Latest Jets, Oilers and Flames News – August 19, 2012.

Jets look to Olli Jokinen to fill gap at center, Ducks fans plan “hate night” for Oilers defenseman Justin Schultz, and Bob Hartley discusses his job as Flames new head coach.


Jets have high hopes for Jokinen.

NHL.COM: Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff believes newly acquired Olli Jokinen will provide his club with a significant boost at center.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Several Anaheim Ducks fans, upset at new Oilers defenseman Justin Schultz for spurning their club, plan a “hate night” when he plays his first game in Anaheim on October 19.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A “hate night”? Really?? Who’s behind this, a grade schooler?  I understand Ducks fans aren’t amused about Schultz’s decision, and they have every right to voice their disdain, which I daresay they were going to do anyway without any exhortation when he plays his first game in Anaheim with the Oilers. A “hate night”, however, is childish and silly.

CALGARY SUN: New Flames head coach Bob Hartley talks about what he’s been up to since his hiring.


  1. A “Hate Night” is a fantastic way to attract players to your city. “Hey, Getz, Perry, resign here or else you’ll be subjected to your own hate night’s”. Sometimes I don’t think fans get the impact they have on players interest in playing in a city. I think some Montreal and Toronto fans get it, I think some Vancouver fans are starting to get it, but I don’t think the Anaheim fans have a clue this time around.

  2. Erm…..I guess the Jets don’t realize how much Jokinen bleeds minuses. Hey might have been good in his heyday, and had a decent season last year, but has underperformed in a big way since leaving Florida.

    Hmmmm, Jokinens numbers fell off, JBos fell off. Says something about what the quality of competition was like in that division when they played there.

  3. I really don’t think there is any need for an Oiler “hate night” having the first draft pick for the last 3 years and still not able to get out of the cellar is making the Oilers a big enough joke as it is..The only fans that don’t think so are the WE USED TO BE GREAT..DILLUSIONAL OILER FANS……Shultz’s decision to play in Edmonton was based soley on playing time..They were so hard up for defenseman that he was promised Top 4 D minutes rather than to go towards his development as a player firstly..which I think is another HUGE mistake by the Oilers as they are playing their young kids too early and they are getting injured way to quickly….drastically shortening a career..Nice work Oil…