Latest Leafs and Senators Rumors – April 26, 2014

It’s been over a week, Leafs and Senators fans, but finally there’s some speculation about your favorite teams. Two words: En joy. 

Could Nikolai Kulemin reunite with Mikhail Grabovski this summer?

Could Nikolai Kulemin reunite with Mikhail Grabovski this summer?

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports agent Gary Greenstin, who represents Toronto Maple Leafs winger Nikolai Kulemin and former Leaf and current Washington Capitals center Mikhail Grabovski, could become a package deal as free agents this summer. Greenstin claims the two are best friends and would love to play together again on an NHL team. Greenstin said Grabovski won’t rule out re-signing with the Capitals but he wants to wait for the club to sort out its coaching situation. He also didn’t rule out a Grabovski-Kulemin reunion in Toronto, though that would depend upon who is the Leafs coach next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt very much the Leafs will bring back Grabovski and I don’t expect they’ll re-sign Kulemin. Maybe a Grabo-Kulemin reunion takes place with the Capitals?

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren commends those Senators fans who intend to rally to keep Jason Spezza on the team, but he believes Spezza has played his final game with the club. Spezza is slated for unrestricted free agency next summer and rumors abound the Senators could trade him by the June draft. Warren also wondered if a desperate club might try to acquire Spezza and Ales Hemsky before the latter become eligible for UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The consensus among the Ottawa sports punditry is Spezza’s a goner. If so this could be a very interesting off-season for the Senators. 


  1. Why do these stupid comments by writers make it into print? Ya, the Leafs will bring back Grabo after using a gift (amnesty) buyout just to bring him back a year later… I hate when these stupid writers questions make it into print. Who knows maybe Carlyle will be fired and will go coach in Washington and Grabo will be his number one center too.
    Nobody cares where or what happens to Kuli, he can go play in the KHL for all anyone cares. Mot likely Washington will pick him up to play with the rest of the misfits. lol

    • Id try and keep kuli, if Carlyle is gone amd he would sign for around 3 mill. Better 3rd liner than Bolland. Never really hurt big body can move up the line up, even was decent filling in as a center. You are right tho how big of anass do the Leafs look like bringing back Grabo a year after they buy him out…lol

      • Maybe for $2.5M but you know I’m cheap when it comes to Cap space. lol

        Either way re-signing Kuli is practically redundant when considering the over all issues this team faces. I don’t care to blow the team up BUT the same issues that plagued this team for the past seven years still exist. They had one promising year in a shortened season (could have been another collapse in an 82 game schedule that year too). I still think Burke trying to take the fast track and acquiring a small sniper for two firsts and a second is what buried this team in mediocrity from the start of this rebuild. Not to take anything away from Kessel but isn’t a small sniper winger one of the middle to last pieces you should acquire? What happened to building from the back end out since D men take the longest to mature and finding young top quality D men are the toughest positions to fill. Anyways water under the bridge. I believe this team will take another five to eight years to assemble a cup competitive roster with a solid D core and by that time the top line guys will most likely be in the twilight of their careers which creates new issues. The Leafs have no Norris trophy candidates on the horizon so one needs to be drafted or acquired in a trade first then he needs to mature for 4 or 5 years under proper guidance which usually means pairing him with another former Norris guy which the Leafs also don’t have. Kind of like the Preds are doing. lol

        • Who was Greene Karalsson or Subbans norris type winning pairing partner? lol Not every one is the Blues.

          • I think you would agree they all still have much to prove. Yes, not everyone has to be paired but it’s a damn good idea and helps with development. Not to worry Leafs have neither a former Norris Dman or a potential one in the pipeline.

          • Phaneuf finnished second tosome bum named lidstrom and Im not saying Rielly is that guy but I am saying if you are judging a guy not to be a Norris type D man when he is a 19 year old (just turned) in the NHL you maybe jumping the gun a bit by declaring he dosent have the potential…Coffee who was his Norris type mentor in Edmonton who was Leetch who was Lidstrom who was Bourques? For that matter who was Carlyles in pitsburgh? What you say about needing a norris type D guy to pass the torch to the next norris d guy is rediculious.

          • As usual you took the least important fact in my post and jumped all over it. I simply made one small comment that it is wise to have a mentor to help facilitate a career for a defenseman and that becomes your sole focus for an argument. You do this to everyone. You pick the least important part of the post and focus all your useless facts arguing about it.
            Gee do you think Scott Stevens had anything to do with helping nurture Scott Niedermayer? How about Al MacInnis do you think he had a helping hand in Chris Prongers career?
            Your lack of debating skills show through every time you argue with anyone on this site which is every day I’ve noticed.

          • What else does Subban have to prove? That he can win them back to back?…he might. He might be 1 of the top 5-10 d guys in the league I would want on my team. The jersey tugs aside he is a great player.

        • See, I agree with all that you say except one thing…I believe they should blow up the team. For me it is about maximizing your investments. Instead of moving out guys like kuli and Reiner etc they kept them and will loses them for nothing. Playoff position at the time or not they had to have known they would be first round fodder if they made it. There are so few players on the team I would not move I dare not to name them. We need young players with some size. They don’t have to be getzlaf size but they need to play large. Move phaneuf, lupal, gunner etc. he’ll if someone knocks your socks off move Kessel and jvr for what I care. They need dman and young potential number one centres. From there they can build around. This current team could not or didn’t want to play carlyles system and they looked terrible. You can’t win in the nhl without playing defence. Being outshot like that every game was embarrassing. Retooling will not help unless teams overpay for phaneuf and lupal etc.

      • Keep going Ive pointed out plenty of examples where it hasnt really mattered you point out 2 that it did who mentored Weber who mentored Orr who mentored Robinson? Just because you dont have a norris winning d man on your roster has next to nothing to do with a team ever getting one. Who won the Norris on the Ducks after Pronger and Niedermayer moved on with 2 winners on the team they had alot of great mentoring going on there.

  2. grabo wouldn’t come back to club that has no present or upside he would have to play with a bunch of plugs and nobody wants to do that! kuli will be telling him stay away……….far far away

    • This makes alot of sense because when I think of guys like Rielly JVR Bernier Kessel and Kadri and am an offenseive guy who gets paid to put up points first thing I would think is “what a bunch of plugs…” the thoughts of playing in a city that I loved still have a home and friends in probably wouldnt even cross my mind, nice obseravtion.

      • Kulemin is a solid player and a good team-mate. I see him with the Leafs next year – not so sure about the Bolland reference – we didn’t see enough to make a comparison – I expect a flurry of coaching/management changes around the league at the end of the first round of the playoffs, including Carlyle being let go. The question is: who can make the Leafs organized in their own end?

        • Look at his numbers under Wilson, Bolland never put up points like that, and part of the Bolland reference is because no matter where Bolland has played you never see enough of him, biggest reason to not pay Bolland big bucks and my biggest issue with him is his durability, guy never plays a full season and generally its not a game here and game there type stuff when Bolland gets hurt its weeks not days he is out for. Now with a half an ankle tendon? He wasnt that great a skater to begin with…no thank you. Bolland if signed by the Leafs to anything near 5 mill is a way worse contract than Clarkson.

          • could not agree more, Bolland is solid, but from his Chicago days, and leafs injuries, he does not warrant spending 5 mil on. He is a good guy to have in the line up (when he is not injured) but I would rather spend 5 mil else where. as for Grabo, I personally think if Carlyle was not the coach, he would heavily consider coming back to Toronto. If that where the case though I am sure he would be looking to get another 5 mil contract and not sure if leafs brass would really consider paying him over 10 mil a year out of pocket. ( with his buyout as well.)

          • This talk of Grabo returning if it was a different coach is ridiculous.

            As for Bolland? Well the same guy that trashes him now is the same guy that was singing his praises when he was acquired.

      • how can you even mention kadri?? if you cant see what kind of player he is then you know nothing about hockey! they have no defense they pay Clarkson way way too much as well as dion and kessle they pay him 8 mill and he doesn’t even know they have a defensive zone!! the leafs are in a world of trouble and the fans keep paying big bucks to go watch a team that has made the playoffs once in the past 10 and that was a shortened season!! lol they need a rebuild in the worst way funny how bad there defense is!!

        • You are not even worth arguing with…

          • lol cause you know im right and you know so little about hockey I feel sorry for you trying to sound like you know anything when you really should switch to another sport and quit wasting peoples time on here

        • Ya thats it more great observation….gold star for you, guy who doesnt say anything gold star for you.

  3. Caps just fired Oates and McPhee.

    • Should be the end of Oates head coaching career, McPhee wont be out of work long I doubt. Hello Brian Burke.

      • Just to carify Oates was not a great head coach but as an assistant wouldnt mind seeing him in Toronto coaching the pp and special teams.

        • Oates has a winning record. Just had rubbed the superstars the wrong way.

          • Kinda why I say dont think he is necessarily head coaching material but would be a very good associate coach as is the new term. Not sure calling guys out like that to the media (along with some other oddities) is anyway to further your career in the nhl. If he was a little more behind the scenes with another experinced coach would be good tho. Funny you should mention it because I was thinking in Buffalo with Teddy could be another good fit to get offence and some power play juiced up.

  4. A club desperate enough to go after both? Like I’ve been saying, my club to watch on this one is Nashville. They’ve shown they are willing to spend and could certainly take on the two to try and finally get some scoring talent in the club.

    Spezza & rights to Hemsky for Wilson, Ekholm, Forsberg

    Hornqvist, Spezza, Hemsky finally gives the Predators a top scoring line. Wilson never seemed to meet expectations and with Smith, Gaustad, Fisher, Cullen they still have great center depth, Preds are always strong on D, so can give up a prospect sign a decent UFA replacement. Senators add a 3rd line center, a bigger d-man, and a prospect with top 6 potential and don’t add too much salary.

    • Tough to say which way the Preds will go now that Trotz is gone but you are right there could be a fit there for both teams. I kinda question about what the rights to Hemsky could be worth but could see a package revolving sround Forseberg and other parts for Spezza. Ekholm may have a bit too high a ceiling but maybe, could it possibly be Jossi and a pick? I dont think you are far off.

      • I don’t think Ekholm will be traded. Like Shticky said he’s got a too much of a high ceiling.

        What about Forseberg, Jossi and the 12th overall for Spezza, Hemsky and a later round draft pick?

  5. Hummm wonder how much Trotz likes Washington.

    • He’s always wanted a pure scorer on his team and he will get one if he signs with Washington.

  6. Lol wonder if he likes Washington better than Van or Toronto?…Something tells me he isnt going to be in any hurry to get a job. Particularly with a team whos captain is starting to look like a serial coach killer.

    • Van and Tor still have coaches so I wouldn’t put them on that list just yet. Tortorella will probably get another chance especially if the Nucks hire Feaster. All signs are pointing to yes for Carlyle to be fired but stranger things have happened. Wouldn’t be too surprised to see Shanahan wait and see how Carlyle can perform next season. I’d like to see Laviolette in Toronto. I think he’d be a good coach there.

      • if linden was interested in feaster it would be a done deal already. he’s said multiple times he is looking at candidates that are working for teams currently in the playoffs. feaster would be terrible.

  7. I always picture kulemin going to Pittsburg to reunite with Malkin who he had chemistry.

    • I keep hearing about this Kulimen/Malkin reunion but I saw nothing of the sort at the Olympics. That ship has sailed.

      • Me neither…. Hmmm…

      • Yep because a 6 game torurnament in the middle of a season when you start playing with different players is plenty of time to make these

        • Useless fact as usual from you. If the tables were turned you would be jumping all over those six games like they were the be all end all.

          • How about some more excuses to add to your “it was only six games”, how about, oh they played against the other teams top lines, oh Kulimen got a haircut before the series started, Oh Malkin’s pillow was to hard.

          • Useless fact like there has been a couple times (maybe twice) in the history of the norris one guy has won it with a guy on the same team who also has? Useless like that? Or useless like since you have never seen any chemistry between Kuli and Malkin in the olympics that must mean it never existed?

  8. Lol honestly Lyle you should consider making it a pay site…keep the adds lose the trolls.

    • That means you would be gone with your stupid trade offers. Just wondering, who do you have going to the Leafs now?

  9. Jeez name one, name one stupid trade idea that I have said, and Im talking more about the insults and degrading like yours than bad trade ideas…anyhow another good post jello.

  10. Grabbo & Kulemin reunion in Toronto wont happen..even if Carlyle is tossed to the curb. You can’t buy out a player last year and then the next year, take him back; even an idiot would not entertain that idea and Tim Leiweke is not an idiot; nor is Shanny.

    Maple Leafs have much greater problems to resolve than a Kulemin-Grabbo reunion in Toronto