Latest Islanders, Senators, Flyers and Sharks Rumors – December 10, 2013.

The Islanders place Pierre-Marc Bouchard on waivers, the Senators could have interest in him, the spike in the salary cap could help the Flyers next summer, and the latest Sharks speculation.

Islanders place Pierre-Marc Bouchard on waivers.

Islanders place Pierre-Marc Bouchard on waivers.

NEWSDAY’s Arthur Staple reported via Twitter the NY Islanders (who yesterday placed winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard on waivers) tried to trade him but couldn’t find any takers. They’re hoping to clear a roster spot for Ryan Strome.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson doubts the Oilers have interest in the 171-pound Bouchard, who also has a long injury history. Given his affordable contract ($2 million), he believes the Jets (who lead the league in waiver pickups), Predators or Devils might pursue him.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch speculated the Senators (seeking a top-six winger) could have interest in Bouchard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll find out by noon ET today if he gets claimed or not.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports the Senators have had preliminary contract discussions with Chris Phillips’ agent. Phillips is slated for unrestricted free agency next summer. If he’s re-signed Warren believes that could force the Senators, who already have five blueliners under contract for next season, to make a trade.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports the projected rise of next season’s salary cap to $71.1 million will give the Flyers around $21.7 million to spend on re-signing key players like Steve Mason, Steve Downie, Brayden Schenn, Erik Gustafsson and Ray Emery, plus perhaps enough left over to be active in the UFA market.  Seravalli noted several intriguing names – “Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson, Joe Thornton, Paul Stastny and Alexander Steen”- could be available then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Scratch Thornton from the list as he’s re-signing with the Sharks, and Vanek will likely head to Minnesota. Steen could re-sign with the Blues.  Moulson and Stastny could be available if the Flyers wish to pursue them.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz, responding to reader e-mail questions, doesn’t believe Martin Havlat is a fit with the Sharks. He also doubts they’ll make any moves to shore up their blueline until closer to the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good luck moving Havlat with that expensive contract and his injury history.


  1. Lyle I couldn’t agree more, teams better have a back-up plan if they wish to sign Vanek, Steen and Thornton as UFA’s. Moulson and Stastny will be most likely available, however given the Kings struggles at LW since Luc retired I could see them signing Moulson so he can play with his brother-in-law.

    • While I’ll agree that Moulson to the Kings this summer I just don’t see it as a possibility. If the cap does go up to $71 million that will leave LA with $15 to spend but will need to resign or replace UFAs Green, Mitchell, Lewis, and Scrivens. As well as RFAs King, Vey and Frattin. They just don’t have the space to get all that done and still chase Moulson. And I really don’t see Lombardi sacrificing defense and character (the keys to LA’s Cup) for offense.

      • @ Bickelton

        Moulson will add 20 – 30 goals or more per year with the right line mates !

        Frattin may be on the move Kings not happy there ….
        No need to resign Mitchell old and injury prone ….would not be a good move!
        Scrivens at $3 million no problem

        still have lots of Character and money to resign some guys no issues to fit Moulson in …would be crazy to turn your head on this guy if it was possible to get him which it is !

        I would give up any of those players for Moulson

      • bickelton go to cap geek, Kings should have around $5 mill after they re-sign and replace everyone. Certain guys like Lewis will be let go for younger cheaper, better options like Vey.

        • Bickelton check this roster out:

          That will leave the Kings with one roster spot open and 1.2 mill dollars left to sign an extra d man. As you can see the Kings should be able to sign moulson for $5-6 million and still basically have the same team minus Schultz, Mitchell, and Lewis.

          • i’m sorry, but that’s a fantasy team. looks really good on paper but won’t bring the Cup back to LA.

  2. if they’re big, not exceptionally fast, and little to no track record of scoring, Holmgren will over-pay

    he’ll also be aggressive in signing 3rd pairing D men….can never have enough of those

    • Sure you’re not a Leaf fan?

      • i’m sure

      • lifelong Flyer fan….bleed orange & black but call it the way i see it

  3. Islanders

    Snow has Charles Wang under some sort of spell and drinking his Kool – Aid …..breaking up one of the best natural 1- 2 scoring tandems in the league is unreal .

    I love Vanek hes extremely gifted ..but he is harder to trade and get a return for now than at anytime or other teams would have taken the chance …I understand he can be a good rental when most his money is gone but the best value in that deal was to never make it to begin with …Vanel will not resign with the Islanders …..and there will be no way Snow has leverage to recoup the lost a #1 draft pick too….. sheesh !

    is not an impact player and his size is a factor for any team especially if they have to clear a roster spot for him ….Snow may have to try something else.

    I wander if Melnyk and Murray will learn there lesson from the Alfredson fiasco or if they will insult him so he moves on !

    • Good thing that if they finish low (bottom 10 I believe) they can push that draft pick to next season.

      • Sabres fans will be quite happy to see the isles tank two years in a row. They will love the second shot at the Phenom Mcdavid.

    • Moulson was not going to stay, he commented a year or two ago that the Isles wouldn’t be able to afford him. Moulson was only good in the paint, very good there, but a liability on the rest of the surface. Snow took a chance on Vanek hoping to convince him to stay, given their play it looks like it will be a bad move.

      • @ Doug …ONLY GOOD IN PAINT ???

        He set up Tavares like a goal delivery service !

        Cap going up …they would have no issues signing him and he loved to play with Tavares he would have resigned ………and maybe still will !!

      • Re: Moulson
        With Penner / Selanne / Kouvi dropping off the books Ducks should go after
        Moulson as a UFA and putting him with Getzlaf & Perry. Just might be a great fit

        • @ Alford Ducks

          …that would be an amazing line……WOW!!

          Agree !!

  4. snow has to go for moulson trade. if was straight up understood. but he gave the picks for lateral move.

    • Do you re-read your comments before hitting “Post Comment”?

  5. I really think Snow thought there was a possibility to resign Vanek and that is why he did the deal. I think he figured that Vanek would relish the opportunity to play with Tavares and a team that was a bit closer to making the playoffs than Bflo. Thing is, most of us know that Heatly and his $7M will be off the books in MN and that leaves a very nice opening for Vanek. I can’t really blame Snow for the Islanders demise because I do know how Charles Wang runs his business – he believes in milking the cash cow and doesn’t really like to invest $. He’s cheap and wants to maximize his profits – fortunately for the Islanders, there is a Minimum Team Salary Cap.

  6. Flyers need a goal scorer…..a bobby ryan type…..maybe not bobby ryan but a guy who can post 30-40 goals a year. They currently have no one capable of doing that and Giroux can’t pass to himself.

    • Every team needs one of those brother haha

    • and Giroux sucks

    • Flyers need mobile young big D more than anything

  7. If the Flyers do decide they need a stereotypical goal scoring winger next to Giroux in place of Hartnell, Moulson could be an intriguing non-bank breaking player. He showed he can play with elite players in Tavares. Then again I could see Moulson resigning in NYI to be back with Tavares if that is allowed.

    • Of course it’s allowed man. He’s UFA, he can sign with whoever he wants to.

  8. Im not sure what Id want less, Striet or another mother in law….

    • Remember saying Striet is not that bad a deal? lol

      • Damn you…yes yes I remember

      • And jeesh give me a little credit I agreed a little with the Clarkson deal and said the term was the really bad part…little did I know he would come in and be lucky to score 10 in the first year., making the whole thing terrible. Oh well least hes not as old as Striet there maybe a couple good years in Clarkson yet. Striets done.

      • And whats good about Vinnys deal? I mean its not as bad as Stiet or Clarkson but, Im not so sure Id call it good. How long is he gone for now 4-5 weeks?

    • I’d want Streit less. and i’m sure

  9. Nitro–

    leave out Streit and you’ll find a taker

  10. Moulson is exactly the type of guy the Rangers need–a finisher. He has great hands and is good around the net. The Rangers have NONE of that right now.

  11. Oilers trade eberle+hemsky+omark+ smyth for simmonds+ luke schenn+ brayden schenn+ picks+ tye mcginn

    Trade yak for brouwer+alzner+pick from washington

    PLEASE Get a power forward or big defenceman, tough players needed, we need to play harder. Trade of gagner, hall, nuge, yak, or eberle

  12. Oilers trade eberle+hemsky+omark+ smyth for simmonds+ luke schenn+ brayden schenn+ picks+ tye mcginn

    Trade yak for brouwer+alzner+pick from washington

    PLEASE Get a power forward or big defenceman, tough players needed, we need to play harder. Trade of gagner, hall, nuge, yak, or eberle