Latest Jets and Canucks Rumors – November 29, 2013.

More reports of “tension” between Evander Kane and the Jets, plus there isn’t any help coming for the Vancouver Canucks.

Is there tension between Evander Kane and the Jets coaching staff?

Is there tension between Evander Kane and the Jets coaching staff?

NBC SPORTS: cited a recent report by TSN’s Bob McKenzie on the curious status of Winnipeg Jets star Evander Kane. Though the Jets aren’t shopping Kane and he hasn’t sought a trade, McKenzie wondered why his name is still in the rumor mill, citing what appears to be tension between the winger and Jets coach Claude Noel.  “There’s tension and people can’t figure out fully whether it’s that Evander does not really like it in Winnipeg or with the Jets? Are the coaches unhappy with him, how has he fit in with the team? And so outside people looking in are saying ‘one goal in the last 12 games, minus player more than not, still playing 21-25 minutes a night… is he available?’, asked McKenzie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These rumors have been flying around about Kane pretty much since the club relocated from Atlanta to Winnipeg.  He’s obviously off to a slow start to this season, which will raise eyebrows around the league. Once he regains his form the speculation will die down, but the longer his offensive woes continue the more trade rumors will swirl about him.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford recently reported the Canucks have soured on the types of trades which previously brought in veterans like Derek Roy and Sami Pahlsson who did little to help the club, and no wish to repeat them. They’re unwilling to give up any draft picks or prospects for help this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Botchford suggested, this may well be a transition year for the Canucks, meaning no quick-fix trades. Considering they do have some decent youth in their system now it would be folly to sacrifice any of it. 


  1. Surprised the Canucks aren’t making a pitch for better players. The teams age is going nowhere but up surprised they aren’t adding players that could help them just because of past experiences. Never know when the Sedins’ stats start to go down hill.

    • It’s due to the bargain basement cap this season, no cap space at all for any moves whatsoever, and the team has a lot of players under NTC’s.

      Expected players who can be dealt mostly revolves around the resurging David Booth, who seems to have hit stride, he could be good trade bait and he will regain his scoring touch elsewhere. Other players who imo could be dealt and have some value is Tanev and maybe Hansen.

      But just like anything it’s not so easy to make trades right now, as the season progresses GM’s of other teams will see how their team is doing and will be solid buyers or sellers, but that won’t be till late Jan/Feb.

  2. Jets are in Philly today for a Black Friday matinee. Flyers have reverted back to their lazy, lack-of-effort play and it’s clear this Flyer team is not good. the team dresses 2 D men that need to be watching from the press box, Timonen and Coburn. the offense has only a few players that hustle regularly–Vinny, Downie, Rinaldo, and Hall.

    the team needs a blockbuster. Giroux, Voracek, Read, and Couturier need to packaged to land a #1 D man and a player with some size and speed on O. Weber would be a great addition but not sure the Predators will trade him. Jets’ Kane, Byflugien, and Little would look good in orange & black

    • @Jango. I a Flyers FAM as well and agree, a major shake up is needed. The mini won streak was meaningless to overall destructive course of the current group of players.

      • Couturier is Flyers best young player. He is going nowhere.

        • If ther ewill be a major shake up it should occur in managment.

          Nobodys trading Bryan fraking Little for Giroux. lol.

          • I propose a trade similar to the Rangers Canucks deal….Carlyle for Laviolette.

          • Nitro–

            i think you mean the Jet wouldn’t do that deal. i’d take Little all day over Fraud Giroux the $8M man

          • Nitro–

            agree….not the player’s fault for taking the deal. if Homer wants to pay me $1M a year to be a fan and attend every game, i’ll take the deal

            Hartnell…i don’t have a problem with. his offense is fading for sure. but we can probably bank on 20-25 G. he plays a physical game. he gets in front of the net. he drops the gloves if necessary. he shows up for the playoffs….and he’s been a Flyer for what 6 seasons. good veteran for the locker room and bench with the younger guys. the contract is long by 2 years but at 4.75 i’m ok with the amount

            Simmonds is tough and i like what he brings but 4 a year seems high for a guy that isn’t a good skater (although with decent speed), and not much skill, but hits, fights, and scores in front

            G has had good years. PPG last year and better than that the season before. but he’s small, doesn’t dominate or take over a game, goes invisible for games at a time, and scores in bunches. i’d rather his score a point every game for 5 games rather than 2 G and 3 A in the first game and then no points the next 4 games. not a leader at all. i lost it for him finally when he did nothing when Hartnell was cheap-shotted in the Panther game and he was standing right there….chicken…compare that with Downie who got beat up by a much bigger fighter in the Capital game when Downie stood up for Read, in Downie’s 1st game back….$8M a year is too high….i’d be ok with the contract at $5M

            i see your point, but a player getting paid elite money should score points no matter who he’s paired with (of course not 4th liners, but reasonably skilled players)

            look at Tavares. younger and with less of a cast around him and he’s scored…same thing with Toews, he’s had only Kane and he scores every year and now has a Selke under his belt

        • Nitro–

          i don’t disagree with you. i don’t think they’ll trade G, if for no other reason they don’t want to explain why they’re trading a guy they just signed to an 8 year $64M extension

          i’m aware he’s 3.75 this year. just don’t understand the urgency with getting him signed to an above-market extension when they could have signed him to the same deal next summer. with the year he’s having, they could have signed him to a lot less next summer

          • What Backchecking is to Leaf fans… Jango is to Flyers.

        • Nitro–

          the other thing about Giroux that i haven’t seen mentioned, is the fact that his scoring is down ad he’s been mostly invisible, and not playing against the other team’s best players

          apparently those minutes have been eaten up by Couturier. so Giroux has even less excuse for not putting up numbers, since he has to be getting ice time against other teams’ 2nd or 3rd lines

          • Lmao @ Rickler

  3. Why not trade Kane for Kadri straight up? Sounds like a good swap to me.

    • Most people would want TO to add a little something as well in that deal. However I’m not sure the leafs would want to make that move as that would put them down one more centre as Kane is a left winger. Kane is a good player but seems to have an attitude problem which is something the leafs don’t really need(except on the ice). Kane is slumping right now but maybe all he needs is some better line mates. Not sure why you want to dump Kadri, as this is only his second full year and is not doing all that badly except for the odd stupid penalty.

    • No Thanks! Just bought a Kadri Jersey! Not sure why everyone wants to get rid of this kid anways. Skilled center that plays with an edge. Hard to find. Plus we are already thin up the middle and you would want to make the situation worse.

    • Hahahaha stop playing xbox or ps3 kadri for Kane your delusional go back on the Internet in your moms basement and look up how to come back and live in the real world not in la la land kadri for Kane hahaha …. And the other guy saying he doesn’t think the leafs would do this deal because he’s a winger hahaha hahahaha thanks for the laugh guys always love the leafs nonsense fans dreaming of trade ideas ..

      • I knew someone would say something about the Leafs

      • I’m not a Leafs fan but if you really think a Kane for Kadri deal is lopsided look at the stats. Very similar players, similar draft position, only thing is at this point Kane produces less offensively for more money. Not to say Kane won’t be the more impactful player but stop hating on Leaf’s players cause your annoyed at Leaf trade proposals.

    • Another Leaf hater surprize surprize.

      This reason this doesn’t work is because the Leafs are up against the cap and Kane costs $2.35 million more then Kadri

      • Throw in kuli. lol

        • That works but leave a hole in the already slim middle and throws Clarkson on the third line at $5+M. Love to have him but I think we need a number one center and stud Dman more. With that said I don’t think Carlyle is a big fan of Kadri

          • Maybe Carlyle needs scratched for a night. Bring in Laviolette

        • Hi Shticky, Normally I’d agree whole-heartedly, but he’s been one of the few aggressive players we’ve had in the last couple games. Keep him for 1 or2 more. LOL

    • all for dumpin kadri while we can still get something for him… can we? kadri and gardiner and a 2nd for kane

  4. The canucks have been burned on a couple of deals but so has every other team in the league as well. If canuck management do not do anything to improve secondary scoring then they may as well pack up and go home for the year as their is no way the canucks are going to win the cup with this group of forwards. They don’t have to give up their best prospects either, just make smart savvy moves. OH Yeah, sorry, forgot that Gillis is the GM, my bad.

    • @Drew, agree.
      Keep in mind they also have a bunch of NTCs which limits trade potential. Players without a NTC don’t have much trade value. He had the chance to trade Edler for a top 6 fwd in the offseason before his NTC kicked in with his new contract, but didn’t. Add in that half the teams are against the cap or too cheap to take on salary, any trade needs to be $for$ which limits a lot of possibilities.
      On the optimistic note, Booth had a 2pt night last night, Nuck fans can only hope he and the other supporting cast can begin to contribute offensively.

    • First of all Van has been burned on deals really anyone with half a brain including Toronto fans knew the deal for Cody hodg. Was the worst deal in the world and if the gm didn’t see that he should of been fired on the spot my question is how bad does the league hate Vancouver that no one even told the gm are you nuts I’ll make you a better deal like if I was a gm I’d be trading with Vancouver every day lol

  5. What makes Coburn so bad? A couple years ago I remember him being solid.

    • He’s not bad, just terribly inconsistent.

  6. Seems that there has been tension between Kane and Winnipeg mgmt for a few years now. In looking at what teams are willing to shuffle the chairs on the deck – you have Buffalo, Philly, FL and I think there are some teams that are willing to listen to any offer. With Ted Nolan stressing “work ethic” it might be something to investigate – a deal for Kane something like Ennis/Adam for Kane. I know Bflo just hired another scout from Edmonton, not something we really need right now and I’m not too impressed – we need a GM and Patty needs to focus on that – not another scout, especially one who’s resume is all Edmonton. We know Dudley isn’t coming back which probably works out better for Bflo as we need a GM who is saavy, isn’t afraid to make some deals and can build relationships.

    • Why would you think Dudley isn’t savvy, etc.? To tell you the truth, I’d feel much safer if Regier were handling the trades, especially Miller’s. The guy was great at that.

      • Duds has already been through Sabres management and Montreal has locked him up. So….time to move on. Yes, Darcy was a really good horse trader, but its time to move on. So, with an urgency in mind, Patty needs to hire someone like I said that have savvy, is knowledgeable and hasn’t burnt any bridges.

  7. Evander Kane to Vancouver for David Booth, Jannik Hansen and Bo Horvat

    • To Toronto: E.Kane
      To Winnipeg: Lupul + 2nd Rounder

      Both are at the same skill level, Lupul is older, so throw in a 2nd rounder.

      • Exactly Lupul is older and more fragile Kane has tones and tones more upside… Kane is a tough one to figure out so much potential yet right now value wise for a guy whos not producing? …at anyrate Im hoping for no trades and a coach to go. I like the pieces that are there and hope Nonis dosent start dealing away a good young core for lateral movements at best. Fire Carlyle if he cant put together a system that compliments whats here and go from there.

  8. Looks like the nucks should trade edler and a third for kane