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More on the Maple Leafs shopping for depth…More speculation the Bruins could target Phoenix’s Ray Whitney…Petr Sykora appears a lock for a job with the Devils.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs would like to package some depth players in deals for single established players in return, but could face some difficulty accomplishing this. He believes the Leafs face problems in goal, have more defensemen they can dress, and not enough scoring depth or physical players up front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmons didn’t specify which players the Leafs might shop (Pierre LeBrun last week suggested Carl Gunnarsson and center Tyler Bozak, though the latter has been sidelined by injury since them). I’m sure in the coming weeks we’ll see and hear reports linking the Leafs to Colorado’s Paul Stastny, Washington’s Alexander Semin or Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, but as TSN’s Darren Dreger noted, it could take some time before the Leafs are able to find teams willing to make early season deals. Even then, they might not be able to land any top tier talent. Yes, I admit, it’s possible they could, but I just think Leafs fans should keep their expectations reasonable. GM Brian Burke will certainly try to make the best deal he can, and perhaps he will surprise us, but let’s not start assuming he’ll land a superstar by November.

Could this guy soon be wearing a Bruins jersey?

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont expounds further on his Twitter-reported rumor earlier this weekend linking the Bruins to Phoenix Coyotes left wing Ray Whitney, suggesting the Bruins could target Whitney if “there proves to be a Mark Recchi void in the attack”. Whitney, 39, is eligible for UFA status next summer. He’s earning $3 million this season, and the Bruins would have the cap space to absorb his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s assuming Whitney will agree to be dealt (he’s got a “no-movement” clause) and the Coyotes want to move him. That’s possible, if by the trade deadline the Coyotes are out of the playoff chase and looking to dump pending free agents for draft picks and prospects. If, however, the Coyotes are in the playoff picture, thanks to Whitney, he won’t be going anywhere.  Time will tell, but for now I wouldn’t expect to see Whitney in a Bruins jersey early in the season.

NEW YORK POST: Mark Everson reports Petr Sykora’s preseason play with the Devils has been strong enough to earn him a contract with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Devils don’t sign him, other teams probably will. Sykora has played very well and you can bet more than one GM has had an eye on him.


  1. Bruins should trade for Alfie at deadline Ottawa won’t be in race and Bruins have the room and the prospects to make it happen.

  2. Alfie is old and not worth the ridiculous amount of picks/prospects going the other way. Bruins are a well built team that would probably need a veteran plug (e.g. Whitney) at the deadline. If we sign Clark than trading for Whitney seems pointless.

  3. *then* for you grammar police officers

  4. Uh yeah, I like Sykora. Finally, we have a guy with a shooting percentage.

    Sykora and Kovalchuk both had breakaways last night. Sykora scored. Kovalchuk didn’t.

    I’d almost rather see Sykora manning the point on the powerplay as well. He has a ripping slapshot and he’s not afraid to use it.

  5. Alfie doesn’t want to go anywhere. He will only be traded if he does want to move.

    Why would Toronto, who I believe are still re-building, trade away young players for a top 6 player. The ones they would be targeting would also require draft picks… probably a first round pick. Would Leaf fans want Burke to trade away another first round pick… that would be the 3rd in a row first round pick gone.
    Are they that desperate this season to make the playoffs — that they would rush… and maybe make a big mistake doing so? This draft is supposed to be a very skilled one… why throw away a possible pick again?

  6. The article didn’t mention the Leafs giving up young players or picks, it talked about depth players.

    This is the same dream that hockey people always hope for: we’ll bundle up 3-4 of our crappy players and you give us one really good player in return.

    Unfortunately for Leaf fans and media, those deals seem to be few and far between.

  7. @Sandy, Burke can only target the targetable, he was hasty in his first move of that magnitude (Phil Kessel), it was evident Kessel wanted out, he didn’t have to overpay so hard, but he did. This time around I think he’s learned his lesson and there are plenty of teams looking to trim players not playing up to their potential, but earning at or beyond their potential (See Savard, Stastny etc.), depending on the package he puts together, it’s likely he can avoid handing out a 1st rounder. We have the defensive depth to offer a couple of solid blueline prospects/young players (Gunnarson, Blacker, Lashoff, Gardiner, Aulie, Mikus etc.) not to mention a trade of the magnitude Burke is looking to pull would require a mid-high salary going the other way.

  8. I think there was probably a reason why a trade won’t happen until November (as stated in yesterday’s post). Who comes back from injury in November? Ryan Kesler. NOW, don’t think this means the Canucks are trading Kesler. They’re not, simple as that. But there will only be so many spots free on forward, and both Kesler and Raymond will be bumping players when they return.

  9. @nathan: and yet, you somehow stole Franson. I look at all the teams that need a Dman and I shake my head. How did that happen?

  10. I’ve only heard Whitney speculation from Dupont, who goes on to say Whitney’s name keeps bubbling up and it’s not the first time he’s been mentioned. That’s right Dupont, cite your own musings as a source for your writing. I personally don’t see the Bruins making a move any time soon. It would appear Seguin or Peverly will fill Recchi’s spot leaving Whitney to be a 3rd line addition at best. Pouliot, Clark and Caron are all fighting for that spot and perhaps Paille’s 4th line slot.

    Less than a week away. Good luck and good health to everyone’s teams.

  11. Sandy, its all speculation on the media’s part. No one from the organization has said anything and lazy writers need articles. The Leafs have 6 NHL centers, right now 3 are injured and one is coming off a year without playing. In short, the season hasn’t started, these players are expected to be in the line up come Oct. 7th so any talk of trade is fantasy, at least this early in the season. Yenta’s need to spew out nonsense and the Toronto MSM is full of them. Just remember that most of what we discuss and is brought to our attention is just speculation and not fact.

  12. Bozak and Gunnarson for Hartnell and a pick. Philly is looking to dump more salary to possibly bring Couturier up for the start of the season. This adds the depth and physical presence needed up front. Scotty is a guarenteed 45+ point player, and leafs will likely get a pick of some sort for taking the extra couple million in salary. This would put them right up against the cap however, so I’d look for a Komisarek demotion sooner than later.

  13. I agree with the previous posting. It’s all a bunch of crap at this point. 6 centers (none of which are a first liners) is to many as it is.
    I think the Kessel trade has been our achilies heal and will be for a long time only for the fact that Kessel is and always will be a fringe goal scorer. He will never lead, take the body, never dig for the puck, stand in front or get in the goalies face which are all the things Burke looks for in a player. I have to believe Burke didn’t do a lot of research before making this trade and must have trusted his scouts to much.

  14. Kessel is a consistent 30 goal a year scorer…if the Leafs ever acquire a true #1 centre then pencil Kessel in for 40 goals and maybe once in his career and I do say only once, the guy will score 50 goals but will it be for the blue and white? Hmmmm…damn good question

  15. Having 6 NHL centres is great, but how many of them if put on waivers would get claimed much less traded for? The fact of the matter is, we need a high-level talent that we a) do not have ready in the minors, b) can handle the pressure of Toronto, c) can be acquired for a decent price. You know the end result is that we take someone’s lost cause. Burke failed to go out and acquire someone over the summer and the injury bug reared it’s ugly head and now he’s almost forced into it.

  16. Komisarek cannot be sent down to the minors!!! He has a NMC…..that means no movement! He would have to agree to go down….not many guys would do that. He also has a modified no trade….so he gives Burke a list or teams he ie willing to be moved to…..and I’d bet the NY Isles are not on it. I want him gone like most leaf fans, but unless he ie injured or Burke works a.miracle, Komi is not going anywhere!

  17. I like hearing stuff like “Burke failed to…”. What was he supposed to do? Turn his contract philosophy upside down and make a lopsided trade or pay Richards 10M a season? Burke did everything that was within reason to, but sometimes the timing just isn’t there.

    I’m still, however, unsure about their goaltending. They believe in Reimer and he has a cool nickname, but… he hasn’t really proven to me that he’s a top level goaltender. Same with Bernier and Schneider and people put so much stock in these guys. Everything changes after “the first season”.

    If a goalie has two good years, he can have 10, but if he has one good year, that might be it!

  18. With the Alfie thing, Detroit already tried to make a deal for him in 2008 and 2009. The sens not only passed on that opportunity (the payout would have been pretty good) but re-signed him. At this point they’ll just stick with him regardless of what they could get back (Obviously Seguin would change that opinion) and I doubt the Bruins are interested in the first place with the salary constraints and all. Whitney would be more what they are looking for.

  19. I really don’t know how but komi has to go. To but your best promising Dman Gardiner with komi all pre season is unfair to Jake. Really don’t care how good komi is in the dressing room this is about making playoffs. Package him with some young talent for draft pick or player. Big mistake to keep playing him. Could cost Wilson his job.

  20. @ nathan

    1.Stajan, White, Mayers, Hagman FOR Phaneuf, (Aulie, Sjostrom)
    2.Toskala, Blake FOR Giguere
    and this next one – not bundling a bunch of avg players for 1 better player, but a good Burke trade:
    3.Beauchemin FOR Lupul, Gardiner

    Not counting the minor deals (ie Versteeg), or the obvious Kaberle trade (pick and prospect coming back), or the much talked about Kessel trade, those are 3 really good trades Burke has made with the Leafs. So you can see why people might be expecting/anticipating his next hockey move. I could definitely see a Gunnarsson, Bozak swap for a solid support winger. Not saying Morrow or someone that great but maybe a big winger with some scoring punch?