Latest Maple Leafs, Rangers & Oilers Rumors – November 5, 2013.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are shopping for help at forward, the NY Rangers could be interested in Edmonton Oilers winger Nail Yakupov, and more.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis is searching for a forward “preferably a center” to fill the void left by injured centers Dave Bolland and Tyler Bozak. Dreger noted while talks are increasing, the market for quality centers is “sketchy”, with the expected return usually “a young roster player, top prospect and a draft pick.” He speculates Nonis could use his blueline depth or parts with draft picks in a lesser deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Dreger noted, there’s no sense of panic from the Leafs, a luxury a 10-5-0 start gives them. If they want to land a quality center they could shop goalie James Reimer. Let’s face it, no matter how well Reimer plays, Jonathan Bernier is considered the de facto starter. There are teams (hello there, Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes and Nashville Predators) who’d jump at the chance to get Reimer. I believe, however, it would take a true first-line center for Nonis to consider moving Reimer.  Nonis would love to move John-Michael Liles, but he’d probably have to pick up part of his $3.875 million per season contract to make it work. Don’t be surprised if Jake Gardiner’s name resurfaces in the rumor mill.

Are the Rangers interested in Nail Yakupov?

Are the Rangers interested in Nail Yakupov?

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Oilers president of hockey ops Kevin Lowe, GM Craig MacTavish and special advisor Mark Messier took in the Anaheim Ducks-NY Rangers game at MSG last night. Brooks claims the Oilers are “believed accepting offers for veteran winger Ales Hemsky while “exploring the market” for sophomore winger Nail Yakupov. He also points out the Rangers would have to maneuver to get under the cap if they’re interest in Hemsky, who’s making $5 million this season. It remains to be seen if the Rangers would be willing to part with the necessary assets for Yakupov. Their interest in him could be influenced by the condition of winger Rick Nash, who remains sidelined by a concussion.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: When Yakupov’s name first appeared in the rumor mill midway through last month most insiders claimed the Oilers would be patient with him. That’s before the Oilers sunk to 3-10-2 in their first 15 games, putting them on the verge of falling completely out of playoff contention by the end of November.  I think the Rangers have more interest in Yakupov than Hemsky, who has his own injury history, but of the two, the Oilers are more willing to part with Hemsky. Still, if the Rangers were to offer up Dan Girardi or Marc Staal for Yakupov, the Oilers (in need of an experienced top-pairing defenseman) could be seriously tempted.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis wonders if the Oilers could put in a claim for winger Rostislav Olesz, who was placed on waivers yesterday by the New Jersey Devils. Willis notes the Oilers need help on their checking lines.


  1. marc staal for hemsky

    • Now thats funny

    • That IS funny! I’d definitely try to work out some sort of deal for either staal or girardi tho.

      • Would J Schultz and a 2nd or 3rd be enough for M Staal?

        • Hemsky Klefbom Yaks for Stall and Richards

    • Never trade Staal or Girardi for Yakupov. If anything offer up Del Zotto for Yakupov. Trading Staal and/or Girardi would almost always be a downgrade.

  2. Liles + Gardiner + Leivo for Stastny

    • I am sure winning team like Colorado want to get salary dump Liles, developing but very raw Gardiner and forgive me I do not know who Leivo is but I am sure he has a lot “potential” and is the “answer” Colorado is looking for.

      • Stastny is making 6 mill and redundant in Colorado with the glut of centre- he has also underachieved. I dont think it was insuated that Reimer would land a 1st line centre on his own

        • Umm…. Currently Stasny is a few points back of having the highest points on the team
          has the best plus/Minus
          highest faceoff percentage and is looking pretty good in Roys system taking all the important draws….Im not so sure he is underacheiving anymore. It would take quite a bit to get Stasny me thinks right now, closer to the deadline maybe, but right now glut or no glut Stasny will cost alot.

    • I wonder if instead of Leivo, that maybe with Varlamov’s uncertain future if they might want Reimer & be willing to give up a first round pick instead. Leafs could then bring in Cleminson from Calgary or sign Theodore or something to that extent.

      • So could Preds…

    • Liles (to clear cap)


      conditional pick

      • I can not get over how often Reimer is mentioned in trades and Leaf fans think they can get the moon for him.
        A) the brought in Bernier because they had a lack of faith in their tenders.
        B) If they give up on him they wont get a return like Russ is saying.. and the Oil wont be taking on a aging, over paid d-man from the minors. We’ve had our share of them (Or still do)
        C) Oilers fans don’t want Reimer. One good series does not a good goal tender make. We KNOW good tenders after having several of them.. but thanks for the entertaining offers.

        • Reimer: SV%= 0.942 GAA= 2.36

          Dubnyk: SV%= 0.877 GAA= 3.87
          LaBarbera: SV%=0.858 GAA= 3.69

          Are you sure you don’t need Reimer?

      • this the best one yet. not being sarcastic

      • MacT and Gagner have a “gentleman’s” NTC, would never happen.

        • The no trade clause does not kick in until the end of the season for Gagne. There is no way MacT gives himself this wiggle room to trade Gagne within the framework of the new contract. And then promise not to trade him. Why not just give him 3 years with no trade clause from the get go.

    • NOOOOO way

    • Trade Gardiner and leivo for a player that’s unrestricted at the end of the year short term….um no.

      Trade Phaneuf and somethingthing who’s unrestricted and has the same cap hit…perhaps.

  3. wow 1st line center for Reimer? lol.. Good luck with that..
    Hysterical that Jonathan Bernier was not traded for 1st round pick but Reimer is worth 1st line center..

    • I think that maybe a little steep of a price as well. Unless he was packaged with something else. Also not sure Id want to be trading him off to the Preds for Legwand Fisher or Gaustad so I guess it may depend on who the center coming back was. Reimer for Forseberg? Perhaps maybe something could be worked out.

      • I do not see why Preds would do this deal period. Pekka Rinne will be back in a month or 5 weeks. Latest.

        They shoudl sign Bryzgalov and be done with it.. Edmonton on the other hand should be looking at Reimer and Franson for Yakupov. Type of deal. Give or take a pick or a prospect.

        • The Leafs need Yaks like Bolland needs a new pair of running shoes.

          • You do not really need Forsberg either… I mean am I right or am I right?

          • Forseberg can play center and is relatively young and cheap.

          • Please… Forsberg does not have enough to play center and bump anyone on Leafs roster. yes, he is cheaper then Yakupovs 925K salary and Forsberg is around 900K 25K difference.. Boo hooo…

            Shticky.. lol

  4. Here are a few names to consider…Travis Zajac or Henrique? Sean Couterier or Brayden Schenn.. would cost a bit for any of those but at least they are long term players not fillers…wonder if the Hurricanes would move Skinner given all the salary tied up in Staals and Semin…and his injury risk..and of course as always the soon to be UFA Paul Stastny

    • No way New Jersey moves Henrique & I don’t think Philly moves Schenn, but you never now with Philly lol

    • This is the first sensible suggestion today. Despite his recent injury history, I’d look at Travis Zajac. New Jersey needs help scoring so not sure there’s a fit but Zajac’s the kind of player who could help the Leafs.

  5. Which is more probable?

    To EDM: Reimer & Phaenuf
    To TOR: Yakupov & overpaid player back (cap reasons)

    To EDM: Reimer & Liles (with TML eating some salary)
    To TOR: Yakupov & Depth player back (moderate contract)

    • sorry neither….I really think Yakupov will be a bust…would you move Phanuef for Semin? then you wouldnt more Yakupov…thats his ceiling

    • Edm should take this…

      • From an Oiler fan, and as much as I dislike Phaenuf, I would take option 1. After watching the Oiler and Leafs game on the weekend, the Oilers need a Phaenuf type D man.

        • Neither Yak is not a center and they have depth on wing…Phaneuf is going no where just stop already…lol

    • neither

    • Don’t think Yak would work well uinder carlyle any better than he works with eakins. I’d trade Phaneuf for Stastny before I would trade for Yakupov.

    • Undervaluing Yak.

      • Im not sure bout the others, Im not saying anything about the kid as a player just that he dosent play center and top 6 wingers are not exactly a need right now. Some on to win draws that can play a 200 ft game is.

  6. Maybe the Leafs could do a deal with Edmonton. Say Reimer & Gardiner for Gagner & a non top 10 first round pick either this years or next years draft

    • Gagner and MacT have a gentalmans deal for this year on a no trade clause as Gagner is to young by a year to have this in his contract. His actual no trade clause kicks in next year. So Gagner is not going any where.

      • Hey KevJam, does MacT also have a gentlemen’s deal in place to run the Oilers into the ground for yet another season?

        you’re one i away from MacT having a whole other kind of deal in place with Gagner;)

        • Good one?

  7. Staal has another year on his contract they won’t trade him for another year.

    Liles and Reimer for Oilers 1st round pick. why not…

    • On what planet? Uranus? You think you are getting the Oilers number one for Reimer and Liles who actually has negative trade value?

      I also enjoyed Spectors thoughts on Reimer. A true first line center for Reimer?

      So Reimer cannot start over Bernier, but he is somehow now worth more than what they gave up Bernier? How does that make sense? Goalies never bring back the value you think. It just does not happen. Reimer is worth less than the package of Matt Frattin, Ben Scrivens and a second-round draft selection. I hardly think that equates to a first line center.

      • I think I thought that made sense before my coffee…
        Regardless the Oilers will draft another top 6 forward with that pick… they need to turn that 2014 pick into a presentable #1 goalie or a top 2 defensemen.

      • i think a deal could be worked around reimer for their first no doubt. liles being involved is just crazy. maybe reimer plys percy or someone like that. phaneuf is still the wild card (in my opinion) to go to edmonton

      • All this Reimer isn’t worth whatever talk is a waste of time. I mean there really isn’t a reason of than lack of interest that will drive down a price of an unknown piece especially one as risky as goalies. The reason Bernier when for so little is like Lombardi said, the “Leafs were the only serious tire kickers” so if there is interest in Riemer I’ll agree with Lyle that he may (not will) land something more than the kings netted from the Leafs and plus, we don’t know yet how that trade has turned out for either team, its not like the kings were fleeced on their deal.
        In any case, I’ll be surprised that Reimer gets traded anytime soon.

        • It’s not that Bernier went for so little, its that goalies don’t have trade value in general. The leafs did not fleece LA. That was his value across the league was.
          I don’t understand it, but that has always been the the case. Reimer is not going to change that. Maybe he goes as part of a package, but it would seem to me he has more value to the leafs than anyone else right now.

          • nardenesson….Thank you for bringing logic to this Leaf trade BS. Reimer will get less than what LA got for Bernier. LA definitely didn’t get fleeced. They also almost had a deal with Philly for a package based around Read, and it sounds like philly backed out last minute. So as you can see that was very similar to what they ended up getting from TO. So please stop with the Reimer for a first line center or even a first rounder, just STOP!

          • Not according to Lombardi they didnt but anyway…

  8. Yakupov will get destroyed in Toronto media and by the fans… I cannot see him being the right fit.

    • Agreed

    • why. its not montreal? sure he will get tons of coverage, but its not montreal, philly or ny.

      i dont see the pressure to win in TO. i just see a ton of attention. big difference.

      • Really? In Ny the kid could walk around with his equipment and Jersey on and no one would question him He could dress up like inspector Cluso in disguise in Toronto and still be followed around by Feschuck Simmons Cox and the gang,. No no pressure in TO. What planet are you from?

  9. Carolina has staals and they aren’t going anywhere. Nashville has no one of interest. Oilers have gagner but is he really that much of an improvment over kadri?? Only way leafs get a number 1 centre is reimer, phaneuf or gardiner in some kind of package deal. And if I’m leafs I’d want a marc staal type d instead of the centre.

  10. For everyone who said the Leafs don’t need a no. 1 center. Here you go. As much as I like Kadri, he is not a no. 1 center. He is the great no. 2 man in a 1/2 punch. The Frans Neilsen to the missing JT. Look around the league. If Pittsburgh lost Malkin/Sutter they have Crosby. If Detroit lost Zetterberg/Helm they have Datsyuk. Colorado don’t get me started on their depth. If it was as easy as moving JVR to center it would have been done a long time ago.

  11. Just to put a different spin on things, what if the Oilers brass were at the game to take a look at Anaheim’s Anderson? Just a thought.

    • I thought too… With anahiems depth at goal one will be moved if only for prospects and picks.

  12. I’ve always been an advocate to land Gagner from Edmonton, but I think the price will be to steep.
    With the Arcobello turning out to be a pleasant surprise for the Oilers, I think it makes Boyd Gordon more of a realistic trade target.
    As I understand it, Oilers need some size and D-men.
    I would offer a combination of any of Orr/McLaren/Ranger/Holzer/Brennan and low draft pick for Gordon and see if that can get the ball going.

    • Forgot to add Fraser into that mix of possible trade chips for Toronto, sure he’s the only real physical D-man Toronto has, but they’ve been doing fine without him

    • Id like Gordon an awful lot thought we should have maybe went that way in the summer but cant see the Oil giving him up. Never know.

    • Gagner is more of the same. We need that next level guy. Our centers worked by committee, Bozak/Bolland both 2/3 centers with Kadri as the high end no. 2. When all were healthy it made it hard to key on all 3 at the same time, especially with our winger depth. However, all 3 must be healthy and working to be effective. Its ok to rely on this system for a while, but at some point you will need that key position to be filled if you want to win it all. Gagner is not it. To me, Gagner is another Bozak who will be back in 10 days.

      • Problem is, nobody seems to be shopping their bonafide #1 C “next level guy” and those who are would be asking too much (Colorado) hence why I would pursue Gordon.

        • Gordon is another third line center. Toronto has a few of those. The only way it seems to get one is to draft for it. Unfortunately the only option…barring a big trade is to try and trade up in a draft. That isn’t going to be easy. Reinhart will be good or he will be another rnh. Great for the 30 games a year he plays. No way we get mcdavid without rebuilding and trading everyone so lord knows what they are going to do

    • He’s the only guy that can win a faceoff for Edmonton, he’s well liked.

  13. You know what might work for Toronto is Courturier/Emery/draft pick for Reimer/Gardiner. Holmgren has said anyone on the roster is available and Philly needs a goalie and d.

    • Until Mason starts stinking it up I don’t know if Philly will go after a goalie but if they were I would see if anything can be done about bringing both the Schenns back without touching our top 6 forwards. (Reimer, Gardiner and a draft/prospect)

    • Strange……… I thought Mason was doing just fine.
      Tell me.. why do you think Mason is sucking and Flyers need to trade for Reimer?

      Also, how is Gardiner going to improve Flyers D?

      • If we are going to go, go big. Agree or disagree but I would throw the farm for Giroux. If Philly is having a blow out sale, I’m all in.
        Kadri,Gardiner,Reimer,1st rd pick would all be up for grabs.
        Like I said, I like Kadri but Giroux is money, over the top, elite no. 1 center money.
        JVR/Giroux/Kessel is the line you take in the playoffs.
        Giroux is the same age as Bernier. Add the young Rielly and these are the key 3 positions to build a champion.

        • Balls. Love it, and I’m a BUF fan.

        • No way, way too much imo

          • @Shticky. I know its unpopular but sometimes if you want to take the next step you have to make the unpopular move. The bold move. What if Philly would take: Giroux for Kadri,Lupul and Gardiner. Next year Giroux makes 8.25 million. Kadri 2.9 + Lupul 5.25 + Gardiner RFA = 8.15 million.
            Now the tough part is putting your loyalty away for certain players and think of this. What if I said that I could get you a no. 1 center without giving up either goalie, Rielly, a 1st rd pick or JVR and Kessel. I think Philly would be all over this. Proven chemistry in Kadri/Lupul and great skating defenseman Gardiner (sadly missing from their team) for Giroux. At least its fun to talk about.

          • Lot to give up for a guy with 6 points and is a minus 9… Didnt look like the same player last year either. It could be brilliant but Im not sure Id gamble that much, reason being if you are thinking of giving up that much for a trade and you were to shop around you may find a little bit more value elsewhere. Not to say Giroux isnt a great player but you maybe able to find another great player with smaller cost, say Lupul a first and Gardiner or for that matter Kadri and a first gets you what? Particularly in this day and age of contracts if you could open up cap room by dealing Liles (say Liles and Ashton for a pick) in a separate deal you might be able to take advantage of another cap strapped team I just wouldn’t mortgage a season on Giroux at this point.

        • I like it, but not quite sure if Philly would bite. I doubt Giroux would be traded unless Kessel is going back the other way and I would have a long hard think on that as I personally like Giroux better than Kessel but that’s just my opinion.
          If we’re talking grandiose moves I’d offer
          Bozak, Reimer & Phaneuf for Giroux, L Schenn, & Emery
          Leafs get the #1 C they’ve been looking for and Philly gets #1 D-man.
          In hindsight, Toronto might have to throw in a long-shot prospect just as a closer move.

          • Bozak, Reimer & Phaneuf for Giroux, L Schenn, & Emery.

            My god.. Can Flyers get some sort of lubricant in this “fair” offer?

            In 1st pharagrapgh of your post you acknowledged that Giroux values is like Kessel value to the Leafs and then you turn around and make this silly statement?

            What was the thought process.. no no.. do not tell me I do not want to know.

          • Nitro this is the value:
            Phaneuf is WAY better then Schenn – Flyers Advantage
            Giroux is WAY better than Bozak – Leafs Advantage
            Reimer is better than Emery – Flyers Advantage
            Plus I said to throw in a prospect, look at the whole package instead of throwing a hissy fit over Giroux.
            My comparison statement earlier was Giroux for Kessel straight up.

        • I do think the leafs need to add in a tough D-man as that is what philly really needs but we dont have any of those to spare.
          Reimer would not be a part of this deal IMO maybe Kadri, Gardiner, percy and a 1st rounder. I don’t see how the salaries balance out. maybe homlgren will do us a favor by replacing kadri with Bozak. We can all dream right?
          Maybe a deal like Bozak, Reimer (trade chip if Mason remains solid), Gardiner and a first rounder for Giroux and Emery.
          No way Kessel goes back in this trade, I understand the idea of quality for quality but theres no point getting Girous if we give away Kessel

          • Konstantine,

            Phaneuf is UFA… Phaneuf is average on D. Known fact. Do not care regardless of your opinion about Phaneuf.
            Bozak is average player. Kessel made Bozak. WTF.. Boozek.. are you for real?

            Flyers have no reason to trade for Reimer and just because Reimer right now is better does not mean he will be better in the future.. 5-6 years ago Emery was number #1 goalie carrying Senators into the finals. Believe it or not Mason is having a hell of a season and if Flyers team would be ANY good in front of him would be a story of this season..

            L.Schenn has value.. He did not play bad and has only 6 giveaways this season among leaders in blocks and hits. Like I said he only has 6 giveaways.. Berube benched him to light a fire under his butt.

            Dude your offer is ridicules.. I would not trade Giroux by himself for package you offer. I do not care what kind of season Giroux is having.

          • Nitro, now who’s over-valuing?
            Your point about Emery 5-6 years ago actually highlights how he’s no longer that good, he’s a back-up who is only good for about a dozen or so start a year. Reimer is still young and has more potential and value than Emery ever will again.
            Schenn has not lived up to expectations, this is no secret, he is a bottom 4 pairing on a good day.
            Whether you (or I, since I’m not a fan of his) like it or not Phaneuf is a top 10 d-man, how many of those are on the Flyers roster? UFA or not, he would re-sign if the Flyers offered 6-6.5 Mil.
            The only real value for the Leafs in this trade is Giroux, and he’s been sucking pretty bad this year. (1 point every 2 games)
            This statement ” I would not trade Giroux by himself for package you offer. I do not care what kind of season Giroux is having.”
            Goes to show you’re not analyzing a thing in the package I proposed and are more interested in emotionally bursting a blood vessel.

          • HBF is where you guys came from right? If not…you guys would fit right in.

          • Konstantine,
            1st of all Phaneuf wants 7.. No way he is worth 7.
            2n Flyers are 6 freaking points away from playoff spot, if we win tonight it 4 freaking points.
            3, Mason is playing just as good as Reimer. Believe it or not. My polite way of saying we do not need goaltending.
            4. Giroux scored 6pts in 13 games. No goals. Remember Kessel sucked last season at the beginning and could not score? You do not trade franchise player because he was average for 13 freaking games and even if you do you do not trade his for soon to be UFA and some overpaid clown name Bozak.
            5. Schenn was out best D last year. He played average this season so this is why he is benched.

          • Scroll up Nitro, I too said that Philly probably won’t be looking for goaltending. But Mason is known to be streaky, he’s good for 20 games, then sucks for 30.
            As for Giroux, I already conceded that he’s better than Bozak, the only thing Bozak has going for him is his 2 way game and his face off ability. Besides, it’s not like Lecavalier can’t fill in the #1 C spot in his absence, and Voracek can play #1 RW.
            Phaneuf may want 7 Mil but would take less for a longer term, but don’t act like Philly wouldn’t give it to him, especially with Meszaros off the books next year.
            Schenn got benched for playing average? Are you kidding me? You don’t bench players for being average, you bench them because they’re not doing good at all, get freaking real for freak’s sake. 😛

  14. I’d love to see Yak with Grigs in BUF, but neither is defensively minded… I’d love to see a veteran Russian on their line to influence them into 2way play, which doesn’t seem to be a concern in Russia? Who are the veteran Russians in this league? Myers trade value down, but so is Yak(?), and we have more D stashed in BUF.

    • Hmm veteran Russian: Datsyuk, Ovechkin, Malkin and Semin… Out of this group Semin would propbably is a go.. Especially now that you do not have Vanek and have Moulson. which makes it perfect because the rest of the guys play center. So Grigorenko with Semin could work..

      Canes may tank anyway..

      • Sorry NITRO I cant take anything you say seriously. All I hear is blah blah blah I hate the leafs.

        They did the stats on Phaneuf too.

        Dion Phaneuf has a higher career points/game average (0.57) than Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang (0.54) –
        Phaneuf came into the league the same year as Shea Weber – who has a cap hit of $7.85 million for 14 years—and has 49 more points as Weber in his career.

        Phaneuf has 10 more career games than Ryan Suter. Phaneuf has 70 more career points than Suter. Suter will have a $7.538 million cap hit per year for the next 13 years.

        Phaneuf trails only Nicklas Lidstrom in total 9-plus goal and 30-plus point seasons since Phaneuf came into the league at 7-6 (Phaneuf also tied with Dan Boyle and Zdeno Chara). –

        He also plays against the teams toughest forwards and hardest minutes.

        What were you saying leaf hater?

    • @Steve Poland

      Myers is staying put. You can’t blame one guy for the misery the goes along with a rebuild. The goners on the Sabres by deadline are Miller, Ott, Ehrhoff and Moulson. Myers is part of that great blueline we are developing for the future. Right now I doubt Yakupov cost too much.

      @ Nitro

      I doubt Sabres make a trade like that. There aiming for McDavid next year.

    • There aren’t many that would be feasible. Kulemin maybe? Or go the Dallas route and bring in a vet defenseman (Gonch) to mentor the young forward (Nichushkin).

  15. I said it yesterday, I’ll say it again. Liles straight up for Desharnais…why not, gives the Leafs more depth at center, and the contracts are in the same ball park.

    • Haven’t looked at Liles/Deharnais contracts but if they are that seems like a simple trade that could help both teams temporarily. If the suck both go back to the minors

      • It dosent help Fesharnais is 5’7 150 lbs meaning of smurf like, with a contract maybe worse at least as hard to move as Liles who isnt exactly a need for the habs either. I cant see either team thinking this is a solution it still leaves them bad contracts on players that they dont want around long term. At this point they are both throw ins to balance out salaries in a deal for a team that might have a secondary need or could potentially use them. Very tough to move these type players even for one another. Liles could maybe at least work as a bottom pairing guy, Desharnais is pretty tough to use as a 3 or 4 th line checking type center.

  16. Reimer is not going anywhere. Trust me!!!! Stop dreaming, people!

    If you’re looking to add another defenseman for the Leafs in exchange for someone on the roster, a guy I would definitely watch is Michael Del Zotto of NYRangers. He’s off to a slow start and is now on the market. If the Oilers seriously want to do a Yakupov for Del Zotto deal, they could have him tomorrow. The Leafs have a lot of depth on defense and that could interest the Rangers. Dave Nonis could then try and press them further to see if he can get that center that he now badly needs, but the Rangers don’t really have a true #1 centre. Their top 3 at the moment are Derrick Brassard (a big load of crap); Derek Stepan (he would do nicely but he might not be available); and Brian Boyle (very underrated, a Clarkson type who could fill in for Bolland). Getting back to the Oilers, if they can offer the Leafs someone other than Yakupov, like possibly Eberle instead, then the Leafs should do it soon.

    • I highly doubt Edmonton moves Eberle unless a top 3 was coming back in return.
      Yakupov is the most likely candidate or anyone on their bottom 6 forwards.

      • Yup.

  17. All these comments are interesting reads but I think Toronto will hold tight and try to weather the storm until Bozak gets back. The only moves the Leafs should make would be improving their defense for a shut down type guy. We need a cheap shut down guy like a Fraser clone and in fact let’s just wait for Fraser to come back which might be as soon as next game. The Oilers and Philly will only make lower depth moves not moving any decent players and not getting any decent players back and will continue to suck. At least everyone in Buffalo knows they are rebuilding. Philly needs management change and Edmonton needs management and serious personnel shake up. I expect the same top 5 draft pick for Edmonton and they will pick the best player available who is a small skilled forward.

  18. Hmmmmm, LEAFS / FLYERS TRADE?
    Giroux, only a year and a half ago considered by some to be “the best player in the world.”
    NO WAY that Giroux is going anywhere.
    However, it will not surprise anyone if Holmgren gets canned tomorrow and the only thing that may buy him some more time before Hextall takes over for good is making a move. A friend suggested Scotty Hartnell is having an awful start and would fit in real nice in the Blue and White but while the cap hit is not that bad the length of contract is ridiculous. And to be honest who on Philly is not having a bad start! The Flyers have to ride out their prize offseason gamble in Mason and Emery is a very adequate #2 with an excellent fall back as a boxer. For these reasons I don’t see Reimer going to the Flyers. However, they do need help on defense and that is one thing that the Buds possess. Couturier could be an option he is an offensive guy that is stuck playing checking line minutes, in a different Uni he could live up to his draft day potential. Couturier ($925K, 1.75, 1.75) and Meszaros (4 mil this yr then UFA) or Grossman (3.5 mil for the next 3 yrs)both whom they are trying to unload.
    In return the Leafs offer Liles (3.875 for the next 3 yrs) and Gardiner (875K and RFA next yr). Leafs get forwards help and a young forward not to mention move Liles. Philly makes a change and gets some gifted offensive defencemen while the cap hit remains close tot the same.
    Just floating this………..

    • Leafs fans say yes to liles and Gardiner for coutourier and Grossman

  19. The Rangers need to be careful. Unless Nash is the new Marc Savard there’s no reason to panic. Without him, the team managed to get back in the playoff hunt and are 9th in the East. Nash helps, but often he seemed like he was trying to do too much. Besides, Kreider and Hagelin have looked fantastic despite Richards returning to his late-2012 form last night. Let the team work for now.

  20. Honestly the Rangers should just buyout Richards. Not really worth the dough he is making.

  21. Lot of talk of the Leafs yet again trying to land a big name number 1 center but realistically they are not going to give up core type pieces with the exception of possibly Franson, Gardiner or Reimer because chances are 1 of them will have to be moved at some point anyway to have cap room next year, keeping that in mind the Stasnys and Girouxs of the league and other big money contracts are probably out of the question, a much more likely scenario is to sign a guy like Prospal, Steckel or trade of similar contract numbers for a second third line type center say maybe a deal for a guy like Hanzal Forseberg Gordon would be a good target but the Oil are pretty thin down the middle aswell, but a whole bunch of these offers with multiple pieces leaving the Leafs are swinging for the fences type deals to an already cap strapped team.

    • Voice of reason, what you say is true but it’s always fun to imagine, and let’s not lie. That’s why we comment on here! LOL

  22. Almost as bad as no pressure on hockey players in TO. Rob Ford like comments.

  23. Please read people. Nowhere did Lyles suggest that James Reimer would be moved straight up for a number one center. The point is the Leafs would most likely only consider moving him in a deal that involved a number one center. Lets be honest this won’t happen because the teams who need goaltending don’t have a number one guy to move. But say as some people suggested they tried to go after Giroux in Philly, regardless of how well Mason is playing I am sure the Leafs would offer up Reims as part of that deal.

    So much hate on this site all the time.

    • I don’t see it as hate, just passion for the team people support.
      Personally I’m not offended by a bunch of pixels on a screen 😉