Latest Hurricanes, Jets, Bruins and Sharks Rumors – January 25, 2014

Updates on Cam Ward, Dustin Byfuglien, Dan Boyle and Matt Bartkowski.

Hurricanes could face a decision on Cam Ward.

Hurricanes could face a decision on Cam Ward.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock reports Anton Khudobin’s play this season raises serious questions about the club’s goaltending. He wonders if the younger, more affordable Khudobin (who’ll be a UFA this summer) might be a better long-term option than the older, more expensive starter Cam Ward, who also has an injury history. DeCock said it’s not a decision the Hurricanes must make now but they’ll have to think about it soon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s also the reason why Ward’s name has popped up so often of late in the rumor mill. The ‘Canes won’t shop Ward now, and it’s widely believed if they must eventually move a goalie this season it won’t be him. Still, there’s talk the Hurricanes could consider trading Ward this summer. He has a no-trade clause, which puts him in control of the situation, particularly when it comes to destinations. A strong performance by Khudobin, especially if he helps them reach the playoffs, could be a determining factor in their decision. GM Jim Rutherford seems reluctant to part with Ward but I daresay he’ll be willing to listen to offers this summer, when teams will have more cap space and willingness to spend.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance wrote a feature on Dustin Byfuglien, with his former teammate Kris Versteeg staunchly defending “Big Buff”. Despite the Jets recent improvement under new coach Paul Maurice, making up ground in the standings to reach the playoffs is daunting. If management decides to make a move before the trade deadline, Byfuglien seems the likely trade candidate.  If the Jets want futures back for Byfuglien, that will make him attractive in the trade market. If they wants players, that could dampen his trade value. Byfuglien also holds a modified no-trade clause in which he lists five teams he won’t accept being dealt to.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The best time to move an expensive player like Byfuglien will be this summer, for the same reasons as I noted for Cam Ward. They’ll get a better return this summer than they will at the trade deadline.

CSNBAYAREA.COM/MERCURYNEWS.COM: Kevin Kurz reports San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle expressed happiness over the club’s re-signings yesterday of Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau, but has nothing to report regarding his contract talks with the club. David Pollak reports Sharks GM Doug Wilson acknowledged Boyle’s age (37) puts him in a different situation but talks are ongoing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem is Boyle falls under the “over-35″ rule, meaning his salary counts against the cap if demoted, bought out or if he retires before his contract expires. My guess is the Sharks are seeking at most a two-year offer for Boyle.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski could be a trade chip if the club decides to shop for a short-term replacement for the injured Dennis Seidenberg. Haggerty claims the Senators’ Chris Phillips and the Islanders’ Andrew MacDonald continue to top the Bruins wish list but it remains to be seen if either player will be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I understand why MacDonald’s name is appearing in Bruins trade rumors, as he’s reportedly seeking $5 million per season to re-sign with the Isles, who obviously won’t pay him that much. If they fall out of playoff contention MacDonald could be dealt at the trade deadline. I don’t understand the fixation on Phillips. Yes, I know Peter Chiarelli has ties with the Senators organization, but they’re not shopping Phillips, especially now that they’re in the thick of the playoff chase. 


  1. I think Big Buff will be traded before this Summer. I think he’ll get the Jets a top prospect, dman and a high draft pick. I’m guessing a team like Montreal, Ottawa or Colorado will go hard after him. These following trade options are obviously Arm-Chair GM’ing….but non-the-less, I think these types of scenarios are what takes to pry him out of the Peg.

    To Montreal: Byfuglien
    To Winnipeg: Lablanc + Emelin + 2014 1st rounder

    To Ottawa: Byfuglien
    To Winnipeg: Cowen + Condra + 2014 1st rounder

    To Colorado: Byfuglien
    To Winnipeg: Stastny

    • two roster players and a first for byfuglien…i disagree.

      • Also disagree that Buff gets Stasny or the thinking that the Jets who are aways back in a playoff race in a good conference are going to take a gamble on a ufa center.If the Jets deal Buff they will want a player or 2 that will be there come next October.

        • I agree, Buf does not land you Stastny. Not even close there.

    • LeafsAdvocate, I really like those suggestions but maybe Winnipeg’s Mark Stone would be better included in the Ottawa deal than Condra.

      • What may work for the Avs and Jets is…

        Avs get Buff to the Jets Sgarbossa (excellent center prospect) Aittokallio ( good goalie prospect) and a second.

        Imo Buff gets a top 6 player maybe a pick depending on the quality of the top 6, or a couple good prospects and a pick not much more than that

        • Im not so sure why the Hsbs want Buff with Subban and I could see Markov taking a discount to stay, he has been treated very well by that organization and is a leader on that team.

          • If Winnipeg wants Ottawa’s 2014 first round draft pick they should contact Anaheim…

          • Buff, on Montreal, as a forward, on the power play, in front of the net, blocking the goalie’s view could pay huge dividends for the Habs. As a defenseman, meh.

          • Maybe they move him back to the wing and get some size up front

          • markov is done he’s just not the same player he once was he’s looking for a 3-4 year deal and bergevin offering 2 he’s just too risky to sign for more than thathe’s been treated very well by the habs but with bergevin and dudley both having a history with buff in chicago i think there’s a fit there plus him and subbban together would nke a pretty good top 2

    • Ottawa doesn’t have a 2014 first and there is zero chance they are moving Cowen. Buf would play forward in Ottawa as Karlsson, Cowen, Methot, Ceci make a wonderful top four!

    • How everyone forgets how instrumental Buff was in helping the hwks in the first cup win….he played multiple positions ….and at the most important times to be a very effective piece on that team …if he is on a team that is in the mid to upper level of being a contender and thrown into the mix …he is a turning point player for a serious cup run….he plays huge in the front of the net ….is a power forward and bounces guys off the puck in the offensive corners and when on D is a guy who can move players from the crease.

      Hes on the wrong team to succeed …..thro him in the 3 – 4 position on d on a quality team ….put in front of the net on that team on the power play and throw him on as the second unit penalty kill and you have a very hard team to contend with if your a top 10 -12 team pushing to win the cup …I think he would be PERFECT in San Jose for a serious …serious ….run this year that’s the best fit I see and where he would make the biggest impact …they have all ready done this with Brent Burns so they know how to manage it and manage it well ….and they make it work VERY WELL …he could even play the opposite side of Burns or on D with Boyle who has better wheels to help on the defensive side of the puck …that is a tremendous upgrade to San Jose and puts them over the top …IMO

      • But what no one is forgetting is he has been a terrible defender and he plays D, has a rather large contract (not horrible but not great either) He is not going to get the same kind of return that the Blackhawks got from the Thrashers/Jets. His play has regressed and his contract has grown.

        • Not saying no one would want him just that teams are not going to gamble away their future on Buff.

          • Agreed Shticky.

            Saying how big of a role Buffy played in the Hawks win…that was 4 years ago.

            Any team acquiring him would be taking on an undisciplined , at least in the pantry, defensively bad defenseman.

            As stated many times…I would not like to see him in Philly.

            Maybe Vancouver with their defense…they have lots of stay at home defensemen…which could cover the blunders that Buffy causes.

          • COMPLETLY DIASAGREE !!!!

            SORRY !

            Also at no time did I say gamble away any future ..I was talking about the best fit….you guys undervalue a guy who can play BIG at multiple positions and at key times in a game on the proper team !

            You are being more stubborn to admit that he can still be a key player …cause he can !!!

          • @Gary “Saying how big of a role Buffy played in the Hawks win…that was 4 years ago.” More like 4 years and 4,000 big macs ago. LOL

        • His contract isn’t the only thing that grown, he’s a couple of timbits shy of breaking the scale :) Winnipeg needs prospects that are close to being ready in a Buff deal IMO. Team needs to decide which part they are going to try and build into a real strength and get some young talent to add to their core.

        • If you look at the deal between the Thashers and Hawks Buff was pretty much dealt for a first round pick and a prospect, there were multiple parts to that deal (Eager and I think it was Sopel went for a couple Thrasher players) but thats the bones of it he is not worth that now.

    • Buf with 2 +’s years for soon to be UFA Stastny? Why would the Jets make that move? Buf is an attractive trade chip for a playoff contending team. THe Jets want “futures” back as the article states, not a rental player to play 3rd line C minutes.
      I like the MTL offer the best, however I dont think too many teams besides the top 4-5 are gonna give up their 1st rounders. maybe a 2nd and a better prospect

    • I like your trade scenariors especially ottawa.

      how about byfuglien to buiffalo?


      • Why on earth would the Sabres want Buff??? They have a half a dozen prospect on d that are probably going to be better NHL dmen than Buff and are a last place team. Imagine giving up all those prospect and Ekblad Reinhart or Bennet for Buff?

        • Sorry 2015 1st even worse!

      • no way Buffalo gives up 2015 1st lol. That could be Mcdavid. And Buff used under right circumstance could be the missing piece for a teams like Sj or Ana and ya just has a high salary. Brent Burns moved to forward. also Sj could use that points shot on pp.

        • Did you say that SJ could use buffs point shot on the PP? That would be how to misplay him on a PP line. He is a beast in front. A liability holding the point.

      • doncos – you Crazy!!!

        • agree. it was just an idea. you never kno how these gm’s think now of days

    • Habs are not a ‘Byfuglien’ away from being contenders. I agree you need to add pieces, but not for a first.

  2. Carolina should trade Ward, frankly, he was a one moment wonder. He was on a team that could of won the cup with any other average goalies back then. Why not get back a lot of return while you still can, before he can only get you a 2nd rounder at best.

    • Could have won the cup with any average goalie? You’re a clueless moron! Who wins a cup with an average goaltender? Ward is def not the same goalie he once was ( hes injury prone). But a career .910. With over 25k in min played ? On a team who hasn’t had too many superstars over the yrs. Is better than any average goalie. Stick to your own team cause you dont seem to know much about any others

      • Go lay down Mutt, fetch Mutt, bark Mutt.

        • good one….

      • League GAA is/has been around 0.920. Just saying.

    • I’ve been saying for about two months now that Ward should be the one moved but that is because it sets the Hurricanes up better for the future. Ward is an above average goalie and will land far more than a second, you are definitely undervaluing Ward. Edmonton seems like the perfect place for a big off season trade:

      To Edmonton: G Cam Ward, F Tuomo Ruutu
      To Carolina: F Nail Yakupov, EDM 2nd 2014

      Edmonton lands a starting goalie and a gritty forward, while maintaining their bigger stars. Carolina gets a scoring forward they need and who can be mentored by Alex Semin to make a better fit on the team.

      • In my opinion I wouldn’t make that trade. First off Edmonton doesn’t have a second rounder in the 2014 draft (Traded to St Louis in the Perron deal), and second I wouldn’t give up Yakupov for either of those players. There will be UFA options for goalies this summer.

        • Change to 2015 w/e it was a balancer. Nextly, those ‘UFA’ options, I 100% guarantee you NOW they don’t sign in Edmonton, won’t happen. I have doubts Ward would even waive but at least there is value on the table. 17 pts and a -32 … Yakupov is really showing his value. He is not a fit with the Oilers, the Oilers need leadership, grit, and a solid net minder, they get that here and they won’t even miss Nail.

          Eberle – Hopkins – Hall
          Perron – Gagner – Ruutu

          Ward in net and hopefully Nurse joins Klefbom or Musil in making the jump as well as hopefully drafting Ekblad then the Oilers can focus on signing some depth like Pyatt, M. Kassian, Kulemin, Moss, Fiddler, or McClement some good depth players with grit or PK capabilities. The Oilers would look like a much different team.

  3. Personally, I don’t see Buffy going for multiple players and picks. I think he will get a pick and a prospect..don’t see much more than that.

    Don’t want him in Philly at any price.

    • Yeah, but if he does go for a multiple piece return, it won’t be for huge names. Big Buff can score, but he is horrible defensively…obviously you’ll get that from an offensive dman.

  4. Would seem to me that if you are going to trade Ward, you do it now rather than summer as Miller, Hiller and maybe others could be UFA’s and get more attention. Also always a risk of long term injury the longer you wait.

  5. With goalies it always seems to be what have you done for me lately. Ward has taken a beating over the years on a team hovering around the cap floor. Management should thank him for his service and ask him about a few spots he would be willing to go to. Use him to start rebuilding the blueline and see what happens with the goaltending. They aren’t getting the cup anytime soon but they can right the ship for the future instead of riding it to the floor

    • As I ve been stating since last year …I see Khudobin being a #1 Goalie that has serious talent waiting to break out ….if theCanes can make a decent trade with Ward to help them move forward in the future now is the time …they have quality tenders to do this now!
      Canes need some secondary scoring and a better second line add some younger pieces from a Cam Ward trade to throw in the mix with Justin Faulk and Skinner and you can upgrade very well. Ward has some impressive numbers but he hasn’t been able to put them on his back and get them into the playoffs for years now and they have been finishing in the bottom end of the league …so there may not really be any loss there to begin with ….if you keep him longer and more injuries keep mounting you will then loose his value and your stuck with nothing ….if there was ever a time to trade him …its now …..I would see the Blues in on this 100% and if Cam can be convinced he has a chance to go all the way with the Blues he will waive his no trade …its also not that far from Carolina so the transition will not be cumbersome …I would take him instead of Miller for the only reason he has won and stolen the CUP plus Miller is taking his sweet old time as well as Buffalo is asking way too much …Armstrong should be on the phone …IMO

    • Carolina is the 10th highest salaried team in the league … Staal $8.25 mil, Semin $7 mil, Staal $6 mil, Skinner $5.7 mil, Ruutu $4.7 mil, Pitkanen $4.5 mil, Ward $6.3 mil …with raises def coming to Pitkanen and Faulk this offseason. The Hurricanes haven’t been a team that has been afraid to spend. You can bet your bottom dollar they will be holding $6-7 million a season open for Marc Staal for the 2015 off season just in case.

      • If they want to spend 6-7 million for the Marc Staal of today, they can have him. I think it is a waste of money to try and put 3 Staals on your team and I doubt they spend that kind of money. But if they want to, have at it. Staal is nowhere near the player he was a few years ago. Watching him very closely lately it almost seems obvious that vision has been seriously impaired + the concussion history. Unless he dramatically improves by then, he isn’t worth more than 4-5 million tops. And I certainly would not sign him to more than 2-3 years max.

        • Its not like he would go anywhere anyway so why break the bank on him, I agree with NYR start at 2-3 years and low ball him at 4 mill.

          • @NYR4LIFE

            With the rumors surrounding Girardi – And the likely-hood of him being resigned with the Rags, what are your thoughts on him as a player?

            He’s obviously strong defensively and can play some big minutes. There’s a lot to like about his game but am I the only one who thinks he’s in decline? With figures bounced around north of 5 mil, I’d be weary of signing him to a long term, big money deal.

            Be interesting to get your take as a Rangers fan – Personally I hope he resigns so Philly doesn’t get any ideas.

        • @Rickler
          I don’t really see a decline in him, he is still only 29 and I think he has plenty of life still in him. I think he has been over used WAY too much the last couple of years, especially under Torts and Torts brutal on the body style. His average minutes are down a few since last year. I’d love to see him re-sign long before free agency. I hope Sather can get a 5.5 million 4 year extension, maybe 5 years tagging him until 33-34 and see where his body is at that point. If he hits the free agent market, I believe he will command crazy numbers…… 6-7 million range. Not saying he is worth it, but he will be the best d-man on the market this year (Imo). I think a ton of teams will have interest at the deadline if he is available, My only hope is if they can’t get a deal done, they get a good young d-man in return. His minutes would be missed on NY.

  6. If Carolina wants to keep Khudobin they better get on resigning him as his price will likely go up when free agency comes. Personally I wonder if some of these rumours aren’t coming out of Carolina to drive up the potential value of Khudobin at the deadline.

    Winnipeg seesm stuck in no mans land. Just good enough to finish just out of the playoffs or if they have a good run squeak into the playoffs and get knocked out early. Not a whole lot in the prospect cupboard and not drafting high enough to get any real difference makers in the short term. Moving a player like Buff could help them add more pieces to go with some of the young guys they do have.

  7. if the hurricanes agree to trade cam ward then the best time for that to happen would be on draft day or atleast leading up to the draft. hes a good goalie when healthy but does anyone actually think that with his injury history that the hurricanes would actually get a good deal in return? may be if they packaged cam ward and jeff skinner together to a team that needs goaltending and a player that can score 30 plus a year. so here is what i would propose : TO MINNESOTA: (G) CAM WARD, (F) JEFF SKINNER, AND (2) SECOND ROUND PICKS . TO CAROLINA: (G) D.KUEMPHER, 1ST ROUND PICK IN 2014, 1ST ROUND PICK 2016, (F)CHARLIE COYLE. . it would be a good trade because minnesota will probly dump backstrom in the off year, so that would leave cam ward and josh harding as your one two tandem . plus given that heatley will be gone at the end of the year or sooner that will give minnesota a younger cheap player that can acctually contribute with their current style of play. they will be a better overall team. thats what i think . so tell me what u think . does anyone have a counter offer?

    • 1. Canes dont need 3 goalies thats why they may trade one,

      2. Minnesota is not giving up 2 first round picks and Coyle for a good player but has concussion issues and a goalie.

      3. There is no counter offer this trade makes no sense.

  8. Yeah, I get where you’re going with this, BC. Byfuglien was so effective with the Blackhawks during their first run because he was insulated. And he was able to play forward and use his size effectively. In Winnipeg, he’s much more of a top line guy, and I think he tries to do too much. Put him, like BC said, on a team that has other good players, i.e, a team with cup aspirations, and he could rediscover his game. I agree, he could be very effective with the Sharks. I also wonder if Vancouver would want in on him too. They could definitely use his size, and may have the prospects to give up (maybe Schroeder, Jensen and a first rounder?).

  9. could big buff be a good fit for the sabres? we have good young prospects to give up if need be .


    TO JETS:
    2015 2ND ROUND PICK

    • Again remind me why the Sabres need a D-man that dosent play d and why a rebuilding young team would possibly beef trading a first round pick a second round pick and a prospect for Wheeler?

    • doncos – you STILL Crazy!!!

    • Unless I’ve misread what you wrote, Buffalo’s first round pick would be number one overall as it stands right now. Edmonton might beat them for worst in the league, but at this point they’re looking at a top three pick overall. That pick alone is worth either of those players, however that’s neither here nor there because Buffalo’s rebuilding. They’re stocking the cupboard with picks and prospects for a youth movement. Trading those assets for two vets is a step backwards in that process.

  10. Cam Ward could be the silver medal in the Ryan Miller sweepstakes this summer. Carolina may yet cash in on him if Khudobin and Peters get them to the playoffs.

  11. Am I the only one perplexed at this over-35 rule that if a player himself chooses to retire after 35 his team must still count his salary? It’s not like the team is trying to ditch him to avoid paying, it’s the player’s choice to retire – so why is the team penalized with precious cap space?

    • To avoid deals where a players salary drops significantly in retirement years to lower a cap hit. In the previous cba where teams would sign a 30 year old player to a long term deal and front load it with high salary then the last few years pay a million dollars dropping the hit, this is to “punish” teams who has these type players Luongo Richards Kovalchuk (before he bolted) etc. Its not as much of an issue now that the CBA has changed but the rule is there to kind of even things out with previous contracts that were signed prior to the rule change.