Latest Leafs and Red Wings Rumors – May 9, 2014.

In the wake of the Maple Leafs extending coach Randy Carlyle’s contract, could roster changes be next? What options do the Red Wings have to acquire a right-handed defenseman?

With Randy Carlyle returning as Leafs coach, could there be roster changes coming?

With Randy Carlyle returning as Leafs coach, could there be roster changes coming?

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau expects big changes to the Maple Leafs’ roster with Randy Carlyle returning as head coach next season. “Reimer is a certainty to move on and it’s unlikely unrestricted free agents David Bolland and Nikolai Kulemin will return, but replacing them won’t be enough,” writes Proteau. He also takes a dim view of retaining Carlyle. “(T)here’s something to be said (and not something positive) for rewarding failure. That’s what Carlyle’s return feels like.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how the club has collapsed over the past three seasons (which includes Game 7 in last year’s playoff series against Boston), they probably won’t return with the same roster. One assumes the Leafs will try to bring in players who can thrive under Carlyle. Proteau suggests the core will have to be shaken up, but which players get dealt? Phil Kessel? Dion Phaneuf? Trading the former would be ridiculous, and moving the latter difficult given his expensive, long-term contract. Do they trade James van Riemsdyk, who’s coming off a fine offensive performance? Does Nazem Kadri, Joffrey Lupul and Tyler Bozak become trade bait? 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan lists free agent and trade targets for the Red Wings in their off-season pursuit of a right-handed defenseman. Matt Niskanen, Dan Boyle, Marek Zidlicky, Derek Morris, Tom Gilbert and Matt Greene are the free agent options, while Shea Weber, Tyler Myers, Dustin Byfuglien, Cody Franson and Dennis Wideman were listed as target targets. Khan admits acquiring Weber is probably a pipe dream, doubts the Sabres party with Myers, and believes the Flames would have to pick up part of Wideman’s contract in a trade, provided he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wings go the UFA route there isn’t many options. Niskanen could prove too expensive and Boyle’s career is winding down. Gilbert could be affordable but he might not be a good fit. Forget about Weber, while the Sabres would want one of the Wings good young players as part of any return for Myers. The offensive-minded Byfuglien might not fit coach Mike Babcock’s puck-possession system.  Franson could be an affordable option.


  1. Hey Shtiky
    Are you finally realizing Nonis is not the right man for the job and ready to jump ship and join me in the Oilers can club?

    • I gave Nonis the benifit of the doubt up to this point but yep they all need to go. As I said in Canadian corner always going to be a Leaf fan been one for 40 years now (born and bred), but my days of driving 6 hours in a day and shelling out the ridculious ticket prices and cable packages are done. Ill save it for other teams I enjoy watching….perhaps the Flyers Hawks or maybe even the Avs.

      • Hey Shticky what about Florida? They could always use an extra fan or two.

        Hated watching Sabres this season. However I still ended up watching every game.So boring but I guess TML don’t have to worry about not having exciting games. You guys always have good offensive games. I think Nonis is a good GM I think it’s more of fan base and ownership forcing his hand on Clarkson last season. I think they’ll be a playoff team next season. Bolland was good despite all the games he missed. Bernier deal was unreal for you guys. I think u guys gave up Frattin and Scrivens for him. Those guys were traded again this season so you definitely won that trade by miles. Was Gleason any good because I remember the media just praising the guy for awhile? I think Gardiner and Franson should be let go. Would you throw both into a trade with EDM? Get Orpik or someone like him maybe with more speed to be the defensive guy back there. Maybe add Niskanen or Boyle to add offense and not bad overall defense. Probably get a good up and coming prospect in that Franson and. Gardiner deal. Obviously you’d have to shed some salary. I think you could get rid of that Clarkson guy to Buffalo Sabres if you guys picked up some of his salary. Can Buffalo acquire Clarkson and just buy him out or does he have to be with a team for sometime?

      • keep the faith- major moves coming…something has to change and if I am leaf fan (which I am) I would prefer it be the roster not the coach. Carlisle is a good coach…wrong players. Players like Gardiner and Kadri albeit exciting are not players that can be playoff performers – one or both may be gone this year- more inclined to say Gardiner. Will also go on record and tell you Phaneuf will be in Florida– not saying they get a big haul- but it would be addition by subtraction. Tallon already menationed would trade down preferably in 7- 10 slot- why would you say that? Its because the Leafs draft 8th. I think everyone is fair game except for Rielly and Kessel….Shanahan is not afraid to make change- it will be an eventful summer…
        Contrary to popular belief outside of Clarkson Leaf players are valued outside Toronto.

        • @Sam

          No way someone wants Phaneuf especially Florida who already have Luongo’s big unmovable contract to add another one like Phaneuf’s. Which would be a ridiculous idea IMO. He’s vastly overrated in TO IMO. But you can dream I guess.

          • Yeah I guess you know more than people totally devoted to hockey. Dreger went on record, as did Kypreos that he would have gotten more on open market. But you can dream too.

          • Also to further this point. Don’t they already have Brian Campbell at like 6.5 mil?

          • I didn’t say I’m smarter then those hockey analysts on sports net and TSN. Honestly they are hardly ever right. McKenzie is usually the guy who’s got the best info.

            There’s not a team out there that would’ve gave him that much. He didn’t have a great season IMO. He should be putting up at least 50 PTS a season for that type of money. He is nowhere close to being a $7 million a year player. He would’ve got a Bogosian contract on the open market. I don’t think even Snow would have given him $7+ mill.

            No ones taking him on unless TO takes back a big portion of his contract. I dunno how someone would give a 30 point defenseman $7+ mill. And as Clarky stated they already have Campbell. No way they bring in another overpriced defenseman. Tallon is a smart GM and he isn’t gonna trade for Phaneuf unless the Leafs take a substantial amount of his contract in return. Like $2-$3 mill per year.

          • I doubt Dion gets moved because he is a guy who gets leaned on heavily by Carlyle so chances are they dont keep Carlyle and send the most steady d man away. That being said Florida has said many times they will spend money if it makes sense and with that blue line it may make as much sense as it did to go out and pick up Luongo who also had it said that his contract is immovable. If the Leafs held a million or 1.5 of Dions contract there would be quite a few teams including Florida interested in picking him up a top pairing type D man playing with a guy like Gundbranson for 5.5/6 (which is actually less than his last deal) locked up could be a pretty attractive option he is 28, not 35 there are still some years left in Phaneuf.

      • I think there is room for you in the Oilers fan club I made a few calls. Good things are finally happening so if you come on over you cannot bring Phaneuf we don’t want his stupid contract.

        • What exactlyly are all these good things you speak of cause Im not sold on Scrivens and Fasth helping this club climb out of the basement let alone get to the playoffs, lots of work yet.

          • They’re just heading in the right direction as opposed to the wrong direction like another Canadian team we know. To much to discuss and it’s not a topic on todays post so I’ll leave it at that short comment.

  2. Discussions regarding the acquisition of Meyers by the Red Wings begin with Nyquist. And they probably end there too.

    • Robert – I think discussions could begin with Nyquist, Tater or Jurco – any one of the three would help the Sabres.

      • Myers isn’t going anywhere. Ehrhoff is the guy who’s getting traded.

        • Jes, there are some valid reasons why the Sabres won’t trade Ehrhoff – the possibility of a $10M retirement penalty and veteran leadership. Thinking logically – trade Meyers while his value has risen because you just don’t know who you’re gonna get. With his improvement the 2nd half of the year, you might be able to fool some GM into thinking he is regaining his Calder Cup form, but you just never know – they could be getting the Meyers we have seen over the past couple of years.

    • Meyers is NOT worth Nyqvist. They would have to add for that.

      I can see Jurco and maybe something or Tatar as close.

      While the Wings like Ehroff, he won’t get Nyqvist. If they want Tatar or Jurco, they would have to take on some salary.

      • Yzerfan – Meyers is a RH shot which is what Detroit is looking for, he’s young and Detroit has a history of developing good D-men. I don’t think Detroit will trade Nyqvist because he is has become part of the Detroit Core. I can see Buffalo doing a deal for Tatar and Jurco for Meyers. Tatar is ready to jump into the NHL and Jurco could get a year of seasoning in Rochester.

        One thing I will say – is if Detroit is looking at Ehrhoff, I don’t think Bflo would have worry about getting hit with a retirement penalty cause Detroit likes to keep their players around.

        • Tatar and Jurco I can see in a deal for Meyers.

          I would love to see the Wings adding at least their 1st round pick and something and getting the Buffalo 1st. Will be difficult, but a neat idea.

          Otherwise, I think the Wings would get something else with Meyers in a deal for Jurco and Tatar.

        • Tatar isn’t ready to jump into the NHL, he is already in the NHL. Jurco is ready for the NHL and doesn’t really need more time in the AHL. Giving up 2 young NHL players for a defenseman that has struggled for years with a big cap hit is way too much of a risk for what they would be giving up. If they are giving up two solid young players for a right handed defenseman, it would have to be a solid defenseman that is proven…not a question mark. Maybe one of them with a middle of the road prospect and a pick or something like that I could see but not 2 young players already in the NHL or NHL ready with top 6 potential.

          It’s not like Myers is the only option either. There is a couple that might hit the UFA market and a couple more that have had trade rumors attached to them by teams looking to make some changes. The Wings also have some prospects (right handed defensemen) that are close to being NHL ready. Marchenko and Sproul could already be in the NHL and do fine but the Wings (as usual) are taking it slow with them. Jensen will likely play another 2 years in the AHL before he has a chance at a full time NHL job. 6’5, 215 lbs Mitchell Wheaton is another but he is at least 3 years away from being ready I think.

          Point is the Wings have plenty of options to fill gaps for right handed defensemen until some of their own prospects are ready to take on big roles. They don’t need to give up too much for a high paid question mark in Myers. We’re not talking about Doughty, Weber, Subban, Karlsson (yes I know it would cost a lot more for guys like that) type players that are proven elite type of players.

          • Maybe I’m just looking for someone to take Meyers – I agree with everything you all say, but there are those that believe Meyers has the potential to regain his “Calder Cup” form and I’m hoping that one of those will give us something for him. I would have no problem with the Sabres trading Meyers and #39 for Tatar and Jurco.

          • I wouldn’t want to give those to up straight for Meyers. Maybe try to work in their first or try for Stewart.

  3. Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger
    Some trade discussion with teams on a number of Leafs players. Kadri, Gardiner, Bolland and Kulemin included. Leafs brass is eager to talk.

    • Nonis will be the next JFJ, emptying the cupboards of youg talent like that.

      • Are you saying that a really smart GM should be trading a player or two that has 2 or 3 good years left to the leafs for the Leafs #1 2017 Draft Pick, just thinking ahead.
        Is this going to be a repeat of trading a #1 for Toskla or two #1’s for Kessel ?
        Wow if they blow up the team they are asking for trouble, big time. How many times can you do a REDO and not learn the lesson.

        • Exactly al, this is going to be horrible, a gm and coach who know they are done if the season starts badly so give up the future to win now with at best a buble team. Iam suspecting by opening night these clowns are going to set back the organization another 5 years. By Christmas everyone will wonder why the defence is so slow and they cant score goals with additions like Mitchel Orpik Murray Gleason and the new captain Richards!…this is going to get real ugly before it gets better.

        • The Leafs have already put too much time into this Leafs team. I don’t know if I’m correct but I believe they were the last team to finally make the playoffs since “new era” which is many years of no playoff hockey. The Leafs need tweaks not a rebuild thing.

    • Bolland and Kuli are UFA’s Leafs will get diddly squat for those two players rights.

      • Not going to resign?

  4. I am glad to see Carlyle staying on. You cannot always force players to do your will, sometimes you have to get rid of some players or demote, but I think roster and salary cap issues prevented him from doing more. If I was a non Carlyle player I would have a suitcase ready to go. The epic fails reflected the youth and inexperience of the team, and that should improve. You cannot force it, you have to allow it to develop.As I did not believe the coach should take the plank for the team falling apart, I do not think Phaneuf will either, but he may not be the Captain. I definitely do not see Reimer, Franson, Gunnarsson, Orr, or Lupul back either by trade or buyout or not extending a qualifying offer. Kulemin is a UFA and while I think Carlyle likes him he would have to take less money and 3rd or 4th line role, which he ( but more so his agent) will balk at, but he is expendable no doubt. McClement might stay as 4th line centre, or 14th forward as a face off / PK specialist.. If Bolland and Raymond are reasonable I could see them come back, otherwise no, and unless Kadri can improve his strength and defensive game he is part of the package for something better or an upgrade on D. As he is, he cannot consistently go head to head with top 2 line forwards, so unless he becomes a winger or is able to be a 3rd line centre he is a goner.Troy Bodie and David Broll will replace Colton Orr and MaClaren. MacIntyre should become backup, he is as good as anyone else out there as a backup. Leafs should shop Carter Ashton – he is a superstar in the AHL but unfortunately seems he will be nothing more.Carlyle staying is sending a huge message to the players – WE ARE NOT CHANGING – YOU HAD BETTER.

    • Really ?
      Look west. Ducks refused to play for Carlyle, Murray dug in and said that Carlyle stays maybe some of the players need to go. A year later and Ducks 20 points out of a playoff position Carlyle was fired. Ducks have now had 2 good season with the same basic team as Carlyle had. You sure you want to trash the team just to give Carlyle HIS TYPE OF TEAM and go back to another rebuild ?

  5. Honestly I think Franson is a great target for the Wings. I doubt you Leafs would get much for him, but Franson is a big body with a big shot and under a great coaching and development staff like that have in Detroit he could become a consistent 2nd pairing defenseman, that can hold some powerplay time. I also think he would be a good fit for an aging Red Wing team that could use some affordable younger players that won’t cost much to get. The whole that Lidstrom left on their blue line can’t be replaced and they need to re-imagine what that blue line will look like now.

    As for the Leafs themselves, Kessel, JVR, Kadri, Clarkson, Rielly, Gardiner, and Bernier should be their only untouchable players from their main roster. If you can find a good return for either Phaneuf or Lupul then consider pulling the trigger, anyone else should be moved for younger players and draft picks if an offer comes through. Give guys like Holland, Carter, Brodie, MacWilliam, ect an opportunity to challenge for the bigs and draft some more and fill out through smart depth trading and UFA talent like Mason Raymond who are low risk, high reward type guys.

  6. Tinkering with 3rd and 4th line guys and 5th/6th D pairings will not change the dynamics of this team. So changing the coach instead of the entire team was the smart way to go but Nonis has proven time and again he tries to take the safe way out (ala re-signing Phaneuf to UFA dollars in mid season). Nonis’s moto is stick with the status quo and hope you get lucky and lightning strikes. Leafs had one decent year in a shortened season (which may have also ended in disaster in an 82 game sched) so it’s been six years wasted with another 2 or 3 to go. They have some large immovable contracts that also come with no-trade or limited no-trade clauses which are difficult to move without giving up assets or retaining salary (valuable cap space). I hope everyone now realizes Shanny was brought in as the “save face, and look like we are doing something move”. His name is on this hire as his first big move so there you have it. You come in with no experience and you are bound to make moves like this.

    • Im not going to put a whole bunch of stock in that this is all Shannys fault 3 weeks in to the job. Same as I wont give him amy credit if by some miracle this ended up working. Any judgement of Shanahan should be saved for a little further down the road.

      • Maybe so but it’s not a good start IMO. Most presidents would make a bold move and start with a clean slate bringing in their own guys. This seems like indecision on Shanny’s part. Nonis was probably chirping how good Carlyle is and Shanny didn’t want to ruffle feathers. Then again there are what, about 6 teams looking for a coach right now so maybe that played into his thinking. The part I don’t get is why now? Why now wait until Christmas to decide on an extension. I guess because paying X coaches and GM’s for years after they didn’t work out is not an issue for MLSE.

        • The extension is a one year, with option for a second. The reason he has one is you never really want to have a coach go into final season of contract flapping in the wind. Look at the stress and rumors Detroit is dealing with right now with Babcock. Coaches get fired regardless of contract. Look at Wilson.

          Coaches normally get offered another position with team until another team looks to hire them and then they are off the hook for rest of contract.

  7. I think phanuef and lupul are gone. Don’t care if they are near the top of more talented players on this team at their position they are gone. For Carlyle to sit there in multiple interviews and say he doesn’t know what’s wrong is bull. He knows and isn’t saying publicly because of the s storm that would cause. I think that given the right mix of players this group could be better they have talent and do have young guys finally in the minors. They are on the right track just have to continue. The contract ext for coach mms nothing. It shouldn’t really matter what the coach and gm have for a contract because they could be gone after day 1 or day 1000.

    • Forgot Fransons gone too.

      • How are they getting rid of Phaneuf? Who wants that contract?

        • everyone said no body wants Roberto Luongo’s contract. but in the end he got traded. everyone can come up with different trade situations but in reality they are all rumors. its fun reading what everyone thinks about certain deals but in the end the deals never really happen. i am a die hard leaf fan and watching then play this past year was not fun. everyone saying we are a couple pieces away. i belive we are more then a couple pieces. we are week down the middle are defence needs alot of work. i think dion playing with gunnerson is mental. gunnerson is a solid deman but not a first paring. franson great shot but skates slower then larry murphy. reilly gonna be good but is young and made alot of mistakes to. the biggest difference from the team this year to the year before we are not as phsical we get pushed around way to much. nothing really out there via free agency. so they might have to look at a trade option or two but even then i still gonna take some time. if kadri could win a faceoff he would be fine as a second line center but he cant. he played great as are 3rd line center but once moved up and playing against better players his faults really showed. he still has the potential to be a good player nut again in time. i dont see a quick fix dont wanna see them even try to do a quick fix. stay calm and give them a break. the media is what puts added presure to a team that does not need it. the fans give them enough of that.

        • I would gaurantee you phanuef would get that exact contract if not more from a team if he was a ufa. He takes a lot more hate then he deserves but he needs to go. I’m not expecting much in return. He just needs to go.

          • Aki Berg, that name is very familiar. Did you do simulated hockey leagues? FHL.

  8. Spector,

    Red Wings will make moves. I see them having a new back up goalie next year. (what are the chances of Broduer?)

    They will have to get a defenseman, possibly Niskanen or Dan Boyle. Boyle could allow for more development of Oulette. Could the Wings deal J. Franzen over to Toronto in a deal for Cody Franson?

    What about the chance of a Tatar/ Anderson/Jurco (possibly 2 of them) involved in a trade for Tyler Meyers/Chris Stewart?

  9. Harold Ballard once said that; ” Why should I put a bunch of Cadillacs on the ice, when I can sell out with a bunch of Volkswagen’s”….Now just when Harold(R.I.P.) said this is uncertain; but in his maniacal wisdom, no truer testament to Maple Leaf hockey mantra and dedication and devotion to a team that last won in 1967 has been said with such vision that remains intact today.

    Ted can wank all he wants about winning formula’s etc…Hiring Shanny, while not a publicly bad move, does not really change much around this team as firing the assistants because your head coach has not much clue does not sit all that well with me. Randy, is not necessarily a bad coach, but i”m not confident he’s the right coach with this current group of players.

    Carlyle got his Stanley Cup in Quackland…I get that…but he doesn’t have the Twin towers on his blueline here either. He doesn’t have a front line #1 centre either; nor does he have 4; top 4 paring dman either. He’s got one NHL caliber starter and one backup/future starter in Reimer who he personally ball cut so not too sure why they resigned a ball cutting coach on a team who clearly said “F**k U in the end.

    But as Harold once said ” Why should I put a bunch of Cadillacs on the ice, when I can sell out with a bunch of Volkswagen’s” so I’m prepared for another 82 games of Volkswagen’s..R U?

  10. Since its the rumors page Ill spitball some of the moves the Leafs would be looking at.
    Some kind of package including Kadri plus for Richards out of LA.
    Signing Orpik
    Lupul holding a million bucks of the contract Gardiner and the 8 pick for Kulikov and the 1
    Reimer to the jets for a third
    Bolland Kuli and Raymond all for 3 bags of pucks
    Sign Fidler, Sign Robidas
    Buy out Gleason.
    Who knows how it all goes down but I have a feeling that it will be pretty close to the way things go down now that Randy is around for another year. Less youth more age and character or what ever you want to call it. (Slow injury prone)