Latest Lightning, Oilers and Sabres Rumors – April 25, 2014

Can the Lightning re-sign Ryan Callahan? Should the Oilers trade their first round pick? Does Christian Ehrhoff want out of Buffalo?

Lightning hope to re-sign Ryan Callahan.

Lightning hope to re-sign Ryan Callahan.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson lists five things to watch for with the Lightning in the off-season. Among them is attempting to re-sign trade deadline acquisition Ryan Callahan (eligible for UFA status in July) and adding defensive help. Erlendsson notes the Lightning were linked to Vancouver’s Alex Edler and Phoenix’s Keith Yandle.

NBC SPORTS: Cam Tucker reports Lightning coach Jon Cooper hopes Callahan will consider returning with the Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears the Lightning want to retain Callahan, but that’ll depend upon his asking price. If he still seeks six-or seven-years at $6.25 million per season, I doubt they’ll go for that. If he’s willing to accept five years at, say $5.5 million, I believe that’s doable for the Bolts. As for defensemen, Edler would have to agree to waive his no-trade clause. Yandle lacks a no-trade clause, but the Coyotes will want a scoring forward in return.

OLEAN TIMES HERALD: Bill Hoppe reports Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff wants to remain with the rebuilding Sabres. ““I think if they want to move me, they can move me. If not, they won’t”, said Ehrhoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe it’ll depend upon the return. I don’t see the Sabres moving Ehrhoff solely to ditch his salary. They still need experienced players to tutor their young guys. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples took note of a reports from the Edmonton Sun’s Terry Jones claiming the Oilers could consider trading their first round pick (third overall) to the NY Islanders for promising shutdown defenseman Griffin Reinhart if they can’t draft Aaron Ekblad.  Staples writes he doesn’t see  the high quality skill and skating in Reinhart’s game that would merit such a trade.


  1. Let’s just hope that if Edmonton trades away the 3rd pick or Eberle or someone valuable, they don’t get robbed by some American team buttering up a prospect or dumping aging has beens.

    • DuhChamp, The last time I checked the Oiler’s weren’t one of the teams in the playoffs. Looks like our aging “has beens” and “prospects” are making noise in the playoffs, you may want to reconsider some of them for your crappy Oilers, it might help them get out of the basement.

      • Thunder – Edmonton does have a couple of cards they can deal – they can trade their #3 – cause I’m sure Ekblad is going 1 or 2 and get a “seasoned” D man in return that has a couple of years left on their contract. What Edmonton needs to do is pick up some “physical” players – as you said – most of the playoff teams are comprised of physical pounders, prospects and aging has beens. The Sharks came out and pounded the Kings, also got in Quicks head and space. The Bruins are wearing down the Redwings, Columbus is not allowing Sid space and pounding the Pens every chance they get. Edmonton is going to have to give up something to get something. So,they should trade for a couple of players that can give them leadership and some physicality.

        • Steve, absolutely right, the Oil need to get tougher and need veteran leadership, they have plenty of young speedsters and skilled guys, it’s time to tighten up the D, still not sure about their goaltending, but if the D gets better the goalies don’t see so many shots.

        • Defense isn’t Oilers only need. They also need a physical type number two center. One of Bennett or Draisaitl will be available at number 3 so I doubt they trade their pick. Unless it’s a great trade not a Phaneuf for the 3rd overall.

          • you think the Leafs are trading their best d for a draft pick? Or just tolling some more?

          • Man you are an idiot Shticky…. Do you ever read the posts or do you just troll away? Seriously dude get a friggin life.

            Remember yesterday when one of your buddy buddy Laughs fan suggested that the Phaneuf straight up for the 3rd overall would be a good trade for both teams? I just pointed out yesterday and today that it’d take more then that to get that 3rd overall. Just because he’s the Laughs best defensemen doesn’t mean he’s worth a 3rd. And the 3rd overall for Phaneuf would be a huge steal for the Laughs.

            Seriously before you reply next time at least read the friggin post twice before you start your friggin rant man. Unbelievable.

          • Take the name Phaneuf out of it how many teams are dealing their top defenseman for a draft pick who is probably a year away from playing in the nhl and considering themselves lucky? And Im an idiot…you say the Oilers need a center and you list a bunch of guys who play left wing as guys they should draft, Reinhart is the only center…yep Jes youre right Im the idiot guess they will just use a blue chip guy as a third line winger that will help, Hall and Perron are the left wingers why draft another one?

          • Reinhart is listed as a center. Draisaitl is listed as a center but can also play left wing. Bennett is listed as both center and left wing. So go look that up. I stand by what I said before. Oilers do need a top 2 pairing centermen as Gagner isn’t working out for them no more and there are 3 available in the top 5. He will more then likely be dealt this offseason.

            Sorry for the idiot comment. Just frustrating when you start throwing words down my mouth.

          • I have season tickets to the Fronts I see a lot of ohl games I am at Fronts games generally 2 times a week if not more I also go to Bulls games in Bellville, Sam Bennett plays left wing. He can play center but he is not a center he is a left winger go to nhl central scouting Reinhart is the only center. This is what drives me nuts about you you call people names and spout off about “what are they smoking” and other childish quips when half the time you are saying things just as whacked as anyone else. NYR Matt and other Leaf fans yesterday was a good example of how you talk down to people here like they are morons, sometimes you dont grasp what they are saying or have no clue what you yourself are talking about so it means they are dumb. Try to have a conversation with out it being a battle. I know from time to time I do it too but man everytime you speak you are degrading someone, Most the time it seems Im trying to pick an arguement with you is to give you a taste of how you treat others on this site.

  2. Well, in a draft class like this one where the players are not truly projected as superstar impact ones, teams are not going to shell out “real players” for promising ones.
    And as far as the tiny Eberle being sent packing, do you really think NHL clubs are gonna overpay for him, as the playoffs seem to be a battle of the giant hits, and players?
    Maybe Oilers management should have attempted the heist of an “American teams GM” instead of putting a former glory day guy at the reigns, with a lot less experience.
    Don’t expect any Earth shaking return for either from a Canadien or American team, because the Oilers are the team dealing from the position of weakness.

    • Top 5 is where those impact players are. After that the talent pool goes down a few notches. Last years pool was huge but this year it really comes down to 5 players with star like quality.

      So yes this draft does have those difference makers but I see only the top 5 really being real good in the NHL.

      • seen much JR hockey?…I d be very surprised if 1 or 2 guys from that top 5 even stick in the NHL next year, if it wasnt for thin rosters none of them would I doubt. There are not 5 impact players in is draft for next years NHL. There are no Monahans or McKinnons there are some Laughton, Nurse, Drouin Schifele and Kadri types tho…good players that need time to develop

        • I’m not talking instant stars overnight man. Read much? Obviously it takes time to develop those guys. Scouts are saying Dal Colle number 5 overall is slated to be a possible 40 goal scorer.

          Did I say they will be in the NHL next season? Nope. Again you are putting words into my mouth. All I said is the top 5 are really where the most noticeable talent is. After the top 5 the talent level drops a few notches. Ofcourse it’s going to take time to develop those players. Geesh…

        • It is not about whether/how draftees play next year, it is whether have can have an impact once they make the NHL. Draftees who make the NHL their first season usually have an impactful career, but not making it in that year doesn’t mean they won’t.

          • Impact is not a word Id use to describe guys that need development McKinnon Monahan Jones Giroux P Kane Taveres Towes guys like that are impact players Nurse Schifele Kadri Reinhart not etc not so much…could just be a difference of opinion I suppose.

      • Yeah I don’t think anyone, at this juncture can call anyone of the top five picks a future superstar, and even a first line player/firt pair defender.
        It is not to say they cannot develop but right now they just don’t carry grades CLOSE to most top ten guys in years past.
        Hey, they can get there, but at this point, no game changers able to help soon, and even when ready, not really looking like true impact guys

    • Battle of the giant players? Guys like Patrick Kane, St.Louis, and it isn’t like Toews isn’t the biggest guy in the world

    • Landing one of Bennett, Reinhart, Ekblad, Draisaitl or Dal Colle is hardly dealing from a position of weakness.

  3. Callahan is Tampa or Buffalo bound.

    What about Panthers? Does Tallon like those types of forwards?

    With that proposal of Edmonton sending their first to Isles for Reinhart would be a good trade IMO. Then the Isles do not have to a HUGE risk next years first rounder by sending it to Buffalo.

    • Isles have a PDR issue facing them. Sending this years pick to Buffalo sends the message that they expect to have a high pick next season, but sending them next year’s pick ***could*** be one of those “do you remember” moments when dissecting a future lack of success if they give up a franchise player.

      • Agreed. Either way IMO the Isles pick will be a top 10 unless of course they go on a signing frenzy. Next years top 10 looks pretty good compared to this years. Isles lost out big time on the Vanek deal.

        • Realistically, the Isles are in a tough spot either way.
          If they give up a decent player for the third pick, they can give up the 5th to Buffalo. They still get a good pick this year, but the guy is going back to JR and not playing this year. They could be even worse by doing that, thus further alienating an already tense fan base.
          Even if they get the top pick next year, they won’t have anyone to watch them play. They will further string along an already absurd rebuild. Knowing them, if they get McDavid, they will trade Tavares.

          I think the owner is behind it all and Garth is doing what he is told.

          • I believe it is a little bit of both IMO. Snow doesn’t seem like a good GM at all. He’s had a few good pickups in Moulson and Grabner. Drafting Tavares was a no brainer. Nino Niedereiter was a bad pick at 5th overall.

            I don’t think Wang is behind the whole mess. Money wise I think he puts in enough. He gave the okay for that $50+ mill contract to Vanek so I doubt he’s as bad as an owner as people are saying.

            Does anyone have any info if Wang is selling that team yet or what?

  4. The Oil need to go after Weber no if ands or buts. Edmonton has a hard time signing UFA’s so they need a guy who is looked up and doesn’t have a no trade clause.

    Not sure what it would take but it’s worth a discussion

    • Sorry meant to say locked up

    • Sorry, Weber just would plain cost too much, both salary-wise and trade wise, and hamper the Oiler’s ability to pick up other pieces. I would like to see them offer up, say the 3rd pick plus Gagner or Eberleto get Ekblad. That kid has grit and leadership written all over him. The Oil is young and even though the fan base wants action now, this type of move would enable them to afford adding a few more gritty, experienced palyers to their line up now.

      • That may be true of Ekblad but he will be a good five to six years before he is Norris trophy worthy (D men take the longest to mature) and by that time all the Oilers young guns will have already peaked and on the down side of their careers or be to expensive to retain as they all become UFA’s. Not to mention no experienced Dman to mentor Ekblad.
        The D position should be the first area filled with youth not the last position. Generally forwards mature fastest followed by D men followed by goaltenders. The Oilers are all ass backwards so it’s time to trade some forwards for a Norris D man.

        • Maybe so, but Weber may be shooting for the stars and unattainable without stripping the team down.

  5. Questions is do Oilers have a plan ? When they walk into the draft they should have a plan worked out for that #1 pick.
    1) If Ekblad available take him.
    2) If not have a prior agreement set up to trade that pick down for more #1′s and / or #2′s for this year and or next year. Getting another young forward does not help them. They can use those picks gained from the trade down to go as part of a trade for established players.
    3) Before the draft make the trade you need to make to get that one key D-man you need and no Eberle alone will not get you that quality D-man especially if he is young. If you need to trade the third overall and Eberle to get the key player do it.

    • I think in prior years the answer to the plan had to be nope, that or they have the worst strategic minds in the nhl which is a hard thing to say with the likes of Snow Gillis and Feaster…this year I think there is more pressure to the breaking point really that come draft day they will have a more detailed idea of what they should be looking at….that or they will prove that the likes of Snow Gillis and Feaster have nothing on them.

      • The one thing I kinda wonder tho is (and this could be a big risk) what if they kept this years pick and talked to someone about a package involving next years. With their track record of incompetence and the quality of the draft this year, you may get a GM or 2 thinking they are taking advantage and willing to part with a bigger asset in order to get a shot at next years lottery. It may save the Oil from having to put up an Eberle and replacing him with Yaks for a big return, or atleast a return more on par with the type of player they need. I’m not so sure that Eberle and this years 3rd would be looked at the same as next years first and a player with potential of a Yak would, and the return might be enough to get them out of the basement.

        • Trading next years #1 for someone to help them now poses a big risk for both parties. If Oilers get a player who does help them and suddenly they become good then that draft pick received suddenly doesn’t look so good. On the other hand if the Oilers do trade next years #1 and it becomes the 2015 #1 overall, there won’t be a rail big enough to ride MacT out of town on.

          • Giving up a shot at McDavid? I don’t think so.

          • See tho besides the money involved and yes Weber may be aiming a touch too high, but depending on if Nashville is deciding to rebuild say a deal like next years first Yaks and RNH…may get the Preds thinking atleast, Draft a forward with the 3 pick this year to replace one of the 2 young forwards you are sending away. From the preds point of view 2 good young forwards with out Weber probably going to end up with 1 top 10 pick next year and if for some reason the Oil only manage to move up say 4 or 5 spots it could mean 2 shots at McDavid at worst they end up with 2 very good forwards a high first round pick snd the Oils first round pick…just an example using the Preds not saying this would get it done but there are some other teams out there that simmilar deals could be made.

          • At some point you gotta start winning and stop planing on who the next best thing in next years draft…this is a big problem with Edmonton, they seem to concentrate on getting the next Gretzky instead of trying to win the next cup. Too many years losing has turned the draft picks in to the prize.

          • Bieksa (if he would waive the NTC) Kronwall Dekyser one of the blues D the Hawks may need to shake things up a bit maybe Seabrook, their could be options available that dont involve giving up this years pick and by adding a forward like Yak who could be replaced with that 3 pick (Ekblad wont drop to 3) the Oilers could get a very good piece back one that truely does make an impact by giving up next years first.

    • The Oil need a top two centerman almost just as bad IMO.

      RNH and Gagner 1-2 isn’t really working. Take One of Draisaitl, Reinhart or Bennett because all teams will try to do is fleece the Oil in a trade for that third overall.

      • So they need a center or a D man and you list 4 guys of which there are 3 left wingers as guys they should draft?

        • Draisaitl and Reinhart are listed as Centers. Draisaitl can also play left wing.

          Bennett is listed as left wing and center. IMO team who selects him will develop him as a center.

          So I do standby by my original statement.

          • Why would floorida use Bennett as a center if they drafted him the have lots of great center prospects?

  6. I think the Sabres will hang on to Ehrhoff and Myers and build around them. I think Nolan will work hard to get Myers to his potential and rely on Ehrhoff as a veteran to help mentor the D prospects the have coming up in their system that seem to have some promise ( Ristolainen, Zadorov and McCabe). I also think they should keep Stewart but if not would love to see him back home in Toronto.

  7. Rinse repeat. Oilers won’t get any offer worth trading the 1st. Or any of their good players period. There isn’t fair trade value out their for the oilers as evident by the hemsky trade. Oilers are better off drafting draisaitl and pkg gagner with a good prospect for top 4 dman. That’s the reality of it.

    • Exactly. They have just as much need for a physical centerman capable to be a top 2 center then they do a top 4 defensemen. Gagner IMO isn’t really working out for the Oil IMO. They are better off just picking with the #3. Unless that draft pick can land them a real difference maker (Shea Weber) then they will not deal the pick.

      • Buffalo may be interested in trading a young defenceman with experience and the 31 pick for the 3rd overall.

        • I don’t know. I don’t think Myers is on the trade market. He seems like the only young NHL defenseman with experience on the Sabres who can land the third overall.

          Ehrhoff and Pysyk I believe are the only ones available that other teams would be interested in and Sabres would be interested in dealing away.

  8. I wonder if Edmonton would be interested in Franzen and maybe something for that 3rd overall.