Latest Flyers and Red Wings Rumors – February 17, 2014.

What could it cost the Philadelphia Flyers to pry Shea Weber away from the Nashville Predators? Could Henrik Zetterberg’s ailing back force the Detroit Red Wings into the trade market? Read on for the latest.

What would it cost the Flyers to land Shea Weber?

What would it cost the Flyers to land Shea Weber?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio speculates over what it could take for the Philadelphia Flyers to acquire Shea Weber from the Nashville Predators this summer. Panaccio believes the asking price will be high and any skater on the Flyers except Claude Giroux could be trade bait. He doubts, however, the Flyers part with promising defense prospect Samuel Morin, who some scouts compare favorably to a young Chris Pronger. Panaccio also wondered if Paul Holmgren will still be Flyers GM by then or if assistant GM Ron Hextall makes that move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I acknowledge Panaccio’s point the Predators are loading up on young defensemen, which could make it easier to justify shopping Weber (who lacks a no-trade clause) for scoring punch at forward. The asking price will be expensive, as I believe the Preds would want a proven first liner along with a second line scorer as part of the return. Weber has 12 years remaining on his contract with only $28 million of its $110 million paid out. It’s a hefty annual cap hit (over $7.8 million) to carry for a long time, even with a salary cap projected to consistently increase over the remainder of this CBA. Still, the Flyers were the ones who signed Weber to that offer sheet back in 2012. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re still interested in him.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan, responding to questions from his readers, says it’s yet to be determined if Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg (herniated disc) is sidelined for the rest of the season. Khan acknowledged, however, if Zetterberg is out of the season it could push the Wings into the trade market. He noted the pickings are slim so far with only five teams ((Buffalo, Florida, Islanders, Edmonton and Calgary) currently considered sellers, and the asking prices for players like  Thomas Vanek (Islanders), Matt Moulson (Buffalo), Mike Cammalleri (Calgary) and Brad Boyes (Florida) will be expensive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zetterberg is to undergo further evaluation in Detroit this week. The results will determine if the Wings need to go shopping for depth. Though they have limited cap space they could get some relief by placing Zetterberg on LTIR. If they do go the trade route they won’t find anyone who can adequately replace their captain.


  1. If Zetterberg is out for the remainder of the season they should try to pick up Vanek or Moulson as a rental to replace his offense, they have the pieces to do it, cap space could be and issue…..

    • What would they give up though? I believe that most contenders for the Vanek sweepstakes could offer up a much better package then Wings. Wings IMO are better off missing the playoffs this year than losing players like Tatar or Nyquist simply for a rental.

      • If the Wings were deep into the playoffs I might agree, however they are fighting tooth and nail just to hold onto the final wild card spot and are in a dog fight with Columbus, Ottawa, Washington, Carolina, and New Jersey. Columbus & Ottawa have far more youths and assets they can move if they want to make that battle.

        The Wings might have to say this season is the one we miss they playoffs, injuries have derailed them and they are clearly adjusting to playing against the Eastern teams who play overall a lot more skill game then grinding game then they have been used to.

      • Im not sure that Vanek on his own as a pure rental situation would be more than the Wings could afford. I think Vaneks value by himself is a good young roster player and maybe a first round pick. Now that most teams know they cant or probably have no shot at signing him and he truly is just a rental, his value isnt as high as some rentals have been in the past. Glendening or Andersson and a pick could do it. If the Islanders wanted another young D man and a pick the Wings have loads of good prospects on D to go with the pick.

  2. So00 tired of of hearing from the Flyers who are interested in every superstar available. Moreover do you think the Preds want to deal with them after they screwed them over with the offer sheet? Its funny that Panaccio says Morin wouldnt be included….are you kidding? Is this a joke- so Shea Weber who is in my opinion the best d in the league and will play 30 mins a game for the next 10 years is available to you and you dont pull the trigger because you want to keep Morin?? haha ..ahh Tim Panaccio…
    Why does everyone think that Brayden Schenn and Couturier could land Weber? What have they accomplished thus far…but the same pundits scoff at the thought the Leafs could offer Kadri or Lupul, Gardiner Reimer and others….Im not even a Kadri fan but I would take him over both those Flyers centres. Spec is right though- would cost a tonne, but he is one of those players…you give whatever do get…
    If you are a Leaf fan would you move Kadri Gardiner Franson Reimer and 1st for Weber and fillers?

    • Kadri or Lupul + Gardiner and Reimer for Weber? I’d rather have Carter and Schenn. Both figure to be 30 goal scorers. Lupul’s got an injury history so I wouldn’t make him the centrepiece coming back. Kadri makes the deal better but your offering up a glorified backup goalie + a bottom for defenseman for Shea Weber. Honestly the only one I’d want out of those 3 is Kadri. And you say why Morin should be included on the Philly side of things yet you make no case for why Reilly should be included on the Leafs side of things. Any deal involving Weber to TO will have to include both Kadri and Rielly. Philly probably throw in Carter, B. Schenn, Simmonds, a first and Morin for Weber. Which is much better then what TO can offer up IMO. And yes I know Rinne is an injury concern but you honestly think Reimer could hold down a starters job in a tough West? He couldn’t do it in the East so ya no chance in hell on a weaker team he does any better in a much tougher conference.

      • The Flyers don’t have a Carter.

        • How bout if the Leafs throw in Sundin?

      • I would do Reilly and Kadri for Weber in a heart beat but it would also have to include a bad contract to free up space (ie Clarkson). Guys like Weber come along once a decade on the trade market and he would make the Leafs an instant contender. If the Preds don’t want Gardiner then keep him and offer up Reilly. Last year no one wanted to move Gardiner and this year everyone wants to dump him in every trade rumour. Who’s to say Reilly won’t have a sophomore slump next year and the same trade rumours follow him all year long. Anyways I doubt the Preds want Reilly since they are in the market for forwards so I’d imagine it would be JVR & Kadri. I’d still do that trade since Lupul can go back on the top line. Weber is just that good…

    • Then you haven;t seen Coots play….he is a stud forward, and every team in the league would love to have him.

      I can say that not every team in the league would want/ need Kadri.

      The Flyers have the pieces for Weber…they just won’t give Morin or Giroux. Seems simple enough.

      I could see a package of Voracek, Schenn, and Coburn plus apick for Weber.

      Legit first liner, legit second liner, legit top 4 dman to work wit the kids.

      If I were a Nashville fan, I would not want your proposed package.

      Kadri isn’t a top line player. Not even on the Leafs.

      They are loaded with young getting 2 more young dmen makes no sense.

      They don’t need Reimer, as the goaltenders they have are better, and the ones in the system have more promise than Reimer.

      Not to mention, that package you offer you want more than Weber back….brahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

      I’ll echo your thoughts…I am so sick to death of the same 4 leafs being banded around for top line players.

      Kadri is worth more to the Leafs playing for them than being a trade piece. I just don’t see his value as being as high around the league as Leaf fans think.

      In all honesty….Franson has struggled, and is a contract dispute waiting to happen.

      Gardiner seems stuck as he is, and is not developing……is this his ceiling?

      So your trade proposal is 2 players the Preds don’t need, Franson and Gardiner, an overrated small forward that doesn’t suit their needs…..I think Kadri would disappear all together in Nashville, and a goalie who is plays backup….who isn’t as good as the Preds have in their system.

      I’d take Dubynk over Reimer….

      Just……but the goalie prospects the Preds have are better than Reimer with more potential.

      Just don’t see it happening.

      Also..You really want 24 million between 3 guys?…ouch

      • That’s still to little for Weber.

      • Gary a rather long and pointless post. First off, please refrain from dumb remarks such as: “They don’t need Reimer, as the goaltenders they have are better, and the ones in the system have more promise than Reimer.” Really dude? Promise!!! Man I bet you think that’s a bit much in the bs side, right?
        What I’m saying is, anyone saying “I’d take Dubynk over Reimer….” Well thats all we need to know about how much you understand what is and isn’t a good player, and please don’t think the rest of you insights are ok because no one would call a 23yr old center who scoring at a decent 2nd center rate in his first full 82 game season isn’t overrated. That also goes for the other two young players who are all cost controlled…meaning all three are all RFAs at the end of their current deals thus allowing the team to control their cap.
        Besides fans and media often have and make poor and incorrect judgments on players, either due to prejudice, anger or simply ignorance. Numbers don’t lie nor rely on anything other than the facts. They don’t tell the whole story but can certainly clear up the bs said about good players and set the records straight.

        • You obviously did not read the whole post:
          I’d take Dubynk over Reimer….

          Just……but the goalie prospects the Preds have are better than Reimer with more potential.

          So you are telling me that Kadri, in Nashville will still put up the points he has, in that system?

          Will not happen.

          The point of the promise of the goalies…they have goalies in the system that are considered to be top flite goalie prospects. If they are to trade Weber, they are basically in rebuild mode. They kind of have been since Suter left. They don’t need Reimer..who is a back up in the league as of today. A back up…think about it. It’ll come to you.

          The Leafs were so thin at goalie, and reluctant to give Reimer the reigns, that they traded for Bernier. Bernier is already their #1…easily knocking Reimer to the back up position.

          In the real market…Reimer might get a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

          You obviously are a Leafs fan, and your blinders are on in full force.

          If you were Nashville..would you rebuiild with the centerpiece being Kadri?

          No, of course not.

          Franson is up and down, and doesn’t seem to know his own end. Gardiner has stalled. Kadri, again, is worth more playing for the Leafs than as a trade chip. Reimer, a backup, is worth a draft pick.

          Truth hurts I guess.

          What number are you on about? Fransons -14 sure shines as a great example of the dman he is.

          Gardiner has 17 points, and probably won’t match his totals of 30 points in 2011/ 2012.

          Kadri is a good second liner. Definitely overvalued by Leaf fans, but a good second liner.

          Why would the Preds trade for a goalie, when they have the talent witing to have a chance? Let alone having Rinne signed at &million per until 2019.

          I point out the flaws in Leaf logic, and then get told the post is pointless.

          Your right. It probably Leaf fans will continue to overvalue their 2 line players, back up goalies, and defensively struggling 3-4 pairing dmen.

          • That would be waiting to have a chance and Rinne is signed for $7 million until 2019.

          • Gary You are doing the exact same thing but substitute Coots for Kadri, “Coots is a stud forward every team in the league would want… Kadri is overvalued by Leaf fans”.
            Compare the numbers, a team looking for offense would probably take the 104 point over 155 games (Kadri) or .9 ppg, over 70 points over 182 games (Couturier) .3 ppg wanna talk +/-? Over the past 2 years the “stud” is – minus 10, meanwhile Kadri is + Plus 5.
            Please keep going. Tell us all about overvaluing players some more.

          • Shticky..not comparing the two. They play a different game. Couturier is a shut down player, playing against the likes of Malkin, etc.

            I am the first to admit that Coots struggled last year. The whole team did.

            My proposal was Voracek, Schenn, Coburn and a pick.

            I would rather have Voracek than Kadri.

            Compare those two….

            I have stated for a while I would not like to see the Flyers trade Couturier. I think he is a very special player.

            He has played on the 3rd and 4th lines in Philly in a shutdown role…and he has done a great job doing it.

   know I think Kadri has talent. I just don’t think he will be the forward of choice for the Preds in a Weber trade.

            Sub JVR for Kadri. That would be a starting point…

            You can’t compare Kadri and Couturier..they play different roles.

            I also don’t undervalue Kadri. He is a decent 2nd liner.

            Leaf fans act like he is up there with Ovi, Tavares, Crosby and Malkin.

            He is not.

          • Gary you are totally right on basically everything you wrote. Leafs fans all over tend to overvalue there players, it’s quite comical actually. I remember one Leafs fan on here proposing a deal of Kadri, Reimer, Gardiner and Franson for John Tavares. I believe it’ll have to be something like Kadri, Reilly + for the Preds to even take Nonis seriously.

        • Oh, and I don’t discount Kadri’s talent.

          However..he is worth more to the Leafs as a Leaf than a trade chip.

          He is overvalued by Leaf fans…not by the general public.

          You said yourself, he is a second liner.His value is the value of a second liner.

          Raymond was also a second liner in Vancouver for a while. He wasn’t even resigned by Vancouver, as his work ethic, and contract demands where not in line with his talent.

          I wouldn’t want Kadri on the Flyers. I like the more complete game of Schenn, and the defensive abilities of our 3rd line center Couturier more, and they “fit” the team.

          Kadri needs to stay on the Leafs.

          So noone has answered this before, and I have asked it many times….

          why do Leaf fans always trade Kadri if he is he such a great player? a team guy? A can’t miss player worth multiple players.

          Yet every trade scenario includes Kadri leaving the Leafs. Says something about his real value to those who follow him day to day.

          • Who wants to trade Kadri? Certainly not most knowledgeable fans. What most do say is a second line center that produces at almost a point per game clip is worth more than a third line checking center.

          • @Shticky Sorry to get picky but the ppg nos. are actually .67 for Kadri and .38 for Couturier based on the stats you provided..

    • Says he’s sooooo tired of hearing the Flyers are interested in every superstar available… Then offers a Leaf’s trade proposal. Typical.

      Obviously any team in the league would be happy to have Shea Weber on the back-end. That being said the asking price would be astronomical – I would think a handful of 1st round picks and some offensive punch heading to Nashville.

      On a side note, when was the last time we witnessed a franchise D-man moved in his prime?

      • Last one I can think of is Pronger

        • It happens not very often, but…Pronger Coffee Chelios are a few off the top of my head that were traded in “prime” type years. Many early or in later type years but during the years they could actually be called game changers not often.

      • “On a side note, when was the last time we witnessed a franchise D-man moved in his prime?” Chara was traded, then was left to walk away by a 2nd team because of a financial crunch , somehow the Sens thought signing Redden was the better idea.

        • “Somehow the Sens thought signing Redden was the better idea.”

          And then some Gm thought signing an obvious declining Redden to a 6.5 multi year deal was a brilliant idea….

      • Ryan Suter, or wasn’t he a franchise Dman in Nashville.

        • He walked away a Fa for no compensation.

        • Free agent not traded

    • Holmgren is like the little kid who every few month just has to stick his hand
      on the burner on the stove to see if it is still hot. Just can’t help himself.

    • In a heart beat thats what makes me think as bad as Flyer fans are deceiving themselves with some of their offers involving the Schenn bros Couturier ect this one is worse.
      The Leafs would be looking at something along the lines of JVR Kadri another piece and a first.
      First line scoring second line scoring and then some. Kadri is not a first line player.

      • Agreed Shticky.

        I proposed Voracek, Schenn, Coburn and a pick…gives a first liner, a second liner…both are young and fit the rebuild, plus an experienced dman who can play big minutes, and is signed to a reasonable contract. I would think Coburn is a top 4 dman, and has a more complete game than Franson or Gardiner.

        Weber is going to cost a lot…it will leave any team trading for him weak at other positions.

        Cast offs, and unwanted players will not fill the needs of the Preds..

    • I think people are missing the obvious here as well. I think Poile’s asking price for weber would be higher from the Flyers compared to any other team in the league, call it a little pay back. NO WAY THE FLYERS LAND WEBER! so please just stop already delusional Flyer writers like Panachio.

      • Very much agreed King.

        • It has to be higher for the Flyers otherwise going forward whats to say other gms wont give out offer sheets a little more freely with this very situation in mind. “sure they might match the sheet but Ill still get that player in the next 5 years because they wont be able to afford them”…It wouldn’t surprise me if the only way the Flyers could get Weber involves Giroux a first or its not even a conversation. Not because of anything to do with the players involved but on an owner management level and the aesthetics of the franchises. No one wants to be bullied in to giving up this type player.

          • Shea Weber will retire as a Predator. You do not trade the best defence man in the league who is in the prime of his career. I guess if Pittsburgh offered Malkin, you might consider it but I’m still not sure you do it. If Nashville has all these prospects on defence, trade one of them for a scorer. Weber’s going nowhere.

          • I don’t think Weber is going anywhere in the near future.However I doubt he retires in Nashville. At some point one of 2 things will force Webers departure imo. #1 Weber will want to win a cup before retiring, #2 Nashville fan base is not what I would exactly call stable, They will show up as long as the team is doing well. As you see a 7-8% dip from last year to this year in attendance, this trend will continue downward as long as they continue to be low in the standings. At some point Nashville will have to evaluate whether or not Webers value is better on the ice in Nashville, or on the trading block.

          • BC you might be right. Also take into account the best prospects usually come out of playing with a Norris D man for a few years. The Preds could probably use Weber to mentor and play with all their young D men until they are ready to take the reins.

      • But…Poile was willing to take a mix of Coots, Schenn, a dman and a first at the time…so why do you think it would be much different now?

        Weber is built for the is a natural fit.

        And I do think Homer will do what it takes.

        Giroux and Coots are untouchable..the rest of the team is up for debate.

        But..the Flyers do have the pieces that Nashville would need.

        And the money to buy replacements next year.

        • @NYRFANLIFE

          Whats to say that Nashville won’t win a cup?

          They have awesome young players in there system. Also add a superstar goalie like Rinne and the best defenseman in the league to the mix they’ll definitely be a force for the cup. So ya Weber could very well retire as a Pred.

          • @Jes…..Really? So you see a cup for Nashville in the next 4-5-6 years? They are going from basement to cup contenders in the near future? People tend to put FAR too much stock in prospects….. Some pan out most don’t. Rinne, and Weber can’t win it all alone… The Rangers have 3 solid 1-2 d-guys for the past few years and a perennial vezina finalist, but they haven’t worn out their arms lifting any cups. Lets not take Nashville too seriously. I don’t see them as any different than the Islanders or Oilers at this point.

    • I believe preds would ask either Kessel or JVR and Reilly. I don’t think Nonis would part with any of these 3. Only way I see it happening is if Leafs offer couple first rounders along with players you mentioned.

    • Where do I sign.

      • I’m not so sure most Leaf fans would sign up to trade Kessel. Is there a player more on fire than this guy lately?

        • Kessel for Weber. Ah yaaa 100%…

          • Really? I know that the Leafs probably face more shots than anyone in the league, But Weber alone isn’t going to cure that imo. I think Giving up Kessel would very much disrupt their offense. I just don’t see how that move makes the Leafs overall better today. But I honestly do not see enough Leaf games to truly understand the impact this move would have.

        • No absolutely not, 15 mill on 2 d men, no thank you. Over 20 mill for Weber Phaneuf and Clarkson. Please just shoot me. Whole lot 2-1 losses coming.

          • You are replacing Kessels salary for Weber. Lupul moves into Kessels spot. Leafs become an instant contender.

          • But it still leaves a hole somewhere….Lupul isn’t going to produce or stay healthy enough to replace Kessel numbers, but even if he could, who replaces Lupuls numbers?

          • Until Lupul gets hurt and your top line is Levio Bozak and JVR and you have no one on your second line besides Kadri, and Bolland who has some injury issues of his own. Absolutely not. If Kessel goes this is not s very good team. Easy to defend.

          • Lupul has not been producing at the same pace since being on the second line and with line mates being shuffled in and out all year long. It’s not a perfect scenario and maybe the Leafs go from being an offensive team with a brutal defense to an awesome defensive team with sub par offense. I’d rather be the later since D usually wins cups. I would think with Weber + partner as 1,2 and Phaneuf with a partner as 3,4 it would pretty much assure the Leafs of being a cup contender. If not this year certainly within the next two years.

    • The Leafs get mentioned nearly every day, offering up spare parts for superstars and their fans think its a fair trade. The Flyers get mentioned once, with regards to a player they went to great lengths to acquire already, and you’re tired of hearing about them being linked to everyone. And then you mention the Leafs could trade for him with spare parts. Surely you see what you did there…

      • Didn’t realize Kessel, JVR, Reilly and Kadri trade scenario’s were offering up spare parts.

        • Kessel and JVR were not offered in the opening post.

          Kadri, Franson, Grabiner and Reimer were.

          • It doesn’t really matter who comes up with what trade senario, Weber’s not going to the Leafs or the Flyers anytime soon, maybe a few years down the road the Preds will trade him.

          • There is no Grabner on the Leafs. lol

          • @thunder

            I agree for the most part, but if the Preds go into full rebuild and Rinne can’t return, I could see them trading Weber to get out from under the signing bonus over the next few years.

            I can see the Preds going full rebuild…they have a bunch of youth, can get a boatload for Weber, and Legwand, and have a tonne of cap space.

            You never know.

          • Holy nit picking, Shticky.

            Gardiner…you knew what I meant…..
            The offer of Kadri, Franson, Gardiner and Reimer will not land you Weber.

    • Wow I started a little firestorm yesterday my apologies…funny how many times you get misquoted. For the record I never offered up a leaf trade was trying to draw a comparison to US leaf fans offering up players that everyone chimes in that are garbage or worth middle round picks – yet “superstars” like couturier and brayden who clearly have limited offensive upside could land Shea Weber. However, thanks to the Leaf fans for coming to my defense. Also, for the record I WOULD deal Morgan Rielly for Weber, thats just my opinion….and NO the Flyers dont have anyone close to his upside this current time. Just facts

  3. With Zetterberg’s injury it will not have any bearing on the Wings trading for a forward. With Weiss coming back that’ll put a warm body, center, back in the lineup. The Wings’ glaring need is on defense, they have a glut of forwards with no room to put them.

    I don’t see the Wings making any moves. The only guys that have any value shouldn’t be traded, that is Nyquist, Tatar, etc. At least I hope Kenny doesn’t trade away young talent just to keep that insignificant 22-year playoff streak alive.

    • @ParanoidWingsFan, that was my reasoning behind my post, they may want to do that, but I’m afraid it would cost them Tatar in a trade for either of those players.

    • Paranoid Wings Fan
      Your completely on track but there is one potential over riding factor.
      Wing’s owner is in his 80’s and has more money than he will ever need,
      and has stated in past that he wants one more cup for the wings and a
      championship for the Tigers before he goes. This may play into it behind
      the curtain.

    • A voice of reason, thank you!

  4. Oilers go get him…ya got lots to give…cmon MacTavish pull off a deal…lol

    • IMO the Oilers have the best chance at landing Weber. Something like Gagner + Eberle or Yakupov + 2014 or 2015 (the MacDavid draft) 1st rounder for Weber.

      • I don’t see this happening either, McTavish is too big of a chicken to mix it up that much.
        The Oil wait until the draft and take Ek and then look to supplement the D from there. Yakapov will be staying too. He doesn’t want to be known as the GM who gave away a star for peanuts.

      • That would be really dumb on MacT’s part. They’ll probably get a franchise defenseman in Ekblad. And giving them there 1st in the McDavid draft where they would probably select in the top 3 would be insane.

        Eberle, Gagner, Nurse + draft picks that aren’t in the 1st round should get it done IMO. They would be better off IMO with Ekblad and Eichel or McDavid.

        • If the Oil are in the top three for next years draft, heads will roll.
          Katz will start cutting guys off at the knees. Why? Because the fans are sick of the team having all this talent and doing nothing.
          When the stands are empty, owners get nervous.

  5. Considering what other recent Norris trophy defensemen fetched in their trades, it’s gonna cost PHI 3-4 assets to land Weber. Since NSH needs goals, I would start with Voracek, add a replacement defensemen like Coburn, and 1st round pick. If NSH throws in a lesser younger player/prospect, PHI could add top prospect as well. Knowing how NSH grows assets, they could probably ask for two top prospects if they wanted and PHI would probably do it. PHI isn’t going to gut their team for Weber, so NSH better think twice before asking for too many roster players. A trade proposal like this is in line with what Blake, Chelios, Pronger, and Coffey returned.

    • Those were different days and Chelios to the Hawks is regarded as one of the worst trades in history so might as well throw that one right out the window. Weber if traded will compare more to Nash to the Rangers type deal more than the ones you suggest with the exception of Pronger to the Flyers the Ducks got a top 6 player a good prospect in Sisba 2 first round picks and a conditional pick. If you swap the conditional pick and a first for a top 3 type player the suggested returns would be similar as well.

      • Interesting you brought it up…I was in a motel in Missouri and the paper they put under the door had the Hawks acquiring Chelios AND a SECOND Rounder for Denis Savard already on the downslide. I guess this was a Hab over pay for taking Wickenheiser insted of Denis in 1980.
        Pronger had some “issues” that kept his value down and
        the later trade of Chelios, and the ones for Blake and Coffey were more twilight respect for the player’s past contributions, thus the light return.
        No way is Weber going for “maybes”….
        and no way are the wings gonna gut their youngster group with Nyquist Jurco or Tatar departures…
        Unless the above or Brayden Schenn and Couturier were bordering at “We wanna not trade them” level, meaning they are close to EQUAL or CAN ATTAIN more special player status Nashville is NOT giving an established deeman with a PP cannon away for guys who MAY improve to be top players.
        They (Preds) get proven or he is not moving….

        • Exactly proven or there is no point. They become Florida, empty rink piss poor attendance with lots of good prospects.

    • The first Pronger trade (to St. Louis for Shanahan) is what I would expect as a start for Weber. In other words, a legitimate top-line forward to get the talks started.

      • You think a perennial all star Norris candidate who is 6’5 230 and scores 40-50 points a year is just getting a forward that can play on a top line?
        Pretty sure it would be more. When Pronger was traded from the Whalers (nearly 20 years ago) he had never won or was never in the running for a Norris it was only 2 or 3 years into Prongers career. Weber is 28 just coming into his prime with 6-7 seasons over 40 points far more proven than Pronger when he played for the Whalers.
        The trade if it happens would be closer to Nash or Prongers trade to the Flyers.

  6. Believe me I am sure that there will be a long line of interested teams to obtain that Weber shot.
    Just not so sure many teams CAN let go of the necessary impact-level return the preds neeed to get for him. Lots of teams have young unproven draftees, but few teams can package more than one higher skilled, ‘possibly elite forward SOMEDAY” in return.
    I see Edmonton as one of the few possibles becasue they do have so many youngsters that so far are not the some of their parts and successfully jelled as a team.
    I have trouble with Philly tossing equally gifted guys to that Oiler bunch, without the Flyers weakening their attack even more.
    Oh, I know they shocked us all with that swift removal of Richards and Carter for good youngsters, but I am not so sure they have the chips to do another renovation.
    Whether you like Weber’s all-around ability, (I think he has the shot, has the size, but still is not a top defender save for the way he uses his size…Suter helped build his rep.) he does have ELITE LEVEL VALUE.

    So…I think when a Weber move does happen, we will be all surprised by the partner if the Flyers are a front runner…

  7. Hrrumph

    Sum of their parts

    Because and any other typos above!

  8. NO WAY on this earth do I give Nashville 2 top forwards and most likely pick/picks for that contract! As a Flyers fan, I hated that offer sheet and hoped to the heavens Nashville matched. If they wouldn’t give up the players over a year ago for him, WHY would they do it now? Stupid to keep posting this dribble

  9. With regards to Weber, the cost is going to be expensive, but unlike others here, I don’t think Edmonton is really in play.

    Nashville isn’t going to want either Eberle or Yakupov as the centerpiece return in a Weber deal. Eberle because he simply isn’t good enough, and Yakupov because Radulov has made Russians radioactive in Nashville. That leaves Hall or The Nuge as the lynchpin of any Edm-Nsh deal, and frankly, I don’t see Edmonton ever letting either guy go – even for Weber.

    The proposed Philly offer of; Voracek, Coburn, B.Schenn and a first is certainly in the ball-park, but Voracek is not the kind of offensive talent that Nashville really needs (he is a fantastic link-up player with defensive abilities though – an excellent complimentary piece, but not an elite player). I think if Weber is moved it will be for a more established young offensive talent than Voracek – and one who more than likely plays C (the gaping wound in Nashville’s depth chart forever is at #1C).

    If I’m Poile, I don’t want a ‘package’ of young assets/picks back, rather I would target getting an equivalently elite forward (preferably a C).

    If Philly insists that Voracek is the best forward they can offer, I wouldn’t do it.
    If Edmonton offers up The Nuge, now we are talking.
    If Toronto offers up Kessel, I listen, but politely decline.

    • Oh, I bet they would love Eberle and Gagner and the Ales Hemsky wiped off the Oiler books.
      Maybe to you the above seems like not enough that is 10 m il per year until at least 2016 on the two main pieces.
      That cap will be at 125 mil in the summer of 2015, and it adds to offensive guys that Nashville is lacking in their system. They look to be good fits with the forwards there and it changes their look, maybe brings MORE fans.
      Eberle & Gagner has some jump and slick talent and I think that might hold fans attention evevn more that the booming laser from the point weber lets go.
      At this point you don’t usually get more than a servicable guy in the second acquistion on these “big” trades, so this one to me looks pretty nice on bought ends.

  10. Islander dreaming here but the Isles could put together a package for Weber that might make sense. They have Ryan Strome, Kyle Okposo, Josh Bailey, Michael Grabner plus whatever they get for Vanek and Macdonald. Suspect that some subset of this along with potential picks or prospects could get a deal done. Course the Isles would still need a real goalie but a stud number 1 Dman to mentor all those young prospects they have on d would be pretty sweet and they can afford it with the pending move to Brooklyn.

  11. I’m not a big fan of Weber. He is absolutely a top 5 d-man probably top 3. I think he’s too slow to match up against the fastest players in the NHL and the game is moving toward faster players, that being said there isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t want him. So… why not a little dark horse speculation. What would you think of a surprise in division trade?

    Stastny (signed to a new contract for the Preds), PA Parenteau, Wilson and a 1st for Weber, the rights to Radulov and possible a left handed D prospect?

    Staz is a good (not great) first line center, PAP a second line winger, Wilson is an established bottom paring dman and who wouldn’t want a 1st round pick. On the other side of the equation the Avs get a cornerstone D-man and a right wing. Radulov played for Paddy in Quebec, would be reunited with Varly, and would get to play in an offense first team… this could be enough to tempt him to return to the NHL.

    This deal would address the needs of both teams but I would only entertain it from the Avs side if Staz was not resigning and from the Pred side if I decided that I couldn’t keep Weber. What are your thoughts?

    • The Avs are so deep at centre I think they’d have to part with someone better than Staz. Perhaps O’Reilly plus at this point. I suspect that PAP has been on the market because his cap hit is a little high for his production. I know the Isles liked him but not at the price he ended up getting. Wilson doesn’t do a whole lot for them given the depth they are already developing in D prospects. I’m doubt that package gets just Weber let alone other pieces.

      I think the Avs could offer up a package for Weber I just don’t think they’d want all the spare parts listed. Perhaps moving one of Landeskog, Duchene or O’Reilly plus gets a conversation going.

      • Interesting. I’d rather have Staz as my primary pivot than Duchene. He is better defensively, better at setting up teammates for scoring and more of a team player. Duchene is dynamic and fun to watch but he would be suffocated in the Pred’s scheme (see Radulov). O’Reilly is turning into a better winger than center. As a center he would be fourth on my depth chart behind McKinnon (the real deal and will not be traded anytime soon). If the Preds want a center Staz is the best fit. He’ll be the top free agent center this off season and first line on for the Leafs and Rangers.

        PAP is currently the odd man out and is suffering from being bumped off Duchene’s line by McGinn. Last year he was almost a point a game player… he’s also the only right wing on the Avs team. If he’s not traded then he will take off filling whatever spot is vacated.

        I threw in Wilson for Radulov. Which is in my opinion a slight over payment. Radulov has very little value to the Preds playing in Russia and last I heard they were trying to get a 3rd round pick for him. Maybe WIlson isn’t the right fit but he could generate offense and fill the hole left by Weber until the prospects are ready to step in.

        My proposal was based on the 1st line forward, a top 6th and a first. I’m sure that the Preds would ask for Landeskog and it’s debatable if he and Staz are on the first or second lines but I don’t think that would work for the Avs.

        • Fair enough :) I just see you suggesting Staz (pending UFA) who’s been rumoured to be on the market a few times. PAP who is a healthy scratch frequently, a depth D man and a pick for one of the best D men in the league. Those look like spare parts to me. If I’m the Preds I don’t give up Weber unless I’m getting a very good young forward or two back to grow with my D prospects. Staz and PAP are both solid but not at all young. If the preds want Staz they can wait for him to hit free agency or pick up someone comparable. The Avs would need to send a young forward to two back to make it work.

          • That’s fair. If the Preds are rebuilding i can see them going for youth. if that’s the case then I’d probably do a Duchene+ for Weber but I don’t think the team will. Very few teams will have the young talent necessary to make a Weber deal worth while and fewer will make the trade.

            I have a feeling that they just want to re-tool and get a legit center. So Staz is worth more in my opinion. In which case they will not be trading Weber any way.

            I really hope that the Avs resign Staz (they have the money and desire to do so) and keep going with their 3 scoring lines. The games are so much fun to watch and the belief that they are going to win every night is back.
            The Avs have no reason to trade major pieces for major pieces. All we need is a good 2-3 Dman who can skate. If that happens it will be interesting to see if anyone can keep up for 6 games particularly at altitude.

  12. trade Nugent – Hopkins…he’ll be out of the NHL in 5 years due to having the frame of a 16 year old…injury prone when it comes to NHL….even if he packs on a few pounds he is still gonna be a small guy and will be tossed around for a few years.
    I can’t believe Oilers fans want Ekblad or another first rounder….its not workin for the oilers…aren’t you get tired of your major junior all star team ( at $200 bucks per game I would be )…Time to bring in a couple of skilled vets in get these young guns to gel as a team . If that costs you a couple of the young guns then so be it. Cripes the Oilers got a dozen first rounders (as well as Gagner and Hemsky) to use as bait and some of the young guns are losing their shine. When I say skilled vets, I mean vets in their prime 27-28 ….and not a Andrew Ference or Matt Hendriks….MacT will be bringin back Horcoff soon…lol

  13. If anybody gets Weber, i would bet on the Flyers. They always seem to be in the running for the big name players, they’re more than willing to spend money as they’re always up against the cap, and they desperately need a #1 D man.

    Giroux…Voracek…1st rounder or Couturier…Laughton


    your comments about Couturier are the same spin the Philly media is selling. This season Couturier is logging 18-20 minutes a game. But he’s slow, not physical, not strong on the puck (although still only 21 so there’s room for him to get bigger and stronger at 6’3 195). Now entering his 3rd season in terms of number of games, he hasn’t impressed offensively. yeah, i hear the spin about him being a shut-down FW. Not sure how much of that is true versus how much is selling Couturier because he was a #8 pick and he hasn’t shown much else. If he doesn’t turn out to be a 25 goal scorer, and up to this point he hasn’t shown that ability, the Flyers have to be disappointed with using a #8 pick on a defensive FW.

    Giroux scores points but he’s not a goal scorer. best year is 28. goes long stretches where he’s invisible, is small, average to barely above average speed, is not captain material, and grossly overpaid when his extension kicks in next year at $8.25 a year. He plays a perimeter game. shoots from at least 15-20 feet out and you’ll never find him within 5 feet of the net. The Predators can have him.

    Voracek is good but not great. so far he’s proven to be a 20-25 goal scorer. plays a soft game but has good size and speed. but the soft euro game holds him back.

    Laughton couldn’t make the team this year. was the 2012 #1 pick. might be a nice young addition with that group to land Weber.

    the Predators get 4 young guys to put in jerseys next year, significantly cut back on salary, and they cash in on Weber at the prime of his career because let’s face it, they’re not even close in the West so he’s an expensive luxury they can’t afford.

    The Flyers finally get a marquee name back on Broad St, a big physical D man that they need, and who plays with an edge that they don’t have with the current group.

    and for all you guys that say the Predators won’t trade him to the Flyers because they made the offer sheet, this isn’t 3rd grade. They’ll do what every executive does that runs a business. They’ll honor their fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the Predators and they’ll maximize the return on their asset regardless of what team presents the best deal. The Flyers can put up the best deal.

    • Talking millions of dollars overpriced not exactly 3rd grade lunch money. Not sure anyone believes it to be impossible for Weber to go to Philly, but most would probably agree it would be at a higher price. This happens in business all the the time the price from one perspective buyer to the next is not necessarily the same. Housing market for example, buying businesses.
      Im in venture management, you cant tell me that the cost of a product or asset doesn’t vary depending on who you are talking to or that egos come in to play depending on the availability or rarity of an asset. It happens all the time. Of course the Preds will look for the best deal for them but if the market is big enough (which it will be) there is no saying that the Flyers will be the only ones with the assets that are needed to compete for complete the deal.

      • I’m a lawyer. even when a lawyer on the other side ticks me off, it doesn’t mean i won’t do a deal with him. if a deal is in my client’s best interests, i do it, regardless of my personal animosity. as a professional, you rise above your personal feelings because as they said in “The Godfather”, “it’s not personal, just business.” same thing applies to high level executives controlling millions of dollars for NHL teams

        is this price for Weber going to be different for different teams? of course it is because no 2 players are alike. The Predators could obviously get a better deal from the Flyers than they could the Sabres. So in that case, they would trade him to the Flyers over the Sabres, regardless of whether they’re pissed off at the Flyers (which I highly doubt they are, because the Flyers did nothing against the rules, they were allowed to make an offer sheet, and it was the Predators who were dragging their feet with Weber all season in not getting him signed, so it was their fault that he was even in a position to get an offer sheet). They’re probably gonna avoid trading him to a Western Conference team, so their fans don’t have to be reminded of him, unless a Western team offers the best return on their asset. That’s the sole driver for who will get Weber. Who offers the best return on the Predators’ investment, for now and their future.

        the first consideration for the Predators though is whether it’s in their best interests to trade him. if they decide that it is, their 2nd consideration is when is it the best time for them to trade to get the bets package in return

    • Your comments prove you have not watched the Flyers.

      Couturier is is being brought along atthe right pace. At this point, he plays on the 3rd line, and has has a great sesaon for a young 3rd line center. Since Downie was brought in, the line of Read, Coots and Downie has been a great line, generating offense, and taking care of business. They have been a sparkplug linefor the Flyers this year. Most in Philly feel his offense will come..he has shown flashes, but keeps going back to defense first. Most seem to forget he was pegged as the #1 pick in his draft year until he got mono. He is also part of Gary Roberts team that Gary works with in the summer for adding muscle and conditioning. As you said, he is in his third year…most forwards break out in the 3rd or 4rth year. I expect Couturier to have his breakout season. Laviolettes system was not working, and did hurt his growth as a player, but he is blossoming in Chief’s system.

      Giroux?…are you kidding me? He is a fun player to watch. No player in the the league has scored more points in the last 3 years next to Tavares, and that includes Crosby, Kessel, and others. He can take over a game…just thinkof the playoff game against Pittsburg the other year, where he started the game, hit Crosby, stole the puck and scored to set the tone for Pens getting booted from the playoffs.

      Voracek..yes is a typical European player..but he is getting better year to year, is big, a good skater, and has great puck possession. Don’t think for one minute I am saying he on Jagr level, but he reminds me of Jagr with his skating style, and puck possession. Nowhere near as talented, but you can see the similarities.

      Laughton…he is a highly thought of prospect, but he has failed to make the Flyers now in 2 training camps, and looked lost at the WJC. He has the tools to be a good 2nd/ 3rd liner…but expecting more than that is unreasonable at this point.

      Giroux not being on team Canada is a sham. Nash should not be there. Giroux would have been able to have room to move, and looked awesome playing in Europe during the lockout with Briere.

      I dunno. What you propose is 2/3’s of our top line, our shutdown 3rd liner, and our top prospect at the forward position. To decimate the team for one player doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      I feel a deal is there to be made, but not with what you have proposed.

      If Coots is overrated, then why is he the first guy mentioned in other teams trades talk with the Flyers? Must be something to that.

      By the way…I don’t see how the Preds would save money on this proposal.
      Giroux: 8.25
      Voracek: 4.5
      Coots: 1.75
      Laughton: $1
      total: 15.5

      The Preds would save on the bonus, but pay out over $6 million more in Cap.

      • Gary–


      • Gary–

        1. The Preds save money because they’re paying $15.M for 4 players not 1. They have 2 more years of paying Weber $20M+ and then 4 years of $15M (salary and bonus)

        2. since G’s first full season 09-10, he averages .9 points per game. Crosby averages 1.5. Crosby has played 100 less games than G during that period. When G’s contract extension kicks in next season, he makes $8.25. Crosby’s long-term deal is $8.7. Crosby had 100+ points his first 2 seasons, already has a 50 goal season and a Cup. G’s best season is 28 goals and 93 points. and everyone attributes that to playing with 40 year old Jagr. There’s no comparison between Crosby and G. Crosby is elite, G is not. Crosby can take over a game. G cannot. Crosby will go to the net, G stays on the perimeter. G is a liability on D.

        Snider has been dying to re-incarnate Bobby Clarke. He hoped it would be Lindros. The he hoped it would be Richards. now they hope it will be G, and they want fans to forget about Richards. He’s not worth $8.25M when you compare him to players like Tavares, Toews, Ovechkin, Weber (who scores almost as many goals as G), Subban, Parise, etc

        3. Laughton wasn’t as good in his 2nd camp. his first camp, he had a head start because he had been playing for months while NHL’ers were locked out. his 2nd camp was a more level playing field and he was less impressive

        4. Couturier’s line was hot for a nice 10 game stretch. other than that, they haven’t done anything. he’s now entering his 3rd season in terms of number of games, so now’s the time for him to showing some progress offensively. he’s slow, not physical, and not strong but he can develop because he’s only 21. I’ll take Schenn over him. Schenn has shown offensive upside and plays a more rugged game and will drop the gloves. Schenn Hartnell and Simmonds have been the most consistent and best line since December. over the last 25 games, Hartnell is averaging a point per game

        not sure what you mean about Couturier being the first name brought up by other teams in trade talks. so you’re in on those calls and take part in trade talks? how do you know that’s not just propaganda put out by the Flyers to pump up Couturier’s value? I’ve watched Couturier and he doesn’t look exceptional to me. he looks like a solid 3rd line checking center up to this point

        Flyer fan for over 40 years but i try to be objective

        • I respectfully disagree with every point made about Giroux.

          I am in my 40’s too, and played junior hockey until an injury ended that run.

          Giroux is not a defensive liabilty.

          • Gary–

            i played 10 years too. through 1 year of Junior.

            Look, i appreciate you’re a Flyer fan. but you’re drinking too much of the Kool-Aid. G is awful defensively. He plays like a sissy. doesn’t have the speed to beat anyone to the outside. at 5’10 170, isn’t big enough to be a power FW and drive to the net. you won’t catch him near the blue paint. never sees a shot from 20 feet away that he didn’t like. gets all the #1 PP unit minutes and his best year is 28 goals and G fans still cry about the fact that his production dropped because the Flyers let his 40 year old winger go. got news for you dude–nobody will see Crosby’s production drop when Kunitz is gone. Crosby is the only reason a 20 goal scorer like Kunitz gets a trip to the Olympics. G is too small and not good enough to make the team. Crosby gets other players on the team, G can’t even get himself on the team

            you can take that smurf of a captain. over-rated and over-paid as far as i’m concerned.

          • @Jango..

            I have a hard time believing you are a Flyers fan.

            Most would agree they expected Giroux would be on Team Canada.

            He should have been, but politics come into play.

            You sure kiss Crosby’s a$$ alot for a Flyers fan. He has talent yes….but there are others I would take before him. Look at his great showing so far in the Olympics..he is lost.

            I don’t cry about Jagr leaving. I was happy he left. I think Giroux and Voracek have a better chemistry anyways.

            I don’t drink the coo aid, dude. I just think you underrate some very good players and are overrating others.

    • Clearly you under value Giroux’s gifts if you think Philly would have to offer MORE THAN HIM (which isn’t happening, my friend…this isn’t akin to Richards blowing up the Flyer locker room with divisiveness or Giroux wanting Carter’s ten year contract. This season was all hard luck for him, and I bet he overcomes it.)
      I think Nashville would have to throw stuff in IF Giroux wasn’t an untouchable.
      Not a gaol scorer you say…team game…and with that in mind Weber is this goal machine? nah…and he isn’t even superior defensively…that was when Suter was paired with him and the tandem blended into a great pair…

      • Giroux has 57 points in 59 games.

        19 goals and 38 assists.

        Considering he had ligament damage in his hands…he has recovered well.

        He has 13 points in his last 9 games.

        He is fine. He’ll finish above a point a game again this year.

        • Gary–

          maybe G will finish over a point per game this year. there’s a first for everything. point being, it’s misleading to say he has more points than Crosby over the last 3 years. when you look at his first full season 09-10, since then, he’s played over 100 more games than Crosby. the two don’t compare

          I can’t stand Crosby or the Penguins, by the way. But Crosby is way better than G

          • I am not talking about 8 years ago.

            Over the last 3 years..which is present time..Giroux has more points than everyone but Tavares.

            Facts don’t lie bud.

      • Bill-

        you gave me a good laugh

        G’s best year is 28 goals. not exactly the same zip code as Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Parise.

        Weber will have 20 this year. G might get to 30. No one in their right mind would give Weber straight up for G. Weber is in anyone’s top 3 best D men in the league, i think the best. G isn’t the best at anything. Couldn’t even make the Olympic team where, you might have noticed, Weber is blowing it up at a point per game. from a D man.

        let’s see. Weber not superior defensively? 3 time finalist for the Norris. Lost 2 of those to a guy named Lidstrom i believe. the other one he lost to Karlsson, who’s a great skater and offensive, but defensively challenged.

        • Gary u R plain silly.
          Points don’t make a player.
          Norris has always been about points, not defensive prowess.
          Whether you want to stubborn be in disbelief, Giroux been injured all year, and is STILL is not going anywhere and IF he was going for Weber Philly wouldn’t have to ADD more assets.
          It’s not a fact but a CLEAR opinion of most around the league who evaluate players. I spend hours doing by watching play, isolating on kids…but I am pretty sure MOST folks on this site or ANY hockey site with knowledgable fans would agree Giroux is far enough to wet Preds appetite IF Philly was stup[id enough to trade a first line forward for him.
          I don’t think my elvaluetion on eber is far off : With Suter much better than with Josi or anyone else….Little else changed on their squad for his play to regress. So you get a big guy that can use hus size and does at times and you get one of the fastest hardest shots in the game, but you also get a guy doesn’t fair more than average managing the puck on the wall, and one who stops moving his feet, and isn’t the quickest stick either.
          Unfortuantely when some responds to me with a haha or “gave them a good laugh”, I take as insulting or a tactic to get higher ground in the debate. I know the game and there is no debate…you lose this one.

          • if you say so

            except that the NHL doesn’t say so. Weber got the contract he got because he’s the best in the biz period end of story.

            your subjective analysis about feet movement and moving pucks along the wall? whatever. the dude has been a finalist for the Norris how many years? he scores almost as many goals as G and he’s a D man. did you hear that–a D man. oh and he plays 25 minutes a game.

            Bill, sit down, take your 4 thumbs off the keyboard, have another drink, and go learn something. No one in their right mind would trade Weber for G straight up

          • Bill–

            actually you are far off

            I believe Weber was a finalist for the Norris the 1st year that Suter was gone

            He’s been paired with an 18 year old rookie most of this year

            and the Predators other core player, Rinne, has been out most of the year. The back-up Hutton was so bad when they called him up that they gave Marazek a chance to win the job

            their offense is pathetic and the best they could do last summer was sign 4 bargain basement free agent FW are nothing more than 3rd liners in a weak effort to inject offense into their line-up. that experiment didn’t work as their offense is still anemic and one of those free agents has already been traded

            but yeah you’re right, nothing is different about the team that went to the playoffs when Suter was there :-)))))))))))

          • Your initial post of a trade for Weber that had to include Giroux plus other players that were not throw-in players was off- base, incorrectly weighed in terms of fairness, and that hasn’t changed to me or anyone else in this stream.
            It is up there at the top for all to see.
            The only point tou seem to be repeating is about weber being a finalist ONCE in Norris trophy candidacy.
            He didn’t win.
            You want to call my eval “subjective” (oh, yeah my view based on far more year at this than you…I would attempt to call you doing your job in court a subjective way of being a legal counsel) and expect anyone reading this to “ACCEPT” your Norris candidate argument w/o no other reasoning, save the too high contract and the parts of Weber’s game that I CLEARLY said were his strengths.
            You think that the contract he gets paid was fair value?… or a DESPERATE team (Nashville was ALREADY TOLD before hand by SUTER he was moving on, so they weren’t in a let this one go and will sign the other one scenario.)feelingthey had NO CHOICE but MATCHING an outside offer, becasue then the lose their entire first pairing.
            “The NHL doesn’t say so…”
            Your original post the FLYERS get WEBER for an impact first line centre, another young developing player and also FIRST LINE player in Jakub Voracek and one of the FOLLOWING:
            (a – c are so different in value it’s not worth explaining it)
            a)Sean Couturier
            b)Lunch pail undersized tough guy and decent prospect Scott Laughton,
            c)their 2014 draft pick
            currently 16th in the 2014 draft, which places it on the cusp 5th tier on this lousy draft. (In comparison…teams were drafting BETTER prospects in last years 2013 draft in the ealry second round.)
            Two first lines and more … for Shea Weber.
            That’s YOUR ORIGINAL POST and you are replying to any and all of us with WHATEVER and we make YOU laugh????

            If you are not a new fan, you certainly haven’t watch the players closely or understand how trading works. You are REALLY good at attempting bring tone and ridicule to make your faulty original point, but it is CRYSTAL CLEAR to ALL HERE you wrong to start and are still incorrect in your goofy trade idea.
            And while most come here in the spirit of camaraderie and hockeyy fellowship, you have entered the conversation and started attempting to talk down to us, to make us the shortcoming…when in fact it was your trade thought that all thought was short…on thought, equality and your defense.
            and before putting the rest of kind readers through more of your reply banter, WHY not just contact me via SO THEY DON”T have to endure your horsefeathers….

  14. When I see Weber in trade rumours, I just skip it. Let’s talk about Malkin, Duchene, and Tavares in trade rumours as well… Essentially from here on out, Nashville is paying less than 7M/Y for a top 3 d-man in the league. Do the Flyers have a top 3 forward in the league to offer? Nope.

    Case closed.

    • MJR–

      no idea where you pulling those numbers from but the Predators have 4 more years of just bonus money thats more than $7M

      ratherr than make stuff up, go to capgeek for the actual facts

  15. Gary–

    the facts don’t lie. over the last 3 years G has played over 100 more games than Crosby. did you miss that fact. and Crosby still has like 20 less points. since G’s first full season. .9 points per game Crosby 1.5 points per game. did you miss that fact. that’s 67% more point production.

    c’mon man. your bias is blinding you. I love the Flyers, hate Crosby and hate the Penguins but they’e not even close

  16. Gary–

    you think Voracek is getting better every year? based on what?

    not according to the numbers. he’s worse this year than last year. but don’t let a good fact stand in the way of your pre-conceived opinion

  17. Bill–

    i posted this trade for Weber before. I think it NYRFan4Life who posted an ALERT!!!! for maybe the first legitimate and fair trade on this site, because most people over-rate their team’s players, like you over-rate Giroux. so again, when you say “most would’ disagree with me about this trade, between you and me, neither one of us knows what you’re talking about.


    yes i’m a Flyer fan. Not sure who thought G should have been on Team Canada, but the people who count didn’t, that being Yzerman, Babcock and the coaching staff. Yzerman had 2 chances to pick G and he passed on him twice. G is an under-sized center that is a playmaker but not a sniper, not strong on the puck, not physical, and is a defensive liability. Holmgren has made plenty of bad decisions in the last few years. G’s extension was no different, it was by no means a rare lucid thought for Holmgren.

    I don’t like Crosby. But the numbers don’t lie. when you post that G has more points than Crosby in the last 3 years, it’s misleading. the fact that G has played over 100 games more than Crosby and has Crosby beat by like 20 points says it all. but you choose to ignore the 100+ games part. if you’re gonna do that, why not just wait for the next game that G has more points than Crosby, and then post here “see i told you so, G is better than Crosby.” Crosby is an elite player. head and shoulders better than G, they’re not even in the same league. Just look at the goals, points, points per game, Cups, and the fact that Crosby had 100 point seasons at 18 and 19 yo when G couldn’t even make the NHL until he was 22. done.