Latest Leafs, Penguins, Flyers and Red Wings Rumors – May 28, 2014.

Updates on Dave Bolland, Leo Komarov, anticipating significant Penguins trade rumors once they hire a new GM, looking at the Flyers’ offseason priority and which Red Wings’ UFAs could be re-signed. 

Will the Leafs re-sign Dave Bolland?

Will the Leafs re-sign Dave Bolland?

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough reports center Dave Bolland told a Toronto radio station he’d like to remain a Maple Leaf for life. Brough notes the Leafs would like to re-sign him, but it’s not clear how much they’re willing to pay.

NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports agent Mark Gandler, who represents Leo Komarov, seeks a multi-year deal. Gandler wouldn’t discuss salary but Traikos believes Komarov seeks close to the $2 million he earned this season in the KHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bolland is willing to accept less than Tyler Bozak ($4.2 million per season) on a shorter-term than the 7-8 years he’s reportedly seeking, the Leafs could re-sign him. If not, Bolland will have to test the UFA market. As for Komarov, $2 million per season on a multi-year deal certainly sounds affordable for the Leafs, or any other NHL club for that matter. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Dave Molinari expects the rumor mill will crank up in earnest about Penguins James Neal, Kris Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury once the club hires a new general manager. A few of the rumors might even turn out to be true.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The clock’s ticking on the Penguins to hire a new GM. The draft is less than a month away, the deadline to qualify their RFA players or to buy out any of their players is June 30, and unrestricted free agency begins on July 1. 

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio examines what the Flyers offseason priority should be. After posing the question to his readers, acquiring a number one defenseman is the suggested priority. He rules out Nashville’s Shea Weber as Predators GM David Poile insists he won’t move Weber. The Flyers tossed around the name of Buffalo’s Tyler Myers at the trade deadline but passed on him. Panaccio feels Myers could benefit from a change of scenery. They could also pursue Matt Niskanen if he tests this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given their limited cap space ($4.5 million if the cap goes to $69 million for next season), the Flyers will have to dump a salary or two to free up cap space to take on a top defenseman. Easier said than done. 

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports “Forwards David LegwandDaniel AlfredssonTodd BertuzziDaniel Cleary and Mikael Samuelsson; defenseman Kyle Quincey; and goaltender Jonas Gustavsson are potential unrestricted free agents.” Of these, Alfredsson and Gustavsson are the only two the Wings might try to re-sign. 


  1. Get both Bolland and Komo resigned. Leafs were wayyyyyy tooo easy to play against last season. We need some sh!t disturbers.
    I’m not sure if flyers fans remember about a week ago when Tyler Myers gave up the puck with 3 to go against Finland. They were in Europe, which is definitely a big change of scenery from metropolitan buffalo and jaco’s wings( does it still exist?). Myers is awful, period.

    • Lol keep telling yourself that.

      One play doesn’t make or break a player.

    • Also like to add it was in a pointless tournament so give it a rest.

      • I wont say myers is awful but he definetly isn’t living up to that contract but still young

    • Gilmore78 you must be kidding. Have you seen Myers play in the past year? The kid really, really progressed under Nolan. Perhaps you need to venture out of the basement and attend a game once and a while. This kid really turned around his game from a year ago. If you want to judge based on one game or one play then perhaps you should judge the whole Canadian team.
      “Myers is awful, period” geez man give you head a shake.

  2. Just let him leave already…please. Bolland is this years contract mistake. Leaf or otherwise someone is going to regret it. Guy just cant stay healthy.

    Komarov is a good player for 2 mill.

    • I’d definitely go that way also if I were Nonis. If you sign Komarov do you think you will need another player like him to replace Bolland.

      Bolland’s nothing but a $2-$3 million on a 3 years contract for me. He’s not eligible to receive one of those contracts where they stipulate the pay on how many games he plays?

      • Komarov is worth that price. The Leafs really missed his style of play.
        Bolland will be missed but not for that price or even close to that price. If he can get it elsewhere then he should jump at it. Love having him on the Leafs but he is not a player worth of top six money.
        Shanny may get him to agree to reasonable money (re: Mimico connection) but if not then so be it.
        In keeping with this time of year how far up in the draft do you think the Leafs could move with an offer of the #8 pick and Matt Finn??

        • 7th IMO.
          Perhaps One pick higher per decent player and Two + Spots in Exchange for a Former Top 10 or Good Player ie. Phaneuf / Kadri / Gardiner

          • Difference from 8th pick to anywhere but top 3 isnt worth trading for and Im not sure that I would part with a very good established or close to being established player along with the 8 to move up into the top 3. I might consider if there was a bit of salary moving but Kadri Gardiner or Rielly would be out of the question…doesnt make sense Id want a younger player to grow with those guys, dont develop players to trade them away for more players that will need to develop.

    • Shticky when are you going to realize Nonis is going to resign Bolland because he always takes the easy way out and over pays. He won’t play hardball. Bolland will get $4M for 7 years or $4.5M for 5 years.

      • Why do you think Nonis will overpay 24/7?

        With SHANABAN as the president in TO I doubt very much Nonis will overpay.

    • I feel as though the re-signing of Bolland will depend solely on what happens with Kadri, if anything indeed happens with Kadri. Im guessing that Bolland gets paid if Kadri is dealt or a stastny type player is picked up via trade/sign (unlikely if past years are any indication). Perhaps someone has more info on this next topic, I havent heard much of anything in regards to pending UFA Brooks Orpik… Would anybody else agree that this may be a decent signing by the blue and white? I would like to see Boyle, Orpik, and Brennan on the roster next year with ranger, franson, and Gardiner out. (gardiner via trade for young forward perhaps). Any thoughts or info?

      • Not after the few regular season games or the playoffs I watched with the Pens…Scuderri and Orpik both looked like they lost a step ortheir edge or something this year anyway, maybe if it was cheap. Boyle on the other hand could be a good pick up to help mould Rielly doubt he will be available for what the Leafs will want him for tho. Keep Gardiner buy out Gleason let Franson and Ranger go.

      • Your choices would not help the Leafs on the defense. Orpik’s best days are behind him and the Pens know it. Don’t repeat the Pens mistake with Scuderi with Orpik.
        For those who think Clarkson is done, watch his contribution when it counts (re: playoffs). When his scoring slumps, he can take the body etc. Not many can say the same.
        Clarkson was NOT put in a position to succeed and instead of dumping on him you need to ask if Nonis consulted with Carlyle and asked him how he intended to play him. Either Nonis did ask Carlyle and Carlyle lied, or Nonis failed to ask and ended up paying top 6 money for a bottom 6 performer.
        Clarkson replaced Kulimen next year on the 2nd line and his numbers will improve.
        I still predict the Leafs will name Gilmour as an Ass’t Coach in their endless pursuit of winning the off season press conference wars.
        I would love to see the Leafs pursue Jacque Lapierrere as the Defensive Coach. Look at what that man has accomplished in that role since his days in Montreal and New Jersey and you will see what I mean. That would be a worthy investment.

        • Clarkson had plenty of opportunity alongside Lupul and Kadri and had zero impact there. Only Raymond played more minutes with Clarkson than Kadri did. He had no chemistry on any line he played on. He seemed to be doing his own thing. Nothing went Clarkson’s way this season but I don’t think you can pin it on Carlyle. He gave him the opportunity. Hopefully he benefits this coming season from a fresh start and renewed focus on team defense. I would like to see find a niche as a 3rd line defensive winger who can grit out the occasional goal.

    • No, the Leafs contract mistake, was Clarkson and the re-signing of Phaneuf.

      • There is a guy making 4.5 million who is a 6 or 7 d man on most teams (Gleason) and Phaneuf was a mistake? Franson in his own end is like watching a cat chasing a laser pointer, Ranger resembles Hodor on skates and Phaneuf is whats wrong with the Leafs D… smh

        • Hodor on skates…. spit my drink laughing on that one, need a new keyboard.

  3. I had read that Komorov had made far more than 2m in the KHL. He’s a good skater and a hell of an agitator, 2m a year for four years would be the outside of what I’d hope the leafs sign him for.

  4. The Flyers acquiring a true #1 d-man is a tall order. They have $4.5 million in cap space with only 17 players signed next year including Prongers contract. They do not have very many assets that other teams would take on. (Assets they would want to move) Moving Lecavalier, and or Hartnells contracts will not be an easy sell. And they do not have any compliance buyouts left. I think they are pretty much stuck with what they have.

    • How long has Pronger been out now? He should just retire. Same on Marc Savard.

      But ya I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flyers throw a big contract out at Niskanen or deal for some like him. Flyers GM’s are known to over spend and miraculously be under the cap ceiling when it’s time to drop the puck. It’s pretty insane. You probably know about this more then I do since your a fellow division rival.

      • Retire? It doesnt count against the cap and he has a family, expensive medical bills (Im sure) and other priorites to attend to. Yes pro athelets make alot of money but Im not sure why anyone with thalf a brain (no concussion joke intended) would give up getting paid. He has years and years of resonsibilities to take care of with a relatively small window of earning potential.

        • Exactly, the way it is now Pronger’s contract doesn’t count against the cap. He does have a lot of bills to pay, in particular ones to keep his wife happy because he’s always in the dog house for screwing around on her. That’s what happened in Anaheim and Edmonton.

      • He has been out since 2011 or 2012. But even if he retires the Flyers are still stuck with his salary since he signed the deal when he was 35+. ……I think? LOL

      • Niskanen would be a huge mistake. He is not a #1 guy. It would be more of the same of what they already have.

        • couldn’t agree more … if Niskanen is the #1 UFA d-man then the crop is weaker than the Penguins soft as tissue defense …

          • I dont understand how he keeps coming up as the no. 1 UFA D…Fayne is the better D man UFA and no one mentions him. Big and Strong good first pass not terribly slow and play better lines very good defensively block shots hits….etc. Mystery why you would pay Niskanen that kind of money. Too much is made out of point production from D men when guys like Niskanen are getting talked about as top free agents.

          • Agreed. As a Penguin fan I love the strides Niskanen has made but if he gets #1 money then all of your Phaneuf haters will have to admit that his contract is appropriate and moveable.

      • Neither Pronger nor Savard should retire. The reason is this: they report for a physical every fall and if they fail it, then they are put on LTIR and get their season’s salary. If they retire, then they forfeit their remaining salary. Both Pronger and Savard have 3 years on their deals. They’d be foolish to retire.

    • They maybe able to pick up so eone with Pronger on LTIR but not sure what they would do with all the bodies. To me anyway the roster seems jamed up when you look at even some of the younger guys that will soon be ready for nhl roles.

      • Niskanen can play defense not as great as Fayne but he can. He can also contribute offensively at about 40+ points a season.

        IMO Niskanen is the better all around talent in this season defensemen UFA pool and Fayne is the best defensive defenseman in this years UFA period.

        • Anton Stralman is better than either of those 2.

  5. There are a lot of teams who need and want a number one defenseman. The first question is 1. Who / what team is willing to give one up? The second question is 2.Why? Unlike forwards, there are a lot fewer elite players, so anyone giving up a number one defenseman will find themselves needing one to replace him, regardless of the return they get. The best remedy for a weaker defense is to hope you can score and that you have a fantastic goalie. I agree with NYR4, they may have to wait longer, but I am sure after his training in LA, Ron Hextall has a solid plan.

    • That is why I keep dangling Tyler Myers – we’ve seen what he can do and has the potential to do. He just needs to play with a solid partner, and a change of scenery. Give Myers and #30 or #39 to Edmonton’s #3 or Calgary’s #4 since Ekblad is the only legitimate D in the draft.

      • Vancouver have a few defensemen they could move (Edler, Garrison, Bieksa) and the management wants to get younger with two way forwards. I think there is an opportunity for a deal to be made with Philly for one of their young two way forwards like Schenn, Couturier or Read. Dmen come at a premium and Vancouver will need more than just a one for one trade here to make it work so I would think draft picks would be part of this deal if it were to happen.

      • No. Meyers will (and IMO should) remain a Sabre unless a knock-out deal presents itself.

        He’s only going to get better. And good puck-moving Dmen are hard to find. If any defenseman gets traded, it will be Ehrhoff. I can see the Sabres combining him with some draft picks to get another nr. 1 round selection this year or next.

        • Agree 100% with your assessment on Myers.

        • What would you consider a knock out deal?
          I would be hard pressed to make the trade for the top pick. This draft isn’t very strong after the top few guys. I wonder about how much would be enough and who could afford to pull it off?
          I could see maybe Winnipeg or Edmonton, but Murray seams to have a different eye than the rest of us.

  6. I think it is extra important to sign Komarov if Bolland isn’t resigned, he if Bolland overprices himself he shouldn’t be resigned (let him take advantage of free agency). I like Bolland but you need to ask yourself what is a reasonable price for someone who will be slotted as a 3rd line centre (granted he is good depth that can jump up to the 2nd line).

    What would you pay for anyone slotted for 3rd line centre?

    • Bolland should be paid somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5m/season on a multi year deal. Komorov will get somewhere around 1.75m/season on a 3 year deal.

      • U won’t get komorov for 1.75. Maybe 2 million m$inimum. As for Bolland, the jury is still out, 3 mill max. On a 3 year contract.

    • ask Chicago what they would pay for him right now?

      • Why would Chicago want Bolland right now? Does he play goal? Crawford looks terrible.

      • Why would ChiTown want Bolland back? Probably get injured the first game he plays.

      • Bolland would pull them out of a 3-1 hole all by himself? LOL. Now I’ve heard it all!

  7. The more I read about how the Flyers need a defenseman, the more I’m convinced that they will attempt to get Florida’s nr. 1 slot and take Ekblad.

    Mark my words…host cities always try to do something at the draft and this is exactly what the Flyers need and want.

    • I don’t believe the Flyers have anything that they either are willing to give up, or that helps Florida. Not sure how this helps Philly today. Most people believe Ekblad will be a top pairing d-man. There are others that believe he will be a solid 2nd pair guy. But nobody is expecting that out of the gate as a #1- #2 guy.

    • esquire-I totally agree. Draft is in philly (I know Snider really pushed to host a draft) and he will want to make a splash. Plus the availability of a stud d man makes the trade more likely.

    • I agree with that. I keep thinking the Flyers and Hextall try to put a buzz in to the draft. If they really want a top d-man then I see then moving Couturier to get Ekblad.

      • I know they don’t want to give up Couturier-but all the teams are asking for him. I’ve been saying this for awhile-with the CAP issues and B Schenn asking for $3M s a RFA-a trade involving Schenn has to be discussed in the Philly war room.

  8. Spector: I can see the Wings doing a couple different things. One, possibly trading Franzen in a deal with Vancouver for Kesler, maybe adding in Andersson to Vancouver.

    Signings, I can see Dan Boyle. Wouldn’t mind a good shot at Niskanen. I see them resigning Alfredsson but letting the rest go. Possibly signing Vrbata. Would love Iginla instead, but that could be a stretch.

    My possible roster after moves.

  9. Komarov, at $2 million for 3-4 years, would not be considered overpaying as he brings a lot of good things to the table. Bolland? Well? Somehow between Shanny and Nonis, something will be worked out where although his base salary will be less than Bozak; performance bonuses might entitle him to earn more than Bozak; but I don’t see the Leafs doing more than 3-4 years as he’s just not worth it.