Latest NHL Draft & Free Agent Rumors – June 27, 2014

Will the Panthers trade the first-overall pick tonight at the NHL Draft? The latest plus updates on pending free agents Paul Stastny, Brad Richards, Thomas Vanek, Dan Boyle, Dave Bolland and more. 

Will Panthers GM Dale Tallon trade the first-overall pick?

Will Panthers GM Dale Tallon trade the first-overall pick?

SUNSENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon said there’s a 70 percent chance he’ll retain the first-overall pick.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports Islanders GM Garth Snow is willing to shop his first-round pick (fifth overall) for players or to move down  in the draft.  He’s also rumored to have “kicked the tires” on former Rangers center Brad Richards.

VANCOUVER SUN/VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Iain MacIntyre and Jason Botchford reports Canucks GM Jim Benning was in talks with the Panthers regarding the first-overall pick, but he’s also prepared to keep his current selection (sixth overall). Overshadowing this is the trade rumors swirling about Canucks center Ryan Kesler. Benning said he’s spoken with clubs interested in Kesler but will only move him it he gets an offer which makes sense for his team.

NATIONAL POST/TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos and Rob Longley reports Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis expects to remain with the eighth-overall pick. Longley also reports pending UFA center Dave Bolland’s asking price remains too expensive for the Leafs, Nonis also has interest in bringing back winger Leo Komarov, and said it’s possible RFA goalie and trade candidate James Reimer could return with the Leafs next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless there’s a significant offer, the Panthers will retain their pick. It doesn’t appear as though such an offer will come from the Canucks or Leafs. I think Bolland’s a goner from Toronto, while Reimer is likely to be moved at some point. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports more than ten teams have expressed interest in Colorado Avalanche center Paul Stastny… A number of clubs are also interested in defenseman Dan Boyle. The Tampa Bay Lightning are believed among them. Boyle’s asking price could be two years at $5.5 million annually…The Chicago Blackhawks are willing to trade defenseman Nick Leddy ($2.7 million cap hit)…The Vancouver Canucks have interest in Ryan Miller…The Boston Bruins are trying to re-sign Jarome Iginla…Thomas Vanek has no shortage of destinations, including the Minnesota Wild…Garrioch wonders if the Nashville Predators could be a destination for Vincent Lecavalier…Dave Bolland could be headed to the Florida Panthers…The Buffalo Sabres contacted Ryan Callahan’s camp prior to his re-signing with the Lightning…Five teams have interest in Leo Komarov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already commented about most of this elsewhere. I will say if the Blackhawks need to shed salary Leddy could be a trade candidate, especially if they’re unwilling to move a higher-salaried player like Patrick Sharp. I would expect the Panthers to be very interested in Bolland, who knows GM Dale Tallon from their days with the Blackhawks.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien cites a report from TSN’s Pierre LeBrun claiming up to 15 NHL teams are interested in Paul Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Stastny hits the market he’ll be the best available free agent. Little wonder so many teams are interested in him. Stastny could cash in big, meaning he could on his way out of Colorado if the Avs are unwilling to match an offer between $6-$7 million annually.

TWINCITIES.COM: Chad Graff reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher notes there’s considerably more interest in his club from potential free agents than in the past. He cites the club’s improvement over the past two seasons as the reason. It’s believed the Wild have interest in Thomas Vanek and Matt Niskanen.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Benoit Pouliot has received offers believed worth up to $9 million over three seasons, which could prove difficult for the Rangers to match.


  1. Is there a reason Canadian teams never get value in trades? I only hear the Canucks, Sen’s, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary whining about offers not good enough. The carter-columbus-LA trades were good for everyone. The Nash-NYR was good for both teams. St louis for Callaghan was a good trade. Seems like Nobody will give the Canadian teams anything of value. Is this a Bettman way of having the best stay in the USA? Ottawa will get NOTHING for Spezza. VAN will lose on the kesler deal. Of all the good free agents, not one of them will sign with a Canadian team. I know what you are all gonna say and think I’m out to lunch but MARK MY WORDS, just watch how tonight and July 1st how better the US teams will get and how little the Canadian teams will improve. Call me crazy but your gonna have to back it up after we see what happens in the next week.

    • I’d say the problem is more about players with NMC’s who don’t want to play in Canada, so therefore can pick what teams they can be traded to. Van and the Sens are not dealing from postions of strength on those two players. But there are GM’s out there who still mkake hockey deals, and they should get some value there.

    • To say that Bettman only want the US teams to do better is absolutely ridiculous.
      Canadian teams are and always will be the linchpin to higher revenues. The reason you hypothesis may be accurate in teams loosing good players is only because the Canadian teams, for the most part, are not very good. It’s not Canada vs the US. It’s winning versus loosing.
      I’m a Sabres fan…how much better are they going to get tonight?? If they contacted Callahan, as indicated above, I know money was never in question. So, why did he opt to sign in TB? Because they can win, Buffalo is 2 or 3 if not more years away from winning.

      • I also think Taxes play a big part in choices to play in the US. While Callahan is going to make less than he did in NY – he is also playing less tax. I’m sure he had several options for teams that wanted him and were contenders.

    • I have to disagree with both Ranger trades being good for NY (both teams). Starting with the Nash trade, NY gave up WAY too much for Nash. A 1st rounder, two 40-50 point guys and a d-prospect for Nash who is a 60 point guy. Next, St. Louis for Callahan and two 1st rounders for a 39 year old guy who won’t be around in 2-3 years from now. If one of those 1st rounders ends up being a top 6 forward, Tampa clearly beat down NY. Even if both end up 3rd or 4th liners, Tampa essentially receives 3 players for years to come over a 39 y.o guy that wanted out of town anyway. However you can’t really blame Bettman or the NHL for Canadian teams not landing great trades or great return on trades. Right now 5 of the 7 teams are not attractive destinations for free agents or for players with NTC’s/ NMC’s. But the same can be said for a bunch of US teams. Buffalo, Florida, Carolina, NJ, and borderline teams like Nashville and Phoenix aren’t exactly dream destinations for players in the near future.

      • ooops, I left NYI’s off that list

    • DChamp, as far as I can remember Carter, Nash and Callahan didn’t demand trades. While Spezza and Kesler may or may not have demanded trades either, they are limiting the places that they are willing to be dealt. If it’s true that Kesler only wants to go to Anaheim or Chicago that immediately lowers his value. Also cap space is now an issue for a lot of those teams where it wasn’t before the new CBA.

      • Has a whole lot to do with Ontario and Quebec having the highest rate on personal income tax in north america, forthe league minimum salary its over 20 % taxed at the provincial level alone compared to Aberta 10 or Texas and Florida 0, when you add federal tax on top the Leafs Sens or Habs could lose almost half of their income between 45-49 % to taxes.

        • Taxes and winning of course….

    • Canada gets 3 of the top 6 picks this years, 4 of the top 8…..Hasn’t Edmonton alone made up in young talent (wasted picks) for all the free agent conspiracy?

    • The Canucks got great value for the declining Kesler.

  2. Tallon wants wingers. Bolland is a center, i’m not sure how high on the list he is. He is definitely low on mine though for sure. A guy who plays always injured is worth a year or two and yet he wants seven years. Lunacy.

    • Wants 8 years last I heard.

      • Can only get 8 (cba rules) years in Toronto so no he doesnt want 8 years anywhere else

  3. Pouliot is tough decision for the Rangers. he has good size and can score. and can fly.
    But he has had 1/2 a good NHL season in his career.

    Which team gives him 3 million?

    • I agree here, But much like I feel Stralmans value is going to be inflated because the way he has gelled with Staal, I think Pouliot has benefited greatly from his chemistry with Brassard and Zuccarello. With NY lacking anyone but Brassard at this moment for 2nd line center, I don’t think the Rangers will pay Pouliot 3 per for 3 years. I can’t see him staying with Brassard if he jumps to the 2nd line.

  4. not crazy
    completely agree
    you know a good team for Kessler….Vancouver!
    And Spezza?……Ottawa!

    It’s local media clamoring for something to talk about. Poll the fans in Ottawa, the real ones who pay money to see him…..maybe 1/3 MAYBE would say trade Jason. The rest love/hate him every night and know he’s irreplacable.

    • All the fans I know here are saying the opposite and wanted him traded away last year. Maybe they are all in the 1/3rd but still, if 1/3rd of your loyal fan base wants your captain turfed, it should be cause for alarm.

      All I know is that the Team 1200 isn’t doing any “Praise Alfie” or “Alfie is a God” segments for Spezza since he took over as captain, nor are they getting people phoning in on air to suggest they do it.

  5. I read a report i know it’s ecklund who sucks(but he has been always good with Flyers trades for some reason) that 6 deals are done and will be announced tonight at the draft. I’m sure most of it is BS, but if it’s all true, exciting draft

    Flyers have 2 deals, 1 is vinny going to Nash or FLA, other is both Schenns and this years first for evander kane + something.
    Vancouver to get the 1st pick.
    James Neal is gone
    Nick Leddy is on the move
    Spezza to the Blues are done.

    • Can you trade a player that you’ve just resigned?

      • Yes you can-unless he has a NTC-which Braydenn Schenn does not have

      • Think so. Player retained via matching an offer sheet is the only way you can’t move a returning player right away, AFAIK. Berglund was just re-upped by STL and his name has come up in rumoured deals for Spezza and even Kadri. So, a player like B. Schenn “could” be moved.

    • The only one I don’t see happening today is James Neal being traded.

    • Because he is from Phily and actually does know some folks in the biz there, not saying this is particularly true just that would be the reason he is not as far off generally with the Flyers as other teams he speculates about.

    • Yes Ecklund is a complete hoax, but the Kane to Philly trade does makes sense. But again Ecklund has no credibility.

  6. And so die the Leafs aspirations of getting that #1 pick.

    • Probably not a bad thing judging by the price, Id rather not blow up a team and give up an early first round pick for anything in this draft.

  7. Alhough i dont want to trade reimer i think nyi and leafs could work something out
    Josh bailey and 5th for phaneuf reimer and 8th.
    Gets rid of awful phaneuf contract and helps leafs. Even if we retain 1 million. But might not have to. Sign boyle two years 10 million broudeur 1 year 2 million and komorav 3 year 5.7 million. Do not give bolland a penny more the 4million. Fice years max. With 5th overall pick aft michael dal colle. If leafs stand pat at 8 hopehully ritchie is still available. Hayden fluery may be logical choice aswell.

    • Why do the Isles need Reimer? They just addressed their starting role by signing Halak. Makes absolutely 0 sense.

      • Why would you sign Boyle for 5.5 after holding 1 mill for Dion hence making Boyle a 38 year old D man a 6.5 million dollar player, after saying Dion at 7 is a bad contract? Dion 29 years old has about the same points and eating minutes over the past 3 years at 7 mill is better than Boyle at 6.5. Who may play second pairing minutes.
        Boyle is not playing 25 mins a night as a 1 or 2

  8. Garth Garth Garth. Hang on to your picks. Don’t trade players who are happy and productive on your team ( Moulson) for rentals who have no intention of staying. If you had done that you would not have a franchise centre (Tavares) still wasting away for 5 years hoping for a team to surround him. You signed Halak, that was good. Now keep your picks and keep adding veteran role players till the prospects are ready before Tavares asks for a trade.

    • You forget he’s desperate to make the playoffs next year so as not to look the fool in the Vanek trade. And when I say ‘desperate’, I mean DESPERATE!!!

  9. Still think the best trade for the Leafs is to trade Kadri and Gardiner and either a kid on the marlies and a pick to the Flyers for the Schenn brothers. We know what we are getting in Luke who is at or just over his peak. But the key part of this trade is getting Brayden. He will be a great center for years to come. He has some size and who doesn’t love see brother play together. The Flyers get a center who can play now and is still nt at his peak. The get a future d man that could be #1 I the league plus a prospect and a pick plus they shed some salary. Win, win baby. But this will never happen. Then I would send Dion and Bodie anywhere and retain some of Dions salary. Bodie is a great player who can play 2nd line minutes and he is cheap. The only reason we package Bode in this trade is so someone will take Dion. This will nothappen neither. Wishful thinking.

    • Again, this deal makes the Leafs worse. Gardiner is a significantly better puck control D-man than Luke, and Kadri is a better offensive player than Bayden. All this trade does is add some “truculence” while also making the team worse.

    • Its not win win… Gardiner is better than Luke Schenn and Kadri has better offense than Brayden (I like B Schenns all around game a bit better but at best thats a draw) so it ends up 2 of the guys in the deal are about the same, young centers with some potential, and the Leafs send a better d man in Gardiner and a prospect or a pick for Luke Schenn.

      Simply put Luke Schenn is not worth Gardiner and a pick or a prospect….for so many reasons. Change the name from Crazy idea to Bad idea.

      • I like the idea of sending the Schenns to Wpg as part of the package to get Kane. He would look good alongside #28.

  10. Apparently Tyler Myers to Det is heating up, per Joe Yerdon.

    would be the 15th pick overall plus, not sure on the plus, was speculated Tatar, but I think that was squashed and other picks/prospects are involved

  11. The leafs have not and as word has it will not offer Bodie a contract.

  12. Re: Ducks
    I still feel that Ducks best course of action is to just use the draft picks today and not make trades but hell the are rumored to be trading with just about everybody and now someone has appeared that I’ve always liked and hard to get ( a young mobile D-man) sooo here goes
    Chicago needs a second line center but they can’t afford the big names so here is my first deal
    To: Chicago
    Boinino ( 2mil hit for next 3 years) 22 goals 27 assists, works both PK and PP
    Lovejoy, stay at home d-man about a million a year salary
    #10 pick todays draft
    To Ducks

    Second deal
    To Vancouver
    Perreault 18 goals / 25 assists send string pk / pp
    Vatanen – lot of offensive skills on Defense
    #38 pick in draft

    To Ducks
    If Vancouver insists on #1 pick ( 24th pick) then they must send back their #2 next year to Ducks
    or no trade

    If all Philly wants to do is get rid of Lecavalier salary then we will take off their hands the while 16 million left but they need to take back Souray and his 3.5 million due this season. That’s a 12 million savings for Philly.
    If need be Ducks throw in a mid round draft pick.

    Ducks then have as centers
    1st line Getzlaf
    2nd line Kessler
    3rd line Lecavalier
    add Leddy to defense and Teravainen

    Otherwise Chicago can go and over pay for a 2nd line center and van can keep Kessler and Philly can continue to pay Vinny AND Ducks can draft 4 of the top 55 players in this year draft.

    • Chicago may overpay for a center but if they get Kesler, you can forget about the Ducks getting out of the West anytime soon. Getting past either the Hawks or the Kings will be a serious chore. And that also solves Vancouver’s issue. Philly can peddle Vinnie to one of 3 or 4 other teams. Draft away…in a weak draft year!

      • Sorry, I don’t see Kessler as the magic potion that gets you a free pass to the cup final. He has had injury issues, he is a good player but not the magic answer, plus in the hawks case try KEEPING Towes, Kane, Sharp, Hossa & Saad and adding Kessler to the cap mix, especially with what Towes & Kane will want on a new contract, someone will have to give. As far as Vinnie is concerned, the issue is not if he can still play, the issue is they now think they are paying him TOO MUCH for TOO LONG, will someone take him so that they get to the cap floor, sure that happens, will Vinnie be happy on the NYI, doubt it. If Philly wants out of the contract, they will get zip otherwise teams will just go after Brad Richards or someone other UFA to get to the cap floor.

    • Pretty close Al good call

  13. Re: Bodie

    Wow, I wonder how that goes down with the father in-law (Tim Liewike).