Latest Flames, Oilers, Panthers & Capitals Rumors – December 13, 2013.

Could the Flames make a big splash in the trade market soon? Could the Oilers and Panthers come together on a trade? Does Dmitry Orlov still want out of Washington? Read on to find out.

Will interim Flames GM Brian Burke make a trade soon?

Will interim Flames GM Brian Burke make a trade soon?

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports not to expect interim Flames GM Brian Burke to make a trade prior to the December 19-27 Christmas trade freeze, as the club is already under his self-imposed holiday freeze. Burke did make a roster move by demoting forward Sven Baertschi to the AHL.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnston reports the Flames have been given permission to speak with former Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk. Other GM candidates could include “former Buffalo boss Darcy Regier is also said to be in the mix, along with Leafs’ assistant GM Claude Loiselle, AHL Toronto Marlies’ general manager Dave Poulin and Nashville assistant manager Paul Fenton, himself a former Flame.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Baertschi could end up as trade bait before the March trade deadline. Burke singled him out earlier this season for his poor performance. Nieuwendyk had a mixed record with the Stars, while Regier was savaged for presiding over the Sabres decline. Burke knows Loiselle and Poulin so it wouldn’t be surprising if he asks to speak with either guy.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis speculated over the possibility of the struggling Oilers and Florida Panthers doing a deal together. Willis believes there’s several players (Dmitry Kulikov, Shawn Matthias) who might interest Oilers GM Craig MacTavish.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers are trying to gin up a bidding war for those two, so the Oilers should be prepared to jockey with several other clubs if they hope to pry one of those guys out of Florida. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov is changing his tune about wanting out of Washington, saying he’d be willing to stay if he’s getting playing time. “If I play here, yeah,” Orlov said Thursday. “I just want to play. If I play, I not think about being moved or not. My team is here. All the guys are good.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gormley noted veteran blueliner John Erskine is due to return soon, which could lead to Orlov returning to the minors, which could prompt his agent to once again push for his client to be dealt.


  1. I get the allure of Nieuwendyk to Calgary for nostalgic reasons, but he was not a good GM for the Stars. Remember this was the guy that traded Neal and Niskanen for Goligoski, and also choose not to trade Brad Richards at the deadline and lost him for nothing. Not a Flames fan but don’t do it Calgary.

      • Can you imagine a line of Benn-Seguin-Neal wow, plus whatever they could have squeezed from the Rangers for Richards. They could be a very scary young team right now.

    • Burke made it clear there are TWO spots to fil – the GM and the assistant GM. I doubt Joe would get consideration for the GM position, but his experience plus affiliation with the Flames and their culture could make him a good fit for that right-hand-man position.

  2. Feel bad for Flames fans! they are going to go through the same Garbage the TML want through with this “Acting” GM! Never been a Fan of this guy (Brian Burke) annoying!

    • He’s one of the best out there.

      • I love Brian Burke……Knows what he is doing.

        • I think they will sign Iginla back next year …hes still got 3 years left and to have him back shadowing Monohan would be perfect …Burke will do it because he didn’t trade him Feaster did . Not on Burkes head !

          It all makes perfect sense almost a given !!

          • That actually makes a lot of sense, I could see Iggy going back. The only thing would be his desire to win a cup before he retires. Plus with the cap going up a $7 + mill he can still get a decent contract on a contender. Could go either way I guess, but not a bad suggestion.

  3. I don’t think we will see the Flames make a trade during the Holidays. The only splash that Burke will make is if they can bring in a young piece to build around. Much like what he did with Kessel and Phaneuf way back when…. Only young guys I know of that would peak some interest from Burke are Kulikov and Grigorenko. I also think he will make a pitch for O’Rielly once February rolls around.

    Are there any other young bodies out there that may be available?

    • Much better starting point than To.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but gaudreau has yet to sign with the flames and most indications say he doesn’t want to. Be great trade bait though

  4. Burke has a long road here with this club !
    Not sure why he praised Feaster so much in one breathe than crtisized him for all the good things that he did in the other ….The Bouwmeester and Iginla trades were not very good trades …they did not get get back anything they can use right now or build around ……almost gave them away !
    This is what I feel ( in the short term ) was his demise …especially if they had other offers that Burke evaluated and found out about and what that return was .

    Sending Baertschi to the minors is not going to help his trade value …unless he has none …I can see this guy being a set up man to a gifted finisher ..i.e. Tavares …Kane …Giroux .

    Orlov hasnt had an opportunity to prove himself or what he can do …this has hurt his value …no one knows what your going to get with this guy …he would only be an addition to another club like he is on the capitals AGAIN!
    …..Maybe Jets or Tampa Bay would take a flyer on him …see if it can spark some offence on 2nd and 3rd lines !!

    • Orlov is a defenseman…

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  5. If Burkie wants to play black and blue hockey then he can trade for Orr. We will take a snow shovel in return.

    • over value the leaf player.

      I’ll give a snow cone for Orr.

      • Done. Send over the paperwork.

    • Orr isn’t overvalued, he is an enforcer and was being utilized the opposite by Carlyle. Carlyle had him skating around, putting pressure on the puck play and asking him to try and be a better tertiary scorer. When Orr played as an enforcer, we played better. What is hurting the Leafs…besides injuries to key players…is Fraser and Ranger. If you get rid of those goofs, you are that much better and faster. Nonis should place Clarkson, Ranger and Fraser on waivers and call up; Leivo, Ashton, Liles and Holzer.


      That isn’t TOO bad, given our injured players. With how we’re playing, we need a youth boost of motivation and energy. And yes, I think Lupul should be reunited with Kessel and Kadri, get back his scoring touch.

      • *edit* (Phaneuf back from 2 game suspension)


      • Clarkson on waivers already?

        The prize catch for T.O. in the summer.

        I wish you good luck with that.

        Sad you guys gave up on Grabovski. He is almost a point a game (26p,31g). He was essentially dropped for Clarkson, who has been nothing short of a huge disappointment so far. He has returned to the grinder/ dumb player he has been for years.To think there are 2 years at $7 million in there to. What the fu#k was Nonis thinking.

        I also think the Leaf should trade Dion. I was in Calgary when Dion broke in, and thought he was overrated then.

        I was joking about the Orr comment you know!?!?!?

        • My Orr response was to Leafs24/7. Anyway, most of us liked the though of Clarkson coming here, with the grit and peskiness he had in Jersey…not to mention the bonus of scoring goals. Here, he is skating around like an idiot, looks like a person learning how to skate…if you look at how he skates…and loses the puck on easy poke-checks. Then there is that gawful (god awful) attempt to skate around the net with the puck, and always gets checked to the ice hard, or a heavy pinch-off the puck. He NEVER makes it around with the better hand. I wasn’t pleased with the Grabovski buyout, because he is tough, sets up nice plays and can score…and gets timely goals. Overall, he is better than Clarkson. His contract cap hit with the Leafs, was only $250K more than Clarkson’s…yet look at the production and value difference they are.

        • Funny how there are never any lessons learned. Example Grabovski Rask Steen, how about we give Clarkson a full year to see how this works before we throw him on waivers. Yes its a horrible contract and probably never going to live up to it but have a bit of patents its been under 30 games he may get a bit better yet he is not the only one having a tough go of it.

          • wasnt rask traded for raycroft and a 1st if im not mistaken?

          • I agree with you schticky. However my biggest issue with this signing is the fact that the leafs did not address the defense issue. The market did have scuderi and ference available, that might have been a better pick up. I know that Fraser and ranger are not performing but they were never going to be first pairing defense men.

          • Oh ya like I said all around not a great signing but bitching and saying lets trade him or throw him on waivers makes even less sense. Hopefully he will get a little better (cant see him getting any worse anyway) Lets not call him a bust like Leaf fans tend to do if he dosent put up 30 goals the first season he is here, deal him away or ruin his career then deal him for a huge loss and watch him go play pretty well with a team that seems to be a little less dysfunctional than this one.

          • Clarkson just plain sucks. How many teams pay a guy $5.25M to put up 3rd-line scoring numbers? Most second liners don’t make that money. Others say it is more of his intangibles… but does he add value in ways other than scoring? Sure, he probably does (although we haven’t seen much of it yet). But nobody around the league pays for that. You just can’t spend valuable cap dollars on intangibles. You’re putting yourself at a major competitive disadvantage when you’re blowing first line money on third line players. And say what you want about sticking up for teammates, but his “intangibles” aren’t really doing much when you’re sitting out 12 games a season on suspensions.

        • Phaneuf overrated when he broke in ? i’d hardly call 20 goals & 29 assists as a rookie overrated.

  6. Orlov is willing to stay in Washington as long s he stays and plays with the big club. Translation: I’m happy as long as I get what I want. I’d send this child packing.

    • Agreed, we’ll see what tune he’s singing once Erskine is back.

  7. Big fan of Joey here, but he was an awful GM in Dallas.

    I’m surprised that there are few rumors on the Rangers. I expect a bit of a shake up to happen very soon….

    • Exactly this…If I was a Flames fan Id have my fingers and toes crossed Burkie dosent hire Nieuwendyk as GM, an assistant maybe but not as the guy driving the bus he makes Feaster look like a wise old sage. Recap of Joes moves Fired Tippet hired Crawford then Gulutzan….terrible, Neal for Goligoski any one? Morrow for a bag of pucks after getting hosed by the Pens in the previous deal awful turning Steve Ott and Pardy into Derek Roy ich turns into trading Steve Ott and Adam Pardy into a bag of pucks that the Stars got for Roy…Joe Nieuwendyk the player great, Nieuwendyk the GM was beyond bad.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Burke hire Regier. He’s a much better GM than the media gives him credit for and I think that’s well known among the GM ranks.

    • I think this maybe a good idea seems Regier was not only good for trades but could build a franchise with some youth, in Buffalo it seemed like it went off the rails when Pegula came in and he deviated from the way the Sabres had some success by building internally to signing free agents with the new found owner with money to burn. Could be a good fit really.

    • Except that Darcy and Burke don’t see eye to eye on player value. They constantly spared in the media about how Burke felt Regier was crazy regarding what he wanted for players.
      Mind you Burke has half the leagues GM’s that won’t even answer the phone when he calls. I remember one comment from TSN radio, “What do you do when half the league won’t trade with your GM? You fire your GM.”

      • Might be a different story for Burke having such a guy work for you versus against you. Darcy does know how to get the most value for his assets and he and Burke might be just what the doctor ordered up in Calgary.

  9. I like the flames signing reigier to be the gm. Then letting him trade everyone he can. Jm still fine with them getting draft picks for their players. I’d love to see Giordano (whom I like) with stepniak or someone like him to Dallas for oleckiak and faska.
    If they can…..picks picks picks