Latest NHL Rumor Mill Update – June 29, 2013.

Latest on Tyler Seguin, Kris Letang,David Clarkson, Cal Clutterbuck, Mike Smith, Scott Clemmensen, David Perron and more.

TSN.CA: The Vancouver Canucks are considering shopping goaltender Cory Schneider as a contingency plan in the event they cannot trade Roberto Luongo. The Edmonton Oilers are said to be interested. Dreger also reported he’s heard forward Magnus Paajarvi’s name has been linked to Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn, but the Flyers would prefer “a better forward” out of the Oilers system. Vincent Lecavalier’s camp intends to come up with a “short list” of potential destinations in the next few days.

Tyler Seguin is reportedly on the trade market.

Tyler Seguin is reportedly on the trade market.

Bob McKenzie reports it looks like Nathan Horton won’t be returning with the Bruins. He also reports the Bruins are talking trade and Tyler Seguin’s name has been discussed. RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie reports the Lightning is one of many teams in the mix.’s Joe Haggarty reports a top ten first round pick may be part of the desired return.

POST-GAZETTE.COM’s Dave Molinari reports Penguins GM Ray Shero expects to have further conversations with Kris Letang’s agent in the next day or two.

McKenzie also reports David Clarkson expects to test the UFA market unlike he gets a substantial offer from the New Jersey Devils.

ESPN.COM’s Pierre LeBrun reports talks between the Coyotes and goalie Mike Smith have been positive, though the future of the franchise in Glendale is a factor. LeBrun expects if Smith does re-sign it’ll be a six-year deal.

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie reports the Florida Panthers are shopping goalie Scott Clemmensen. Lavoie also reports a few teams have contacted the St. Louis Blues to make inquiries about David Perron.

STARTRIBUNE.COM’s Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck is likely to be traded this weekend.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like Braydon Coburn could be an ex-Flyer very soon as it sounds like he’s very much in play. Very surprised to hear Tyler Seguin’s name brought up, but the Bruins do have to free up cap space to retain some key players like Tuukka Rask plus re-sign Patrice Bergeron long term before his UFA eligibility next year. The asking price for Seguin is expected to be expensive, but it’s interesting that he’s seemingly fallen out of favor so quickly with the Bruins front office. Clarkson appears destined for the UFA market, where he’s bound to be overpaid for his services. I’m interested to see what happens with Smith if the Coyote end up relocating. I also expect there will be interest in Clutterbuck this weekend.


  1. If NJ lets Clarkson leave for nothing again then Lou (GM) needs to be next.

    • Sad to say but true, NJ has become a high priced farm team

      • Im a diehard Devils fan and this is absolutely heartbreaking to see my team slowly deconstructed.

    • Been saying that for years. Cannot let UFA leave like this.
      Lou has a policy of not signing players during the season or some stupid thing like that. Let guys go for nothing.

    • I’d rather see these guys leave than be overpaid. There was nothing he could do about Parise. He wanted to go home. Clarkson will probably do the same (Toronto). The cap has made it so money isn’t as much of a consideration as it used to be to free agents. Elite players get to choose where they want based on other factors because the money isn’t going to be much different from contract to contract. Niedermayer took less to go win a cup with his brother. Rafalski wanted to go home. Lou resigned Kovalchuk and Brodeur. He’ll probably retain Elias too. He’s a manager, not a fan, and I’m glad he uses his brain, not his heart. Clarkson is a good player, but clearly replaceable.

  2. After Seguin’s disappearance in the playoffs against Chicago, I’m not surprised that he would be the one cut loose. They like ’em aggressive in Boston, always have, and I think that Boston can get a good return.

    • I see it as a good long-term strategy by the B’s, not so much that Seguin fell out of favour due to one poor playoffs.

      I agree that Seguin doesn’t fit into Julien’s physical style of play and so that makes him interesting trade bait. I wouldn’t think he’s fallen out of favour, though. He just might get them more working parts that fit in the system.

      Especially with Bergeron going to $6.5M and Rask going to $7M and Lucic and Krejci not going anywhere, with Seguin’s cap hit about to become $5.75M, there’ll be no money for him and keep the core together. Might as well get good assets.

      • What about
        CMB 1st rd, Johansen and Dubinsky
        for Seguin?

        Duby is more a BOS style of play..Johansen has not fillde CMB center void but Seguin will and a 1st rd will sweeten the pot . Thoughts?

        • Not bad. Seems like a stiff price for Seguin, but I know that’s what BOS want. Maybe Seguin & Peverley? BOS want Peverley off the books anyway, and it would make the roster deeper in CBJ.

        • ROTFLMAO!

          Murray is the only player Columbus has that would interest Boston.

      • One question why would Boston not look at moving Krecji.I know he had a great playoff and he is a good center, but Seguin hasn’t finished filling out yet. he is only 21 or 22 ,even has said he needs to bulk up a bit.He is a natural center not a winger and with Horton leaving that first line magic is gone.Krecji makes a little less and than Seguin ,but they would still get a good return on him.If they trade Seguin I hope they get more than what they got for Jumbo Joe,that trade was a disaster.

    • Seguin’s poor performance was due to being on the third line with Kelly and Daugavins. He had more production with Marchand and Bergeron. I think that line move cost the cup as Jagr slowed down that line. Marchand also did nothing in the finals. Why move a young guy with so much upside when it’s time to let the older guys go.

  3. What about this one.
    Van – B. Schenn or Couturier, Coburn, 11th overall
    Phi – Schneider, Edler, 24th overall

    • Not bad, not bad. I don’t see the Flyers trading B. Schenn, though; they brought in Luke in no small part to have the brothers together. Hockey is a business, so it’s not like that would make either guy untouchable, but I don’t see them getting rid of Schenn yet.

    • I think you can take the OR out and make it AND.

      • I agree with Paddy Couturier Coburn and 11 for Edler Schnider and the 24 seems about right, I doubt BSchenn goes in a deal like that but ya never know with Homer

      • schneider and edler plus the 24th are not worth that. not even close. schneider is good, edler is good but at their peak. schenn and couturier are worth more than both those players

        • At their peak? How you figure? Edler is 27 years old same as Schneider both just entering their prime if that…Coburn is older then both and Couturier while young didn’t have exactly a break out type season gh never said both Schenn and Coburn together it was one or the other and a case could be made that either would work. Personally I can’t see it being B Schenn because I doubt Homer breaks the bro.s up but really its a pretty fair deal imo

      • better go and get another hit on the pipe if you believe it should be both

      • Both schenn and couturier would never happen.

  4. Let`s be honest Dreger is the hand puppet for the Leafs and Nonis. Nonis is a pretty vindicative guy these days. They`ll do any thing to muddy the water for Vcr. Thank heavans he`s gone, Vcr couldn`t take another 1st round selection like Patrick White.

    • Dreger is Nonis hand puppet? And he is missing the water how? And Finnaly are you talking about the same Dave Nonis who got the goalie to take the team to the next level and got the Sedins to take less money to stay together, you’re right Gillis is much better say hi to Ballard and Booth for me lol

    • Hows Cody Hodgson working out, I mean that big power forward Kassian pluggin away.
      As Shticky was sayin Nonis was a far superior GM in Vancouver then Gillis. People in Van thought he was genius when he signed Lou for a monster contract and now they think he can get a big return for him. Get your heads out of the clouds Nuck fans.

    • I would bring Nonis back in a second. Other than free agent deman signing, for less than market value Gillis has done nothing but cause problems. The offense has got nothing other than the sedins, Kelser, burrows. The 4th line is probably the worst in the league. The team was on the path to the top before Gillis took over. Its like MacT taking over in Ed, the team is already made to be good in the future with Tambellini (okay it was easy to pick 1st overall). If Gillis was smart he would have made the trade for Luo when he had the chance or Schneider earlier last season so van could get some assets that help. Now the core is a year older. Gillis should be fired….honestly Noris should never have been fired from Vancouver.

  5. Oh, and if anyone pays Horton $6M, they’re nuts.

  6. And to the two guys that kept saying to me Horton will re-sign in Boston AND at a hometown discount I say Ha, you just never know the actual workings of a dressing room.

    Horton’s agent Paul Krepelka: “Nathan has told BOS he wants to explore free agency. It’s not a financial issue, JUST A DECISION TO MOVE ON.”

    • Still don’t want him…lol

      • How about if he came with a $4M price tag for 4 years? Not saying he will but what if…

        • Nope, I understand what you say about anyone can get injuried but with Lupul its always a kind freak thing that you don’t really see coming when I watch Horton play its almost like I’m expecting him to get hurt worse, I don’t know it’s just the way he plays leads to injuries and as far as head trauma goes he has just about had his fill. I would not be the least bit surprised if he didn’t finish his next contract, not that I want to seea Pronger type thing happen to anybody but if it does happen my money would be on Horton for it to happen to.

          • Kinda similar to Malone Armstrong Clowe Morrow ect the injuries guys who play that way just start to take a toll eventually they just are not the same player and I think Horton is right on that edge. We need that type of guy agreed but I’d take Clarkson or Bickell over him just for the fact they have had less of these type injuries and will be better in the long run.

          • Gotcha. I wonder if Bickell is a flash in the pan. Only one solid year so far and he’s already 27.

            Sounds like Clarkson is headed this way anyways unless the bidding goes crazy. Still rather trade for Ryan if possible.

          • Bickell for the past few years numbers have all been consistent so I’m not sure about a flash in the pan, 1 thing that may worry me is that he has always been on a deep team and played a 3rd line type role if the Leafs got him and moved him in the top 6 would he be nearly as good with the increase in minutes, at points in the last 2 rounds he kinda looked gased in some of those extra shifts Quinville was giving him.

          • I’d rather stay away from Bickell but I could be wrong. Out of the 3 UFA’s and a possible trade pending on Ryan I’d take Ryan considering his age, production and current salary. I realize you don’t get him for free like Horton, Bickell or Clarkson but in todays tight cap world is over paying a guy by $2M really getting him for free?

    • Horton reportedly wants a 6 X 6 contract. That’s ludicrous who a guy who averages 26-27 goals a year, doesn’t backcheck, and is very injury prone.

      And it’s NEVER about the money. Year, sure.

      Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$, Horton.

    • As per Bickell, anyone remember Fernando Pisani?

  7. Seguin up for grabs? Can you say “nothing more then a sophomore jinx” and grab him.

    • Ya sophomore jinx after 3 years. That’s what it means. I bet you also think if seguin was traded he’ll get more than 2 firsts or Boston will get a player as good as kessel right?

      • I don’t respond to your posts remember?

        • *smiles remembering all the smack talk coming from Ron about Seguin for Kessel*

          • I pretend Moore (blah didn’t want to even say his name) doesn’t exist on this site. He causes to many fights and never actually has anything positive to say let alone coming up with an actual trade of his own. I just skip over it now. I don’t want Spec putting me back in the penalty box for aggravated assault….

          • If I’m Boston I would still do Kessel for two first rounders… a guy who is a streaky scorer and won’t go in the corners ,Tyler is still a very good player and Hamilton is going to be a great Defensive D-man

          • A streaky scorer? perhaps you would explain that…he is 25 years old with 4 out of 5 seasons scoring 30 or more was on pace for almost 40 this year, since the previous lock out there have been 3 guys to do that he is tied for third with Stamkos Crosby and Ovechkin are the only other 2 to put up those kind of numbers for guys 25 and under. Really we are fine with the deal you have to give something up to get something, you are also again forgetting the Kaberle deal that followed which pretty well balanced out any kind of question of Boston hosing the leafs which looking back on it now I don’t think is the case anyway are Seguin and Hamilton good yes could be great but really when you look at Kessel numbers ( top 10 in scoring past 2 years) 5 and a half seasons in the league with 185 and 379 points he could almost be called elite and again you gotta give up something to get something and now your trading away one of these fantastic assets you got for him so…lol

  8. Well Fraser just rejected his qualifying offer who’s looking for a very solid bottom pairing D who fights and block shots like a machine?….lol

    • It was a two way deal on that qualifier. I would imagine the Leafs will sweeten the pot a little from that position. Poor Mr. Fraser. A guy blocks a shot with his face in a Stanley cup final only to be presented a two way offer from your team, mean while you tune into TSN to learn if you have a good enough agent you can cough up the puck 20 times in a Stanley cup series while your team gets knocked out 4 straight and you still get to turn down $56M. The world is an upside down place and the NHL is among the

  9. to TB – Seguin & BOS 2nd in 2013

    to BOS – TB 1st in 2013 & Brett Connolly

    • Seguin to TB?? Seguin is coming back to the Leafs… Shheesh… Did you know that? LOL

  10. I am a Devil fan and like Clarkson but I would not give him the type of money he is asking. He wants to be paid like a top 6 forward on a team and he is not that. I would like to keep him but think Lou is doing right thing by not overpaying.

  11. Seguin is not a winger and that is where he has been playing , he won’t knock Bergeron and Krejci out of the 1/2 spots . If he goes to a team and plays 1st or 2nd line center with some decent wingers , watch out . I could see hm being moved to StL or Wpg or Minnesota with Rattie ; Schiefle ; C

    • Rattie ; Schiefle ; Coyle being in the mix + other picks or prospects going to the B’s

    • Agree he should be center and Boston hasn’t used him correctly. I would revisit the Krejci for Ryan trade and move Tyler to center.