltending style. If Turco or Nabokov won’t change their style to Allaires then Burke won’t acquire either of these guys.

  27. For what the oilers got from LA for Dustin Penner at the deadline last year, Iginla would fetch at least two top prospects and a first rounder IMO. If the Flames do make trades I hope the wait until the deadline when our assets would be at a premium. I truly believe there is no fixing this season but what do I know. I still say wait until some of these teams feel they are “one” piece away from truly going all they way. A few weeks earlier I suggested a trade between the Flames and Sabers and also the Flames and Leafs and was told there wouldn’t be a “snowball in hells’ chance” those teams would do it..just wait Sabers fans because your team is the team I see coming out of the East…just wait till the deadline and see how close you are and what you’d be willing to give up for that extra boost…still not smoking in AB

  28. Iginla won’t be traded. Next rumour….

  29. 1.25, 2.5, 3.0 (BMO, Babs, Hagman) down and 1.27, 0.71, 0.55 (Backs, Brodie, Byron) up means 4.22 million in cap space… Something is going on in the C of Red; what, I’m unsure… but let’s hope it’s in the right direction!

  30. @ Wilsonbasher: That Bozak sure is not doing well is he? Wilson to me is an enigma and here’s why. You have a guy who coaches a team that is largely a .500 hockey team thereabouts for the last few years, has seen all his assistant coaches dismissed and still, his team languishes around 30th overall in PK with a middle of the pack PP. Here’s my question. How the hell did Wilson get to 600+ wins? there anybody else left for Wilson to pin this failure rate on other than himself?

    Defence wins championships,.ask anybody who ever won anything. Fact is, this team is largely a Burke reformat so this is a critical year for Wilson to either succeed or being shown the door himself,

  31. Flames are going to be a hurting team for awhile. They need a revise their team. no depth in there forwards, defence is just a joke, they have 1 good defence man which is giordano. you can see them feeling the regier trade, Flames made ALOT of bad managment moves starting with

    Bouwmeester IMO is the second top overrated player in the league. hes making webers and doughtys money figures. ( good luck trading off his just shy of 7 mill a season contract to someone )

    Resigning jokinen and tanguay. When your sucking and trade off your poision then resign them they will get the same results. ( if i remember right, sutter said that jokinen is a new player and will play better cause hes making less ) seriously ?????

    Dion trade, whos hagman and stajan?

    time for a rebuild

  32. Why can nobody understand that the ‘blow it up and rebuild’ doesn’t always work, and owners are never to happy about thaty apporach. Our UFA situation solves that:

    Hagman, Jokinen, Stempniak, Moss, Morrison, Kostopoulos, Jackman, P.L. Leblond, Sarich, Hannen, Smith are all UFA’s. = $17,150,000 + in cap space. 11 spots to fill.

    Backlund is an RFA, he is a great player, but will only sign a Moss or Glencross contract.

    You don’t see that as a rebuild in motion? You can promote players from the farm, and sign lots of decent F.A and move players that are signed: Bourque, Glencross, Stajan, Babchuck, Butler, etc.

    You don’t have to trade Iggy, Kipps, Gio, or Tanguay to improve this team, you just let time heal Darryl Sutter’s mistakes. After this season, it’s just Bourque and Stajan with bad contracts.

    Trading Iginla would have to be the worst possible thing to do this year. The worst. It makes no sense unless you get a top 5 player in the league back. And you won’t. Iggy is top 10 every year for 10 years, and people say he is slowing down. When? 43G + 43A last year isn’t good enough?