Latest Jets, Oilers and Capitals Rumors – January 8, 2014

Should the Jets trade Dustin Byfuglien? Will the Oilers move Sam Gagner? Are the Capitals any closer to dealing a goaltender? Read on for the latest.

Should the Jets trade Dustin Byfuglien?

Should the Jets trade Dustin Byfuglien?

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless believes the Jets should trade defenseman Dustin Byfuglien for the best possible return. Lawless acknowledged Bufuglien’s offensive skills but noted the big blueliner is unwilling to improve his defensive play, which is proving costly for the Jets. He doubts the 28-year-old will ever improve defensively and could soon lose his trade value. “What could Cheveldayoff expect to get for Byfuglien?, asked Lawless. “If we’re talking futures, maybe a first-round pick and a Grade A prospect. A roster player? Maybe a second or third pairing defenceman and a third-round pick. Or a top six forward and a late pick.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Byfuglien would be an attractive target target, most NHL teams this season lack the cap space to take on a high-salaried player. Players like Byfuglien usually get dealt in the off-season when teams have more cap space and more willingness to spend. He also has a modified no-trade listGM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t take advice from local pundits, but if the Jets miss the playoffs again, he could be forced to shake things up, which could mean moving a notable player like Byfuglien. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports “there is no question” the Edmonton Oilers would consider trading Sam Gagner. “The expected rate of return would be a top-six forward, a top-four defenceman or a starting goalie”, reports Dreger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gagner on his own could fetch those returns. Package him with their 2014 first round pick (which could be first overall) and the Oilers could get a top-line forward, top-two defenseman or a star goaltender.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera reports the Capitals continue to juggle goaltenders Philipp Grubauer, Braden Holtby and Michal Neuvirth as the need arises.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Neuvirth is expected to be moved, but the Capitals could also demote Grubauer as he’s exempt from waivers. Given how well he’s playing, they’re obviously in no hurry to consider that option. They won’t trade Holtby. 


  1. The Oils first round pick could almost get them a top 6 type forward…its going to be a lottery pick and altho not as deep as last year there are stll some very good prospects this year. If they were thinking of moving the pick anyway and with the number of things that need to be addressed maybe it would be wiser to not package the pick with Gagner but move them in separate deals. Get a top six bigger forward for the pick and try and shuffle Gagner for a top 4 type D man. Otherwise keep the pick till the draft at least.

    • Build a team quit “getting a player”…is what Im trying to say.

      • I guess I was not that far off with my suggestion of Reimer + Kadri for Gagner, Dubnyk and 1st in 2015. Figured the 1st this year is worth a lot more seeing its prob a top pick this year.

        Should be interesting to see what Oilers do with Gagner and the Pick. Another top pick!

        Not that I am that familiar with Oilers Defence but could they use maybe a Reimer + Gardiner trade instead of Kadri?

        • Kadri and Reimer straight up for Gagner and Dubnyk. No forst would be involved.

          You under value Gagner. He is worth more than Kadri. Reimer worth more Dubnyk. Balances out.

          • Agreed, also I doubt anyone is willing to move their 2015 1st rounder, that year is going to be deep in prospects

          • Kadri and Reimer are worth WAY more than Dubnyk and Gagne. Gagne is only worth Bozak, why have 2 Bozaks?

          • @Leafsadvocate:

            You must smoke some pretty good weed if you think Bozak and Gagner are worth the same on the market. Bozak will get you a draft pick. You saw above what Spector expects his value to be.

            Kadri is a glamorized 2nd liner whose value is high to leaf fans only. Reimer is an ok goalie, but not elite Dubnyk is an ok goalie not elite. I see Reimer as a slight upgrade.

            Gagner is worth more than just Kadri. Don’t be foolish.

        • You will not be getting Gagner, Dubnyk and a first for Reimer and Gardiner. That is ridiculous.

          I wouldn’t do a straight trade of Gagner and Dubnyk for Reimer and Gardiner.

          • Gary,
            Sorry I think I have to disagree with you. Kadri showed last year he can be a point per game player….and this year he’s hasnt gotten the ice time and still out performing Gagne. If Reimer (who i really cant stand) can’t be conisdered a better than avergae goalie….look at his stats, I mean the last 2 seasons it’s hard to find any goalie with better number….how is he not worth a 1st rounder to Edmonton alone???

          • @dan Palanca

            He is currently a back up to a guy letting shots in from center ice. That sums it up.

            Gagner missed the first 13 games with a broken jaw. That is going to affect his performance.

            I would rather have Gagner and his proven track record over Kadri who demands hi salary, and decides to not show up for extended periods.

            You are really kidding yourself if you think Reimer is going grab a lotto pick from the Oilers.

            I think if the Oilers where interested in Reimer, it would have happened by now.Instead, they signed Bryzgalov.

            That says a lot of where they value Reimer.

          • Gagners “proven track record”??? For what??

            Proven track record of never being able to get 50 points or 20 goals averages (about 12-13 goals a year and 40 points) on a top line with Hall and Eberle playing loads of minutes and power play time or proven track record of being hurt? (misses around a dozen or so games a year). What track record are we speaking of? Speaking of over valuing players…

        • Too lopsided in favour of the Leafs. It would appear that Reimer isn’t a starting goaltender given that he’s the backup in Toronto. I agree he’s better than Dubnyk but given the low value apparently placed on goaltenders in the trade market that won’t fetch you much. Of Gagner and Kadri I think I’d rather have Kadri because of his potential but he’s sure not going to help Edmonton any time soon. Gagner has more experience and a track record of being at least average. I would think an Edmonton 4th rounder would even this trade out. No way Edmonton moves it’s 1st for 2015.

        • Reimer “Might” be an upgrade on Dubnyk. I’d say they are basically the same player. Same goes for Gagner & Kadri with a slight edge to Gagner in my opinion. Edmonton throwing in their 1st round pick would be ludicrous.Edmonton has too many Kadri type players so Gardiner would definitely make more sense.

          • again..go look at Reimer’s stats before you make any comment that he and Dubnyuk are comparable…it’s not even close man!

    • They don’t need a top 6 forward to be honest. They’ll be aiming for Ekblad.

      • Jes do you even read these things or just troll comments?

        • How am I trolling? Do you even know what trolling is? Have you even seen Oilers top 6? Why in the world would they want another top 6 forward? When you get a grasp on this hockey business get back to me otherwise just keep your mouth shut.

          Like I’ve said before your like that O’Doyle guy from Billy Madison. You think your the real deal John Don before you post and then when you submit your comment it usually always comes crashing down!! Lol!!

          O’Shticky Rules!!

          • No trolling here eh tough guy?

          • Again how is that trolling?

            Again do you know what trolling means? I’m just defending myself against your retarded comments. You really bring the intelligence of Laugh fans on here down.

            Again get back to me when you smarten up!!!

      • Actually I think the Oil could use some size and toughness in their top 6. The group they have now have all kinds of skill but clearly aren’t getting the job done as constructed. Agreed they should definitely be targeting Ekblad though.

        • Agreed. Should’ve moved rnh in my opinion. Unless they manage a deal to get Simmonds and schenn from phili

  2. Lawless really nailed down Buffs value there…anything from a first round pick to prospect to a top 6 player a bottom six player with a later pick top 6 d man with a pick… So basically they would listen to offers and try and pick the best one.

    • lol!

  3. Something tells me everybody mentioned above is going to Toronto, And I’m also guessing it can all get done for Kadri and Bozak. Lmao….Just thought I’d be the 1st to get it out there.

    • You forgot Reimer. 😉

    • Sorry Leafs need Bozak. He’s our best center.

      • And Im not sure how many of us want any more defense men who dont play D second line smallish centers or Back up goalies but Id say no thanks we are full….that Oiler first round pick is tempting tho. :-p

        • not sure the oil should pursue byfuglien. high risk

          • Yeah cause when things are going that well you don’t want to take any chances :)

    • I know they (Laugh fans) think there players are worth an arm and a leg. It’s comical to be honest.

      • Actually behavioural decision theory shows us that we tend to overvalue our own stuff and undervalue other folks stuff. Perfectly normal to have a higher valuation of your own players/prospects than others do. There appear to be a few Leafs fan that take this to a rather bizarre extreme though.

        • Your right about that Styxcanada. Some of them think they can get Tavares for a trade that includes Kadri as the biggest piece lol.

          O’Shticky is the poster boy of over valuing his players.

          O’Shticky Rules!!!

          OH PS Shticky if anyone’s a troll it’s you. Go back to your cave ya ugly little troll.

      • Hardly a troll yep you are right.

    • You forgot that it usually involves a six way deal with the people they’ve discarded then being flipped for gold by someone else who didn’t really need that stuff to start with :)

  4. I think Florida might be a suitable home for Sam Gagner. I don’t get to see a whole lot of either team, but it seems to me that Edmonton has the top line players (Hall, Eberle, Perron, RNH) but lack the depth players. Florida is the opposite, their top line players are still developing (Barkov, Huberdeau) but they have a surplus of depth players (Fleishman, Upshaw, Goc or Matthias). How about Gagner for Upshaw?

    There are not many players that would be worth parting with a potential 1st overall pick, IMO. For example, Goalies, maybe: Fleury, Price, Rask, Lundqvist, Rinne… there aren’t many. And I don’t see them moving. As for defensemen, unless it is part of a package for Weber I wouldn’t give up the pick.

    • First off, it’s Upshall.

      Gagner straight up for Upshall….really?

      Florida is trying to dump his salary, and Gagner is a legit 2 line player, still young and signed to a decent cap hit for his skills.

      Gagner is only 24 with 6 years experience. He would fit well on most teams.

      I can see Detroit or Pittsburgh going hard for him. Pitts might have the dmen in the system to be able to do that.

      I wouldn’t be to quick to throw Fleury into that list. He melts down every year at playoff time.

      I would put Quick in there, and Schneider was just traded last summer for a top ten pick, so he must be included too.

      This isn’t the year for the Oilers. There really is no need to be making panic moves at this point. They need to think it out.

      What about Emery? The Flyers signed him to a one year contract. Mason has clearly won the starting job there, and Emery can still go. He will be UFA next summer. The Oilers might look at the UFA market and see what options are there. I think Emery would be a good fit in Edmonton, and then they could use the saved assets on getting a top #1 dman..a Weber type player. I personally don’t see Nashville trading Weber at all or any time soon, but I would think the Oilers and the Flyers would get into a bidding war for him if he did become available.

      It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out.

      • Cant see Detroit or Pits going hard after Gagner…..where does he play? Both teams seem like they are kind of set at center no? Weiss would have to go back the otherway or else the wings Have Datsyuk Weiss and Gagnger (who deffinately not a better third line type center than Helm) making over 15 mill, and I think Malkin and Crosby will do for the first 2 lines in Pits. Ganger is just not a third line player, and Im not sure you would give as much up for him to play right wing on your second line (maybe to replase Samuelsson is the train of thought there but still the wings wouldnt be interested in a the cap hit for that)

        • Shticky you really think Detroit is happy with Weiss as a center? They’d jump for a shot at Gagner.

          • Well if you bothered to read the full thing…since they have 13 mill tied up in their top 3 centers for the next few years and some pretty decent prospects at the position unless they trade Weiss (which I said) they are not going to go hard after a player that makes almost 5 mill and have15 mill tied up in their top 2 centers between 3 guys and if Detroit dosent like Weiss at the price they signed him too for the next 4 years I doubt anyone else will either.

          • Do you even know that they have buyouts remaining? Like seriously do you ever hear yourself talk?

            Red Wings are one of the top 10 richest teams in the league so buying out a player isn’t out of the question.

          • Ridiculous.

        • Gagner for Olli Maata has been tossed around the rumour mill for the last couple of weeks.

      • Upshall, thanks. Okay not a fan of Upshall? I guess what I am saying is trade Gagner to a team needing offense in exchange for player(s) that can bring some leadership and a two-way game. Hold onto the rest of the young nucleus and the draft position.

        I don’t see good teams salivating at the chance to slot Gagner in as their second line centre but there would be teams that could use him.

        I will agree, drop Fleury from the list and add Quick. But, I wouldn’t trade #2 spot in the lottery for Schneider. Anyway, my point is, the chances of them trading that pick are close to zero just because of the massive return they would need.

        • @ CO

          So are you talking about Upshall straight up for Gagner? That’s way to little for Gagner. Probably have to throw in a notable prospect.

  5. I’m just curious of three things…
    1) Why hasn’t there been any chatter of Ryan Miller going to Pitt. Or better yet, why hasn’t Pitt inquired about Miller? Fleury, and a pick for MIller?
    2) Some sort of deal where Neuvirth goes to Edm. I know he can be a space cadet at times but he’s shown that he can be a good goalie. In the playoffs too.
    3) Why trade Bufuglien? Make him a forward and trade a 3rd or 4th liner to attain a 3rd pairing defenseman to replace Bufuglien’s spot on D. If he is really that bad on D, wouldn’t this trade be a minor upgrade?

    Do these suggestions/questions make sense? or am I a space cadet too?

    • maybe pitt should inquire about brodeur for insurance….

      • 1. Interesting idea Fleury isn’t really a good goalie so I think Buffalo would be looking for something else. I think Sabres make a pitch for Halak or Hiller in the offseason.

        2. Neauvirth isn’t much better then Bryz to be honest.

        3. Totally agree man. He’s much better as a power forward. That’s where he excelled at when he was on the Blackhawks.

        Brodeaur’s done like dinner.

    • If I was Shero,I would do that Fleury for Miller and a pick move in a heartbeat…

      • I wouldn’t, Miller is a UFA next year. If he doesn’t resign you’re screwed.
        Fleury is proving himself this year, if you trade him you send the wrong message to your players “If you do good, we’ll trade you”
        Not happening.

    • i’d LOVE the Fleury for Miller trade! i was hope for that rumor since “Miller” trade talks begain! Wishful thinking!

  6. i would like to see buff go to philly… if they stay in the playoff hunt use him as a power forward like chicago did and put him in the crease on the pp…offer up a defense prospect like manning or lauridsen and a pick….or maybe make a play for ryan smyth instead to play with G

    • No to Ryan Smith.

      Buffy would cost more than that, and I wouldn’t want his work ethic in Philly.

      We have Hartnell and Simmonds already, and Schenn hangs out in front of the net too.

      I would pass on both of these options.

    • Manning or Lauridsen for Byufglien?! As a Flyers fan I’d love to see that! Too bad it’d never happen. It would be more like Brayden Schenn or Morin / Laughton and a pick. And Byufglien has too many warts (conditioning, poor positional play) to warrant that price.

      • Ehh I would be holding my breath that Laughton was not part of a deal unless it was something better than Buff coming back hes going to be very good.

  7. I think Winnipeg should do with Byfuglien what San Jose did with Burns, make him a power forward.
    Is anyone wondering what I am? What does Toronto do with all the 2nd line centers they have when Bolland gets back? They have Bozak 1st line, Bolland 2nd line, Kadri 3rd line, McClement 4th line. What do they do with Holland? Would putting Kadri on 3rd line wing with Holland be an answer

    • Bolland will go to 3rd line centre like the beginning of the year. (With Kulemin and Raymond) Kadri will stay @ 2nd line.
      Holland or McClement will move to the wing.

  8. Buff would be a great fit in Toronto (as a forward) who need to address their lack of physical play and softness up-front.

    • Yup, since David Clarkson isn’t getting the job done

  9. The Pens played awful in front of Fleury the past 2 playoff seasons you can pin the on Bylsma not believing in defense that’s why we brought in another coach in the offseason. He didnt do himself any favors but it wasnt just him. We are so deep at defense I dont think anyone is safe for the right deal. Could really use some forward depth mostly just grinders with speed in the system. If the right long term gun came along a top line forward to play along Sid and Kunitz. I have heard Eberle for Letang but doesnt Letang have a movement clause?

    • As a Pens fan, I would make the trade if we are talking a Letang/Eberle basis. I am biased here since I didn’t think re-signing Letang was the best long term option (ties up key cap space combined with the quality of talent coming up to replace him). I don’t know if I would go 1:1, but as the main part of a deal it could work. Eberle would make a scary top 6 look even scarier.

      Personally, I think Despres will be the one getting dealt on the backend. Again maybe something works with Edmonton as they are in despirate need of NHL quality D, and probably more so, a good puck mover. Not sure what a Despres would fetch off the Edmonton roster (sure hope it isn’t hemsky though).

      • I’ve heard Gagner & Hemsky tied to Maata & Despres for weeks. Not sure exactly which of those guys would go where but I doubt Eberle for Letang would ever happen I think the Pens would lose that deal. I’d like to see Yakupov get a shot to play in Pittsburgh with Malkin as long as Maata was coming back the other way with a pick or prospect.
        I’m in Edmonton this week and going to see the Pens/Oilers game on Friday.

        • Shero is not that stupid!

  10. To the Oilers; Byfuglien – 5.2 mil
    Pavelec – 3.9 mil

    To the Jets;
    Ganger – 4.8 mil
    Yakupov – (925 k)
    Dubnyk – 3.5 mil ( UFA at seasons end )

    • LOL!!!!!!! Byfuglien on his own is worth that. With the way Pavelec has played this season, he is no upgrade over Dubnyk.

      • You think Byfuglien alone would get Ganger, Yakupov and Dubnyk?

        • Minus Yak I think thats pretty close.

          • Sorry I mean Buff for Gagner and Duby. No Pavelec

          • So Byfuglien for Ganger and Dubnyk? Jets wouldn’t have a need for Dubnyk if they’re not moving Pavelec and Pavelec would only be in the deal to get Yakupov, Dubynk was just a throw in to balance salaries and give the Jets a 2nd goalie to finish the year out with.

    • So Oilers get a defenceman who doesn’t really defend and an extremely inconsistent goalie for Gagner and Yak? I’ve gotta be thinking they could do better than that. There are a few teams that have a surplus of goalies (Ducks, Kings, Caps, Canes) the Oil could approach and offer up less than Gagner for. I’d agree with Buff for Gagner plus Duby but not much more than that.

  11. or

    To Flyers; Byfuglien – 5.2 mil

    • I meant to say;

      to flyers; Byfuglien – 5.2 mil
      Klingberg – ( 760 k )
      Rights to Burmistrov

      to jets; Brayden Schenn – ( 870 k )
      Luke Schenn – 3.6 mil

      • As much as I am no fan of Buff I think the Jets could do better.

        • I think people realize at nearly 29 years old, what you see is what you get with Byufglien. He’ll never be Weber… or Pronger… or Chara. Buyer beware!

        • Really? Wow and I thought while I was proposing the trade it looked like the Jets were easily winning that deal. If they could do better, that would be great, but I think they need to do a deal something like that where they get back a stay at home d-man that would maybe benefit from Huddy and then a young forward with some offensive upside to give them some depth.

          • B Schenn plus would be ok I just cant really see much value in Luke Id almost rather B Schenn and a pick or prospect. Im not much of a Luke Schenn believer.

  12. And Buff will never be a full time forward, the Jets have tried it and he just quits, other than power he has said he will only play defense

    • Do you have a link to this?

  13. Does anybody see Gagner going to the islanders? I know he grew up with Tavares. He would look good on that top line with Vanek and Tavares.

    • Someone would have to switch to wing. Tavares is also a C man.
      Don’t see it happening as I doubt Vanek sticks around as well.

    • The Isles are actually fairly deep in Centre prospects (Strome, Nelson, …) but could use a Gagner type to hold the second line centre position and allowing Nielsen to move to the third line where he would excel. Unfortunatley the Isles and Oilers both need a goalie and an upgrade on current defence. The temas are first and second for most goals allowed in the NHL. Both teams need to use their trade chips to address some glaring current needs. The Isles have extreme depth in D prospects they could also deal but again not sure they want to use them to pick up a forward like Gagner when they have so many other needs.

    • Heard that rumour today. Reinhart and Macdonald were mentioned as guys that Edmonton want.

      • Not sure Id do Reinhart for Gagner and if I was the Oilers I wouldnt do Gagner and a first for Reinhart, maybe McDonald and a second or a conditional pick if he resigned for Gagner and the first?

        • Ganger and a first for macdonald and a conditional ? No way oilers should do that … Yes macdonald is what the oilers need but he is not yandle. Gagner and a first is overpayment. Isle don’t need Gagner anyway

          • If they swapped firsts the Oil would still get a pretty high first round pick.

        • In other words a second and first if he resigned would still be a lottery pick as of right now but Im not sure as was mentioned if the Islanders need a center that bad

          • Sabres have Isles 1st rounder this year as well as the 2nd. Isles have the option to defer the 1st pick only if it’s a top 10 pick. And seeing how it looks like the Isles may be a bad team next year as well, risking to lose McDavid is probably out of the question. So Sabres may just have two picks in the top 10. But ya that deal wouldn’t work for either team. The race for McDavid has already started this year.

          • Ya Im sure alot of teams want and are looking forward to losing for the next year and a half and owners dont really want playoff revenue for the next 2 years, let the race begin.

      • Where did you hear all those rumors? “Gagner & Hemsky tied to Maata & Despres for weeks” and “Reinhart and MacDonald were mentioned as guys that Edmonton want”?

  14. I don’t usually throw out the random trade theories I imagine (as opposed to commenting on other, properly reported rumours), but what about:

    Byfuglien ($5.2M)
    Cam Ward ($6.3M)

    Both teams deal from their biggest current strength to address their biggest current weakness: Defence for CAR and Goaltending for WPG (if Montoya isn’t thought of to be the long-term solution)

    Then WPG trades:

    Pavelec ($3.9M)
    NYI for… ?

    Not much, probably. It’d mostly be to clear his salary. But the Islanders might take a stab at Pavelec, see if he can bounce back.

    • You would have to get something pretty decent for Pavelec from the Islanders if you dealt Byfuglien for Ward. Would need a d-man plus a young forward. Like Andrew MacDonald and Josh Bailey

      • Wow, that’s a lot for a mediocre to poor goalie. You realize that Berner and Bishop both went for WAY less than that and are far better goalies right?

    • Isles are desperate for goaltending but not sure how much of an upgrade Pavalec is. Your right they may have interest but wouldn’t send much back. Course if they pick up Pavelec he’s immediately in the way of someone else if they make a serious move to upgrade.

      • Agreed, Styx. Pavelec wouldn’t be a major upgrade for the Isles and he’d block a prospective better goalie from joining them – they just seem to be a team that crosses their fingers when it comes to goaltending.

        If not that, I wonder what the future is for Pavelec? A buyout? Otherwise the Jets are likely stuck with an average goalie for years if they don’t!

        • I agree that was overvaluing pavelec, but a buyout? not going to happen 1. he only makes 3.8 mil/year 2. he’s still pretty young and shows signs of being a really good goalie 3. If the jets didn’t buy out Antropov they won’t buy out anyone.

  15. Here’s one for you:

    To EDM: Ryan O’Reilly
    To COL: Gagner, EDM’s first rounder

    • Here’s your answer: no.

      • Not even close

        • Yak and the first then maybe

          • Think something like Gagner, Yakupov and 1st to WPG for Buf and Setoguchi then flip Setoguchi to TO for Reimer would work?

          • I wouldnt do Reimer for Setoguchi…have enough disappearing forwards.

  16. Trade Buff for Flyers to defencemen kimo and streit. Then trade these to defencemen and devin from the jets to the oiles for gagner a prospect player and there number one draft pick for 2014. Nice deal.

  17. Here ya go:

    To Toronto: ROR
    To Colorado: Bozak + McClement + Franson

    • ROR is probably one of the few guys that is be interested in that may actually be available. Not sure what it would take. Possibly Franson or gardiner plus but leafs don’t currently have the cap space so another move would have to be made.

      • Franson and the Leafs first…and still more (Levio?) All that being said Id still consider it from a Leafs point of view, need a number 1 and that could be the guy.

        • I like that trade for CO and TO. Can Leivo play RW?
          I don’t think Avs should get rid of ROR, but they have too many centers (Duchene, McKinnon, Stastny, Mitchell, and Sgarbossa in minors) and ROR will never be #1 or 2 on that team, ROR had a $6.5m QO this year and an acrimonious negotiation history with The club, Avs need another top 4 dman and are thin on winger prospects. Stastny probably not as valuable a trade chip as ROR is younger — would TO be interested in Staz? For what?
          But who do Avs get rid of if they add Fraser? Currently have 8 d with the club in EJ, Hejda, Barrie, Benoit, Sarich, Wilson, Guenin, Nick Holden, with Elliott, Siemens, Bigras in minors. Holden perhaps goes to minors but who sits for Fraser? A dman may have to go back to TO in the trade. Avs just resigned Guenin to 2-yr extension, so maybe Wilson goes to TO and Barrie, Sarich alternate sitting to make room for Fraser (I think Sarich is FA at year end as well).
          Also, not sure of this deal gets made during season, or before draft. Avs may not want to ship out ROR until after playoffs.

          • That history was with a joke of a management team.

            Both Sakic and Roy will look at the talent and what he brings to the team, not how past management teams handled the player.

            I can’t see Colorado trading ROR.

            Not unless it is for a blow your socks off kind of deal.

    • So the Avs are going to take on Bozak @4.2 cap hit, McClement @ 1.5 and UFA at years end and Franson $2.0 and UFA at years end for ROR 5.0 and RFA at years end? How does this benefit the Avs in any way? Pretty much NOBODY has more cap space than the AVS next year, So why in the world do they make a trade like this? To give Toronto some help in clearing room for their young center? The Avs have nothing but leverage when it comes to ROR’s next contract. If any center from the Avs is available, it will be Stastny. But he isn’t coming for the 3 mentioned above.

      • Thank you.

  18. Kadri alone is better than gagner no doubt look at the points they have put and kadri hands down is better playong alot less minutes gagner is a bum

    • Im not sure how hes not Gagner has a career best 48 points and is on pace for what maybe 35-40 points?

      Last year in a half season Kadri put up over 44 4 points less than Gagners best full year and his year he is on pace for 50 and has a higher ppg avg, dosent play with Hall or Eberle has less ice time and aot more upside, but what ever hes a Leaf so that makes him stink. Gagner has pretty similar numbers to Bozak.

      • But if he has similar numbers to Bozak, why would the Oilers be interested in trading him?

        You guys need to look at the bigger picture picture here.

        Gagner is a big part of the Oilers team. A team that has struggled collectively.

        Talent wise, Gagner is better than both Bozak and Kadri. It shows up in his every play. Not just on the scoreboard.

        Let me ask you this Shticky..who would you honestly rather have..Bozak or Gagner?

        Gagner hands down.

        • Really I could careless because they are essentially the same player Id probably take Bozak as bad as that sounds but I believe he has a slight edge defensively…my point really is that Kadri is the higher value out of Ganger vs. Kadri he puts up better numbers with less ice time, lower quality wingers no to little power play time and still could have room for growth. With Gagner like Bozak you know exactly what you are getting a smallish 2nd line center who puts up 15 goals and around 40 points if he is playing with good wingers. Let me ask you this if Gagner is such an important cog in a losing team why is he the one thats available for trade? Also hearing now that he is being moved to the wing to let Arcobello play center. Im not sure the Leafs would consider taking bozak off the top line to play him on wing to let an AHL call up play.

  19. Oilers dont need top six forward

    • I think its just more what they could get not what they need specifically. If thats the way they decided to go.

  20. Once again Toronto overvaluing their players. Actual value is subtract three stars for players that where signed or traded for, subtract four stars for drafted due to being trained a poor system and having to be redeveloped

  21. Looks like how oiler and jet fans are going, overvaluing players must be a Canadian thing.