Evander Kane’s relationship with the Winnipeg Jets may be reaching the breaking point, speculating about the Blackhawks sending Patrick Sharp to the Panthers, plus a list of potential destinations for Martin Brodeur. 

Are Evander Kane's days with the Jets numbered?

 Evander Kane’s days with the Jets numbered?

SPORTSNET: Ryan Dixon believes the relationship between Evander Kane and the Winnipeg Jets is reaching the breaking point, making it appear a foregone conclusion Kane will be traded. Dixon notes GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is likely loathe to part with a young forward who has a 30-goal season on his resume, as well as the difficulty in getting fair value for Kane. Dixon feels Cheveldayoff might not have much choice, suggesting the Jets try to get the best return they can, just as the Canucks did with Ryan Kesler and the Senators with Jason Spezza earlier this summer. Unlike those players, however, Kane is younger and lacks a no-trade clause, which broadens his appeal.

NESN.COM: Nicholas Goss believes Kane would be a good fit with the Boston Bruins. Given the conservative nature of Cheveldayoff, however, Goss wouldn’t be surprised if Kane is still with the Jets when the season opens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Goss. While Kane’s trade status could be a distraction heading into next season, potentially overshadowing things if the Jets struggle once again to reach a playoff berth, there’s no reason to rush into a trade, especially if a decent return can’t be found this summer. It’s still possible to find a deal, but Cheveldayoff could just as easily remain patient and see how next season unfolds. 

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford cites a recent tweet from Sun-Sentinel.com’s Harvey Fialkov is trying to trade some “assets” for a goal scorer. Halford cited recent trade rumors regarding Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp, as well as Panthers GM Dale Tallon’s former ties with the Blackhawks. Noting the ‘Hawks recent re-signings of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews will leave the club squeeze for cap space in 2015-16 (when their deals kick in), as well as their currently sitting above the cap ceiling by over $2 million, Halford wonders if Tallon might make a pitch for Sharp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sharp’s agent vehemently denied his client was on the block, but he’s carrying a $5. 9 million annual cap hit until 2017 and is in his early-thirties. His trade value probably won’t get any higher than it is this summer. Sharp, however, would have to agree to be dealt to the Panthers. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin looked at possible destinations for UFA goalie Martin Brodeur, suggesting the Winnipeg Jets, Columbus Blue Jackets, Boston Bruins, Arizona Coyotes and returning to the New Jersey Devils as options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets appear intent on starting next season with Ondrej Pavelec and Michael Hutchinson and the Blue Jackets with Sergei Bobrovsky and Curtis McElhinney. The Coyotes did, as Larkin observed, sign Devan Dubnyk, but if he struggles in training camp and preseason they could be on the lookout for a better backup. The Bruins could have interest, though they’re likely to give Niklas Svedberg a long look in training camp. As for the Devils, that ship has sailed. If he returns to the Devils it’ll be in the front office, not as a player. 

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37 Responses to Latest Kane, Sharp and Brodeur Rumors – July 10, 2014

  1. Rylan says:

    If Florida is looking for a goal scorer and they have “assets” they might be just as likely to make a pitch for Kane and they would for Sharp. Similar contracts, only Kane is a fair bit younger.

    • Jes says:

      Kane is better though. And I highly doubt Sharp puts up similar numbers without Kane and Toews dishing him the puck.

  2. Scott says:

    I can see the flyers having big interest in Kane after opening day- when pronger’s $ comes off the books to LTI

    • Scotty says:

      Hadn’t thought of that! Very possible.

    • Galactus says:

      The Flyers are over by 3 million right now. Pronger makes 5 million and Kane 5.2. I will leave the math as an exercise to the readers ;)

      • Matt says:

        Galactus … you forgot that the Flyers would probably send at least one player to Winnipeg in that trade, and thus lower their cap hit. Sarcasm is good, but try not to look stupid when you are being sarcastic.

      • scott says:

        Galactus-I will leave common sense to others. I assume they will be trading roster players not just prospects. ie)Luke Schenn and Matt Read=$7.225M or whoever. You do the math.

  3. Peterman says:

    If they can negotiate a long term deal: Ryan O’Reilly for Kane. I think both teams could benefit from moving out a headache and the player’s age, production, and potential are comparable.

    • Peterman says:

      O’Reilly provides a more two-way game, while Kane is a goal scoring, power forward. But I think, as far as value, they are pretty equal. Kane has a higher goal ceiling, but plays only wing. O’Reilly is very versatile and has produced in different roles.

  4. Marc says:

    Kane to the NYR’s for Na$h.

  5. Buffbry says:

    STL. resigned Ott and Sobotka signed in KHL.

    How crazy that Sobotka is guy, that is a big loss for the Blues

    • Shticky says:

      4 mill in Russia is pretty close to 6 in alot of places in the NHL….I’m not sure he is all that crazy.

  6. Stan W. says:

    St Louis Blues trade Alex Steen to Winnipeg Jets for Evander Kane anybody ?
    fair trade,Blues get younger power forward, Jets get Steen,who would be popular with the fan base. Salary is wash,both have long term yet. I think Steen has reached his high, but fair trade for both teams. I don’t think the Jets get a better offer.

    • DChamp says:

      Steen for Kane? NOOOO way that happens. If Jes’s do that, might as well throw in the towel.

    • Chris says:

      Because of their ages alone the Blues would need to kick in more. Also I believe Steen has a little more of an injury history than Kane.

      • Buffbry says:

        it would be more like Steen Berg and Rattie

        • Stan W. says:

          I would give them Steen, and Bergland,not Rattie too
          Look at the numbers closer value then you think. The Jets are not going to win this trade,look at the Ottawa/ Dallas trade,he held out too long. Steen is a name they can sell to Jets fans.
          Any Jets fans ?? would you made this deal
          Steen/Bergland for Kane

    • Jes says:

      How in God’s name is that a fair trade?

  7. Paddy says:

    I assume the Hawks keep Sharp until next off-season, when the real cap crunch comes in – or until this year’s trade deadline, if the Hawks see they have other glaring needs.

    While I agree his value would never be higher than right now, with the signing of Richards, the Hawks have to feel like a contender. But less of one if they have to trade Sharp.

    I think they’d say, “Let’s go for the Cup 100% this year, even if that reduces what we can get for him next year.”

    Just my opinion, of course!

    • assbackwards says:

      thats how a winner qould do it and bowman is a winner

      • Jason W says:

        How is he a winner? He pretty much already took over a great team when he got hired. And if you look at their top players, Dale Tallon pretty much had something to do with that

        • Shticky says:

          Tallon did have alot to do with building the Hawks but also had them in a world of cap trouble, I would say Bowman has done some great work in keeping under the cap while adding some quality players Saad Oduya Leddy Stalberg and with good drafting….alot of gms inherit good teams and proceed to screw up their cap and bust apart core pieces ( see Gillis Feaster) Bowman has done a great job keeping that team at or near the top of the league.

  8. Obe says:

    Everybody is saying Kane to Boston not sure what they would give up. Bruins need to get rid of salary to fit Kane in maybe Marchand and Kelly or a D – man.

  9. Murph says:

    I think if Bruins wanted to find a way to open up to 5.5 million to get a player it would have been to keep Iginla. I know Kane is younger, but the team does not seem to want players with apparent character and behaviour issues, which is one big reason why Sequin no longer plays for them. If they are waiting for a more palatable deal for Kane, Marchand would be most likely candidate to go IMO. Bruins need depth on the right side more than the left.

  10. Alessandro says:

    Philly needs a winger so they should go after Kane. Hoping that the jets are desperate to trade him philly should give them Lecavalier and some draft picks. Philly lineup would look like this, (bringing up Laughton)

    Kane Giroux Voracek
    Raffl Schenn Simmonds
    Umberger Couturier Read
    Rosehill Laughton Rinaldo
    Akeson (as a scratch/13th forward)

    Coburn Timonen
    Streit MacDonald
    Grossman Schenn
    Schultz (as scratch/7th d-man)


    This leaves philly with 550 000 cap space if I calculated right

    • scott says:

      Vinny will not waive his no trade clause for Winnipeg.

    • pablobaby says:

      Hell of a first line but that’s not a good team. Playoffs yes but a contendor, no. They should see if they can pay someone to take that Pronger contract off their hands. Give some assets to a non-contendor maybe.

  11. MAXPOWER says:

    I’m a Flyer fan, and I think Lecavalier is getting short schrifted because of one bad season (yes, his contract is not great, and he’s old and blah blah blah) but THIS deal is delusional.
    Any deal involving EKane would start w/ either BSchenn or Couturier. That’s reasonable. If the Flyers could move Vinny WITH one of those guys for EKane and a late pick, then it’s a win-win. Both teams should come away from the deal feeling like they gave up more what they wanted. That’s how you know it’s fair.
    ~that fantasy first line, though…SPLOOSH

    • Alessandro says:

      You are absolutely right but the guy didn’t have that bad of a season he got 20 goals and missed 13 games, let’s not forget that about 10 of those games were with a bad back and that he was jumping from the 3rd to 4th line, so his line mates were not the best and he never developed chemistry he could have easily got 30 goals and how cheap can a 30 goal scorer come. His only down fall is his age. He is worth 4.5 million in my opinion.

      • Tristan says:

        Alessandro, I respectfully beg to differ about Vinny’s season. He may have scored 20 goals but his play was really poor (defensively and positionally in general) and he looked very slow out there. Some of that can be attributed to a system change and his injuries (which were numerous last year), but overall his performance was not even average. At times, however, we saw flashes of his talent and I hope you are right that he can regain some of his old form with a full year under his belt in Craig Berube’s system.

  12. Bruin62 says:

    Kane would look good in a Bruins jersey but don’t waste one dime on over the hill Marty

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