Latest Flyers, Sabres and Avalanche Rumors – June 21, 2013.

Flyers may be out of the Bernier sweepstakes, an update on Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, the Avalanche’s motivation for suggesting they’ll pass over Seth Jones at the draft, and more.

Flyers still interested in Bobby Ryan.

Flyers still interested in Bobby Ryan.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have apparently made a significant bid for LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier, which may explain why they’re hesitant to make a final decision on buying out Ilya Bryzgalov. Panaccio claims the “Leafs, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild and now the New Jersey Devils reportedly are in the bidding”, but the Leafs are offering more than the others are willing to pay. A Flyers source claimed they and the Kings “aren’t really talking”, which could mean GM Paul Holmgren can’t match what the others are offering for Bernier.

Panaccio also claims the Flyers still have interest in Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan and the NY Rangers Brad Richards, though it sounds as though new Rangers coach Alain Vigneault wants Richards retained.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi also reported a Flyers source claimed his club would be interested in Brad Richards if the Rangers buy him out, seeing him as a potential replacement for soon-to-be bought out Danny Briere. Frank Seravalli, meanwhile, reports Flyers UFA forward Simon Gagne hopes to be re-signed once the club sorts out its cap situation.

NJ.COM: Charles Curtis wonders if the Devils might consider signing Briere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing new in the Toronto media earlier today about the Leafs supposed interest in Bernier, though I daresay that’ll increase between later today and Saturday morning. Regardless of the Leafs interest, it sounds as though the Flyers are out of the running for Bernier, which could keep Bryzgalov in Philadelphia for at least one more season.

The Ducks prefer to retain Ryan, but could be forced to part with him to free up salary cap space. If Ryan is shopped, I expect the Flyers will make a serious push for him. As for Richards, it’s now possible the Rangers could retain him in hopes he’ll regain his offensive touch playing for Vigneault.

Gagne could be an affordable re-signing, but he might not fit into the Flyers future plans.  As for Briere, I anticipate a number of clubs will have serious interest in him, as he should be a bargain signing. Despite his age and injury history, he’s a proven playoff performer.

THE BUFFALO NEWS/WGR550: Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier would like to move up in the first round of this year’s NHL Draft, but he yesterday told reporters moving up into the top four spots would be very difficult, if not impossible. Regier holds the 8th and 16th overall picks, and is exploring options with the clubs holding the fifth (Carolina), sixth (Calgary) and seventh (Edmonton) overall picks.

John Vogl of the Buffalo News also reported the agents for Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek said they’ve had no contract extension talks with the Sabres. Both players have said they’re open to the idea of being dealt. Regier also said at this point he has no plans to buy out any of his players this year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moving up into those other spots in the draft could be easier for the Sabres. I also expect they’ll be quietly shopping Miller and Vanek, though it wouldn’t surprise me if both start the season with the Sabres and end up as possible deadline day trade bait.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Colorado Avalanche VP of Hockey OperationsJoe Sakic isn’t wavering from his recent claim his club could pass over defenseman Seth Jones in favor of selecting either Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin or Alexander Barkov with the first overall pick in this year’s NHL Draft. Sakic said his statement was meant more for Avalanche fans to know what the club is thinking going into the draft. Craig Custance, meanwhile, suggests Sakic may also have been trying to further drum up trade interest in that pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whatever the Avs do with that pick come June 30th, they’ve certainly generated more-than-usual hype going into this year’s draft.


  1. I don’t get it… Why would the Leaf’s offer up a “significant” package for Bernier when they have major holes to fill at Center and on the D. This makes no sense especially since Bernier is a RFA and could command a big raise that the Leafs can’t afford if they intend to resign all their RFA’s and make a pitch for a UFA to two in a few weeks.

    UNLESS the Kings are taking a salary dump back on the trade ie Grabo or Lyles which makes no sense since the Kings have their own big time cap issue. None of this makes any sense. There must be a Kings centerman included on this trade to make this trade worth while for the Leafs.

    This is driving me nuts.

    • Maybe your on to something with it being a bigger deal the just Bernier?? I’m not sure as I said I’d be alright giving up some extra pieces (Frattin and Scrivens or a second round pick) that may not fit in next year anyway to get Bernier, but I hope Dave dosent do anything to rash like all three or prospects or anything like that lol.

      • Assuming Flyers offered Read Leafs fans seem to think that Fratting and Scrivens is significantly better package then Matt Read?

        Ha ha.. Please, I doubt Lombardi is that dumb. He probably wants something else.

        • That was the deal that he was reportedly interested in last year and if anything I think Frattin value probably increased this year. Reads Good player but not significantly better then Fratin and Scrivens would be solid backup to replace Bernier behind Quick. I’m not sure what others are offering but if it was down to those two deals I would say the Leafs is not necessarily a whole bunch better but fills more needs for The Kings then Philly.

          • 1st, I think M.Read is a hell of a player and a lot better then Frattin.
            2nd, I would not trade Read for Frattin and Scrivens or 2nd.
            3rd, per reports… Leafs offer was significantly better then Flyers offer.

            So if FLyers offered M.Read what the hell did Leafs offer?

          • Ya sorry forgot that the Flyers are full of the best players that everyone else wants and anyone of them is worth 3 or 4 of anyone else’s …get a grip man

          • Read while having a whole whopping 4 whole more points (with nearly twice as many games played) then Fratin in the regular season is older smaller, and will be UFA next year while Fratin will be RFA and probably cheaper and easier to hang on to plus they get someone to replace Bernier and by the sounds of it (I hate this part) another piece.

          • Maybe we are talking:
            To the Leafs – Bernier, and Carter
            To LA – Scrivens, Frattin, Lyles and this years first rounder?
            To LA Scriven, Frattin, Lyles and Rielly (last years 5th over all)…

            Who knows, but it must be bigger then just Bernier since he doesn’t address any holes the buds currently have

          • BeerGoggles
            If the Kings trade Carter, they are all but saying we won’t go for the cup again with this team. For periods of time Carter was the Kings offense.

          • Got it.
            I thought with Richards, Kopitar and Stoll they were more then covered.

      • Here’s my speculative take on this. Nonis and MacT have been talking alot of late. Lombardi knows this and does not want to see Bernier flipped to the Oilers unless the Leafs pay a premium. Gagner back to Tornoto for Bernier. Lord knows what the ransom the Kings will want; likely TO’s first this year and Scrivens/Frattin.

    • LOL ok ok I am really super doubting if there was more to the deal which I doubt there is (never know tho) it would involve anything like Brown and or Richards if there would be more tto it I’m thinking it may involve the rights to Scuderi kinda thing nothing huge, and like I said I highly doubt that.

      • Hey,

        The rumur I have read repeatedly is Komi,Frattin,+prospect + this years first(21st overall) for Bernier and Amart.

        • RT @evanpatterson4: @DennisTFP bernier>leafs. deal has Komi to LA can amnesty him. Frattin, Komi, prospect and a 1st for Bernie& Amart/
          don’t like it for LA
          2:40pm – 21 Jun 13

          • If this deal goes thru I’m changing one of my kids names to Dave Nonis…lol

        • Who is amart?

          • Sorry got it Alec Martinez

    • Frattin is not significant

  2. i dont understand why the leafs are trying so hard to get Bernier, James Reimer has exceeded expectations he has posted a better save percentage then Belfour hes been the best leafs goalie in a long time why cant we get a vet goalie to guide him possibly sign a khabbibulin or a vokun and put the rest on the kids shoulders and actually go after something we really need… like another top 4 deference-man who takes some pressure off of phanuef possibly rob scuderi of the kings hes a free agent sign clarkson and use those assets we are throwing for bernier to acquire a top line cent possibly ryan oreily from the avs paul statsny or even joe pavelski

  3. Assuming LA needs forwards because they are very solid on D, if Flyers offered Read.. what did Leafs offer?

    • Please don’t let it be the first pick plus….I was really hoping that the bone head GM moves were behind us.

      • I am not saying 1st.. but per reports we offered M.Read and you offered significantly more not to mention NYI with their tons of prospects are in the mix.

        • Nah what I meant was I’m hoping Nonis dosent do something stupid like offer a package like Fratin and a first plus Scrivens for Bernier like I said I thought we might be finally done with bone head GM moves.

          • This is starting to sound like a bigger deal then just Bernier. If Toronto knows they can’t land that top end centre then what about going after Brown.

            Tor Brown and Bernier 1st or 2nd
            L.A. Phaneuf Fratten Scrivens and 1st

            Then LA can pass the C to Richards without asking it away from Brown

        • And really I’m not sure Garth would move anything significant for Bernier I could see him trying to sign a ufa goalie there will be enough around, maybe Nino and a second but that guy is getting to be drama and not so sure with how the Kings are built he would be a fit. I think Garth is hoarding his prospects and really I can’t blame him in the next couple years he will have a very good team going down the road as long as Charlie stays out of it.

          • try getting a bag of pucks for dion the belmonts
            7 mill //1 year left
            only leafs want this guy around

    • Colby
      Trade Brown so that you don’t have to take away “C” from him and Richards
      ends up with it. ? That’s like saying hey, I didn’t want to insult you by taking away
      your office and give it to someone else, so I am just going to fire you instead and make
      you move to somewhere where you can shovel snow 6 months a year. Also Kings do
      not need Phaneuf, they need a 25 goal scorer for the next year or two. These rest
      of the team is good enough to win another cup.

      • Fair comment. But how many people believe that Brown would be the same player if they took the C away from him and he had to stay in town. I know if my office was being taken away I wouldn’t give the person that got my office a nice picture or plant.

        Also. Come on. How many NHLers shovel their own snow $$$

        • Shoveling snow, guess that what wives are for:
          Reminds me of old joke, boy asks his mother why does the bride wear white ?
          Mom answered to show the world that we are pure and wholesome. Boy then asks his father – Dad why does the bride wear white, Dad answers, don’t you
          know (?), all household appliances are white.

        • Well Joe Sakic hurt his hand trying to clear out his snow blower

  4. Hey Lyle,

    As we know there are at least 15 teams interested in Briere. My question is do you think the Penguins would be one of them if they could afford it, and do you think Briere would play there? I know logistics and family make sense, but what about the “rivalry” he has been part of these past years. Thoughts?

    • Pittsburgh is 300 miles away. Briere could just go to Boston which is basically the same distance.

    • Obviously, I am not the person you were looking for input from but I will offer you this: Briere has always conducted himself as a no-nonsense business man when it comes to his contracts and where he wants to play. He does not strike me as a player who is going to let any emotion, other than the desire to win, dictate his actions. Just my 2 cents.

      • Other than family considerations … I assumed that.

    • Max Talbot switched sides a few years ago,so why not?

    • I’d be very surprised if Briere signed with the Penguins, who are pressed for cap space this summer anyway.

    • Brierre is going to stay in the North Eastern USA to be close enough to be near his kids. The likely landing spots would be NJ, Buffalo, Islanders, Pittsburgh, or Washington. Boston, Detroit, Columbus, and Carolina also in play. Dont see him going to the Rangers (playing for buffalo and Philly he knows he would be a traitor going to the Rangers).

      All the NE cities are about an hr flight away from where the kids are so its not too hard for him to travel back to see them. From NYC/NJ or DC he could just drive.

      He cant go to Canada…its a child custody/visitation nightmare. with his divorce. Its my understanding that the Mom is the primary/custodial parent so there are rules on taking the kids out of state and where they could be taken to. Standard with this are strict rules against the non custodial parent to take the kids out of the country.

      If he was going to go elsewhere like a western team he likely coordinates something with his ex about moving there with the kids. If she refuses to do that—he isnt going out west.

  5. Re: Flyers / Holmgren
    Can somebody tell me just what Holmgren’s game plan is ? Is he going to take a step back
    and go the youth movement direction or is he going to trade away the future to get back
    into the playoffs ? If he is going for it now then buy out Bryzgalov. Trade Read & Couturier,
    and the number #11 pick for Ryan, Hiller, Allen. Flyers get the Goalie they need, the scoring
    forward they have been coveting, and a physical defenseman as an insurance policy for next year.
    Ducks get cap relief, a winger to replace Ryan, a draft pick to go after a D-man to develop
    for the future, I then trade Cogliano at the draft for a high #2 and Couturier becomes my 3rd line
    center, penalty killer, second line fill in if injuries happen.

    On the other hand, if Holmgren’s plan is to take a step back I trade anyone over 30 and get
    as many draft picks as I can, cause this may be one of those drafts where it is very, very deep.
    Not many superstars, but a lot of real good players down the road.

    • Game plan? Holmgren?

      You kidding, right?

  6. Like many of you, the Leafs interest in Bernier totally baffles me.

    The only theory I can come up with is that there is a 3 way trade going down, where the Leafs trade Frattin and their 21st overall pick for Bernier and Kings 27th overall pick. Leafs then trade Bernier and a current Defenseman or Defense Prospect to Edmonton for their 7th pick overall. Leafs then execute a trade with Vancouver for Luongo that involves Scrivens. Leafs then Draft Sean Monaghan at 7th.

    Leafs have Luongo start for first few years and then slowly hand over to Reimer. Monahan is the big centre they need, ready in two years or less. Kings get Bernier out of their hair and gain a forward and a better first round pick. Canucks get rid of Luongo finally. Oilers get a young starting goalie with potential and shore up their defense, either immediately or soon after.

    With all the talk about Bernier to Toronto, Bernier wanting to be a number one, Kings wanting a first round pick for Bernier (this gets them a higher one), Toronto being happy with their goalies but wanting an upgrade not a tandem, Oilers talking about trading their 7th overall pick, Dallas Eakins now the coach in Edmonton, Nonis and MacT chatting at the GM meetings, that is my conspiracy theory in a nutshell. I say that because some of you will say I am nuts. Please be kind.

    • LOL whole Lotta who shot John there…can’t see it moving for Bernier to going for Luongo and the 7th for Fratin 21stpick and say Gardner?? Wow man that’s a stretch.

    • Kings don’t have a 27th pick, they traded that to Columbus as part of Carter trade.

    • hmm would it not be easier for LA to just deal with Edmonton for the pick if that is want oilers want
      not too many goalies get dealt for top picks especially backups


      • Aren’t you missing star trek or something?

  7. Would Joe Thronton, Dan Boyle, and the Sharks 1st & 2nd be enough to land the 1st overall? That’s a number 1 center, a top 2 pmD, and 2 picks… sure they are older, but they are established legit players now.

    • Honestly I can’t see the Avs trading that pick for anything unless the deal was with one of the other top 3 and they traded down to 2 or 3 and picked up a significant piece in the process that may be why Joe said they would pass on Jones for Mckinon, see if they could get some interesting out of Florida like Gundbranson and the 2 for first overall, just a thought.

      • Agreed. Why would the Av’s want to get older players during a rebuild period


  8. I’m not among those that assume the Avs are posturing. Sakic seems too classy to pull such a thing off. I think he’s being honest and doesn’t want to mess around with Jones or his fans.

    • Also I think the Devils will be in strong on Briere. He could be had for cheap and is good in the playoffs. Plus he can’t grow much facial hair anyway, so he won’t have a hard time keeping with the “clean shaven” rule of New Jersey.

      • He must play center. If anyone is thinking their team should sign him be prepared to put him at center. His most effective time in Phila was with Leino and Hartnell on his wings. He did not really mesh well with Giroux. At least not outside of Germany. He must play on a line that controls the buck down low. Even though he is tiny he is great in the cycle and around the net. If you put him with two burners it wil not work. He also needs to be on the top pp unit. There might be 15 teams interested in him, but he is going to want to play in a role where he will succeed.

        If you have a vacancy for a second line center he is your guy. Other than that I don’t see a fit.

        He is terrible defensively. Just a complete liability, but hes got to play in the middle still. He also takes rediculous penalties and is becoming even more brittle.

        WIth all of that said there is no player in this league I would prefer with the puck down low, when you are desperate for a goal in the playoffs. It’s almost magical how good he is in the postseason. Flyers fans have been honored to cheer him on for the past 6 years. He truely is a spectacular person.

        • Brierre small no defence/ center. sounds like a leaf fit to go with all the other leaf minus players

        • Very well put, balanced observation, good job

          • @ Joe I mean not t dummy…lol

        • This types are true for most teams. The Red Wings and the Devils are always the exception to the rules. And he’d see plenty of time on the first PP unit.

  9. I think this is a brilliant move by Sakic, they know how much the Panthers want MacKinnon and if you can get a player or two out of them and then draft Jones 2nd overall then why not? Also, if they are real about drafting MacKinnon, Drourin, or Barkov … then Florida, Tampa, and Nashville all become targets for trades and you can still grab one of the three.

    I truly think that the 1st overall gets moved.

    • This makes way more sense

  10. Bernier to the Leafs makes about as much sense as Pitsburgh trading Letang or John Tortorella to Vancouver. Where does this stuff come from?

  11. I wonder if the Leafs will flip Bernier to the Flyers?

    To Toronto: 11th overall + Bryz (Purpose of BuyOut)
    To LA: Frattin + Scrivens
    To Philly: Bernier

    • Comcast owns majority of Philadelphia Flyers.
      Flyers have money.

      • Flyers may have money, but ALL teams have a Salary Cap. A buyout counts against the cap (percentage of it).

        • Nevermind, I was thinking about a player buried…are counted against the Salary Cap (percentage of it).

    • So the Flyers get Bernier for their 1st round pick. 11th overall. The leafs are spending 20 some mill for that pick and the kings get frattin and scrivens?

      Scrivens has no value. What would LA not just take Read? Am i missing something here?

      • Ya the fact Read is a UFA next year Fratin is not Fratin is bigger stronger on the pick which suits the Kings game better then Read and again if it is a first round pick like being reported the Flyers probably wold not be willing to go that high….the last part hurts even just to say it. I figured we learned our lesson about dealing those picks.

  12. Remember,heading into the regular season, all of the questions surrounding Reimer, regarding his relative inexperience and his being unproven? I’d have to say that he answered his detractors in the best way imaginable. Sure, he still has some warts in his game, but nothing that can’t be improved upon with time and effort. Reimer took a large step forward this season and established himself as a bona fide number one stopper. All those questions that were raised about his game can just as easily be directed towards Bernier. Like most others posting here, I fail to see the benefits of bringing Bernier to TO, especially with the Leafs in need of more urgent upgrades in other areas. I wonder, if Bernier is the next great goalie that many inexplicably feel he could be, why hasn’t someone stepped up and blown the doors off the Kings with a big time offer? I guess the real question lies in what LA considers a “significant” offer. With the prospective goalie market about to be overrun with UFA’s and trade or buyout candidates, perhaps Bernier’s value has taken a subsequent hit. Maybe, late season or at the trade deadline, LA’s asking price for Bernier would be considered reasonable, but ultimately a little steep. Now, with more dogs about to enter the race, there are more options available to GMs. Who knows, perhaps the Flyers are no longer dangling Matt Read, and the offers that Lombardi is receiving from other interested parties is more along the lines of prospects and later round picks. At any rate, I cannot wrap my mind around the Leafs’ reported fascination with Jonathan Bernier at this point in time.

    • Agreed unless it also contains a centerman then I can see the Leafs doing a big deal. LA has cap issues so that could be part of what’s being talked about.

  13. Mckenzie on TSN Radio “Bernier asking price from Toronto would be Matt Frattin and a prospect it pick”

    • Hmm depends on the prospect and the pick I suppose I’d rather one or the other but if the pick is a second maybe we could flip Scrivens for a second….maybe. If it even happens we will see.

    • Crazy: Bernier is still unproven, barely played the past 12 months. Also he is playing behind one of the best defenses in NHL, what will he do when rubber is tossed at him and he has to play the majority of games ? Mid last year I thought that if Reimer struggled in the stretch that Caryle and Nonis would go after Hiller because they “KNOW” Hiller and he would not be that expensive. Reimer played well down the stretch and deserves the shot as #1, but if Leafs think not, then what’s being offered for Bernier will get you Hiller and he is a much more known quantity. You get Bernier and put him as #1, you then have a “head problem” with Reimer and if Bernier crashes you have screwed your season. Keep Reimer as #1 and bring in a Dan Ellis “type” as backup or some vet that knows he will only play 25 games or so. Bernier won’t be any happier sitting behind Reimer than he is sitting behind Quick.

      • I can Guarantee. He won’t be sitting behind Rimer as much as he was sitting behind Quick for the first year at least. The games would be spread out pretty even over a full schedule, allow Randy to see what he’s got.

  14. Paul holmgren must get bored real easy… No concept of letting young players grow. If he would have relaxed last year he would of had a vezina goalie and wouldn’t need to get bernier. If richards gets bought out he’s not going to resign for 2 million. Someone will pay him 5+ again. So how is he going to fit ryan and richards? Bryzgalovs salary won’t cover it.
    Bernier to the leafs is making more and more sense to me even if its just bernier and nothing more. Supposed cost is Matt Frattin, fine take him. He is and will be nothing more then a 3rd line winger who could slide up if needed for short periods. Bernier could be a legit #1. Look at who is going to be the starters in the leafs division. And look at what crawfords dealing with now with his glove hand. Think nonis is saying Reimer?
    I just can’t believe NYI can’t pony up the right prospects. Like come on, this is what you need.

    • They could, but I think Garth does things a little different (not necessarily bad) he will sit on all the prospects he has, develop them and when the time comes add the finishing touches (goalie) at that time or possibly wait it out see if Lou gets bought out and go after a proven #1 that way. who knows but the way the Islanders are starting to come together I’d give him the benefit of the doubt at this point

  15. I had posted a few days ago BERNIER and WIILLIANS for nino

    • Nino is not getting Bernier let alone Bernier plus, his attitude I think would scare off alot of GMs

      • Why are people saying attitude. He’s proven he’s ready and the Islanders wouldn’t give him his opportunity. He stood up for himself, then he backed it up with 28 goals in the minors and led the Swiss to the Silver medal at the Worlds. I’d take him any day. He’s a good young player needing a chance not politics.

    • tied dummy says:
      June 21, 2013 at 10:04 pm
      Brierre small no defence/ center. sounds like a leaf fit to go with all the other leaf minus players

      lol, now “BERNIER and WILLIANS for nino”, first off I thought my trade Armchair GM’ing was bad, second, learn how to spell!

  16. why would you want to trade for a goalie when you can get one for free , smith or emery

  17. Bernier’s rank of active NHL goalies for ESSV:

    Year Rank
    07-08 – 81st
    09-10 – 4th
    10-11 – 46th
    11-12 – 73rd

  18. If Bernier does arrive in Toronto Reimer should ask for a trade out of town. The Leaf management obviously don’t respect what he has done this year since they were looking for a replacement before the playoffs started and now are looking once again.

    • First of all I was one of the people saying have some patience with Rimer and he is a number 1 I still belive this to be true Rimer is a pretty good number 1 over the last half,for of the season he showed himself capable of stealing games, he also showed he gives up a tonne of rebounds and can’t catch the puck really well, which leads to Dubnyk breakdowns, soft goals and can cost games. Does it make him a back up no, not really but everyone acting like we are picking up some back up up to replace cujo (if this deal works out) are amazing. Bernier all though a back up has potential to be a very good goalie has a great glove hand by all reports controls rebounds puts up good numbers all things that would help a shaky young D corps. Why not have 2 guys compete for the starter role and see if you can improve it maybe find or make a great starting goalie. Rimer is a pro athlete I’m sure he can deal with some competition its part of the job. Other teams have good goaltending tandems Aniheim for example its a good problem to have Ottawa and St.Louis had 3 good goalies playing for them last year it’s still early and Dave I’m sure isn’t done yet there will be opportunities to improve other positions. Quit crying for Rimer jeesh

      • *defensive break downs stupid auto correct thing lol

      • You also did not want to bring in Kipper (could have had him almost free) to help Reim’s in the playoffs because you thought it would mess with his head. What do you think bringing in Bernier will do to him.

        • No I said that mentoring him is dumb and I think it should be time to sink or swim quit treating him like he is a fine piece of china, I’m not blaming him for the collapse there was blown face offs bad coverage go on down the line about mistakes but if he stops a couple of those shots and dosent kick rebounds out out in to the slot its a different out come,with a young and sometimes mistake prone D you need a goalie who can play the puck with some confidence I think you see that in the number of shots the leaf face and it is reflected in Rimers Save percentage alot of shots end up being 3-4 shots because he has problems playing the puck, Scrivens while a great back up and possibly a good tandem guy is never going to push Rimer to get better, change the dynamic make him play for his job, almost 3 years of handling him with kit gloves has to stop. Look around the league at teams that pin their hopes on 1 goalie, the Flyers the preds Tampa oilers flames avs, there are a few out there it works for the majority it does not teams like the Blues and Sens played 3 guys who may be considered.starters again its a good problem to have the year is still young and there are otherway to improve at other spots. Frattin and a pick depending on what the deal works out to be was not going to land a number 1 center.

          • Bruins and Hawks Ducks Kings are other fine examples of teams who shared goaltending duties and have backups that push starters, it’s not so much that I think Bernier is going to be the answer I think that he could lead to the answer faster then Scrivens can. How did it work out for the Pens and Habs when their no 1 guy choked? There are tones of examples this year in a short schedule where more goaltending was better then 1 clear cut starter in a longer season this will only get to be more obvious, the only place that it’s a problem is in Van and it’s not because of the quality the controversy comes from the ridiculous contracts. Berner around 3 and Rimer around 2 paying 5 mill for solid deep goaltending is along way from Lou and Schneider.

          • I’d rather trade Reimer and go after Miller if you are going to bring in Bernier. You will probably have to pay Bernier $3M + $2M for Reimer. I’d rather have Miller and Scrivens.

  19. The Maple Leaves aren’t getting anyone significant in any trade this summer for one reason: they have nothing to give up in return. In other words, take away fighting and the Loaves suck …

    • 20 mill in cap room and 2 buyouts says your wrong about nothing to give up but thanks for your purely unbiased opinion.

  20. Leafs should go after Kopitar!