Latest Flyers, Bruins and Coyotes Rumor News – February 11, 2014.

Could the Flyers and Bruins pursue defensemen at the trade deadline? Will the Coyotes add a scorer? Read on for the latest.

Could the Flyers pursue Shea Weber this summer?

Could the Flyers pursue Shea Weber this summer?

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Pannacio doesn’t see any major defensemen available by the March 5 trade deadline who could help the Philadelphia Flyers. Indeed, he doesn’t expect them to make any major moves until then. He expects they’ll look at pursuing a major blueliner in the off-season. Noting the Nashville Predators are loading up with young defensemen, Panaccio speculates they might move captain Shea Weber and his big contract. If they do, he believes the Flyers will be interested. Panaccio isn’t hearing any rumbling the Flyers are aggressively pursuing a scoring winger like Thomas Vanek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Weber lacks a no-trade clause the Predators can deal him anywhere.  Weber’s been invaluable rallying the Predators back into playoff contention this season, so the asking price will be steep for one of the league’s top defensemen. The Preds desperately need offense so expect the asking price for Weber to be at least one top-line scorer and either a second-line scorer or top forward prospect along with a first round pick.  I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty the Predators move him, but if they got a mind-blowing offer one can’t rule it out. I agree with Panaccio that the Flyers won’t make any major moves near the deadline. They lack cap space and the asking price for the better players available (Vanek, Moulson) is too expensive. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty speculates over possible defensive moves by the Boston Bruins, who seek “a big, strong veteran defenseman that can block shots and throw bodies around in the defensive zone.” Haggerty acknowledged there aren’t many of those available right now. He believes it’s possible they could offer up a couple of non-first round picks to the Islanders for Andrew MacDonald. He doesn’t see them trying to land Dan Girardi as long as the NY Rangers want a first round pick as part of the return, and admits the Ottawa Senators aren’t parting with Chris Phillips.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli won’t make a trade just for the sake of doing so. If he believes MacDonald can be an improvement for his defense he’ll try to land him. Otherwise, he’ll stick with what he’s got or maybe seek a more affordable option. Girardi and Phillips aren’t among them. 

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Phoenix Coyotes’ GM Don Maloney’s focus is on boosting his club’s offense by the trade deadline, though the pickings are slim this year. He doesn’t expect any massive changes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we take Maloney at his word we can rule out the Coyotes pursuing Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson or Mike Cammalleri. It’s rumored they were interested in bringing back former Coyote Ray Whitney from the Dallas Stars, but with the Stars jockeying with the ‘Yotes for a playoff berth that’s unlikely to happen. Perhaps Maloney looks at more affordable options like Florida’s Brad Boyes or Calgary’s Lee Stempniak.


  1. Oh gawd here we go Weber stupid trade scenarios start now…… :-)

    • Agreed. Why would they trade Weber. He is an elite defense man that every team needs. And they have already been paying for future years with the contract being front loaded. Do you see them trading weber? They would be throwing millions of dollars away and subsidizing his contract for another team if traded.

    • How about I start this mess off. Weber and Matt Cullen to Edmonton for Eberle, Gagner and Nurse. Edmonton gets the stud defenceman they need along with Gagner’s replacement at center on the second line. Nashville gets an explosive scoring forward, a young center with big upside and a good young defenceman to eventually replace Weber. The dollars work. Maybe substitute Edmonton’s first for Nurse, but the Oilers would rather keep that pick I’m sure.

      • Good start but the oilers would have to add substantially to their offer. You can almost gaurentee that their 1st in 2015 would be included and probably Yakupov.

    • Don’t see Weber moving for several years. Isn’t Nashville paying him some crazy number like 14 million a year ? Hell if the Rangers won’t pay Girardi 6 million, what does that tell you about going rate. For 14 million you can get two quality D-men. If you have to have 2 d-men on ice at any one time and there are 60 minutes in a game, that comes to 120 D-man minutes a game that needs coverage. Weber will play what 25-30 minutes a game, just think the price is way too much.

      • I can see him being traded at some point in the next year or 2, but if and when he does it will be for a a very high price. I’m thinking first round pick and a couple players that can produce around 50 points each or will produce that kind of offense in the very near future. In perspective Giroux BSchenn first, Hall Yak first, Kessel Kadri first those will be the type of offers the Preds would be looking for or at. If not then no point in trading him. Yes the Weber contract is expensive but Shea Weber sells tickets unless they get an offer that pushes this club into the playoffs to generate more revenue for the foreseeable future it doesn’t make sense to trade him to start building again, and be a team that doesn’t make the playoffs now with out Weber.

        • I think only Philly, who drafted this stupid contract, would even consider it.
          He makes $14M for 2 more then a few years at $12M.

          So, a team is expected to trade multiple assets for him and then over pay his for 4-6 year?? Yeah, great value there.

          • I agree with that part, but GMs have made moves like this before and I’m sure they will make head scratching moves in the future. I’m not sure any player would be worth the cost of Weber (players and contract wise) but I am sure if or when he gets moved it will be a doozey. Other players out tjere would command similar returns Malkin Crosby Towes etc not everyday a player like this becomes available and I’d put Webers value well above Nash, who got 2 40-50 pt guys a d man and s first.

          • @Shticky, Crosby, Malkin,Toews, Ovi, Parise, Suter, Etc don’t make 12-14M per and all those guys are certainly better than Weber, no player in the NHL is worth that paycheck, and your right, GM’s will overpay and that will never change. Gretzky is the only player that was grossly underpaid and worth every penny.

        • Schticky you must be joking about those prospective trade packages required to pry Weber loose from the Preds.
          Seriously guy I don’t always agree with you on your blogs but that is simply outrageous. Giroux and Schenn? Hall AND Yak?? Two former #1 picks??
          I can see an Oiler package that may include a elite forward; prospect and #1 pick this year or next but that is it.
          And NO way, Weber sells tickets in Nashville. They are not that type of hockey crowd.
          Yes it does make sense to trade him if you can shed payroll while adding as many as three good young pieces to the puzzle moving forward to go with the young D they already have.

          • You dont think Weber sells a place they call Smashville the 6’4 225 lb defense man captain of the team, who plays 30 mins a night??? Ok then. Kessel got 2 first round picks. It dosent make sense to trade him otherwise. The package would a higher value then Nash or Kessel, when the Pens taded for Hossa they gave up Espisito Armstrong Christansssen and a first round pick turns out thats 3 firsts for at the time a rental. Now those guys didnt turn out like the thrashers expected, but at the time that was a steep price. And again Dubinsky Anisimov are 2 guys who average 40 -50 points a big part of the Jackets a young D man who was a first round pick and another first round pick. The precedent is there.

  2. If I was the Predators GM (David Poile maybe?) and Holmgren wanted to talk about Weber I’d make it very simple.

    Their offer would need to include Giroux, a first round pick and a former first round pick now prospect. To start.

    Maybe next time don’t make an RFA offer sheet you know we had to match? Okbye,

    • I think everyone knows if the Flyers are trading Giroux as part of a package for weber, all those extras won’t be included, IMO. I think the Preds would be after a help now and later package. I am thinking something like,

      To Nash: Coburn, Voracek/Simmonds & Couterier/Schenn, Laughton.

      To Phil; Weber & Wilson

      Bash away, lol

    • And thus a trade between those two teams involving Weber will never happen.

  3. Coyotes: Sarah stated that the Coyotes need to “boost the Offense”, but I think it’s more correct to say that they need to upgrade some forward positions. Ribeiro stills needs a finisher. The Coyotes also lack a LW that has chemistry with Hanzal and Vrbata. IMO, their biggest need is the one that has defined the Coyotes in the past, and that is a responsible shutdown line.and a decent pk unit. They miss Gordon more than Whitney.
    GM Maloney also won’t make any trade that doesn’t help the Coyotes long term by giving up assets with value for players on expiring contracts (except maybe for Zbynek’s brother Milan).

  4. Every team in the league is seeking a top line forwards and a top two pairing defender for cast offs and upcoming UFAs.

    Good luck dreaming!

  5. I think this year will be a little different than the past because of Olympic break. Teams will only have a few games before trade deadline to see how their team is playing and determine if they should make a deal.
    Being on a hot streak before the break means nothing, with a two week layoff, it will be like trying to remember how did we get on the hot streak 3 weeks ago ? There are 7 teams fighting for the last 3 playoff positions in the west and 11 fighting for the last 6 in the east and they will have to make decisions fast. As a guess, they will bid up the price for rentals fast and I’m guessing that it will scare away the teams on top because of the inflated asking prices, so I don’t see the Pittsburgh’s, Chicago’s, Anaheim’s etc making expensive rental trades this year, it will be the teams fighting to get into the playoff’s that will do the spending.

    • Im not so sure. Most trades that will happen at the deadline will be because they were being discussed long before the break occurred and are pending because one GM is deciding whether to give up what the other GM wants. The top teams are the ones with the best odds of winning and IMO will be the ones more willing to part with assets. But who knows maybe you will be right. These next two weeks are going to be unusually long and the anticipation leading up to the deadline is going to seem even longer.

    • I guess that is why I am thinking Miller will get traded, especially if he is backstopping the US to a medal – don’t you think that will raise his value substantually. Still think MN needs to shore up their goaltending situation – they don’t know if Harding is gonna come back and I could see them doing a package of Heatly with Granlund or Coyle for Miller and a 2nd round draft pick.

      • @Steve, IMO Millers value is to high already let alone if the great USA wins gold. I could see how your suggested trade might work minus Coyle. I can see Heatley/Grandlund being part of it. Fletcher doesn’t want to give up any more prospects/picks for Miller and this would only work if they could sign him to a deal. I feel bad for Hards and hope he comes back but it’s looking like his career might be over. They should have never re-signed Backstrom. I sitll think Miller re-signs with Buffalo for a 2-3 year deal at 6-7M per.

      • I think the main problem with Millers value is the demand for a goaltender. Unlike Moulson, Vanek etc, Miller will have 2 maybe 3 teams interested. Not 10-12-15 teams interested. That drives his value down imo. As far as a successful run at a medal upping his value, I don’t see that making much of a difference. It will still not change the amount of teams interested in him at the deadline. I’m not even sure that Miller will be the starter for team US at this point anyway.

        • @NYR4LIFE, I agree, Quick should play the majority of the tourney and especially the gold medal game should the USA get there. I don’t see his value going higher either and the Wild don’t have a goalie to offer back in a trade, well we do, but Murray would laugh and hang up on Fletcher if he had the balls to offer Backstrom in the deal. IMO

          • I’m confused, why is it being assumed that Miller is 2nd to Quick?

            Also, if Miller does lead the team to gold, it may just get the Sabres what they are asking, but not more. This could solidify his worth or sink it. IMHO

          • Miller’s got the start guaranteed. All signs are pointing to Miller. Reading on all these sports websites and such.

          • @Jes, FYI,here’s some information for you. Remember this decision was made for Wednesday’s game, Miller could get the nod for Sat. vs. Russia.

            SOCHI, Russia — It would’ve been easy for Dan Bylsma to go with Ryan Miller.

            The United States head coach could’ve compared the numbers: Miller’s .923 save percentage this season with the Buffalo Sabres, to Jonathan Quick’s .911 mark with the Los Angeles Kings.

            He could’ve pointed to Miller’s outstanding play in the 2010 Vancouver Games that helped the Americans win a silver medal, or to Quick’s past few NHL games, which haven’t all gone well.

            But Bylsma went with Quick, announcing his decision Wednesday afternoon following practice, the day before the U.S. will open its Olympic tournament versus Slovakia.

            “We’re dealing with a position of strength when it comes to the goaltender, and the goaltender decision,” said Bylsma.

            “Jonathan’s won a championship with his team, won a Stanley Cup. Certainly Ryan this year has played very well for his team as well, so it’s been dealing from where we have two very good guys to be in net. Jonathan will be getting the nod.”

          • Quick has been named the starter for the 1st preliminary game. Hope you didn’t lay money on that guarantee Jes.

          • Because Quick has won a Cup and was the Con Smythe winner in a pretty pressure packed tournament…Miller could take over later on if he falters but Quick will be the starter.

      • The main problem here is what are you sending Buffalo in order for them to take on Heatley? He has negative value at this point given his contract and play.

        • It’s just a salary dump Styx.

          Heatley I believe is a UFA after this season so no negative value at all. Plus you can’t get rid of a big contract and not take any garbage money back. We get to test drive a player for a few games and then decide what we want to pay him if he decides to stay.

          • @Jes, exactly right.

          • Sorry, Thursday’s game, my typo.

  6. Habs better trade Markov…no point of having him around and lose him for nothing. By the time the habs are a cup contender Markov won’t be good anymore. So for the next 2-3 years (where he still has a bit left) should be with a cup contender and Montreal should pick up a couple assets in return.

    • Habs wont get much for Markov. He has had way too many injuries, is an injury waiting to happen, and has shown he has lost a step or two. Because he is UFA this summer he probably wont be resigned by montreal unless his play improves. If they do move him they wont get more than a 3rd and probably only a fourth for him, maybe.

      • Markov has 31 pts and is a +7. He isn’t the Markov of old, but he’s still a valuable defenceman.

        As well, he’s a fan favourite in Montreal, which has value*. I say they re-sign him to 2 yrs, $7.8M, maybe even 3 yrs, $9M?

        * I agree he’s lost a step and they could spend that money elsewhere. But hockey teams are in the business of selling tickets more than winning games, and keeping fan favourites helps sell tickets. (winning games also sells tickets, of course, which is the main reason the teams try so hard to do it [as opposed to the players, whose main reason to do it is out of competitiveness] )

        • Rumour has it he’s looking for 2-3 years, at from 5M to 6M a year. Talk has the KHL will pay more to have him. We’ll see I guess.

          • Imo if its a 2-3 year deal the Habs should sign Markov even tho he has a bit of injury history the guy is still a very good D man who makes a huge difference on the club with his leadership and play when he is healthy. 12 mill over 3 years, or 2 years for around 9-10 mill with the rising cap seems very reasonable for a guy like that. He has been very good to the organization and as mentioned most fans of the Habs love the guy. No brainer really if its around 4-5 mill on a very short term.

        • So just because he’s a favorite in MTL he’ll garner more in a trade?

          He’s an alright defenseman but he won’t get you much in a trade. He’s a Band-Aid. And honestly for some reason most injury riddled players like Markov tend to stay healthy in a contract year. Whoever signs him for longer then a year will be sorry.

          Having Markov in the lineup won’t sell tickets. When one favorite player leaves another takes rein of that title. If Briere came back to Buffalo I highly doubt there would be more fans in the stands.

          • Not that he will get more in a trade but because he is a fan favorite it may be reason to keep him as opposed to trading him. He may be worth more to the Habs than another team is what I think is being expressed.

  7. it’s funny how short people’s memories are, last year at the deadline the Penguins made a bunch of deals (picking up Iginla, Morrows, & Murray) and the online forums absolutely exploded with people predicting that Pittsburgh had all but guaranteed themselves another Cup. as we all know not only did the Penguins not win a Cup but they were almost eliminated by the 8th seed Islanders in the first round before finally falling to the Bruins (who Toronto would’ve finished off in the first round … if Lucic hadn’t been allowed to run roughshod with a dirty hit from behind on Gunnarson ). at about the same time Pittsburgh gave up 3 top draft picks (1st, 2nd, & 5th) and 3 of their top prospects, Chicago also made a trade with San Jose giving up a 4th round pick for Michael Handzus who went on to become a big part of their Cup winning team (and resigned in the offseason for a Cap friendly $1 million). so clearly it’s not about making the biggest moves it’s about making the right moves.

    • TO lost fair and square.

      Haven’t seen a meltdown like that for awhile.

      • You havent seen a team blow a 3 goal lead? It happens Captain Dramatic.

  8. This is why people like the ones on here aren’t GM’S. Stupid trade ideas.

  9. If Craig MacTavish still has a job in a month and wants to keep his job, he should explore the Weber option.

    Edmonton needs D and leadership .

    There have been a few top 5 picks turn into duds and I’m thinking Edmonton might have a couple of them. One of them may perform up to their potential on a quality team with a good core but all of them on a young poor Edmonton team is doing nothing for them as far as their development goes. Oilers have the potential to ruin some good young players careers on the current Edmonton team.
    MacTavish and Katz are going to have to use a couple of these guys for trade bait before the shine totally wears off these guys.
    Edmonton needs a top D and a leader (I feel currently Smyth should wear C not overrated Ference) .
    Weber in Edmonton makes sense….Western Canadian top D Man on a team that needs it.
    New building coming and Katz’s cash will keep him there for years.
    On the Nashville side, they are loading up their D with some good young guys (Ellis, Jones, Josi, Del Zotto) but are desperate up front for offense so why not make a pitch for a package including either Hopkins or Eberle or Yakopov and possibly Nurse. Good opportunity to move Gagner or Hemsky as well. Nashville can look after its offense for year to come if they do a deal.
    Their D would still be in good shape without Weber …Jones is developing nicely. Agree with others that would take more than just one of these guys to get Weber but you also have to think Edmonton is gonna have another high 1st rounder this year as well. Trade it !!
    Edmonton can put together a hell of a package to get Weber out of Nashville.
    Hall is only Oiler that is untouchable as far I am concerned.