Latest Flyers and Predators Rumors – May 16, 2011.

Should the Flyers pursue a goalie or a scorer? Will they be hampered by limited cap space? Is there a realistic chance Alex Radulov returns to the Predators? Read on for the latest.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports a league source “intimately familiar” with Phoenix goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov claims he’d relish playing for the Flyers. The source told Panaccio the Flyers and Coyotes have had some talks about trades this season, including Jeff Carter, as the Coyotes need some help at center and the Flyers would need to move salary (about $5.5 million) to make room for Bryzgalov, who’s on a list of goalies the Flyers are considering, including Florida’s Tomas Vokoun, Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff, Minnesota’s Niklas Backstorm and the NY Islanders’ Evgeni Nabokov.

PHILLYBURBS.COM: Wayne Fish reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren doesn’t sound like he’s going to buck the recent NHL trend of not investing a lot of money in goaltending, suggesting Holmgren had seen enough of Sergei Bobrovsky to believe he’s a potential keeper for the next ten years, and if he needs a mentor next season they’ve got Michael Leighton under contract for next season. Fish believes if there’s money to be spent it should go toward landing another scorer, as Nik Zherdev wasn’t reliable enough this season while the jury is still out on Kris Versteeg.

DELAWARE ONLINE: Chuck Gormley reports the Flyers aren’t limited to free agency if they wish to pursue a top goalie, noting rumors have them linked to Buffalo’s Ryan Miller, New Jerrsey’s Martin Brodeur, Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff, and the NY Ranger’s Henrik Lundqvist. Gormley suggested the most logical choices would be Kiprusoff or Backstrom as they wouldn’t involve having to make a complicated three-way deal, and Backstrom would be the better choice given his youth. He suggested shipping either Jeff Carter or a package of Kris Versteeg and Matt Carle to the offensively starved Wild for Backstrom and perhaps defenseman Brent Burns.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of contradictory reports regarding the Flyers and how they’ll address their goaltending for next season. I’m inclined to believe they’ll make an upgrade but it could be a short-term one as Bobrovsky is considered their future between the pipes and they wouldn’t want to leave him in a backup role for too long. That would mean ruling out Bryzgalov unless he wants a two-year deal. Vokoun or Nabokov would appear the more viable options if they were to go that route. That of course seems the most sensible way to go, though it also wouldn’t surprise me if they went with Bobrovsky and Leighton next season, as they could always swing a trade during the season if that tandem isn’t working out as hoped. That however remains to be seen, as there could be pressure on Holmgren from ownership to bring in a better option. They would be dreaming in technocolour if they think they’ll land Miller, Lundqvist, Kiprusoff or Backstrom. Yes, I know, the Wild are starving for offense, but they’re not going to swap one problem  (lack of offense) for another (lack of a quality starter).

YAHOO! SPORTS: Dmitry Chesnokov recently reported KHL money issues could play a factor in Alexander Radulov’s possible return to the Nashville Predators next season. Chesnokov noted funding for Salavat Yulaev, Radulov’s current club, will be cut considerably, which could make it difficult for the club to retain him. Chesnokov reports KHL contracts don’t contain an “out clause’, but if the club’s financing is reduced it’s possile Radulov and the team could reach a contract termination by “mutual consent” to save face for both sides.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond reports the Predators will have to reach a decision soon on the final year of winger J.P. Dumont’s contract. Though GM David Poile said in a recent press conference there currently wasn’t any plan to buy out the final season of Dumont’s contract, and he wanted to speak with the veteran forward before making any decision on his future, Diamond noted Dumont’s recent decline in his performance and that at 33 it’s unlikely the veteran’s performance will improve.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chesnokov is in my opinion the most reliable source on news coming out of the KHL, so if he believes it’s possible Radulov could potentially part ways with his KHL club should their funding be cut, then it does indeed open the door for his possible return to the Predators. Bear in mind it’s only a possibility as nothing is set in stone yet, and I’m sure Salavat Yulaev would prefer to retain their star player. Until we get a definitive answer from Radulov as to his future plans, a return to the Predators shouldn’t be ruled out. As for Dumont, Poile publicly is being kind by not saying right away he’ll buy out Dumont, but I think that’s the only realistic option. They cannot continue to invest another $4 million into a player who is clearly no longer capable of playing up to that salary. They won’t be able to trade him and they certainly won’t want to demote him. They’ll need to free up cap space to re-sign Shea Weber and bolster their offense, either by Radulov’s return or via free agency or trade.


  1. I hear what your saying about philly and the wild trading one problem for another, but with all the veteran goalie ufa’s this season, would it not make sense to pull the trigger???? I would love to see carter in a leafs jersey, but we dont have a piece like backstrom to dangle in front of the orange and black. If I was chuck fletcher, I would ask for both carter AND versteeg if they want burnsy and nick…..

  2. What rumors have linked the Flyers to Miller, Lundqvist and Kiprusoff? The one this guy just made up ….

  3. Sounds as though Bryz may consider playing for the Flyers … at a discount? :) One can dream I guess…lol. I agree with DinoRondelly…where the hell did these Miller, Lundqvist and Kipper rumors come from…I’ve never seen any of them and why would any of those teams give those goalies up? That’s just laughable.

  4. Is Gormley smoking a Jeffry?! Broduer, Lundqvist and Miller are on Phillies shopping list? Lmfao!
    The Flyers won’t make a huge splash for a goalie unless Bryz signs at a reduced rate, say 3-3.5 for 2 years to play with a contender. That’s odviously an outside chance, so my money is on Nabokov. NYI will likely take a package of prospects or picks that won’t seriously damage Phillies depth and keeps the core together.
    Awesome reporting by Chesnokov. I did not know anything about Radulov’s KHL team, so it was good to have some insight on that. Radulov still confuses me though.
    I thought I heard rumblings last trade deadline of Dumont + Ellis for a top 6 forward. That would be an interesting option depending on who the forward is, because I don’t think the Nashville owner would be too happy buying out a multi million dollar contract. As much as I admire there playoff run, they are still a budget team.

  5. Yeah. Maybe Philly’s unwanted garbage, Carle and Versteeg, will go for the Wild’s 2 best players, one of the best goalies in the league, and one of the hottest stud D, Backstrom and Burns. Yeah real nice thought. Good balance. Really intelligent hockey mind on the job here. They pay this twat?

  6. Like McHurt, I think Philly will make a trade with the Islanders for Nabokov. They could swap out Carter for Nabokov and Hillan. In all honesty, I don’t think the Islanders want prospects – I think they need some leadership and one more >20 goal scorer which Carter is. The only thing that might get in the way of the Flyers trading out Carter would be the fact that his contract runs 10 more years until 2022 when he will be 36.

  7. Gormley’s smoking some of Panaccio’s stash … Does someone seriously think the current owners of the Yotes – namely, the other 29 NHL owners, who already raised a stink the last two trade deadlines when the Yotes added peanut salaries to reach the playoff – will authorize Maloney to take on an 11 year contract at over 5M per!?

    BTW, the rumors that link the Flyers to Miller, Brodeur, Lundquist etc are the same rumors that link them to Hiller, Pavelec, Thomas, Rask, Ward, Elliott, S Mason, Lehtonen, Howard, Khabibulin, Dubnik, Markstrom, Price, Rinne, Anderson, Fleury, Niemi, Halak, Reimer, Luongo, Varlamov and Neuvirth. Apologies if I missed anyone …

  8. Here’s a thought on Radulov … he turns 25 in July this year. If he returns this year, he’ll be 26 when his contract expires at the end of the year. Will he be RFA or UFA? I’m sure you can see where this is going (although it all depends on the next CBA as well).

  9. Flyer arrogance is almost as bad as Leaf arrogance. Everyone is just dying to play for them, and all the GMs are going to give away their top players for nothing except over-paid cap filler players.

  10. Carter can’t be traded the Flyers would be dumb to trade one of the leagues elite goal scorers. If I were Homer I would pull the trigger to get Versteeg out of Philly quick. Somethign seemed off with this team ever since he came over from TOR. Him and Carle for a goalie would be a very good deal for a premier goalie in the league

  11. The only way that the Rangers would consider parting with Lunqvist is if the Pens offered up Sidney Crosby or if the Caps offered Alex Ovechkin. And even then it wouldn’t be a given!

  12. Wow what a dumb thing to say Dabroons. I’m not even a Flyers fan and I can tell you that Gormley speeks for himself. Not once did I generalize Philly fans as being “ignorant” when reading the above article. Just one idiot trying desperately to get a conversation started…sound familiar?

  13. How to make a weak, that is to say harsh, article:
    1) Look at your team, the only one you follow.
    2) Think about who you don’t want on it.
    3) Think about guys you like on other teams (not too far down, remember, you don’t really watch them). Or go to capgeek and pick a guy with a small contract and good points.
    4) Suggest the trade.

    Another important journalistic trick:
    1) Go to bed early.
    2) Check the boxscore.
    3) Write about how the team needs more from the topliner that didn’t score.

  14. @tux

    So thats how it’s done…..everything makes so much sense now!!

  15. How come I only ever see bruins fans and sometimes habs fans, come on this site, trash talk, and then not respond to criticism? I’m not saying all of there fans, but I’ve never seen a Philly, Leaf, Pit fan act like that…terrible.

  16. haha what is this, hockeybuzz?