Latest Oilers and Blue Jackets Rumors – February 8, 2014.

The Olympic roster freeze deadline was a bust, but the speculation continues. Check out the latest on the Oilers and Blue Jackets.

Could Sam Gagner be moved following the Olympic break?

Could Sam Gagner be moved following the Olympic break?

EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest reports Oilers center Sam Gagner can relax for the next couple of weeks, at least until the Olympic roster freeze is over. Recent speculation had him going to the LA Kings in a deal involving Kings forward Kyle Clifford but it failed to materialize.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited tweets from TSN’s Darren Dreger reporting the Oilers aren’t keen to retain part of Gagner’s salary if they move him and were getting interest from other clubs. They’re in no rush to move Gagner as he could fetch more at the trade deadline or the draft. Staples concurs with this assessment.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I feel a bit sorry for Gagner, as he’s been the subject of trade rumors for several years.  While he could fetch a good return, trading him away could leave a gap down the middle the Oilers might struggle to fill. He’s only 24 and has many more productive years ahead of him, which is why rival clubs are interested in him. As Staples noted, why move Gagner if the best offer is Kyle Clifford?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace doubts the Blue Jackets are a fit for NY Rangers captain Ryan Callahan. Team president John Davidson said his club wasn’t doing playoff rentals because the price is too high. Davidson admitted his club has to decide if they’ll retain pending UFA winger Marian Gaborik for the rest of the season or move him at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Blue Jackets challenging for a wild card berth in the Eastern Conference they can afford to wait for the trade deadline to gauge their needs and adjust their roster if necessary. They’ve played well without Gaborik but he could be a worthwhile retention to bolster their scoring down the stretch. Still, if the right offer comes their way they’ll likely jump on it, but I daresay they’ll want a good roster player, rather than picks and/or prospects. The Jackets are rebuilding anymore.


  1. As good as the jackets have been lately, imagine what Gaborik (Not injured) could add to the line-up. If he could get back even to 75 percent of his game he had over the years, the jackets would have a legitimate shot.

    as for Gagner, If Clifford is the main piece coming back, why bother?? I mean your trading a possible 50-60 pt guy for a guy who might put in 20 plus (Might). I know hes not much of a center, but unless Edmonton has a move to add another top 3 center I do not see it happening

    • Re: Gagner
      He has become the new Bobby Ryan. The Bobby Ryan / Ducks saga lasted more than a year, to the point of becoming boring, hopefully Gagner won’t have to wait that long.

      Re: Gaborik
      If Vanek & Moulson both are UFA’s July 1 they will garner the most attention.
      I find Gaborik the most interesting. Great skills but injury prone, had some great years,
      but very streaky. If he would settle for a two year contract I’d hope the Ducks take a
      shot, Gaborik / Getzlaf / Perry looks interesting to me but would not risk more than
      two years. Question is, is he the new Danny Heatly ? Heatly – Atlanta / Ottawa/ San Jose / Minnesota. Gaborik – Minnesota / NYR / Columbus and both leaving disappointed fans whenever they leave town.

    • Gaborik’s consistent injuries make him an expendable asset if it means the Blue Jackets can get an asset for the future. JD’s no slouch, he’s a very intelligent hockey guy. Finally, Columbus is in good hands. If Gaborik gets healthy and decides he wants to move on, well, that just plays right into the plan.

      As for Gagner, if everyone really wanted him they’d have offered something more than Clifford. If other teams undervalue him so much, the Oilers are better off keeping him. Of course if Clifford is a proper return, then they may as well keep him because Clifford is not an upgrade.

  2. I can see Montreal going after Callahan…something like:

    To Montreal: Callahan
    To Rangers: Moen + Eller + Leblanc

    • Seems like an overpayment to me. Even Eller alone probably has more value simply because Callahan would be a pure rental.

    • I agree, though. I could see the Habs going for Callahan. Just what they need.

      Not sure if the Habs have anything the Rangers would want, and that they’re willing to give up. A loss of Eller would make them very thin at centre, so not positive they could make that trade.

      Could they trade Bourque + Moen + plus a high pick or prospect to get it done? That’d be a RW for a RW, which could work. But the Rangers will get way better offers.

      The dollars would work, which is important for the cap, but probably not enough to get it done.

      • I see Montreal trying to do something with Briere. Thing is, they have him signed for another year and have already used their buyouts. I can see them maybe packaging Briere with a prospect (would love to get de la Rose) and a draft pick – Could do a trade with Bflo for a package of Ott or Moulson.and G-Leduc.

        This year there are a lot of “rental” players available – Vanek, Moulson, Ott, Gionta, Callahan, Cammarelli, Legwand, but I think there are a lot of secondary players that teams want to move – Briere, Heatley, Parenteau, Erat, and Cole to name a few.

        Wonder with Letang’s situation if it puts Pittsburgh in the market for a D-Man. I know they were looking for a forward to complement Sid, but now I wonder if a starting D-man is on their list. Ehroff or McBain might fit the bill. Anyway, once the freeze is over – it will get interesting.

        • I’d rather see the Sabres go after Facale, using Moulson as bait.

          • Fuclae is the real deal. That trade would Never Happen.

          • Sabres had their chance to draft Fucale… they took JT Compher instead. Worst decision in the entire draft… Compher is a 2nd line player at best one day (more likely a 3rd line player) taken over a potential franchise goaltender. Simply dumb… another Regier stroke of genius.

          • Sabres have strong prospects at goalie. We still need to find our #1 Center, but de la Rose plays nothing like his name. I believe he is another Girgensens type of player and would complement Armia. Bflo taking Briere would free up $4M for Montreal, but also Briere could fill a leadership void if Moulson and Ott leave. The key to the trade would be Montreal getting their “rental” player, but also getting a very good D prospect in (G-Leduc or McNabb).

        • Briere isn’t coming back to Buffalo. People gotta realize that. Ya sure he had a few great seasons when he was with Buffalo like how many years ago? He has done zilch since last year. And Briere for Moulson/Ott and Leduc what are you smoking Steve?

          • Jes, I didn’t say trade Moulson and Ott, what I said was Montreal trades Briere, de la Rose and a draft pick for Moulson OR Ott and G. Leduc OR McNabb.

            Essentially, While Montreal would get a solid “rental” forward and solid d-man (prospect), Bflo would take on Briere in order to sweeten the pie to get a high draft pick and de la Rose. I know Briere is not the player he once was – but he still does have some qualities that the Sabres can use – leadership and mentoring. Most likely, with Ott and Moulson gone next year – it would fill that void.

    • Moen is useless. Eller is inconsistent and a 3rd liner at best. LeBlanc? A bust.

      Callahan is not getting traded until after the season where his rights may be dealt. Otherwise, he will be let go as a UFA.

      Get real Habs fans….come on.

      • Agree… I see Callahan’s negotiating rights being moved to the Sabres. Personally, I think he wants to go home and play for the team he watched growing up. The Sabres are in a position of needing to overpay players to reach the cap minimum, as well. Perfect scenario for both… bring home a local boy and give him an overpayment at the same time. My only concern is how frequently he gets injured, due to his reckless style of play. Love him as a player though!

        • Agreed David.

          Fucale is the real deal. But in all honesty MTL can’t have two franchise goalies so it’s either Pricer that moves or Fucale. Only goalie in the Sabres prospect pool that has franchise goalie written on him is Linus Ulmark. Passing on Fucale was a big mistake.

          I even think passing on Nichuskin was a bad idea by Regier. Other then Armia, Grigorenko and Girgensons we have nobody who can put the puck into the net.

        • I don’t think the Sabres need to trade anything for the “rights” to Callahan. Sabres know what he is looking for and I have no problem with them making him an offer. If Callahan wants to “come home” I’m not adverse to them offering him what he wants. I’ve always thought he would be a great addition to the Sabres.

          There are some that believe the Sabres should just overpay players because the team cap is going to rise next year, I don’t subscribe to the Garth Snow/Charles Wang philosophy of making a trade or deal to burn $ to get to the cap floor. What some fail to remember is that is what got the Sabres into these “long” contracts and overpayment for Tyler Meyers, Ville Leino and Christian Ehroff. Now I know Jes is high on Meyers, but we are finally starting to see a glimpse of the talent he showed in his Freshmen year. Its been two miserable years for him.

          What I would rather see is the Sabres trading Ehroff and Grigorenko for ROR. Patrick Roy has coached Grigorenko so he knows what Grigorenko is capable of. Also, CO needs D and Ehroff is just the ticket. Get ROR and then throw the $ at him. He’s young, skilled and just might be the 1st line Center we need. I’d have no problem signing him for 7 years @ $7M.

          Trade Miller to MN for Granlund or Coyle – both are skilled and young. MN gets a solid goalie – we get a solid forward in either. Give Miller the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup and then who knows.

          Murray should look to making a trade to Winnepeg for Evander Kane, I think Ennis and Larssen for Kane is pretty equitable. You could probably throw in McNabb if need be. But, you know exactly what you’re getting with Kane – a player with a edge who can score.

          I understand Murray wants draft picks, if so….then get them with Moulson and Ott. Also, with the injury to Letang makes me wonder if Pitts is in the market for a Dman – maybe someone like McBain or Weber.

          I guess my thought is – there are other options and I think Bflo should look at other things than just giving a prospect or draft pick for a players rights or for 2015 draft picks. Packaging some of our players might get us something worthwhile that will improve the team and our youngsters.

      • Eller is playing on the third line because Therrien is incompetent, not because he’s a “third liner at best”. He should be playing on the first or second line with offensive support. Montreal needs Callahan like they need a hole in the head, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Bergevin actually made another terrible trade like the one suggested.

  3. And aside from Gagne, their other tradeable asset is Hemksy, I can again see a Montreal trade. Owners of Montreal must not be satisified that Bergevin didn’t accept the Parentau for Bourque trade offer…so:

    To Montreal: Hemsky
    To Edmonton: Gionta

    Both are set to be UFA’s and have identical cap hits. Hemsky is bigger, faster, and more skilled.

    • Then why would Edmonton want to make that trade?

    • There’s absolutely no point to this trade for EDM. They gain absolute 0 from this.

      Try again…

  4. You feel sorry for him lol. He is making nearly 5 million a year. I am sure he sleeps fine at night

    • and he has never scored 50 points with all that talent he plays with.

    • And he’s probably more than happy to get out of Edmonton!

      • How can you feel sorry for someone that makes 166 times what the average Canadian makes in a year. And yes Paddy he prob wants out. When his jaw was broken he was prob still happier then average Canadian. Also Edmonton has been a huge disappointment and things need to change. Want a gd return throw RNH or Eberle in a package with gagner. What would it take to land weber?
        Eberle/RNH gagner and this years first/Nurse? Edm would have to take some salary back. If aaron Ekblad is not there I trade the first round pick

      • He signed a three year contact with a no trade clause kicking in after the first year. Could have been the youngest UFA ever at the end of this year had he not signed that contract. Doesn’t sound like someone who wanted out of Edmonton.

  5. You have to wonder if the Kulikov to the Leafs trade will be revisited before the deadline by both teams. I only wonder because the rumour was so strong for a number of weeks and we basically saw the same strong rumours involving Gleason to the Leafs and in the past involving JVR for Luke Schenn and we know how both those rumours came true. So…. Just thinking something could still happen here based on the strength of the initial rumours.

    • I’m not getting this. Why do the Leafs need Kulikov? I don’t think they do.

      • Kulikov still makes no sense. Im not sure why this would be a thought either. Lots of players get mentioned with the Leafs that never happen many more than actually do. Letang Vanek Richards Nash Perry etc etc, there could have been a bit of thought to it, but I think this rumor has gone the way of the many that never happen. A PMD is way down there (or should be) of the needs of the Leafs.

  6. Gagner for Callahan? Oilers need some vet presence, would need to have a conditional pick to Edmonton in case Callahan does not resign.

    • I can see him being moved, but to a team that can’t hurt them in the next couple of years.

      • Callahan is not re-signing in Edmonton if he gets traded there. Rangers don’t need Gagner either.

  7. John Davidson is the same media whore he was in St Louis. Don’t they have a GM in Columbus; they did in St Louis but he was almost never quoted.

    • You mean the guy that turned it around in STL and turned it around in Columbus? I’ll take that media whore any day if i were a fan of most teams.

      • Lol Media whore? He is a smart hockey guy who played wrote a book was a broadcaster and turned 2 franchises around. Maybe people in the media quote him because generally he is one of the smarter hockey guys out there. Dumb comment.

      • ^5, Micki

    • Just an ignorant comment on one of the classiest men in the game. When I was a young hockey writer, JD was the one ‘name’ journalist who always made time to talk with me- not because he’s a media whore, but because he’s a good guy.

  8. Whether you think JP Compher is this or that, making a statement that Zach Fucale is the “real deal” is very dependant upon the “deal.”
    You can look silly stating opinions about guys who are yet to play a PRO GAME even in the AHL.
    The “real deal” in Junior can more times than not be a “fold” or a “pair” and NOT come up “aces”…

    The real point is you RARELY see top fast tracked prospects in the deadline deals, or guaranted or safe ones unless the trades are SO lopsided.
    Last year not one of the prospects included didn’t have negatives and one of the best ones , Joe Morrow, had already fallen out of favor with one organization before being a trade chip shipped to a third.
    Teams draft and expect these kids to develop all around packages and if their time in the AHL as pros don’t show that they are fast tracked, or can’t be what the team thought they saw, they become willing to launch them.
    Zach Fucale has yet to show what he can do as a pro so he goes nowhere.
    Another fantasy homer trade idea that is not reality based.

  9. I do totally agree that whether you believe Gagner is a true number two centre that is being paid far too handsomely under the current Cap (Believe me in two summers, when that Cap is 125 mil plus…teams will wish they had him because his numbers will then fit….), or think he just hasn’t cut it offensively and isn’t a heavy lifter defensively, YOU DON”T HAND HIM over at the deadline for little return.

    No one is trading a really good (on ice and cap-wise) defenseman off their roster now.

    You wait and at the draft teams who are re-organizing might give you a true defender.

    I just think that by the Oilers waiting a season or so, they really get a return.
    (easy for me to say, as patience and early picks hasn’t made a dent in the team building success as a group, eh?)

    And maybe Clifford IS a big body that would help but not at the expense of Gagner.
    The question to me as a fan is the upside of both to provide impact and maybe Gagner has reached a high water mark, but has Clifford a great benchmark he is moving towards? If so it sure hasn’t helped a Kings team in their slump has it?
    And for a team to expect the Oil to keep contract too?
    Maybe this deal seals Edmonton GM Craig MacTavish departure.

  10. Have to wonder why there is any comments about Toronto on here right now? Last time I checked it was oilers and blue jackets article.

  11. As for gagner Clifford trade talk? Tired of it. Not once has anyone with any credibility ever said gagner for Clifford. So why are so many trashing that return. Everything I have read says Clifford would be PART of the return for gagner!!!! Peeps making a big fuss about a deal that would never happen. Might as well talk Crosby for gazdic, I’m sure some would believe it. Except for leaf fans they wouldn’t, cause they know that kessel and lupul are going for Crosby!lmao