Latest Free Agent News – September 14, 2011.

John Tavares, Tyler Myers and Luke Schenn may be close to new deals…Updates on Zach Bogosian…Bruins open talks with David Krejci…Trent Hunter accepts training camp invitation from Kings…Alexei Yashin discusses his future plans.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports NY Islanders forward John Tavares and Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers are believed on the verge of re-signing multi-year deals with their respective teams, possibly within the range of six years and around $5.5 million per season.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staples reports negotiations between the Tavares camp and the Islanders could be completed before the start of the season. Islanders GM Garth Snow and Tavares’ agent Pat Brisson declined to comment.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if these deals are front-or back-loaded. Still, this has to be good news for Islanders and Sabres fans, for if these two are inked this month, it’ll certainly avoid the kind of seemingly endless speculation over their status as RFAs next summer.

TORONTO SUN/SPORTSNET: reports an NHL source claims the Toronto Maple Leafs could have RFA defenseman Luke Schenn under contract by Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word on term or dollars.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie offered up his take on the unsigned RFA situation, suggested Schenn, Brad Marchand, Zach Bogosian and Josh Bailey are likely to be re-signed by the weekend, as dialogue between their agents and their teams is ongoing, which is encouraging. He’s less encouraged with Drew Doughty’s and Kyle Turris’s status, claiming not much appears to be happening on those front. He claims Kings are adamant on Doughty signing for at least seven years and his salary cannot be more than $6.8 million per season, the same as Anze Kopitar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent reports out of Boston suggest Marchand could still be unsigned when the Bruins open training camp. Things certainly seem more uncertain over Doughty and Turris, and at this point it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re also unsigned when training camp begins for their respective teams. Interesting blurb about Doughty, as Kings GM Dean Lombardi suggested earlier this summer he was willing to make Doughty the highest paid player on the Kings if he were to agree to a long-term deal.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staples reports Alexei Yashin continues to skate with the Islanders, but hasn’t settled on any plans for the upcoming season.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports Jets defenseman Zach Bogosian dismisses the theory one signing – his, Drew Doughty’s or Luke Schenn’s – could set financial precedent for the others, pointing out he hasn’t had the same career development as Doughty.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports the Bruins are believed to have quietly opened contract talks with David Krejci, who’s in line to become the club’s first line center with Marc Savard sidelined for the season to post-concussion symptoms. Haggerty believes Krejci could be seeking a salary comparable to teammate Patrice Bergeron, who’s earning a cap hit of $5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the Bruins could get Krejci re-signed before the start of the season, but it’s also possible the Krejci camp could wait until later in the season, in hopes his stats could provide more justification for their salary requests.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are reportedly inviting an NHL veteran on a professional tryout to their training camp, and it could be former Oilers forward Fernando Pisani. Matheson reports that wouldn’t be surprising, as Pisani played for the Oilers back when Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson was employed in the Oilers front office.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports former Islander forward Trent Hunter has accepted a training camp tryout invitation from the LA Kings.


  1. I’m guessing Schenn signs at 3.8 for 3-4 years. If (as reported) Tavares signs for around 5.5 for 6 years….wow what a steal! Tyler Myers is worth that much too, but it would be suprising if he got that money now considering he had an off year.

  2. I think 5.5 is too much for both right now but who knows in a couple yrs. could be the right money. Plus both teams can”t afford to lose these guy”s. Islanders need to keep John happy and they also need to start winning some games.

  3. No way Tavares is worth the same kind of coin as Ryan Kesler, but I suppose those teams need to do what they need to do. I have a hard time believing Doughty wouldn’t be happy with a guaranteed $47.6 million dollars ($6.8 annually x 7 years). I understand he wants the opportunity to test free agency as early as possible. In 7 years, he’ll be 28 or 29. Still young enough to cash in. Again.

  4. Schenn 3.8mil sounds right….I’m guessing 4 yrs and Tavares at 5.5mil is good, but Myers at 5.5mil is a bit soon for that kind of money….he is yet to prove himself in my opinion….although worth a 4 mil contract maybe, I’d wait till November to see how he starts off the year. The Isles need to get a d-man! Someone to support Streit….maybe they can swing a deal with the leafs? Be great if Toronto dealt Komisarek and prospect Stuart Percy, along with a 4th round pick for Josh Bailey and Brock Nelson . May be wishful thinking….

  5. Doughty is getting bad advise from his agent.

  6. Hope the Sabres sign Myers, although $5.5M is too much based on his two years play – I would say somewhere between $3.5-4.5 would be good. Thing is….Sabres have a few studs in the pipeline – McNabb, Crawford, Pysyk, and Gauthier-Leduc to name a few and they are itching to get into the lineup.

  7. @j3f.4row
    Absolutely agree with you. Have a feeling that today agents are more greedy than players are.

  8. Like the invite by the Kings of Trent Hunter. Only 31 and if he can stick it and show he is still have it, will be a nice addition. At 6’3 210lb he can definitely play on the third line. Again lets wait and see.

  9. Jeb: You must not be watching the same Myers I am. Trophy winner and his 2nd season was pretty good too. Toronto has yet to give players 4 or 5 year deals. So I don’t know why you would expect big money, long term for a shot blocker. Tavares maybe worth bigger money, but $5.5 is way too much considering TM just got $5 over 2 years from the B’s.

  10. @Alex

    Agree about the Hunter invite. Another winger to hopefully push Penner to play up to his potential.

  11. I don’t think Doughty is getting bad advice from his agent, wouldn’t his agent want him to sign a longer term deal?

  12. 5 over 2 years is a great signing for Boston. Marchand was money in the playoffs. Two good years and then sign for the big money.

  13. The Man_OSS, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. The the leafs signed komiserek to a 5 year $22.5 million in 09, and 5th overall picks aren’t drafted to block shots. Get some logic before you advertise your ignorance.

  14. Marchand’s contract at $2.5/yr is a fair deal – gives him time to prove himself to be more than a one year wonder. Myer’s deal at an average $5.5M a year is a little high, but he is the future of the club and they are banking on him to lead the team and the D in a couple of years. Based on the Doughty being offered $6.8 for 9 years and turning that down, having Myers sign 6 at $33MM is a bargain. Yes, Myers had an off year last year, but he still scored 37 points and he will only get better with Reghr and Erhoff’s mentoring.

    The Kings having Hunter tryout is a good move – he is a solid wing and is good on the PK. He has grit and he has always been willing to work hard – may have something to prove this year and the Kings could get him at a good price.

  15. Bern16: As well warranted as your advice may be. There is one problem. I wasn’t talking about Komiserek. I was talking about Luke Schenn. Mind you, no one is signed beyond the next three years. (this was my 4 or 5 year comment) Burke has repeated in the media numerous times that he doesn’t like long term contracts. We were commenting on Schenn getting a 6 or 7 year deal. (like Taveres and Myers)
    Nothing against T.O. I think Burke is right in his logic. BTW
    Thanks for paying attention, next time try to keep up with the entire conversation not just one part of it.

    Jeb: I’m shocked the Sabres made this signing (Myers) Especially with the $10 million signing bonus. Is this what the Sabres are going to be about??

  16. BTW :Jeb16, 2 contracts longer than 3 years is hardly a pattern. They are more likely the exceptions to the rule.