Latest Oilers and Jets Rumors – July 28, 2014

The Oilers are rumored to have “keen interest” in Penguins center Brandon Sutter, plus my take on the ongoing speculation linking James Reimer to the Jets.

Oilers interested in Brandon Sutter?

Oilers interested in Brandon Sutter?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Bruce McCurdy reports on a rumor out of Pittsburgh claiming the Oilers and Colorado Avalanche have interest in Pittsburgh Penguins RFA center Brandon Sutter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As McCurdy noted in another column, the Oilers have a gaping hole at center which has yet to be filled. Sutter is the Penguins third-line center, however, and moving him would leave them lacking a skilled center for one of their bottom-two lines. Even if they can only re-sign Sutter to a one-year deal (which would take him up to UFA status next summer) I suspect the Penguins will stick with him for this season and worry about re-signing or replacing him next summer. I don’t believe they’ll trade him, unless they end up out of playoff contention by the trade deadline. 


Despite the fact the Toronto Maple Leafs recently re-signed James Reimer to a two-year extension, rumors persist linking the netminder to the Winnipeg Jets. This is nothing new. Reimer’s been tied to the Jets since last season. Having lost the starter’s job in Toronto to Jonathan Bernier,  it’s apparent Reimer has a limited future in Toronto. Questions continue to hang over the performance of Jets’ starter Ondrej Pavelec. Factor in Reimer’s originally from Manitoba, and he seems a perfect fit with the Jets.

Perhaps one day Reimer will join the Jets, but I don’t see it happening this summer, or even to start this season. I believe the Jets will go with Pavelec and promising Michael Hutchinson as their tandem to begin this season. If the pair struggle early, that could force Jets management into the trade or free agent market for help. If the Leafs trade Reimer, however, they’ll need a suitable backup to replace him. That could come from within, or perhaps via free agency, where a future Hall of Famer like Martin Brodeur could still be available.


  1. Thanks to Toronto’s handling of Reimer, his trade value is as low as ever. It could’ve been a situation where he would fetch a return similar (probably a little less) then what Toronto traded to get Bernier but instead the team can’t expect to get more then a 3rd liner and maybe a mid-round draft pick.

    • Ha!!!

      Silly Leaf fan over valuing Reimer.

      Reimer doesn’t have the promise of Bernier. Bernier has been expected top be a top goalie in the league since he was in the minors.

      Reimer would have gotten a better return if they had not screwed the situation up with the way they handled him, but saying it would have been close to what the Leafs gave up for Bernier is a stretch.

      Maybe could have gotten a pick and aplayer, but looking at just a pick as things stand today.

      • He is not going anywhere till atleast November once teams gett settled in and see where they are at with goaltending, they will give him some games to try and restore some value. Bernier and Reimer together make less than almost half the leagues starters make on their own. Nothing wrong with 2 guys splitting starts at the beginning of the year and I doubt that Randy will do anything to rock the boat too much by not letting him play. Also Bernier (who had pretty simmilar numbers to Reimer) needed a contract which didnt help his value as much as Reimer with an affordable 2 year deal in place. Not saying that Reimer is going to bring in a Kings ransom but cant really compare those 2 situations.

      • At the time of the bernier deal his value may have been higher after the year and playoffs he had. Mi supported the deal because I was lucky enough to watch bernier a lot while I lived in Halifax. Reimer will be either a great backup/spot starter or an average starter in the nhl. He is worth more than a mid round pick and the league knows it. He had an off year trying to get used to not being an everyday starter. The market for goalies sucks right now, that’s why the leafs haven’t moved him. They’ve made his contract palatable for every team in the league. Once camp starts and goalies start suffering injuries then you’ll see the market heat up. That’s when his value will pick up

        • Goalie value is dictated by the market. It really has little to do with how good they are..well unless someone like Quick enters the market. What really matters is how many want a goalie, how many are willing to trade for one instead of doing a quick fix from free agency and then once you narrow it down to that one team (if your lucky there will be two) then it depends on how much that one team is willing to offer. Predicting what Reimer will garner in return by looking at past trades is silly. Ottawa traded Bishop for conacher. They wanted more, knew they deserved more but the other option was a 3rd (maybe a 2nd round) pick from Edmonton. They went with the NHL ready body. Then you have the Bernier situation, Luongo, Schneider. I’m not sure how you equate it all.

    • Hahahahaha lol wow ThirstyDeer lol wow, thanks I needed that. LMFAO hahahaha. Reimer could’ve fetched close to what Bernier got? Lol OMG you are to funny.

      REIMER IS A BACKUP GOALIE!!! You guys were never going to get much for him. Hell I doubt he could’ve even brought a 2nd rounder in last summer.

      Like I’ve said before Leafs fans are notorious for over valuing their players.

      • I get that Reimer is not an elite goalie. However, your comment comes off as really ignorant. I don’t believe you have seen many games in which the leafs played. He had a bad year, yes, but his performance in the year prior was nothing short of stunning. He stole games for a Leafs team that was weaker than last year’s. If you saw him perform down the stretch in 2013 you would know better.

        Don’t comment for the sake of commenting without having a clue about what the guy is actually made off.

        • I appreciate your comment. My sentiments as well. Reimer is a better goalie than last years numbers show. I think he will end up being packaged with someone else in a deal. Straight up I don’t think Toronto gets proper value.

        • Do you mean “Down the stretch” as in when Toronto needed 1 point out of the last 4 games to totally avoid Boston in round 1, but Rebound couldn’t save a beach ball to get that 1, measely point?Fact is, like it ore not,Rebound has never come through WHEN IT MATTERS…

          • As far as I know it, the goalies job is to make the 1st save and rebounds are up to the defense to clear.
            I think you’d prefer a Great Goalie that can stop the puck, control rebounds, pass, skate, shoot, and score….ala Martin Brodeur but I also assume you’d complain he’s too old, cant play and sucks,

            Mr. Rebound as you refer to him, was the 1st leaf goalie since curtis joseph to show consistency, winning record and get leafs into the playoffs, while playing for only approximately 2.5 seasons to date.
            During that time, he did come through when it mattered that year, its just since then us leaf fans are so desperate for a cup that we have higher expectations and wants

            In fact, prior to the goalie coach & management meddling and trying to make him do all the above, his rebound control, positioning and game were solid.
            Please give me and Reimer a break with the What Have You Done For Me Lately hogwash. Only 1 team wins out of 30 WHEN IT MATTERS,

      • lmfao jes!!! what did the kings get for bernier??? matt frattin?? ben scrivens??reimer will fetch at best 2nd rd pick prolly a 3rd tho he is not a starter

      • Again….The four years Reimer has been in the NHL, he has a .915 save percentage, which is tied with Craig Anderson, Jonas Hiller, Jimmy Howard and Cam Ward. It’s ahead of Corey Crawford and way ahead of Steve Mason and Ondrej Pavelec, all of whom have starting jobs elsewhere.

        If you take out the year Reimer had a concussion, which dramatically affected his numbers in coach Ron Wilson’s last season, he’s a .920 goalie the rest of his career (about 100 games).
        Which is, what Bernier is as well.

        Now why do you say otherwise? Any actual reason or do you just like to pile on? Is it becsuse of 1 bad year? Ryan Miller (your hero) is a career .915 guy pretty simmilar to Reimer, in 2006/2007 Miller sv% was .911 same as Reimers last year for which you are callinghim a backup in 2007/2008 Millers sv% was .906, last year Miller was around .914, Miller a back up too? Guys have bad years it happens.

        • Grasping at straws again, eh Shticky?

          Mason is a different case. He didn’t play well in Columbus after his rookie year.

          However..he has improved both years in Philly and is well above where he was in Columbus before he was traded.

          Miller, while overrated, is heads and shoulders above Reimer.

          Why is that the only people who think Reimer is a starter type goalie are Leaf fans?

          EVERYBODY else seems to think he is overrated.

          You keep saying he has had one bad year…he has had a year at .921, a year at 9.00, a year at 9.24, a year at 9.11

          His play 2 years ago suggests he played worse.

          He has played in 140 games, yet hasn’t even won 65 of them. That is a career win percentage of 46.4%.

          Let that sink in. He losses almost 65% of his games.

          His save percentage also fluctuates:
          2011: 2.60
          2012: 3.10
          2013: 2.46
          2014: 3.29

          Good year, bad year. or so the numbers show.

          So he is inconsistent with a career winning percentage of 46.4%

          Yet he is a starter…..or so Toronto fans think.

          I think he is a good backup, with spurts of being really good or carrying the starters position for a few games in a row. I don’t think he is a regular starter.

          I could break it down to hot and cold spurts, but I can’t be bothered in this heat.

          Mason has a career win & of 44%. However, since coming to Philly from what was the god awful Blue Jackets, he has posted 37 wins in 61 games, or 54% winning percentage.

          You also don’t mention that the gaa is lower for Mason career wise.

          Mason: 2.79
          Reimer: 2.85.

          And these Columbus teams where horrible. Worse than the Leafs even.

          • So a lower winning percentage than Riemer on a better Flyer team? Reimer winning percentage is 73 % 65-48 even with the bad strak near the end of last year.
            Surely you are smart enough not to be using gaa as a relevant stat especially with .06 of a difference lol,
            ALL goalies sv% fluctuates look at and its a good thing for Mason because of the 4 or 5 years he was putting up craptastic numbers in columbus .901 .901 894, .899 then the spike for a whole 7 games at .944 before back down to .916…if you take out the 7 game streak over the last 5 years Mason is a .902 sv%….yet he is a starter, talk about grasping at straws and fluctuations…lol

          • If you want to calculate winning percentage based on games Mason over the past 4 seasons has played 127 games and won 55 of them 43%
            Reimer has played 140 won 65 or 46 %…. I dont care what your opinion is of Mason, there is no stat besides 7 games in a short season that he is substantially better if any stat over the past 4 years that he is better than Reimer. Mason is a perfect example of a guy who has played thru some pretty bad seasons yet is still a starter. Same as Ward Crawford Miller Hiller etc, you cant label a guy as a career back up who has had really only 1 tough year.

          • Seriously could poke holes in that ridiculous arguement all day long…you dont think if Reimer went to a better team his gaa and winng % would improve too? LMAO! Sometimes youre too much.

          • Lets look at the last two years Shticky…Mason was traded to Philly the end of the lockout season.

            Remier has played 67 games last 2 years. He has 31 wins. That’s 46 %.

            Mason in the last two years has played 81 games, and has 40 wins. That’s 49% for those keeping track.

            That is a better record than Reimer buddy…..since Mason has arrived in Philly, he has posted a higher sp: 944 first year(granted only 7 games), and 917 last year.

            He was awesome in the playoffs after being sidelined by a dirty hit by a Penguin.

            Reimer seems to be hot and cold. The good news for you..he is due to get hot this year. If he doesn’t have a good year, it proves what many think.

            Mason finished a 2.50 gaa and 917 sp.

            Reimer was a 3.29 gaa, and 911 sp.

            Both numbers favor Mason. Reimer had 3 wins in his last 15 games last year. 3 wins. and only 5 wins in his last 22 games last year. That’s over a quarter of the season with a 25% win percentage.

            Meanwhile, Mason was the reason the Flyers weren’t out of it early, and was brilliant in the playoffs.

            Ask 20 hockey fans who they would rather have..Mason or Reimer.

            My moneys on Mason.

          • Also curious about this statement:
            quote”Reimer winning percentage is 73 % 65-48 even with the bad strak near the end of last year.”

            When is he at 73 %?

          • You are completely missing the point, I have said 100 times it was a bad year, I am not saying Reimer is the next Roy or anything of the sort. What I am saying is you cant right him off as not a starter because if you look around the league there ate lots of starters who have had worse years than a .911 sv%, Mason has had a few years of bad numbers yet he is still a starter. Reimers sv% for his career is still better than some of the others in the league and your arguement that his gaa and winning percentage over 1 bad year on a team that didnt make the playoffs with the worst shots against the second worst pk is a rediculious arguement to make. He still managed to have above the league avg in Sv % (league avg Sv% last year was .902) is not that bad, look at Mason he has had more bad years than good ones yet he is considered a starter.

        • You are comparing 1 guys good season with another guys bad season, look at the past 4 seasons…or is your Mason jersey stuck over your eyes on your head? You keep saying over the past 2 seasons besides 1 full season Mason played in 7 games the previous year. It would not have mattered who played net after the olympic break for the Leafs that team, he was going to lose more than win. GAA is a defensive team stat and when you are getting out shot by double digits most nights have the worst defense in the league and you have the second worst pk you will have a rather high GAA and probsbly lose more than you win.
          If 1 bad season is the determining factor weather a goalie is a starter in the league or not Mason would not be much of a starter after posting 3 seasons of .900 or below sv % in a row before going to Philly. You cant judge a guy on 1 bad year. Lots of goalies have bad years and bounce back.

          • I am comparing the last 2 seasons of the 2 goalies, and Mason is better than Reimer in almost facet of the game.

            Reimer hasn’t had just one bad year. The year before the lock out, he had a worse year than last year.

            As stated above..good year, bad year, good year, bad year.

            Inconsistency is like the plague to a goalie.

            The only consistent part of his game is his inconsistency.

            I am not judging by one year. I am judging from the last 2 plus years.

            He does not play like a starter, and at this point of his are either a back up or a starter.

            Reimer is a backup.

            I am also looking at the last per your request.

            I see Reimer having inconsistent years…one good, one bad, etc.

            I also see Mason as improving year to year. Because he is.

            Mason is a legit number one.

            Reimer is not. Even the Leaf’s brass think that, and that is why they brought in Bernier.

            They wouldn’t have brought in Bernier if they though Reimer was a starter. Why give up assets if you already have the player you need?

            Your argument falls short my friend. You won’t move off of the save percentage, and a goalies game is so much more than that.

            He falls short when the team needs him.

            He did that last year. He did when the leafs embarrassed themselves against the Bruins. And he did that in 2012.

            I do see that as an ongoing issue with Reimer too.

            Noone wants him, Shticky. Not even the Leafs. They signed him to a 2 year deal hoping he can get hot for long enough to trade him.

          • You’re hopeless, I see Reimer as in consistent 1 good one one bad one… do you see that Bernier 2 years ago had an .899 sv% and a gaa of 2.95?
            Or the year before he had an .894 sv% and a gaa of over 3?…that’s consistent…consistently bad, worse than any year Reimer has played including the year he had a concussion that you are saying he didn’t play well in. “when the Leafs embarrassed them selves against the bruins…” he had a .923 Sv% and a 2.88 ga… they would not have made the playoffs or even got to game 7 if it wasn’t for him fool…lol

            You could be the biggest hypocrite on this site. by sitting there lauding Mason saying for sure he is a legit no.1 and dismissing a guy who besides the last 65 games has much better numbers than Mason as a back up.

            Another interesting tid bit from the Bleecher report today…

            Since 2010 goalies who have played 4000 mins James Reimer is ranked 18 ahead of Quick Anderson Hiller Miller Halak Mason Crawford…and that’s for all on ice goal stats. Again not saying he is a super elite starter or anything but….

          • Btw Mason is 37th on that list….

          • Mason played in Columbus……enough said.

            His numbers are considerably better than Reimers in his time with Flyers.

            Get off your high horse dude…Reimer is a good back up. He is not starter quality.

            Saying he is consistent at being inconsistent, is not a good thing.

          • Yet Columbus still has a better defensive rating thanToronto….its in that spread sheet, keep looking Mason is third from the bottom. lol If Mason is such a great starter why did Columbus trade him? If being traded made him a starter why could it not do the same for a goalie who has better stats than Mason over the past 4000 minutes? If Reimer went to a better team his GAA and winning percentage would improve too.

          • Oh and by the way your starter Mason was one of the league leaders in getting the hook this year he was pulled 7 times…legit starter lol.

    • IMO they should’ve dealt him after acquiring Bernier. Other than physically never having played a starter’s share of games up to that point, I can’t imagine why management would’ve made that move if they didn’t believe Bernier was the real deal. Reimer’s a good goalie, but with NYI getting Halak, Cgy getting Hiller, Edm having Scrivens-Fasth, etc., the number of places where he could go and have a fighting chance at #1 has dried up at the moment.

  2. Reimer has three huge glaring holes in his game 1) rebound control 2) positioning 3) stick handling. You can’t blame the Leafs for those glaring faults. Face it, until he figures out how to control a rebound, better positioning and how to throw a puck around the boards/pass a puck up the ice, he’ll always be a back up.

    • There are a ton of goalies not very good at handling the puck. Lundqvist makes me cringe when he comes out, and usually for good reason.

      • Try watching Fleury handle the puck … a hand grenade has a better chance of surviving …

        • agreed! I’ll never forget the goal from the world juniors

  3. Although Rutherford traded Sutter once before I don’t think he deals him again … I think the Pens roster is set for now up until the next trade deadline … and he’ll let him walk after this year because Sutter will ask for a lot of $, and like Staal will want to move up to be a top 6 forward … neither Crosby or Malkin are going anywhere …

  4. I agree that the Pens need to retain Sutter-but he s exactly what the oil cold use. A strong 2way fwd that can add some grit and leadership to the underachieving oilers.

  5. How many third/forth line centres do the oilers need? Those who see my posts on this site know I think they need a number 1 centre because I don’t like rnh but if they are actually doing it right and sending the German kid back to junior to develop then, still, a sitter deal us redundant. Packaging a second rounder with a mid level prospect will get them a second line centre. One preferably with at or less than two years left on their contract. This is all a moot point until camps get settled away. Teams are not willing to move players until they see who makes the team. Maybe the oilers make a move for a guy like vermette or someone like him but who knows. All that matters is they needd to give the German kid time to develop. We’ve all said for the past few years they need to add size in thei top six. They haven’t really yet so why rush and possibly waste the one kid that does.

    On a side note, I don’t believe either scrivens or fasth end up being a number 1 goalie by the end of the season. Edmonton should’ve drafted a goalie if the future. I gave a soft spit girl that team but their management team is an embarrassment to that city

    • agree to disagree:
      – not sure what will happen with the 2C position, but if Draisaitl is ready then he is ready. I am pretty sure that the coaching staff know a bit more about a prospect’s readiness then us fans. Personally I’d like to see him send to Junior to get some more WHC time and develop while signing Mueller to a contract for 1 to 2 years.
      – give Scrivens/Fasth a chance for gods sake! The Goalies are far better to start the 14-15 season than last. They also did well stocking for goalies of the future in Brossoit/Nagelvoort/Bouchard in the draft and the Smid trade.

      In short, MacT has done way better than Tambellini. Cleaning up the mess and so far has made some great deals. Give it time Matty and you may agree

    • Sutter may only be a 3rd line centre on the Pens Because Crosby is number 1 and Malkin is Number 2. Could Sutter be a number 2? Don’t proclaim him as a bottom 6 until you prove to me he is only a bottom 6 player.

    • Ryan O’Reilly is the guy thet need, won’t happen. Anisimov would do nicely, could happen. Sutter can be a much better player than he gets credit for considering his linemates haven’t exactly been superstars. Oilers would surround him with more talent & ice time. Isn’t his uncle Duane an Oilers scout?

  6. Not sure why the Avs would be interested in Sutter.

    Tanguay – Duchene – O’Reilly
    Landeskog – MacKinnon – Iginla
    McGinn – Mitchell – Briere
    McLeod – Winchester – Talbot


    • But it would be better with this:


      Trade Mitchell + 2nd for Sutter.

      • Not an Ave’s fan but I’d rather see Sutter on either of those lines than Mitchell or Winchester.

  7. Game seven in Boston will hang over Reimer’s head for a long time. Blame the team? You bet the Leafs folded and the Broones took advantage. But a goalie is supposed to stop the puck and Reimer failed at the end of the game. He’s the Scott Norwood of Toronto.

    • True he spend most of that last 2 mins of the game on his belly. That will take image will take alot of effort to over come. Squandered a playoff series then tank the last season when they had a playoff spot. Not saying it was all Reimer’s fault but someone needed to stand up and put this team on his shoulders and Reimer along with the rest proved they were not capable of doing it. Perhaps he is a number 1 someday. Not this day.

      • I agree with the assessment. This is the sort of stuff you learn from and build on. It’s pitfalls like these that might convert you to a solid professional. Too bad for Reimer that he wasn’t given the opportunity to grow.

  8. Reimer is a solid goalie, perhaps as he matures, and can antipate shooter’s tendencies more effectively he can take another step upward, but Bernier is the more sure thing for Toronto. Bernier is not a superstar by any stretch, but he is very good, and I believe the TML Brass feels he has a greater upside.

  9. Talk about irony! If you believe conspiracy theorists around the league ( and I think there could be a grain of truth in this one), Reimer was purposely put in a position to fail last year by Carlyle and the Leafs’ brain trust. In an effort to justify Bernier’s acquisition and to clear the path to his claiming the mantle as the team’s number one stopper, Reimer was often given starts in which he had little or no chance of succeeding. The second game of back-to-backs, when the team in front of him would not be at their best, for example. Another would be as the visiting goaltender against top teams in tough-to-win-in rinks(Not saying I believe all this, but it does make one pause for thought). If, as everyone seems to think, he is destined to be shipped out of town, the Leafs may have to consider giving him starts in which he has a high probability of putting up good numbers, so as to drive up interest and value. Won’t the Toronto media, with their incessant demand for a goaltending controversy, beat this to death, if Reimer’s numbers stack up favorably to Bernier’s?

    • Im betting his numbers are as good if not better than Berniers this year. 2 reasons, 1 Berniers numbers last year were pretty much unsustainable and goalies after having years like his last year tend to have a bit of regression (simmilar to Reimer last year).
      2. Reimer is a pretty motivated guy with 2 out of 4 seasons posting .920 I think momentum will swing back to him posting close to that again. Clear head fresh start.

      • My gut feeling tells me you’re bang-on! I can’t verify this at the moment, but I recall reading somewhere that from the Olympic break on, Reimer and Bernier posted almost identical numbers.

  10. winnik signs with leafs

    • Trade coming thats just 3 mill in space left and more importantly thats 49 contracts, something has to give….another good affordable pick up tho. Orr and McClaren no more. Funny that a team that didnt believe in the use of adv. stats a year ago is picking up all these players that have very good posession numbers. Booth Santorelli and Winnik have very good corsi/fenwick numbers, when they are healthy. All 3 for around 4 mill too!

  11. You know its a slow day when the main topic is Reimer and Sutter…….Not one stab at Brassards new contract? LOL

    • I dont think Brassards deal is horrible, its not great by anymeans but going forward I think that it is about what the cost is going to be for a 2nd line center who is good for 40 plus points….could be worse could be Bollands or Clarksons deal. To me its just a “meh could be worse”

      • What kinda worries me about Brassards deal is next year when it comes time to sign Kadri.

    • I agree, Not horrible, not great. It will be interesting to see what his production jumps to with a bigger role in NY. If he could bump his production by 15 points I think the deal looks pretty good. If he fails to pad his stats with an increase in ice time it is going to be a long 5 years.

  12. I like Sutter, but he should probably be traded at this point. The Pens have a lot of guys who can replace him, perhaps not as well, but competently at the least. I would like to see Sutter traded to bring in an upgrade at LW on Malkin’s line.