Latest Jets News – August 29, 2011.

Preparations are being made to celebrate the Jets season opener, but rumors of a certain Canadian band participating in the ceremonies isn’t going down well with a Winnipeg columnist.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless and Ed Tait reported sources saying the upcoming season’s debut on October 6th will include a live network broadcast launch “from The Forks” on opening night as part of “NHL Face-Off”, which kicks off a four-day build-up to the Jets home opener against Montreal on Sunday, October 9th.

” Word is the party in Winnipeg will include a “major Canadian concert act,” with one of the bands rumoured to be Nickelback.”

Rob Williams and Bartley Kives, however, are hoping Nickelback won’t be part of the Face Off festivities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not a fan of Nickelback, but the kids seem to like ’em.  Ah well, whatever happens, folks in Winnipeg are more excited about the actual debut of their beloved Jets than the musical act which will be part of the build-up to it four days prior.


  1. nickleback sucks

  2. Nickelback would definitely not be my choice for the performer… There must be someone better that can do it…

  3. I just assumed it would be the Guess Who or BTO. Sure they’re old, but they are well liked across a few generations.

    Nickelback… OK, but really all anyone wants to see is the puck drop anyway.

  4. Nickelback is terrible, but only because their music sucks.

  5. How about The Weakerthans with their “I Hate Winnipeg” song? They’re from Winnipeg, after all…

  6. Definately the Guess Who or BTO, they put Winnipeg on the map music-wise afterall!

  7. RUSH

  8. The obvious choice should be Bachman Turner Overdrive since they are from the area and they’d open up with “Takin Care Business” !

  9. Jake is right. Nickelback SUCKS!

  10. Propagandhi is the obvious choice.

  11. Kudos on the Propagandhi reference. Are Comeback Kid still around? They seem to have an appropriate name given the circumstances…

  12. Tragically hip! And Rush! Most of the Guess Who are dead or near it….wouldn’t be the same, although I’d love to see them play. Should be party!