Latest Oilers and Flyers Rumors – October 18, 2013.

Updates on the Oilers search for a goaltender, Andrej Meszaros becomes an expensive healthy scratch, and suggesting younger Flyers forwards might be better off elsewhere.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones reports Oilers GM Craig MacTavish hasn’t given up on goaltender Devan Dubnyk but he intends to shore up his goaltending, noting the club lacks depth at that position. Though he acknowledged making calls around the league, MacTavish insists his priority is getting Dubnyk playing  better.

Could the Oilers shop Nail Yakupov for a goaltender?

No interest in Nail Yakupov?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports TSN’s Darren Dreger yesterday told TSN 1050 radio host Dave Naylor the Toronto Maple Leafs wouldn’t be interested in swapping James Reimer for Oilers winger Nail Yakupov.  Dreger also believes the Oilers have interest in Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller and there’s some speculation about Washington’s Michal Neuvirth. Dreger suggests it’s way too early in the season for the Leafs to move Reimer, adding he doesn’t know if the Oilers or other NHL clubs are sold on Yakupov. He went on to suggest it was all media speculation, doubting the Oilers would move the Russian winger.

Dan Tencer believes Yakupov’s critics are underestimating his value, and doesn’t see the Oilers moving him as part of a deal for players with expiring contracts like Buffalo’s Ryan Miller or Thomas Vanek.

Bruce McCurdy casts doubt on a recent report from the Buffalo News claiming the Oilers and Sabres could be working on a trade which could see Miller and/or Vanek dealt to Edmonton. He acknowledged Miller is a good goalie but questions if he’d be willing to waive his no-trade clause to come to Edmonton. He also notes Miller may be a depreciating asset.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports a source confirmed the Oilers are among the eight clubs on Miller’s n0-trade list. A source also claimed the Sabres haven’t approached Miller about a trade. Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller, St. Louis’s Brian Elliott and Washington’s Michal Neuvirth are also believed to be of interest to the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said all along, if the Oilers are on Miller’s no-trade list, it won’t matter what they offer up to the Sabres. Of course, Miller could agree to waive it if he feels it’s time to move on from the Sabres, but I have my doubts he wants to go from one rebuilding club to another. Miller’s 33, doesn’t have many years left in the NHL, and probably wants to sign with a club that’ll give him a shot at winning a Stanley Cup.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports the Flyers have made defenseman Andrej Meszaros ($5.5 million in real salary, $4 million cap hit) the most expensive healthy scratch in club history. His salary also prohibits him from playing elsewhere, and under the new CBA the Flyers would only get $900K in cap relief if they demote him.

 Sam Donnellon, meanwhile, notes the struggles of younger Flyers like Brayden Schenn, Matt Read and Sean Couturier, wondering if it could prove harmful to their careers.

“This is not to say that Brayden Schenn or Matt Read or even Sean Couturier won’t be productive players somewhere else, particularly for a team deep enough to be happy with their third-line level of productivity, or in a smaller town that may allow them to mature at a more natural pace”, write Donnellon. ” But Philly has devoured dozens of players with as much or more talent than each of them, whether through pressure or big-city lifestyle.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said for months, Meszaros’ salary and injury history makes him untradeable.  As for those young Flyers, they’re in a tough situation right now, where they may be getting more responsibility than they can handle at this point in their careers. I don’t see the Flyers moving these guys, at least not yet, but if things don’t soon turn around, their names could start appearing more frequently in the rumor mill.


  1. The names change but the topics stay the same for the Flyers. Untraceable player. Underperforming young players. This article should be saved as a template for later Flyers articles.

  2. *untradeable

    • Ehh untraceable could work for some of them too I guess.

  3. I say move Reimer and sign someone like jose theodore to back up & mentor Bernier.

    • Smh

    • I say this not because Reimer isn’t a quality goalie cause he is. I say this cause he is always an injury concern. He is still young enough that he could play very well on a team that has a defense that will protect him. Last night was a fluke that could happen to any goalie.

      • Most goalies wouldn’t give up a rebound on that weak shot lol

    • I’m not sure Theodore is the guy you want as a mentor.

  4. Why Edmo even took Yak over any of the top D men in the 2012 is the biggest question. With Gagner, Hall, Eberle and RNH already in tow why add a luxury when there was just as much talent at a need position.

    • As far as it was reported ….OWNERSHIP ( Katz ) vetoed the pick and demanded they take Yakupov instead of teams needs !!

  5. Darcy Reghier should be fired for letting his 2 most important pending UFAs dictate what they want to do while loosing complete value for them in the meantime!!
    He is now sitting on 2 very high quality players that will eventually now leave as the team needs to make a move !
    The best value they could have got for either player was probably last year …now he needs to make a trade and hes got his hands tied because teams dont know if they will resign so the assets to give up have to be minimal which makes a trade one sided ….and desperate with little return !!
    He missed the boat ….this is worse them managing the Rick Nash trade !!
    The owner wants to win and will pay to do that …but the teams assets are not being managed properly!

    Trades these days always seem to revolve around rental players …money ..and selling jerseys …where are the days when deals that are made are for TRUE team needs and major improvements even if you have to give up on something. Yes I agree sometime the best trades are the ones you don’t make …BUT in some cases there is an expiry for total value !!

    • For Vanek & Miller it could get worse for Buffalo. The way it is going Buf could be out of playoff race by Thanksgiving. Waiting until trade deadline to move them is risky, what if they get injured, then you get zip. If Minnesota wants Vanek then make the deal NOW.
      Miller would also look good in net there. Make sure you get back TONS of prospects and picks and Buf will have to take back dead weight in salaries to help Minny stay under the cap but that seems the best option at this time as if teams feel that Vanek will just wait and sign at Minny July 1,they won’t get much for him at deadline.

    • BC – Miller has a limited NTC with which he can name 8 teams he WILL NOT go to. In addition, both Vanek and Miller publically said they did not want to be part of a rebuild. And #3, Miller stated he wanted to go west to be closer to the wife and put his Bflo home on the market. All the above contributes to “lowering their trade value”. Add to that the fact that both player’s contracts expire at the end of this season.

      Thing is, most everyone figures Vanek will end up in MN next year – so for any other club he is a rental and paying $7M a year for a rental just doesn’t make sense. IMO, I see Darcy trading him to MN – swapping Vanek and Adam or Tropp for Heatly and Coyle or Granlund.

      Miller is a little harder because he wants to go West and to me all the SC contenders are set in goal. So, any club that has an interest in him would be a few players shy of contending ie rebuild. Now, I think there could be a scenario down the road of Miller possibly going to St. Louis – reason being is that Halak is injury prone and has a .916 save %, his numbers have dropped the last 2/3 games. Elliotts numbers aren’t any better – so I can see St. Louis deciding to “go for it” and trading Stewart/Halak for Miller/McNabb or a draft pick. IMO I don’t think Stewart figures into Ken Hitchcock’s plans for the team as he is now down to 13 minutes a game. I also think St. Lou would have a good chance of resigning Miller for next year as it is in the West, closer to the wife and easier to get to (flight time).

      • St.Lois even if they trade a goalie still would have Elliot and Allen who just might be the best goalie currently not in the NHL. Why would they want Miller it could be argued all 3 are playing better than Miller? Too much is made of out west (tho I could see Dallas Minnesota) How bout the possibility of some eastern clubs that would have the room and possible questions in the net come the playoffs or closer to the deadline, maybe the Islanders if Snow thinks they are close, if Vokun is still hurt or hurt again and the tide changes for MAF Pits has been known to have some goalie issues in the playoffs. Philly Tampa Bay not saying its likely but, I think people are making too much of he wants to play in the Wes,t his ntc is only for 8 teams that leaves 22 others that Darcy can try and deal with. Miller can sign where he wants in July untill then there is a chance he could go to a number of teams and come the trade deadline his salary isnt as much of an issue. Stop with it has to be a team out west.

        • I agree the Isles may be a good fit if they’re makinga playoff push. The Capitals could also be a good fit due to the perception that their windowto win may be closing.

      • Honestly all the west coast teams have goalies and would really need Miller. Minnesota could be a good fit but Backstroms new contract could be an issue. They could make quite the blockbuster those 2 teams.

        In 2 years Minni will be in a big RFA cap crunch

    • Darcy allowed Hasek to dictate his own terms when he went to Detroit. That was Darcy’s darkest hour IMO.

      Other than that, he has done a fine job. He won’t let Vanek go without excellent compensation – and teams will need his services. There is such a thing as a guaranteed contract in connection with a trade, so any team Vanek does go to would have to have this in place first to ensure his continued presence.

      Miller is tougher for all the reasons the rest of you have mentioned. He just may walk, but if Darcy can get anything for him, he will.

      • I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if later in the year he gets a very good prospect at least for Miller. I dont think its as complicated as most seem to think it is. It may not be on the same level as some of the other deals Darcy has made to make this team younger but Im sure it will be a nice piece none the less.

    • Back checking, Miller can dictate where he goes some what as he gave of list of 8 teams he would not accept a trade to but Vanek has no such clause so Buffalo can trade him to which ever team Regier gets the best offer from. He should have been traded last year but I guess Darcy wanted a kings ransom. If he got Zadorov, Larsson, Hackett and a 2014 2nd for Pomer I wonder what the asking price was for Vanek. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out, waiting to the deadline decreases Vanek’s value n my opinion.

  6. I could see Washington making a panic move for miller with one of their young goalies going the other way and possibly erat to make the numbers work.

    • Another possibility thats not out west, not sure Erat would be an easy sell but, agreed a possibility. The more I think about it the Islanders who are currently leading the division a playoff team last year, going into the playoffs adding Miller could be an idea. Naby and Khaby have relatively cheap deals older guys who coud be injured or atleast questionable starters to go into the playoff grind also they have some nice pieces to deal that Im sure would interest Darcy. Put Miller in net they could potentially make some noise depending how things playout could be a pretty good fit there.

      • Brain is mushy today too many pops last night, Nabobkov or Poulin is what Im trying to say. The Islanders could work.

  7. Let’s face it the only teams needing a starting goalie are rebuilding teams. Plus why give up a lot for Miller if there is other UFA’s or back up goalie that might be better then Miller at this point in their careers that will cost next to nothing. I know Bernier is still unproven but huge potential for a weak back up and Fratten who has a little potential. The only teams needing goalies is Philly and Edmonton and I don’t see Miller as a fit. If I was those teams I would be calling Toronto, St Louis, the Ducks, to see if they want to move one of there goalies for much cheaper. I might take a chance for min salary 1 year deals for Jose Theodore, or Bryz even.

  8. And where do you even begin in Philly? Im not sure anymore but I think they should probably hold on to the younger guys and try and play thru it I guess. Trading away guys like the Schenns Couturier Read because of their struggles seems like a bad one when your high priced vets are struggling just as bad, seems backwards to me. Just fire Homer already.

    • Agreed first step for Philly is find a new GM.

      • JFJ is available

      • You can have Darcy…..please….pretty please…

  9. Where ever Miller ends up this year really doesn’t matter…what is the difference if it’s Edmonton or Buffalo as it will be for whatever time is left in the season when he is traded. Next season he can choose his best option. I haven’t seen Edmonton play but I doubt they could hang him out to dry any worse then the Sabre team has done to him this year. Edmonton can supply some goal support like almost triple the output of the Sabres so far this year. If the Sabres management is tanking it to draft in the top 3 this year and next then the sooner they trade Miller the better their chances are of accomplishing their goal. JMO

  10. Reimer for Yakupov? Your kidding me right? MacTavish would be the dumbest and stupidest GM ever.

    Maybe Reimer for a 2nd or 3rd rounder. He`s not worth much more than that.

    • “He’s not worth much more than that.”

      Are you serious? Reimer has proven himself over and over, time and time again. And he has done it for a lack-luster star team. Meaning, he has played exceptional for a team that has very limited star power. And done it in one of the hardest cities to play in, ESPECIALLY for a goaltender.

  11. Let take a peek on which teams have goalies, and which teams doesn’t, and that’ll give you an idea on who will likely be suitors on where Millers ends up:

    Toronto: Bernier & Reimer
    Montreal: Price
    Ottawa: Anderson & Lehner
    Boston: Rask
    NY Rangers: Lundqvist
    NY Islanders: Nabokov (Not ideal)
    New Jersey: Schneider & Brodeur
    Vancouver: Luongo
    Los Angeles: Quick
    Winnipeg: Pavelec
    Chicago: Crawford
    Anaheim: Hiller
    St. Louis: Halak & Elliot
    Colorado: Varlamov (Not ideal)
    Columbus: Bobrovsky (Not ideal)
    Florida: Markstrom & Thomas (Not ideal)
    Calgary: Ramo & MacDonald (Not ideal)
    Phoenix: Smith
    Minnesota: Harding & Backstrom
    Nashville: Rinne
    Philadelphia: Emery & Mason (Not ideal)
    Detroit: Howard
    Pittsburgh: Fleury
    Tampa Bay: Bishop
    Washington: Holtby & Neuvirth
    Dallas: Lehtonen
    Edmonton: Dubnyk & Labarbera (Not ideal)
    San Jose: Niemi

    Based on all those teams, the only teams that are in dire need of #1 type goaltending, is; Edmonton, Calgary, Tampa Bay (Maybe), Florida (Maybe), Colorado (Maybe), Columbus (Maybe), Winnipeg (Maybe), NY Islanders (Maybe), Philly, San Jose (Maybe), Minnesota (Maybe), Washington (Maybe). These teams that I’ve bracketed “Maybe”, will be teams that stand idle, and wait it out to see if their current goaltenders can handle the workload enough to stay above water and are playoffs bound. And these “Maybe” teams, won’t go running after Miller, as it could cost them a leg and arm, and they don’t want that. Teams like; Edmonton, Calgary, etc. who despirately need a #1 tender, and can afford to give up big pieces, and have the cap space, will likely go hard for Miller. In doing so, if they’re not on Millers list, they’ll likely ask for permission to speak with him, and give him the kitchen and sink in terms of a contract extension. Something in the terms of a 5 year, $40M extension.

    • Bobrovsky won the Vezina last year in Columbus. So you can change ‘maybe’ to ‘no’

      • Ya I was kinda scratching my head at that as well, new contract too.

    • EDM has little cap space. To take on Miller they’d need to include a contract such as Hemsky, which most Buffalo fans probably won’t want. Not to get into the 50 contracts debate. After the trade to SJS last night EDM is at 48. Not sure about BUF. Not sure how many contracts BUF can take back. It would look something like Hemsky, N Schultz, and a pick for Miller + a signable/controlable D-man to make the deal.

  12. Sorry, Yakupov big time > Reimer. Like not even close. Reimer has proven himself? He’s proven he can have good stretches…but then again so have a million other goalies. Reimer is not proven enough to get a first overall pick. I think Reimer should go to the oilers, but if the Leafs won’t take Yakupov for him then I’m not sure what they’re expecting, but they ain’t getting it. Reimer is done in TO, Bernier is the guy.

    • Yak is a prime example of why teams were fearful of the Russian players. He came out this week stating he will not change his game for any reason. He likes his game as it is.

      There is a team player for you. He is not going to last long in the NHL with an attitude like that. Even after being benched for 2 games, he still refuses.

      Could Buffalo use a guy like that? At least he will try and score. I say, if he gets on a line with Grigorenko and big body like Foligno….look out. They will light it up. Do I think it will happen? No, Darcy wouldn’t make the trade because of his attitude I bet. He will have a thousand reasons why not, like all of his decisions.

    • Geoff, so true. Its funny how Leafs fans are pumping Bernier’s tires and saying how great he is, but in the same breathe say that Reimer deserves a better return than Bernier got from LA. Don’t get me wrong Bernier is a good goalie but to then say that Reimer should get a better return is just stupid.

      • Not saying one way or another, but could it not be argued that a starter whose stats (wins shutouts save percentage all among or very close to top 10 on a pretty bad defensive and possession team) put him in the top half of the league in just about every goalie category last year whos played more games maybe not fetch more than what at the time was an unproven back up? Let the hate continue…..

        • not saying Id trade Yaks for him but…value wise Reimer is probably worth pretty much the sames as Bernier, maybe a little more maybe a little less due to the abundance of goalies around the league but pretty close. What could probably help his value out quite a bit is his cheap contract. Deff. Worth more than just a pick or some potential bust playing in the AHL.

  13. Edmonton knows that they’re in a jam, no goalie. But after Hall, Eberle & RNH (Untouchables)…they’re either unproven, or crappy. Perron and J.Schultz are up towards an ‘untouchable’. Yakupov, despite being very young, hasn’t proved that he was worth being drafted at 1st overall. But being very young, and being drafted at 1st overall, he has extreme high trade value. Is he either going to be the next Semin, or Datsyuk/Ovechkin? I don’t think Edmonton has the patients to find out, as they’re trying to be that ‘NOW’ team, and Yakupov isn’t showing that he is a ‘now’ player.