Latest Jets, Oilers and Canadiens News – September 3, 2011.

Center ice logo is now set for the Jets…Tyler Ennis expects Ryan Nugent-Hopkins could thrive despite his size…No more CKAC Sports for Habs fans.


WINNIPEG SUN: has several pictures of the new center ice logo at the MTS Centre. Here’s a closeup:

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  To quote Eric Cartman: “Sweet!”


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Buffalo Sabres forward Tyler Ennis (5-9, 163 lbs) doesn’t expect Oilers prospect Ryan Nugent-Hopkins size (6-1, 176 lbs) to hamper his NHL career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ten years ago, players of the size of Ennis and Nugent-Hopkins would’ve had a tough time establishing themselves in the NHL, but with the onus now more on skills and speed, Ennis is already having a promising career, as could Nugent-Hopkins.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone reports the Canadiens flagship radio station, CKAC, is no more.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a significant loss for Canadiens fans in Montreal. As Boone noted, it was all Habs, all the time. Whether or not you may or may not have agreed with the views of some of the hosts regarding the Canadiens, it was still worthwhile for fans to tune in and get news and opinions on their favorite team.


  1. Nice centre ice logo. But I wish they would have kept the redline out of the logo itself. They do it in alot of arenas, Edmonton, Nashville even Hong-Couver I think.
    St. Louis, Ennis, and a boat load of other “smurfs” have proved you don’t need to be big to succed. Skill and Heart can overcome size and weight nowadays. As well as some good linemates.

  2. Since when is 6’1 small!?!?!? Sure he’ll fill out as he gets older but he’s far from smurf status!!

  3. It ain’t the height they’re referring to, but more the weight. Beside, 6-1 in today’s NHL is average.

  4. Super shweet

  5. Im sorry, is that the ACC?