Latest NHL Free Agent Rumors – August 6, 2014

More listings of the best available NHL UFAs, plus updates on Daniel Alfredsson, Sergei Gonchar and Jeff Halpern. 

SPORTSNET.CA:  Luke Fox lists his top nine unrestricted free agents still available. From nine to one, they are Jamie McBain, Sami Salo, Andrei Loktionov, Dustin Penner, Saku Koivu, Devin Setoguchi, Martin Brodeur, Tomas Vokoun and Daniel Alfredsson.  Michael Del Zotto was also on the list but he signed yesterday with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Daniel Alfredsson will soon decide on returning to the NHL.

Daniel Alfredsson will soon decide on returning to the NHL.

NBC SPORTS: Daniel Alfredsson will resume skating next week, and how his back responds will determine if he’ll return for another NHL season or retire. If he does return, it will be only with the Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Koivu and Salo could retire. The others could be waiting until next month, during training camp and preseason, to secure NHL contracts.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Stars were unable to find a trade partner for ageing defenseman Sergei Gonchar, even though they were willing to pick up half of his $5 million salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s just no market for a 40-year-old blueliner whose best days are behind him. The Stars will simply have to play out the season with Gonchar in the lineup and hope for the best.  

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Ben Raby reports former Capitals and Coyotes forward Jeff Halpern remains patient in hopes of signing with an NHL team. He said he’d be fine with signing a tryout contract. He’s only 24 games shy of reaching 1,000 NHL games.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson reports Penguins GM Jim Rutherford hasn’t ruled out signing a free agent or inviting someone to training camp on a tryout basis.


  1. I was kind of hoping the Habs would sign Koivu to a one year deal to allow him to retire a hab and replace gionta’s leadership

  2. I hope Halpern signs on somewhere. He’s never been more then a 3rd-4th liner but he knows his role, does it well, and carved out a long career doing it. I’m sure it’ll feel pretty good to reach the 1,000 game plateau. He’s also very realistic and understanding about the salary cap and the conditions in which he has an opportunity to signing on somewhere.

    • Ya I read somewhere that he said if he gets a contract contract offer he will take it no matter what. Taking the conversation further he said hey I’ll play for half of what your offering me.

      Koivu is another guy I want to see back. Be cool to see him in MTL again.

      Salo is also still not that bad of a defenseman. But is pretty injury prone.

      The rest IMO aren’t really deserving of a look.

  3. i’d take gonchar on the wings if Dallas eats half his salary and takes Kindl back in return.

    • Great idea. Add someone in Gonchar who’s over the hill for a young D-Man

  4. How about this….not at all saying this deal will or should ever happen but I’m terrible bored of waiting fir hockey to start

    To calgary
    Oleckiak, faska gonchar plus

    To Dallas
    Giordano, berchi, glen cross

    Anyone? By all means tear it apart, like is aid I’m terribly bored. Dallas ends up taking on an extra 1 mill and change bug they get a top 15 dman and, if anything, depth at the wing. Calgary continues the rebuild with a huge dman and a centre prospect. Gonchar is the salary dump

    • lol you are board.. jagr is in the useful old catagory. gonchar is more in the not-useful old. those classifications are mine patent pending! gonchar should retire after this year

    • here is another for fun cause of boredom!

      to SJ
      Malcom Subbam
      Johnny Boychuck
      Chris Kelly

      To Boston
      Mirco Mueller
      Tommy Wingles
      2015 2nd 2016 3rd

    • If your so bored maybe you could take the time to check up on how to actually spell the guys names you mention

    • Glencross and Giordano would both have to waive NMCs to go to Dallas.

      From a Dallas perspective they’re giving up two pretty good prospects without addressing any real need, and they end up taking on additional salary (which would defeat the purpose of a Gonchar salary dump).

      • I dont see Calgary parting with their Captain for anything, especially a D-Man entering his 40’s and way past his prime. Gio is still in his prime and is not going anywhere.

        Glencross probably would not be willing to waive his NMC to play for Dallas, as he has taken a hometown discount to stay in Calgary because his family is from the area. Trade like that would not happen.

  5. Hoping Rutherford extends a tryout offer to Halpern. Sure his career is at the end, but on a cheap 1 year deal, he could be good insurance, leadership and depth on the 4th line.

    • that’s best case scenerio….. he’ll prolly be unemployed most of this year.

  6. I’ll nominate 3 Ryan’s as serviceable 4th line players on the cheap : Carter , White , Jones. I’d be tempted to also throw in Malone but given his substance issues last year he may not be someone a team wants to take a chance on. If he is clean and in shape he could be a nice low cost addition.